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Theme 36. Jesus


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^ B.D. NR. 5148

Jesus. Becoming of the creatures to children.

10. and 11. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5148.

Represent me and my name before the world, so will I represent you in future in eternity, before God, the almighty creator of heaven and of earth, out of whom all creatures have emerged, to whom he gave again an independent life.

So also I, the man Jesus, was an independent being created by him, both according to the body as well as also the soul. I had gone out form the eternal original power, to pass a power development test in independent existence, which aimed to achieve a complete becoming divine, to finally again melt with the original power and to be able to create and fashion as such, to govern over innumerable original created spirits, over innumerable worlds and all its inhabitants. I have passed this power development test as man Jesus, for I used all abilities, which a becoming child of God has received through the infinite father love for its earth life, and directed the immeasurable current of power to me. I myself determined the eternal love to this alienation, because I desired it with the whole love power of my heart and eternal love could not resist me, because it gives itself to every man, who desires it. I spoke as man the words: "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me." I promised you men to ask the father for you, to confess you, so you confess me and my name before the world. For I knew it that I would achieve on earth the last aim, the becoming divine of me myself, and that I then, as being associated with the eternal divinity, I can also give to you, what you ask in my name, i.e. under calling upon my myself. For my father and I am one. The fire of eternal love has consumed everything, what still stood in the way of the complete unification. Body and soul had spiritualized themselves during my earth walk and had become the same substance as the eternal and infinite love spirit, out of which everything has emerged. As man Jesus it worked in me and I worked out of it and with it - but what worked, that was its spirit, the eternal, impenetrable love spirit, which is unlimited, which was therefore also bound in no form, which ruled the whole infinity, which was power and light, love and will, and which expressed itself in the creation of innumerable spirit beings.

I also was such a created being, a child of God, to whom all magnificence of his love was open, but which also had confessed him in free will, when the army of originally created spirits rebelled against him in the awareness of the fullness of power, which made it arrogant and brought about its downfall. I had emerged out of the love radiation of God, which powerfully drew me to him. I was freely put out as independent being, but again and again it drew me back to the original source of power, which made me extremely happy and which I still was not able to see. But I also saw the defection of the spiritual; I saw, how the divine love power dispersed into innumerable creations, and I knew about the purpose of this creation, which was to serve the leading back of the defected spiritual. And my love will became extremely powerful, to take part in the redemption of this fallen spiritual – to create possibilities for it, to again take up the point of view, which the spiritual had left voluntarily. I knew about the eternal plan of salvation of God, of the eternal love and producer of God-like beings, which wanted to extricate themselves from its love expression.

Voluntarily they came out of the association with God and forfeited in this way their divinity. Consequently they became powerless and lightless, and this powerless and lightless spiritual, which has fled the love of God, hardens itself to solid substance, which indeed still was spiritual in itself, but unable to creating and fashioning activity. But eternal love seized this substance and fashioned it according to its will to creations of most different kind. The immeasurable love of God was again at work, and his wisdom determined it, to place the spiritual, wanting to flee from him, into a process of change, which aim is the complete leading back of that spiritual to its start. This plan of salvation made me happy, and love for the defected spiritual persuaded me to help him, when it was to fail. I knew about my mission as man Jesus from the very beginning, because I myself offered me for it, but as I also knew about the joining together with divine love, which was to crown this my work. (11.6.1951) For the being is certainly created by God, by eternal love, but only, as put outside, to reach independence and to strive for the original source of love power in this independence and to be able to work in increased measure in this joining together with it, in the same principle, but with constantly increasing power. It is no dependent state, to work in the in the joining together with eternal love, and nevertheless a working together with it; the consciousness of self remains for the being, and nevertheless it is melted together with God, so it has reached the degree of perfection, since it is completely spiritualized through love. It has then become the image of God, and it still cannot be spoken of several gods, because the becoming divine means the same as a complete melting together with him. As being I once went out from God, but in God I found my aim; the created so to speak entered in free will that state, which is its purpose, which however can never ever be created as far as God is concerned, because perfection in this degree has the very same free will as prerequisite, or also – there is a difference between a creature and a child of God, the image of the father – which finds again in the complete melting together with the father its last aim. In complete free will I have striven for and reached this aim as man on earth, so that therefore the father and I became one and at the same time for mankind, which failed in the process of change, a help was granted, which affected all bound, which had become weak and helpless through the defection from God. As man I brought it this help, because the divine power and ability I gave up, so long, until the work of redemption was accomplished, to move men to contemplation of themselves, so that also they strive for the aim, which is meaning and purpose of earth life – the joining together with God through self-fashioning to love, which makes everything to God and constantly increases power, because it joins together with the original power, from which it once has taken its start. Amen. B.D. NR. 5148.



^ B.D. NR. 5157

Way of salvation. Way of love. Jesus Christ.

23. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5157.

The way of salvation is the way, which Jesus Christ has gone, the man Jesus, who fulfilled the great mission on earth, to pave for all men of the past, present and future the way to God, the almighty creator of heaven and earth. This mission was for that reason so important, because as man he had to fight with the same counter powers as every other man and he still brought the proof that it was possible to become master of them under the application of the right weapons. Because not as God he achieved this work, although divine power expressed itself in all fullness during his teaching activity; but to gain this power, he had to have waged this war with success as man. And so he also brought the proof for it that a man could gain the full possession of divine power and wisdom and also showed the way, which he himself has gone – the way of love, which leads to the joining together with God and therefore also to the possession of light and power in all fullness.

The man Jesus lived completely in the will of God, and his whole striving was directed to that, to get on close terms with him, recognized by him as father; the love for the father filled him and expressed itself in love for fellowmen, because his heart, which is full of love, can no other way, than to draw everything into the area of its love, because it is able to no other feeling opposed to love. Love therefore was the weapon, which he applied in the fight against those powers, which wanted to bring his downfall. Because love is power giver, so that he could never be defeated, because through love he so to speak fought together with his heavenly father against the enemy and for that reason had to gain victory. No-one can resist love; because it is the original power, out of which everything, also the opponent of God, once emerged, consequently is must be stronger than everything and also defeat him, who does not want to acknowledge it. The man Jesus went the way of love, and it directly led to God. He therefore has paved it and made free for every man, because each one can now go it with certainty, to reach the destination. He alone is the way to salvation; he alone is the only way, which the enemy of the soul does not go, on which man is safe from all attacks, because on the way of love he is accompanied by Jesus Christ himself, who is a safe leader for him and protects him carefully from a relapse or deviation from the right way. Who follows him, he goes with him at the same time, and he must also reach his destination. He has for all men fought out the fight with the opponent of God. But he also demands from those, who want to follow him on the way of salvation that they fight against him, i.e., that they likewise apply the weapon of love, with which alone they can beat him. And for that reason the way of salvation is no other than the way of love for God and for the neighbour, because through love man makes himself free from the enemy of his soul; through love he wins the power over him; through love he is constantly power receiver from God, and through love he establishes the joining together with God, eternal love himself. Then his soul has found healing from an evil, which sticks to it through sin, through the former defection from God, for which his opponent was to blame, because he was without love. Then his soul is again reunited with eternal love, because Jesus Christ himself has led it close to the original source of power; it has returned home as right child of God into the father house, because it has gone the right way, the way of salvation, which he himself has shown it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5157.



^ B.D. NR. 5192

Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and men.

19. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5192.

The man Jesus established the connection between me and men; he was on close terms with them and still also in direct connection with me through his spirit. He therefore was the mediator, over which men could reach me, because they themselves were not able to do it out of own power. You men must inevitably take advantage of this mediator Jesus Christ, if you want to find the way home to the father house, because he alone leads you and supports you with his help, where your power is not enough. No-one can eliminate him; no-one can reach the aim without him; no-one is happy without Jesus Christ. Who believes not needing him, he does not come to me for ever, because I myself sent him to you that he fetches you to me, and so you now reject him, you yourselves block the access to me, and you never ever reach the destination. He is my son, descended from the kingdom of glory and of light to you in the cognition of your trouble and your inability, to lift you out of the deep. He clothed himself with a human cover to approach you, but his soul kept up the connection with me; his soul also asserted itself to the body; it also determined it, to turn to me, and so I myself could move into this human cover in all fullness and through him speak to men; those men came closer to me, who pushed their way towards him, because they recognized him and the divinity dwelling in him. He mediated between me and men. He raised the fallen and brought it to me; he showed to all the way to me and offered himself as leader on this way. And therefore each one man’s return home into the father house is secured, who makes use of him as mediator.

And I saw this for eternity; I saw the endless distance of my creatures from me and the weakened will power; I saw the will of these creatures bound through my opponent and had to send a rescuer to them, who helped them to rid themselves of the chains, who led them back to me. I myself had certainly granted my opponent the power, to use his free will, but he abused his power and so had the beings in his power, which certainly had emerged out of his will, however out of my power. With my omnipotence I could not extricate the beings from him, but the beings could have voluntarily fled from him. But they did not summon this will and therefore a being had to be sent to them as rescuer, who opposed his will to the will of the adversary. And this being defeated him. It was Jesus, the man, who out of love for mankind took on the fight, who in himself brought love to the highest development and in this way drew me myself to him and now defeated the adversary with my power. He is to be seen as rescuer of mankind, as power imparter for the weak men longing for God, who could never reach him without help; he is the power giver, who has acquired favours without measure through his death on the cross and gives these now to all those, who call on him for help, who accept him as mediator between themselves and me and ask for his help in the cognition of their weakness and inability, to cover the way alone, which still separates them from me. Every man can fetch power from him, and with certainty will reach the destination, who resorts to him, because I accept each one, whom he leads to me, who has gone for you into death. Amen. B.D. NR. 5192.



^ B.D. NR. 5213

Jesus Christ. Redeemer – God-man.

16. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5213.

I have entered my kingdom, when I had accomplished the work of redemption. As man I dwelled in the midst of men; I taught them as God; I worked miracles as God and died again the death on the cross as man. This is a mystery, which is not so easily unveiled to you men, as long as you do not know about the development of each individual man; as long as you have not recognized the meaning and purpose of your earth life and understand the process of a man becoming divine.

Man as such is still connected with matter, both according to his body as also to his thoughts, as long as these do not turn away from the world and to God. And so long he will also not grasp the mystery Jesus - man and God’s son at the same time – and also not find understanding for the explanation given in all truth. But he can nevertheless be instructed about it, so that the spiritual in him begins to move and opportunity is given to him to develop.

I have worked on earth as God and suffered as man, because the divinity in me could not suffer, therefore the work of redemption for mankind had to be accomplished by a man, when it had to be of benefit to the whole of mankind. And these sufferings were and had to be so unspeakable great, so that they made mankind aware of the greatness of their guilt, so that the work of redemption was not assessed too little, even so men believed in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. A man cannot measure the agonies and sufferings of my walk to the cross; the senses would fade away from him, so he could just win a right idea of that, because it was beyond human power, and still I endured them as man. Only a small share of these sufferings would have been enough to end the life of a man, for I felt them still much deeper than a normal man. But my body was enormously strong-willed through its spiritualizing and therefore took everything upon itself, what still could contribute to the liberation of mankind from its enormous sin guilt. I went the walk to the cross consciously; I consciously took the death on the cross upon me. What that means, you men cannot measure. I wanted to suffer, to redeem men. And for that reason I was spared nothing, and the most dreadful description of my sufferings and agonies would not nearly be sufficient to be able for you to imagine them. And for that reason the divinity out of me, out of the man Jesus, had to come out and to let him alone accomplish the work. For that reason also a dreadful fight preceded, which the man Jesus had to fight out before, to put himself outside of the divinity dwelling in him and to remain strong. The man Jesus suffered terribly, and that only out of love for mankind, which was in greatest spiritual trouble. And for the sake of this extremely great love I accepted the sacrifice, otherwise I would have never let a being suffer so, which was completely innocent and was on so close terms with me. I accepted the sacrifice and gave the man Jesus into the hands of his enemies and tormentors. For the work, which he accomplished, was valid for the whole eternity; it meant the redemption for the whole unhappy spiritual, which is to find the way back into the father house. The soul of the man Jesus recognized all this and as spirit being was willing to every atonement, to every help, which it could do for the unredeemed spiritual. But such a sacrifice a man had to make, who walked in the same weakness on earth, to show men a passable way to me, to their father from eternity. For that reason a highest light being incorporated itself as man and as man with all weaknesses and faults on earth brought the proof that through right used will and a life in unselfish neighbourly love on earth gets already a unification of the spirit achieved with me, the father spirit from eternity, that this unification earns man an extreme measure of power, that therefore man in association with me is able to work miracles , that he can penetrate into deepest wisdom, that he knows about everything on earth and in the spiritual kingdom and that he can himself, his body and his soul, completely spiritualize on earth through love. This proof could and had to bring a man only, otherwise mankind would not go the same way, which leads to the destination – to me into the father house. Nevertheless men without help were too weak, exactly because they lacked the will to love. And Jesus knew about this weakness of the will as result of former sin and wanted to help them to a strengthened will.

I certainly was in him, the man Jesus, but I did not influence his will; he acted and thought as man and still drew me in all fullness into his heart. For my original nature is love, and his extreme great love established the joining together with me. He became one with me. The man Jesus has certainly suffered the most bitter on earth, but he has gained the highest through his love. He descended as high light being to earth and returned again as God into the kingdom of light, for through love he is completely melted together with me, me who has now become visible to you men as saviour Jesus Christ, I who can now also get into contact through Jesus Christ with each one of you, because he has atoned for you the sin guilt through his death on the cross, through his indescribable sufferings, because his love for you was extremely great . Amen. B.D. NR. 5213.



^ B.D. NR. 5215

Love has accomplished the work of redemption.

21. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5215.

I died for you on the cross. My love for you was boundless and aroused in the man Jesus to a strength, which brought about the becoming divine of his soul, a state, which elevated him out of the human earthly sphere and he became one with me. Only such strong love was able to bring the cross sacrifice, for otherwise he would not have been able to withstand as man, when the power of love would not have strengthened him. He died as man the death of the cross, and still it was I myself, who has given himself on the cross for you men, for the man Jesus remained in love, until he gave up his spirit. Love therefore brought the sacrifice, and I myself was love. This is also a mystery and will remain one, as long as the earth exists and you men judge the work of redemption with earthly aimed senses. The man Jesus died on the cross. I myself came to earth to redeem you. An apparent contradiction, and it is still truth, which is so long incomprehensible, as you men cannot understand that I myself am love – that love is the original substance of the eternal divinity and that therefore love has accomplished this work, which was to redeem mankind from sin. But love was in the man Jesus, therefore a man died the death on the cross – but that this man was already divine, that the excessive amount of his sufferings proved, to which he did not succumb already before. His love for mankind was so deep that he desired to suffer, to help them. A superhuman measure of sufferings he has taken upon himself, which alone was already enough, to take from a human body the viability, but his love power kept this body so long alive, until his enemies had raised him, until they had nailed him to the cross, until the peak of his suffering was reached. He wanted to let men carry out the abominable deeds, to which my opponent drove them, to also show him that the power of a son of God also reached beyond death; that he was also Lord over death.

And the whole of mankind was to take note of his death, so it wanted to be redeemed. Through his love he was until the end connected with me, the father, but his frightened soul no longer recognized me; it sought me outside of it, and therefore Jesus called out the words: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Only the powerful divinity had withdrawn itself, but love was and remained in him. Love certainly was power in itself, but Jesus no longer used this power to prevent his crucifixion, but only just to still be able to experience it, because he wanted to experience it, to serve me as man and to suffer and to atone for fellowmen. For that reason he has consciously suffered and also died consciously; for that reason he asked me for mercy for his tormentors, and in full awareness he spoke the words: "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit" The connection between him and me he kept up, for he could no longer break away from him, with whom he had become one through love. And for that reason I was him and he I; there was no separation between us two, because love, the original substance of me myself, also filled him completely; I therefore had to be with and in him, although I as power remained inactive, until the man Jesus had accomplished his work. He and I, we are one, and who sees him, he sees the father, because the father is love, and love was in the son. But love could not die, and therefore it rose again on the third day; and it also enlivened the body, which was completely spiritualized through the suffering of Jesus and needed no further course of development on earth any more. So love has overcome death – the divine saviour overcame Satan – the light broke through the darkness, and the way to eternal light became free. Amen. B.D. NR. 5215.



^ B.D. NR. 5217

Unfathomable entity of God.

23. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5217.

Nothing can make the nature of God comprehensible to you men, because there is no comparison on earth and because your intellect is not able to grasp the depth and unfathomable of the spirit, which rules the whole infinity, which is everything and without which nothing can be thought.

You men, as yourselves form, want to imagine every entity under a form, while however the eternal divinity can never be limited, therefore be a form, because it fills everything – the spiritual as the material kingdom, therefore the "formed" entity of God could only be the universe, the whole earthly and spiritual creation, which is likewise incomprehensible to you men and would consequently be no explanation for you. Every image, which you make of the eternal divinity, would always be limited and could therefore for that reason not be according to truth. God is a spirit, which certainly is to be mentioned as entity, which uses its will and its power in deepest love and wisdom for the work and rule in infinity. But this eternal spirit is everywhere; it is present in the largest earthly work of creation as in the smallest little grain of sand. It is in the whole universe, it is in the spiritual kingdom close to the light beings, for where it would not be, there would be no existence. It lights in the entity, which started in its love power, a flame, which again pushes towards it, and still the entity will never be able to fathom its place of start, because the eternal divinity is and remains unfathomable in all eternity.

But fulfilment has come to the longing love of the creatures originating from the power of God. The great spirit of infinity wanted to introduce itself visibly to its beings, to satisfy their great love longing, and it incorporated itself in the man Jesus – i.e., a form having originated out of its will and its power received the divine spirit in all fullness and could now, as completely radiated through by it, be and remain visible to the beings, which can bear his fullness of light, therefore have reached a certain degree of maturity, to not being consumed by the fire of eternal love. But the spiritual form of the saviour Jesus Christ is nevertheless no obstacle for the eternal divinity, to create and work in the whole infinity, to fill the universe and to be present everywhere. It is only a proof of the extreme great love of God for his creatures, which desire to see him that he makes himself visible to them as Jesus Christ, to increase their love and to be able to make them always and constantly happy through fulfilling. But the eternal divinity will never be able to be fathomed in its complete nature, for it is the highest perfection, which a being can never reach. As long as it has not found the joining together with eternal love and in this way wins light and cognition, a satisfactory explanation can also not be given to it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5217.



^ B.D. NR. 5224

Struggle against oneself on earth.

1. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5224.

Also my life on earth was rich of fights and temptations, and it is wrong to assume that my divine soul has protected me from it; that my way of life could be nothing else than good, because I was God’s son, who has descended from above to earth to redeem men. My earth life as man was in no way different than with every other man, but the temptations approached me exceptional violently, because Satan did everything to prevent my mission. Moreover my soul was feeling unusually deep, so that it was both touched by the beautiful most deeply, but as it also felt the evil and the unclean extremely agonizing. It was receptive to every impression, and for that reason also the world approached me with its attractions and temptations so frequently, before my actual mission began. I had to fight a difficult struggle to remain victor over him, who wanted to possess my flesh, to make the soul unable for the work of redemption. And so my suffering began already long before; the body had to be mortified to reach the spiritualization with the soul. I was as man in the midst of men. And my being man meant so much, as to be tainted with human passions and desires, against which I had to fight , to become a place of residence for the divinity, which could tolerate no low desire in it. I was man – nothing testified to my divinity in the years before my teaching activity. As just man I had to wrestle, to fashion myself to the receiving vessel for the most delicious, what a man is allowed to ever possess – for the eternal divinity itself, which wanted to manifest itself in me, to be able to be a visible God to men. And I have carried away the victory over him, who seeks to rule you men, against which I crusaded, to redeem you out of his power. It was truly a difficult fight, for the man in me felt everything beautiful and was not allowed to possess it; the man in me loved life, for he loved his fellowmen and did not want to go from them. I was in full possession of power and could make everything subject to me, when I wanted it, and voluntarily I gave up everything; I overcame myself, my body and also the soul, which now and then wanted to rise up, when it felt how I suffered. I have overcome myself as man and so provided the proof that it is possible for every man, to become master of his weaknesses and desires, and that not divine power achieved this my victory, which then could never be demanded from you men, so I myself would have failed in the fight against evil and in the fight against lust. For that reason also you men can achieve the same, indeed you even have still my support, as soon as you call on me for help, as I have promised it. No temptation is too great and the tempter never unconquerable, so you make use of my favour. Because I died on the cross for your strength of will; what you lack of power and will, that you can receive from me, so you want to fight against him, who is your enemy and whom to overcome was the most difficult fight, which I have fought on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5224.



^ B.D. NR. 5348

Christ problem. Visible God.

31. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5348.

You confess me, and therefore I also confess you before my father. What that is to mean you will find out in future at yourselves, when you enter into the kingdom of peace, where love radiates towards you, which goes out form me, where the father embraces you with his love, because you have found to him through Jesus Christ – because you received the power from the treasure of favour acquired on the cross and with this power have performed your change of nature and therefore have become love. But without acknowledging of my work of redemption you would never find the way to eternal love, for you yourselves are too weak out of your own power and need my help irrevocably, my favour and my power, but which I can only send to you, when you acknowledge me as redeemer of the world – a God’s son, which eternal love sent to you men to rescue you.

It is one being, which has emerged out of me, descended to earth and received me the father, in all fullness in it. It let itself be radiated through completely by my love power and could now also show the earth children the way to me, but which leads only over this being, over Jesus Christ. You cannot eliminate Jesus Christ, get round him and believe to also come to me on another way. You must join him; you must follow him; you must confess him before the world. Then you also securely reach your destination. Jesus Christ leads you to me; to the father he brings you, who has taken on form through him, who now introduces himself to you visibly in Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world. You will hardly understand this, but only so long, as you still do not know that my original being is love; that I am a spirit, which fills the whole infinity and who therefore manifested himself in Jesus Christ to be a visible God for you men, in to whom you can put your trust like children; who is your father from eternity and also wants to be loved by you as father – I and he is one, for it was my infinite love, which drew me to my earth children, who rescued them from deepest night, out of the fetters of Satan through the death on the cross. That I made use of a human form, was necessary, because I as spirit could neither suffer nor could have offered you a visible work of redemption on the cross, as long as you yourselves could not see spiritually and only that was of impression to you, what human wise was accomplished. But also this human form was my work; the soul held in it was my work, only it was put out as independent to bring itself to highest possible perfection, which the man Jesus has also achieved on earth through his love towards fellowmen and his death on the cross. But love I was myself. He who now therefore held himself in him as eternal divinity, until Jesus ascended transfigured into heaven.

You men cannot separate Jesus Christ from me, for I was in him and therefore he in me – Jesus Christ was love himself, therefore he was also God, who is love in himself. And all beings, which fashion themselves to love, are also melted with me and will be allowed to see me in Jesus Christ, who has received me on earth in all fullness, who performed the melting with me already on earth and can no longer be outside of me for ever. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5348.



^ B.D. NR. 5356

Becoming man and redemption work of Jesus.

8. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5356.

I have come into the world to redeem men and to open for them the gate to eternity. I came as man as emissary of God and was still God himself in this man; I gave a soul, a child of mine, an outer form to then join myself together with this soul indissolubly and to therefore take up residence as God in this outer form. But only few men recognized it, who held himself in this form; only few men also got in touch with me in their heart and were in this way able to also to recognize me in the man Jesus, for love gave to these few light; love recognized eternal love and worshiped it.

And so I also died on the cross. The human cover had to suffer death under all pains and agonies. But eternal love brought the sacrifice in this man Jesus; eternal love took all agonies and sufferings upon itself, otherwise the sacrifice would not have been done voluntarily. Love died for men on the cross, and therefore it was me myself, who has suffered for you for the sake of the extreme great sin guilt, which I wanted to wipe out. I as God could have certainly deleted this debt, obliterated it from the book of repayment; I could wipe out the debt out of extreme mercy; but my perfection prevented me of it, for also justice belongs to my nature, and it demands inexorable atonement for the sin guilt of men. You all would have to suffer unimaginably to pay this great debt and never ever be able to endure that on earth, what would have cleaned you from the debt. And for that reason a light soul, an angel spirit called to existence by me, offered to atone as man the great debt and to do satisfaction to me. And he has accomplished the work. He received me in his heart and so took up the power of love to make the greatest atonement sacrifice, of which a man on earth was ever able. He was my son – I his father. But through love the complete melting took place; he and I, we became one, for love so filled him that everything got spiritualized; that body, soul and spirit became one and could join the father spirit from eternity indissolubly. As long as you men cannot fathom love in its nature, God becoming man will also appear incomprehensible to you, and to solve this problem will also again only understand, who himself lets love flare up in him to a bright flame. To him alone it is understandable that eternal love has manifested itself in a man and therefore enabled him to let his life for the sin of men under terrible agonies, for love gave him power; I myself was love. I myself descended to earth and rescued mankind out of deepest trouble. Love paid the sin guilt, but the man Jesus did the atonement, because eternal love could not suffer, but help was to be brought to mankind and this help could only do a man, who was full of love. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5356.



^ B.D. NR. 5361

Fall of the angels. Good Friday‘s message.

11. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5361.

You all, you who walk on earth, you have been seized by my love, and possibilities have been created for you, to be able to again enter into the original relationship with me; a time was granted you for this change out of a completely God-adverse relationship to the reunification with me. All favours were opened to you to reach this aim, and my never ending love helps, where you threaten to fail. But one thing also my extreme love for you cannot – to change your will out of my power. Your will is that factor, with which one must reckoned, which alone must accomplish the change and can just as well also fail. For your will is weakened through him, who is my opponent and would like you, whom he plunged into the deep through the sin against me, also keep in the deep and therefore obstructs for you the way to me in every way, who therefore would also like to keep your will weak and in this way unable to accomplish the change of nature. But the will is for that reason weak, because the being, which is still under his control, is also destitute of all love and for that reason can develop no power, for love is power in itself and would infallibly also confer the necessary reinforcement to the will. The entity, which belongs to him, is of completely weakened will and is not able to redeem itself from his rule over it. And I brought help to this entity.

Can you men now understand, what made me to ascend to earth and to bring rescue to you? I was the same in the very beginning, as that spiritual pushed into the abyss through Lucifer; I was come forth from the love of God as angel spirit and recognized God as the epitome of all might and power and glory from eternity. I stood as opponent of Lucifer to him, who had created us out of his love power. Also I could not see God, but my love for him was my happiness. But also love for the spiritual seceded from God filled me and let the plan mature in me to take part in the redemption of it out of the power of darkness, because I knew about the power of Lucifer and about the influence on the will-less spiritual. I wanted to help it in that way, which alone could defeat the opponent. I wanted to take up the power of God to be able to take action against him and to reach the goal to extract the beings from him and to so again lead them to God, from whom they went out. I wanted to acquire the power for this fallen and give it to them, so that they became of strong will and could free themselves from the power of Satan. The weakness of will is lack of love power, therefore the result of a loveless disposition. If I now wanted to impart a strong will to these beings, so I had to seek to move them to love and to again awaken their love first through my love. I had to free them from his power, by me paying the purchase price for the soul, which he held prisoner. He himself indeed never gives the consent; he never releases the soul, but the soul has now the power itself to free itself, by which he cannot prevent it, when it makes use of my power, which I supply to it willingly, so it is prepared to accept it, therefore to make use of the favours acquired on the cross. I have paid for all souls this purchase price through my suffering and dying on the cross. Each one soul can gain again its freedom, when it just turns to me – when it gives the right direction to its will, when it acknowledges me and my work of redemption and calls to me for help. To strengthen the will of these beings I died on the cross; I opposed an extreme great love with the power of Satan and defeated him, so that also the hardest fetter can blow to pieces, who puts himself at my side.

Two beings, emerged from the eternal love power, wrestled against each other. But I made use of this love power; I fought for God and with God; love filled me completely, and my earthly body became consequently the carrier of the eternal divinity; at the same time my light soul joint it with the body, and the unification had now taken place, which also every individual being created by him was to enter into according to purpose from eternity to now be able to work as completed in light and power and happiness.

The originally created spirit had deserted God; it received light and power in extreme measure and abused it to work against God. God’s power also flooded through it, but it used it in the negative meaning and by this always went away from God more and more. But to use the power out of God in his will also leads to the complete melting with him, which I as man Jesus reached on earth through love. Love is the strongest power and must also influence the will so that it turns towards God. And this supply of power for the will of men on this earth I have acquired as man through my suffering and dying on the cross, through unspeakable pains and extreme great agonies, and everyone can make use of this power, who acknowledges me and brings love in himself to development. Every man will want to flee from his previous lord and also be able to do it, who calls upon me as his rescuer and redeemer for help, for I do not let him fall into the hands of my opponent; I break his fetters and make him free. But I can do this only, as soon as the will of man itself strives for redemption – I cannot free him against his will. But my love is infinite, and it will extract every soul from the opponent; love will achieve that the will of every being once changes and turns to me. And for it I died on the cross that the weakened will of the fallen may experience strengthening, and therefore I have redeemed the world from bondage of Satan. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5361.



^ B.D. NR. 5479

Works of creation are consolidated thoughts of God.

3. und 4. September 1952. B.D. NR. 5479.

In every smallest living being, in every little plant, in every little grain of sand I am present, and there is nothing, which is not animated by me; there is nothing, which is not flooded through by my power, which proves me myself. For nothing could be without me; nothing could remain existing, because only my power secures the existence of that, what came out of me. My power and my will has called into life, what arose as thought in me. My will consolidated all thoughts, and they became form, which has existence so long, until my will withdraws and the spiritual substance, the power out of me, is brought into a new form. The form can change, but the power in it never ever, it can only increase and let always more powerful forms become effective. Everything is power out of me, but in different degrees the power can become effective, and this depends on the purpose, which my wisdom has recognized as appropriate. For nothing is without meaning and purpose, what I let come into being, and where a purpose is to be achieved, my love and wisdom determines every process, which serves the achieving of the purpose. I always work and create in view of this aim, for before my eyes all phases appear like lightning from the beginning to the end. And my will and my power carry out, what love and wisdom recognizes as appropriate. Nothing is created arbitrarily, whatever exists in the universe; in deepest wisdom my plan is arranged, and my will of creation will never let up; persistently new creations will arise, because my immeasurable power wants to confirm itself and will always only busy itself so that an aim is achieved in positive meaning. For the power flowing out of me is love – something unspeakably making happy, building up and promoting, which can never let things come into being, which have a negative effect, even so a negative success is recognized apparently, but which, seen in the right light of cognition, still is and remains positive. For there is nothing, by which my power would be uninvolved, only a negative will can use this power wrong, what I allow, but also only then with the sure aim of spiritual return in future from me out of free will. For to change the negative will, everything is arisen; every visible work of creation has the purpose, to contribute, to turn negative will into a positive will. And for this purpose I also dissolve material forms, when they have followed their purpose, and form again new ones according to my will, but which must all serve in my will in a positive way – to lead the spiritual, which is of wrong directed will, towards the last aim, a complete change of will. (4.9.1952) But creations can also get dissolved against my will, and indeed by man, who, as dwelling in the last stage of development, is in possession of free will, therefore can now act both in my will but also against my will. The spiritual in man then does this under bad influence; it subordinates itself to the will of the counter power, which as itself of wrong directed will would like to have a destructive effect there, where my power has a building up effect. Such destructed creations release the spiritual bound in it prematurely, but which now again needs new forms to be able to continue its course of development. And now my will is again at work, to create these forms for it, directly or also indirectly, by men, who bear my will in them, busying themselves creating and fashioning according to their ability. The ability of being able to create and fashion proves the original power slumbering in them; it proves the start from me. But the original purpose of the creatures having once come from me, was another one, and this original purpose they must irrevocably fulfil, and no matter if it also takes eternities, until they have reached the aim. So has therefore everything been brought into being by me, but not all enjoys life; it seeks death, but cannot pass for ever, just remain in a so to speak dead state, but which is to be changed to life. But I am also in the apparent dead, in most solid matter, because it would not be visible for you, when my power would not be in it, only its effectiveness is so small, that this matter lets no change recognize for a long time; but since my power is never completely without effect, so it still manages to bring about a change, even so only in endless long time. In cases of letting up of resistance of the wrong directed will, my will also intervenes with increased power, so that therefore destructions wanted by God through natural powers give freedom to the spiritual in shortest time, which then continues its course of development in new forms of lighter kind. My will is always determining, and the coming into being and the passing of my works of creation is always based on a certain order, and all power over works of creation is taken from my opponent. But I gave free will to man. It can just as well be turned towards my opponent as to me. And for that reason my opponent uses his influence over man, by him seeking to determine him to destroy that, over which he has no power. And he wants to destroy it, because the spiritual in it matures and gets lost for him, who once pulled it into the deep, out of which I want to fetch it up again, so that it follows its original purpose, so that an extreme measure of power can flow through it and it is now unimaginably happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5479.



^ B.D. NR. 5551

Miracle work of the child Jesus.

9. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5551.

I want to instruct you, over which you request enlightenment, for I want that you for the present possess a right knowledge, before you instruct your fellowmen, but what is your task, you who want to serve me. I want that everything is comprehensible to you yourselves, before you pass on your knowledge, for fellowman is often not so tolerant; he desires enlightenment particularly, so he doubts, and this you are then also to be able to give informatively.

The problem of the becoming man of God in Jesus gives cause for most of the questions, and indeed for that reason, because it has been explained up to now in such a way that there was just always more confusion instead of brightness. My earth existence as man differed from that of other men in no way; only that I gave space to the love development in the heart, where others increased their self-love and "desired", instead "to give". The love spark glows in each one man’s heart, but it can also flare up to a bright flame, as it can also get suffocated. But as a result men also differ from each other, for love presses on to everybody the stamp of divinity, while self-love is the likeness of my opponent, who himself was overbearing and as a result fell. Love therefore is the divine in man, which only appears as a tiny little spark at the beginning of earth life, but can grow endlessly.

The love spark was in the little child Jesus already recognizable, because a light soul had embodied itself in the child, which certainly left all glories of God behind in the spiritual kingdom, but nevertheless did not give up its love and this love power expressed itself also now and again, when therefore the spirit spark got into contact with the father spirit from eternity, what happens with every child full of love, but was supposed to be obvious in Jesus to men, so that they believed in the divinity of the child Jesus. The spirit work is not restrained in such a little child, it only does not appear or only rarely, because the intellect and free will of man must first strive itself for the work of my spirit in itself, what only happens consciously in the years, where he can make use of the intellect and the will in the freedom of thinking. The explanation for the miracles of the child Jesus, for the unusual happenings, is only to be sought in the high degree of love, because the soul of Jesus was from above, a light and love soul, which was now covered into a human form and also prevented in its, up to then, unlimited creation and work, to cope with the human outer form. Love was in a high degree in the little child Jesus – but also the earthly-human asserted itself – the world, i.e. my and his opponent, exercised his influence on this earthly-human, because this was granted to him because of the test of will. And now my spirit kept quiet, for also the man Jesus had to pass this test of will, and the work of becoming divine of his soul had to take place under the same preconditions as with every other man, although my spirit was and remained in him through his love. But the highest degree of love the man Jesus had to reach through his own will. And for that reason my spirit withdrew during these years; it did not push and drive; it left complete freedom to the man Jesus, until then the fullness of my spirit, which increased more and more through his increased love, announced itself as wisdom and power - as extremely great knowledge and miracle work. The man Jesus was chosen from eternity for this mission. A highest light being descended to earth; one of my children living in glory set out on its earth course, and therefore this soul had to already radiate through the earthly form of the child Jesus, and everything unusual of his youth was quite natural and comprehensible, but just as incomprehensible to men living in darkness, and for that reason a cover was spread over the radiating light in later years, and the actual mission started – the making divine of an earth man through love. I certainly could work through my spirit at any time in the man Jesus, because all preconditions were given for this; but for the sake of the mission of Jesus all divine-spiritual stepped back, and this mission was fulfilled by him as man, who took all power only from the love being active in him, which bringing to development was exactly as difficult as for every other man, because my opponent truly did not leave his influence unused, because the victory of Jesus meant the defeat of the opponent. But my opponent could not touch the free will of Jesus, and it was completely turned towards me. And for that reason he succeeded in the work, for his will for me sprang from his love. Love was that power, which is stronger than death and which for that reason also conquered him, who has brought death into the world. Love was victor and will remain it for ever.
Amen B.D. NR. 5551.



^ B.D. NR. 5577

God’s spirit in the man Jesus. Following.

14. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5577.

You men can be full of the divine spirit, so you live in the following of Jesus. As man he was not different than you; his life was just a fighting and wrestling against the desires, which he felt like you, but wanted to suppress out of love for me. His life was a life in love for the neighbour, whom he knew to be in trouble and whom he wanted to help. What he accomplished, that you men could also accomplish, so you were serious to receive me myself in all fullness in you. His soul was certainly from the kingdom of light, but it did not recognize itself as such, before the man Jesus was flooded through by my love spirit. Now and then my spirit certainly spoke out of him, then the man Jesus spoke supernaturally wise and put fellowmen in amazement. But as soon as my spirit hid again, Jesus felt exactly as man as you and his spiritual state, now and then brighter, confused and frightened him; he was reserved, but turned towards me in always more intimate love, which then also gave him the light about his earth assignment. The man Jesus had to wrestle with all powers, which were against him; he had to experience and suffer everything, whatever a man can suffer, for he has gone for you men the way ahead, which you also are to go and can go with my help. I myself helped him with my love power, which he constantly requested and acquired for himself through his love life. And this unusual supply of love power enabled him to accomplish the work of redemption. Also you men can accomplish the unusual, so you yourselves would like to acquire my love power through love work; but you lack the will, but which was extremely strong developed in the man Jesus, however again only as result of that love, which he brought in himself to development. His soul felt, as soul of light, the great spiritual trouble of the world around him, and its will to help was because of this so strong and stimulated the man Jesus to work in love. Also you men see trouble around you, spiritual and earthly, and so you would like to help, also the power would be supplied to you – for the will is taken into account. And also you can be full of the divine spirit, because every love work could also earn you my love power and therefore my spirit become effective in you. The following of Jesus would truly not be demanded of you men, when it would not be to be fulfilled. For again and again it must be emphasised that Jesus as man has walked his way on earth and that all divine qualities were his merits acquired as man; that not the divinity determined him to his journey through life, but that the man subjugated the divinity – well understood: that the love of the man Jesus moved me to unbounded renouncement of love, because I am powerless against love, because I myself am love from eternity. The man Jesus has conquered me myself with me; he has done what I myself had to do – what my original nature demands - to let love power have an effect. And every man, who works in love, forces me to self-renouncement. But this compulsion is the most happy making feeling for me, me who would always like to give away myself, but can only give away according to my law from eternity, where love comes to meet me. Love must connect the being with me, then it is filled by my spirit, by my love power, and then it can have an effect in and with me, then man as gone the way of the following of Jesus, which leads to the unification with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5577.




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