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Theme 31. Trance


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Trance":



^ B.D. NR. 0771

After an announcement in trance.

9. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0771.

What moves man, very often sounds lingers and becomes noticeable at times of complete detachment from the earthly. It penetrates through spiritual experience and gains the upper hand exactly through the will of man, who takes up such thoughts and now expresses them audibly. In such moments the spirits of the lie then have power over the man completely without resistance and then express themselves, and the good spirit powers must then step back, since the will of man does not stop the former, but lets itself be taken into possession.



^ B.D. NR. 5031

Connection between spirit beings and men. Form.

2. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5031.

Only the danger exists that men themselves are not able to distinguish, whether they are instructed rightly or wrongly through announcements out of the spiritual kingdom. This danger exists then, when spiritual beings make use of a human form, to announce themselves through these. Under "form" is to be understood in this case a human cover, which has given up its will; which therefore does not express itself in its own nature, but where the soul steps back and grants authority over its outer cover to a spiritual being. A good man is certainly protected through light beings, but there are also strong spirits out of the deep, which are attracted through impure thoughts of individual men in the surroundings of the former. Then one moment can be enough that that spirit forces its way into the cover and, while it recognizes the good beliefs in general, it expresses itself under the mask of light and seeks to confuse the listeners in their belief and their thinking. This danger is to always be recognized, when it is about communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which do not refer to earthly, but to spiritual things. As soon as the man, of whom spirit beings make use in the unconscious state, lacks memory afterwards, he has himself no knowledge about the beings using his body, while the light beings leave an idea in him, so that he can also give an account of something in a state of wakefulness, what was imparted to him by these beings.



^ B.D. NR. 5182

Connection between spirit beings and men. Form.

2. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5031.

But it is to be observed that I speak of my word, of the sending of pure truth, which announces my will and imparts knowledge to men of their relationship to me and their earth task. But not all transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom can be regarded as my word, because it is in itself most pure truth and as my direct radiation can only be passed on by such beings, which themselves stand in the light. But there are also beings, which want to communicate and still do not stand in knowledge or also just call a little knowledge their own and nevertheless have the possibility, to make themselves understood by men on earth, may it be through mental transmission or also through a medium, of which will and also bodily functions they make use to announce themselves to men. And these communications are not to be confused with my word; they are not to be called my word and are consequently also not to be called as work of my spirit in man. Because my spirit can only be effective under certain preconditions, but those communications can be heard by all men, who just adapt themselves to get into contact with the spiritual kingdom and listen to the insinuations of the beings in good or also less good intention. Those beings can also impart truth, but there is no guarantee for it that their expressions are pure truth, because the beings stand in completely different degrees of maturity and man as such cannot judge the level of maturity. But such expressions can then never be called divine revelations; divine revelations can much rather get endangered in this way, when man does not possess a clear ability to judge, to be able to differentiate and separate announcements out of the spiritual kingdom.

And for that reason you men must learn to differentiate: My word, the pure Gospel, the clear cognition, therefore a higher knowledge, which corresponds with truth, and communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which certainly also can be good and true, but also interspersed with communications out of the kingdom of darkness, as soon as man himself offers the handle to it through his attitude towards the world. My word guarantees purest truth, and my word can through my will also be imparted to you through messengers of light; nevertheless it remains my word. But medial receivers, through which spiritual beings express themselves, who are as it were speaking organs for them, are to be on their guard, that they are not abused by lower powers. They are not to let themselves be blinded through beautiful words, because that is the mask of him, who is an enemy of truth, and the means, to find entry also in circles, which seek me seriously, however have not yet given up the world completely, to also be safe from the temptations from below through my constant presence.



^ B.D. NR. 6468

Dangers of medium receiving.

5. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6468.

Much is presented to you men as truth, what was received from the spiritual world in the medium state. And you often support teachings with conviction, because you are convinced you cannot be instructed wrongly from that world. And exactly such teachings can be of great disadvantage for you, because you are then no longer able to receive pure truth. What is received mediumistic, always suggests to greatest caution – let that be said to you again and again. Because only rarely the atmosphere, in which the receiver is, is so purified, so radiated through by light, that counter powers cannot intrude. And only then pure truth can be imparted via mediumistic way. But the thoughts of the people surrounding the receiver also determine the statements, which are made mediumistic. The receiver himself has given up his will and is now ruled by a foreign will. Only the extreme purity of the circle surrounding him keeps all unspiritual away – but as soon as one person in these surroundings lets am erroneous thought come up, which he represented up to now, he calls over those beings, who immediately want to reinforce his error, because they now also have also access to this circle – what cannot happen, when all present are only inspired by the desire for purest truth and hand themselves completely over to God and to everything full of light. But this general will will soon also reject the medium reception, because these will now consciously ask God for enlightenment, for truth – and an elimination of the will, a transfer into the state of trance is no longer necessary, because God truly grants such a serious request for the supply of truth and chooses out of that circle a servant for himself, to whom he can impart his word in the conscious state. Certainly not every medium announcement can be rejected, because also light beings use now and then this possibility to get this connection with men, of whom they hope to once being able to establish the intimate contact, which makes the imparting of purest truth possible. But these medium receptions must always agree with the word of God, which is received in the conscious state. But often differences will arise, which are cause to differences of opinion, because such medium receptions are assessed exactly as high. Light beings will always express themselves concurrently; they will always announce truth out of God. And every deviation must be examined seriously, whether and how far the surroundings or the medium receiver himself was before already penetrated by that opinion, which stood in contradiction to the consciously imparted word.

But also a man can receive as medium, who has not yet achieved this change, by him just giving up his own will and lets a foreign will take possession of him. And how this foreign will is composed, he himself determines and his surroundings through the degree of maturity of the souls. Every spiritual awakened man will resist medium reception, because he also recognizes the danger, which hides in it, and deepest desire for truth always fills a spiritual awakened man. But a medium, which has a high degree of maturity, will very soon be able to receive the messages consciously, and these will then never contradict the pure word of God, which flows out of the fountain of life, which God himself has opened. Be careful, when you discover contradiction, and examine the start of teachings contradicting themselves.



^ B.D. NR. 9003

Spiritual knowledge must agree with word supplied from above.

28. June 1965. B.D. NR. 9003.

And it is again and again because beings of different degrees of light express themselves and that it is difficult for man, to recognize truth, because they believe every expression out of the spiritual kingdom, but which still should be examined. And only then when the content agrees with my word given from above, you can assume it as work of indisputable light spirits. And that is why you must take note of my word directly sent to you, but you are not allowed to believe all communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which are given to you medially, because these media can certainly have gifts, to receive mediations out of the spiritual kingdom, but whether they also possess the necessary maturity, which I have made a condition for the receiving of messages out of this kingdom, that alone is decisive for the degree of truth of the announcements sent to you. You men know too little your way around in the spiritual kingdom, and you do not know it how often the opponent has an effect to deceive you – and I cannot prevent him, because the demand for truth of you is lacking, which only gives guarantee for the receiving of truth, but which then also agrees with my word from above. I indeed take care in every way for it that a light shines for men, that knowledge comes into existence of a life after death of the body – I take care for it that also proofs are given to them, which certainly only he will accept, who also again, in the desire for truth, would like to hear that knowledge. But also then the danger still exists that other beings announce themselves than those called, which now express themselves exactly according to their degree of maturity. That is why every spirit of light will warn you of medium announcements which speak to you (reach you) in the state of trance, but always prompt you to consciously receive spiritual messages, in which certainly only few men will succeed, but always offer the certainty to be taught directly by my spirit, and you then also do not need to be afraid of wrong things. Certainly not every announcement which is given in that state, of having no will of one’s own, can be described as being wrong or misleading, but who of you will check that? Who of you is himself aware that also many wrong spirits make use of this opportunity where a person gives up his will? And that full truth is of course not guaranteed to you when you rely only on such messages which perhaps reach you from the other kingdom, but which are nevertheless uncontrollable? Only what the spirit out of God imparts to you is pure truth, but it gives you information on all fields, which you can never gain from those beings.

This knowledge comprises everything; it comprises the work of guiding back the once fallen to me, but as it is also illuminating the counter-work of him who has caused your fall to the deep. And this counter-work does not only take place on earth, it also stretches to the opposite kingdom, where all I-conscious beings are still in possession of free will, and to now direct it to himself will always be and remain his intention. Therefore you must also reckon with his influence, which tries as the most important thing to reach that the redemption work of Jesus Christ is doubted. And that is why you must recognize all those announcements as his work, which deny a redemption through Jesus’ death on the cross. Then you know that he is at work, that he seeks to make men give up the most important thing: that Jesus died for you and your sins on the cross. Because when you are wrongly informed about this, then he has won you, then he succeeded in making the redemption through Jesus Christ out to be false and through it making the entrance into the kingdom of light impossible for you. Because my direct revelations from above give you other information thereby, and on it alone depends your future happiness, whether you have found redemption of your former sin guilt – the original guilt, which is not repayable for you yourselves. As long as this serious question is still open, you are not instructed in fullest truth, and there remains nothing else for you than for you to turn to the highest authority, that it instructs you itself, and then you can also be instructed in all truth, as I have promised it to you myself, that I will initiate you into truth.




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