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Theme 25. Locality of spirit beings


New on 13.03.2018: B.D. NR. 0926 4863 4865


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^ B.D. NR. 0926

Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings. Enlightenment through high-ranking beings.

In visible earth nearness are those spirit beings active whose assignment it is to give knowledge to men about the continues remodelling of all that what enlivens the surface of the earth. This assignment is only possible in the form of thought-transference, and so their work will mostly extent to make the different products of creation quite vividly clear to men so that they start to become reflective through these and ask questions, whose answering is exactly the activity of those spirit beings and is therefore imparted to men by the spirit beings in form of thoughts.



^ B.D. NR. 4863

Training of teachers directly or through light beings.

The lower spirits have their kingdom for themselves, and they are bound to it, i.e., they cannot move freely into areas, where the light is, and take part in transmissions of spiritual knowledge to men. For light beings recognize every spirit, and they know about everyone’s maturity and ability. They also take care of men on earth and their state of the soul, and in their love they also grant the man protection against all pestering through dark powers, as soon as the thinking and striving is turned to the kingdom of light and he detests evil. Not the smallest thing escapes the notice of the light beings, what could endanger earth men, and therefore they form a wall around him, who has professed me through his way of life and is now to be introduced by me to a higher knowledge. And no low power is permitted to intervene, to impart error or distract man from pure truth. For the kingdom of light is mine, as I also rule over the kingdom of darkness.



^ B.D. NR. 4865

Contact with the spiritual world extraordinary privilege.

Only the ignorant man makes use of material helps for this, which because of that also produce certain successes, because the beings of the spiritual kingdom use every opportunity to get into contact with men to inform them that they are near the man and want to have contact with them.




Home > Miscellaneous > Themes > Theme 25. Locality of spirit beings

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