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Theme 24. Hereafter


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^ B.D. NR. 2552

Activity of the beings in the hereafter. Transference of knowledge.

The spiritual kingdom holds more or less God-connected and God-distant beings, which lead a life in eternity full of light or a life lacking light Ė they are beings, which constantly enjoy happiness or lead a wretched life in most agonizing poorness. And the spiritual full of light seeks to change the latter state to also bring the beings of darkness to the state of happiness. And this project requires an extremely busy activity; a constant love work in tireless patience and perseverance. An activity as on earth has to be ruled out then, because the spiritual kingdom is no material world; it is just a world of thoughts and wishes; it is a spiritual world, where nothing bodily, visible or tangible exists, but everything is just in existence in the world of thoughts of the being and the thought is again the epitome of the love power out of God flooding in to the being.



^ B.D. NR. 4820

State in the hereafter.

Have you once stridden through the gates of death, so you will no longer feel the bodily cover, but you can move around easily and freely; you will not be prevented from staying where you want; force of no sort will be exerted on you. And nevertheless also this state can be agonizing for you, and indeed, when you are in darkness, when it is lightless around you and you are able to see nothing. This spiritual blindness is connected to complete powerlessness and with a weakness of will, which cannot arise from its lethargy. There is therefore nothing perceptible from the outside, what influences you, but a fetter can still be in yourselves, which prevents you from life, i.e. from an activity according to Godís will, which however all those souls are allowed to carry out, who are sensitive to light at the vacating of earth and are therefore transferred to a kingdom, where they are allowed to always see more beautiful things.



^ B.D. NR. 4871

Uniting with God - aim of man.

The past life will seem to you like a heavy dream, but which no longer frightens you, but just lets you recognize the love of the creator to his creatures; which led you through endless many stations of maturation. And in the cognition of this, what you are now in the kingdom of light, you will look up to me full of thanks and full of love., I who is now close to you and gives you happiness without measure.



^ B.D. NR. 4989

Common work in the opposite kingdom. Help to the ignorant.

Intimate love connects the spirit beings in the opposite kingdom, who no longer dwell in darkness, and therefore they also work with united power, as soon as they want carry out something, to which the own power reception is not enough; i.e., they certainly can already be power receivers in the hereafter, but still so long in limited measure, as they are not yet perfect, therefore light beings, who stand in direct contact with God. Nevertheless they can also be already active according to their power reception. But if they work together, then everything is possible for them, what they want, but their will is always equal to the will of God. The common love of the spirit beings affects mostly the souls on earth and in the spiritual kingdom, which still dwell in darkness. They seek to bring help to them, and where they do not succeed alone, they connect to common work and also have great success. (28.10.1950) All their efforts are aiming at bringing light to the beings still dwelling in darkness; therefore to enlighten them about their state in presence and future, but which they can only do in form of mental transmissions.



^ B.D. NR. 5007

"What no manís eye has ever seen."

25. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5007.

No human being can only nearly imagine the splendours of the spiritual kingdom, what I expressed through my words: "What no manís eye ever seen and no manís ear ever heard, that I have prepared for those, who love me." They are inconceivable spiritual creations; they are inconceivable delights, which make the being happy there, which has entered the kingdom of light and therefore is redeemed from sin of the former resistance against its creator and father from eternity. But the still unredeemed souls themselves create their surroundings, because their will moves them there, where their thoughts dwell, and these are mostly still with earthly material things or on earth, where they have dwelled and still would like to satisfy their desire. For that reason the spiritual domains will appear to these imperfect souls still earthly, because they are still not able to see spiritually, and therefore only those images appear before their eyes, which they imagine themselves. Those beings, however, who are happy, have overcome earthly matter, and their desire is meant for spiritual treasures, but which cannot be describes to men on earth, since they lack the power of imagination for it. When there is now talk about marvellous delights, so it is first of all the connection with me, which creates delights of incomparable kind for the beings. They receive light and hand it out; they move in spiritual creations, which testify to my power and glory. They are in hot love only active for me and transmit this love also to those beings, which still dwell in darkness, in the spheres of the imperfect spirits. As long as therefore a description conceivable to you is given to you of the spiritual kingdom, they are the states of the souls, who only know earthly concepts and are not yet mature enough for the kingdom of light. To grasp the state of the blessed on the other hand, requires itself already a degree of maturity, which men on earth have only rarely. Pictorial comparisons can certainly be given to give an insight into the activity of the inhabitants of the kingdom of light, but comprehensible it will only be to you men, when you yourselves are allowed to enter the kingdom of light, but then there will be no end to your amazement. You are to always let my word be valid: No manís eye has ever seen it and no manís ear ever heard, what I have prepared for those, who love me. Then every description will just appear pictorial to you, certainly according to truth, but not to be interpreted in the general sense for him, who himself has not yet reached the degree of maturity, which is required for the entry into the kingdom of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 5007.




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