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Theme 23. Bertha Dudde's work


New on 13.03.2018: B.D. NR. 0456 0483 0595 0863 0926 1008 3237 3419 3547
New on 16.06.2018: B.D. NR. 0916


Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Bertha Dudde's work":



^ B.D. NR. 0456

Purification of the teaching of Christ.

From all sides beings ready to help turn towards you, which want to make your assignment easier, so that you do not get tired of your spiritual work. So all beings unite to one work, which is not yet fully visible to you in its size. A work is your duty, which stretches over a wide zone, both in space as well as also in time. The essence of this work is a thorough purification of the teaching, which is now preached on earth as the teaching of Christ.



^ B.D. NR. 0483

Tests. Strength of resistance. Living or dying for the Lord.

That is why so many teachings reach you (singular) with which you (singular) are to strengthen your (singular) faith first, and you (singular) do have to wrestle yourself for this strong faith. For if you are inactive also a strong faith will decrease and become weaker, whereas a faith which has been hard-won will not so easily sway. An always easy receiving would certainly make you (singular) confident but with the storms which Godís fighters experience you (singular) could easily come to harm with your (singular) faith Ė that is why I have to stimulate it always more and let you (singular) fight for it until nothing can make this faith sway, and then you (singular) will mature for your (singular) mission.



^ B.D. NR. 0595

God's word. Spiritual power. Intellect. Inventions.

In this consecrated hour the Lord speaks through his servant John with you and announces things to you, which are withdrawn from general knowledge and which are to contribute to having an informing effect. For there are determined in heaven and on earth such who represent the office of mediator - who receive from God and give - and who again impart these gifts to men. Every tool on earth stands under divine protection, so that the words, given from above, are also received and passed on purely. What is spread of messenges in this time over earth, always remains an incomprehensible blessing for men.



^ B.D. NR. 0863

Spiritual influencing. Direct connection. Thought-transference.

Only in the direct connection from the hereafter to earth lies the possibility to be able to give a credible proof to the unbelievers, i.e., also only then, when they seriously demand truth. And this work is to become such a proof for mankind; everyone is to be able to see into it, who carries the smallest desire in himself for divine truth. And so he recognizes that the ability and knowledge of a man is not enough to continuously write down such announcements, he himself will recognize a higher rule from it Ė he will now also more and more feel the spiritual influencing of spirit beings well-disposed to him and also be led into truth, because it is his will, which longs for divine truth.



^ B.D. NR. 0916

Announcement of a being from the hereafter.

An extremely busy spiritual exchange is initiated from the hereafter to earth and who cultivate it, are all intimately connected to me. They desire spiritual food and stand in continues connection with the teachers of the hereafter to be instructed in love and wisdom. And likewise the ignorant beings in the hereafter are involved with it, as far as their own will drives them to it, to note what is offered to you (plural). Through this the course of suffering of many a soul in the hereafter can be considerably shortened when they make use of all absorbed. And that is why it is understandable that you (singular) are surrounded by innumerable beings to which your (singular) work has brought inexpressible blessing through the perpetual instruction, which likewise comes in to them. Now a being desires to open its heart to you (singular) which stands in direct connection with you (singular) and observes your (singular) spiritual work with greatest attention. And this is my allowance that he communicates who is fond of you (singular) in love, and hence devote yourself without doubts to its words:
The evening was a blessing for me, which let me take part in your (singular) work. I have no person on earth who is so close to me like you (singular) because I left earth lonely and left no-one behind who thinks of me in love. And in the misery of my soul I received help because I perceived the power of your (singular) prayer and as it were was strengthened through this. I have hurried through the universe to be able to be close to you (singular) and find in every connection, which your (singular) will establishes with the spiritual world so unspeakable much help and power that I thank the heavenly father from my heart for the favour, which he let me have through you (singular). He gives earth men according to merit and just as well also us, but your (singular) prayer is visible strengthening for us, and my suffering is weakened the more I am allowed to enrich my knowledge with the divine teaching offered to you (singular). And with all eagerness I now want to make use of what I have received through you (singular), and I want to always refer new souls to you (singular) and bring them to you (singular) and preach to them the Gospel according to Godís will.

. . . and I therefore do not let any opportunity pass unused and remain close to you (singular), asking you (singular), to further think of me in prayer and to give to me the love which you (singular) gave to me on earth and which I respected little . . .



^ B.D. NR. 0926

Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings. Enlightenment through high-ranking beings.

Only in extraordinary cases are the earth children taught by quite high-ranking spiritual beings, but this again for the purpose of a general enlightenment of the entire mankind to stand by it in great misery, and then thought transfer happens in such a strange way that man should listen attentively and should make use of such extraordinary supply the greater the trouble is on earth and visibly manifests itself.



^ B.D. NR. 1008


There exists no connection from earth to any world body, and eternities can pass, such a connection will also not be created, however spiritually again there are no boundaries, which separate one world body from the other. Wide space between two world bodies is no obstacle that spiritual beings can communicate with each other and give one another information about the world they inhabit and its composition. To give a clear picture about the planet most kindred to earth, Saturn, is the task of a higher spiritual being inhabiting it, and a description is offered to you men on earth which indisputably gives information to him who desires information.



^ B.D. NR. 3237

Divine revelations. False doctrine an obstacle.

And for that reason only such men are to be trained to bearers of pure truth who are completely free of erroneous spiritual material and who therefore all the time desire to be instructed by God himself to be very certain to receive pure truth because God can also give to them in all fullness and make them his representatives on earth, and these are they who are now to teach and pass on the deep knowledge to fellowmen, because they are able to do it and have the firm will to help their fellowmen. These will be abundantly provided with knowledge; the divine master teacher himself instructs them, and he trains them so that they can now teach in his name, always and everywhere, where men are open-minded to pure truth.



^ B.D. NR. 3419

Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower.

There are only few people in the possession of the direct word because only few are so strong-willed that they consciously listen to the inside and therefore also have the faith in the work of God in man through his spirit. This faith is precondition; but it has also become alive through practising of neighbourly love, and through the latter man has become a receiving vessel of the divine spirit. But he must also absolutely summon the will to listen to the instructions through the divine spirit.

And only few men are prepared to give their will to God and to be completely directed by him. But these few are right workers in the vineyard of the Lord; they have proven themselves as loyal followers of God, and therefore also receive permanently power to let their will become strong; again and again they are anew prepared to listen inwards. And the result is divine spiritual good, which can have an unimaginable beneficial effect when also fellowman summons the will again to let himself be instructed by him.



^ B.D. NR. 3547

Explanation of the process of writing. Truth.

The presentation of my word is a pure spiritual process, which can only be made by a man who establishes the intimate connection with me and now consciously listens inwards. Because so man himself does not need to become mentally active, but is just receiver of mental radiations, he must place himself into a state that these radiations can touch him, and this state is the one of complete detachment from the earthly world and becoming immersed in the spiritual kingdom, i.e. a conscious turning away from the earthly and turning of the senses towards my kingdom, which is not of this world. The spiritual radiations now touch the heart of man in form of thoughts, which the receiver now can write down. The easier man is able to come off from his earthly surroundings the more unimpeded the transmitting of spiritual thought material proceeds. The disputed question from which spirits the transmission of thoughts comes from answers itself through the content of it.




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