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Theme 20. Hell


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Hell":



^ B.D. NR. 3538

Dead matter. Activity. Life.

And therefore there is nothing dead on earth, i.e. lifeless in itself, but everything holds life, because also the spiritual in hardest matter has the urge for activity, and it only depends on its will whether it can carry out this activity, in contrast to the state of death in the hereafter where the spiritual lacks all power for activity, where it remains completely inactive but is nevertheless conscious of its existence. That is why the state of the bound will in matter is still to be preferred to the state of death in the hereafter, because it once improves even if after endless long time, because the spiritual in matter has the urge for freedom and just needs to steer the will in the right direction, whereas the will of the being in the hereafter is completely weakened and is therefore no longer of use.

The state of death is so agonizing that it means deepest hell, and the powers of the underworld are only then satisfied when they have brought the soul into this state because it means extreme distance to God, therefore withdrawal of all power out of God.


^ B.D. NR. 4062

Hell. Judged matter.

Creations, which hold that spiritual in them, which is damned to hell.

And this is a pitiable state; it is a state, which can be called hell; which becomes eternity for the being and only then improves when the being strives towards the light, i.e., when a support offered to it is no longer declined.


^ B.D. NR. 4329

Hell, end of the day. Falling of night.

But those who experience the end will be pushed into the abyss without mercy, if they have not sought the light before.

But the world will collapse, but the soul remains and will then stay in poorest surroundings, if it has the favour, to be still recalled before the end.


^ B.D. NR. 4452

Judged matter. Bound will.

A state, which can be descried as hell.

But if the spiritual as man remains in resistance against God, then the great danger exists that the whole endless long time of a redemption period has been of no avail for the spiritual, that it must once again cover the same course and therefore the spiritual is again bound in matter, which it had overcome already a long time ago.


^ B.D. NR. 4488

Heaven and hell.

Life and death are heaven and hell.

Busy activity, making happy, in shining light is life – lack of power, powerlessness and deepest darkness is death.

Erroneous is the teaching that there is no redemption any longer out of hell, that these souls are damned from me for ever.


^ B.D. NR. 4517

End of redemption period. Total change of earth.

And so all spiritual will put itself in heaven or in hell according to its will.

And individual men will be violently pushed to a decision – for me or for my opponent.


^ B.D. NR. 4550

Redemption work of Christ. Descending into hell.

But also the workers of darkness are subject to the will of God.

And so Jesus brought the sacrifice by giving up his body, which bent completely spotlessly under the burden of sin, which collapsed earthly, because thousands of souls clung to him, which sought to draw him down into darkness. But he was stronger; the power of love was stronger than death; he overcame even death and became its victor – he did not shake off the souls, but he sought to convince them of the power of love – he also brought rescue to those who no longer dwelled on this earth – he descended to hell before he ascended to heaven.


^ B.D. NR. 4688

Devils of the time of the end. Hereafter closed. New banishment.

Because the few men, who are loyal to God, will give cause to the giving up of the true fundamental belief of men.

You continue the uninterrupted development in the hereafter, if you do not depart as perfect devils from this earth, therefore the possibility still exists that you develop upwards. But devilish is your cast of mind, so you are full of hate and vengefulness against your fellowmen, who strive towards God, who are therefore of good will, acknowledge God and seek to fulfil his will. If these men are persecuted, merely because of their fundamental beliefs, then truly devilish convictions can be attributed to the persecutors, and then all mercy stops, because the spiritual in that man hardens and must get into that state through his God-farness, which causes the banishment in most solid matter. The souls of these men cannot enter the opposite kingdom, because no possibilities to improve exist for them, only an always deeper sinking to hell, to God-farness.

Then the spiritual kingdom has closed its gates, because then there will only still be the living and the dead, men, who are destined to life on the new earth, who also in truth have an eternal life, and men, who are banished into most solid matter, who endure death, out of which they will only after endless long time awaken to life.


^ B.D. NR. 4801

Happy lot of the mature and state of the imperfect in the hereafter.

Because the state in the hereafter of the still imperfect beings can certainly be described, because it does not differ much from that on earth, so that the souls often think still living on earth, and that throughout long times.


^ B.D. NR. 4820

State in the hereafter

Have you once stridden through the gates of death, so you will no longer feel the bodily cover, but you can move around easily and freely; you will not be prevented from staying where you want; force of no sort will be exerted on you. And nevertheless also this state can be agonizing for you, and indeed, when you are in darkness, when it is lightless around you and you are able to see nothing. This spiritual blindness is connected to complete powerlessness and with a weakness of will, which cannot arise from its lethargy. There is therefore nothing perceptible from the outside, what influences you, but a fetter can still be in yourselves, which prevents you from life, i.e. from an activity according to God’s will, which however all those souls are allowed to carry out, who are sensitive to light at the vacating of earth and are therefore transferred to a kingdom, where they are allowed to always see more beautiful things.

But their constant work is meant for the souls of darkness, which they know in extreme trouble, and would like to instruct helpingly. Where spiritual darkness is, there is also no life urge; the beings are completely apathetic, when they are not glowing with anger and revengeful and are in constant fight with each other. Latter need endless time until they come to rest and fall into the apathetic state. But only then they can be helped on the part of the light beings. In opposition to these the imperfect beings are mostly full of self-love and therefore scarcely accessible to instructions, which have the law of love as content. But the light beings are full of patience and never get tired to help them, so that almost always it is to reckon with a spiritual ascent, where the beings have given up their bad habits and no longer seek to tear each other to pieces. The state of apathy is always a pre-stage of the awakening out of sleep, and only a loving support is needed, that also these souls get an idea of light and become seeing. But it often lasts a long time, because also in the spiritual kingdom free will is put first, which must remain untouched, if the being is to be happy.


^ B.D. NR. 5156

Nature of darkness. New banishment.

Nevertheless no soul is finally lost, but no matter whether endless long time passes, until it changes. It can also lose itself into the deepest deep, but also then a hope is for it of redemption, only on another way – on the way of the new banishment in solid matter, so that the ascent development can once again take its start and the opportunity is offered to the being, to reach the stage of free will, where it then can again pass its decision of will. Because God lets nothing get lost for ever, only the being itself can prolong the time endlessly, until it voluntarily returns to God, until it keeps his commands in the belief in God, until it enters into the will of God through a love life and redeems itself thereby out of all constraint.



^ Now something from Jakob Lorber:

jl.erde.053,01-14 The soul of Satana

01] We have already lately touched that a soul, while it consists of countless substantial intelligence particles or, to speak still clearer, of countless miniature idea pictures, can likewise again be divided, either to a complete dissolving or in certain compendiums, which can yield fashioning and forms according to the different number and kind of individual substantial intelligence particles summarized in them.

02] Examples of this exist on the surface of the Earth and inside the Earth itself in countless quantity. Just look at the different metal types and the different plants and animals; there you have immediately plastic examples in masses to what rare forms the compendiums of the soul can be formed.

03] These are certainly material types; they are only material outer pictures or types of inner soul forms. Because the outer form can be no other than such a one, which now completely corresponds in plastic respect to the inner, - or: as the inner power, so the outer effect.

04] Such a division of the soul also occurred with the creation of the first human pair, because out of one soul became two. Because it does not say that the creator also blew a living breath into the nostrils of Eve, but Eve emerged out of Adam together with body and soul; and into this second soul also an immortal spirit was laid, and so out of one human being and thus out of one soul became two and would nevertheless be one flesh and one soul. Such a division of the soul one can also easily recognize with the children of parents; because that the soul of the children is also partly taken out of the soul of the parents is proven by the physiognomic similarity of the children with the parents. What is foreign with this, that remains foreign and physiognomic dissimilar to the fathers; but what is out of the fathers, that expresses itself sympathetically like an image through the image with the fathers, and the parents recognize in this their children, - Out of these given examples the divisibility of the soul is easily recognized and grasped.

05] But still more striking is this divisibility demonstrated in the spiritual world through countless very rarest appearances. A soul which has lived through the earthly time through such a way of life, which is not written in the shining clauses of the book of life, or which way of life is not sufficiently trained through according to the Gospel in all parts, necessarily appears in the spiritual world under the most manifold fashioning, which extend back to the most dreadful animal forms. The reason of this being because the soul has, through the earthly life, wasted a portion of the necessary specifica for its full fashioning. These are no longer there after the parting of the soul from the body, therefore the form of the soul outside of the body must be an extreme imperfect one, - so as also some and even many souls are too much inclined towards one or the other sensual being and as a result gain a too large excessive amount of specifica no longer suitable and necessary for their nature. As soon as they are outside the body such beings get a lot of the rarest and for the most part horrifying growths in the spiritual world. Curtailed heads for instance, because that is still an animal quality, according to the measure of their curtailment get antlers or horns; obscene persons, who only deal with female genital organs, are often full of female genital organs on the whole being, so also inversely the female sex of membris virilibus (penises).

06] It all depends here has a human being preferably a sensuous inclination, exactly according to this it will develop in the soul, and this on account of the excessive amount of such substantial intelligence specifica, which according to the rule of the book of life and according to the established order no longer belong to the pure human form of the soul.

07] With some human beings similar abnormal inclinations of the soul are already recognizable in the still earthly body, what is certainly not always the case, because the body does not so sensitively absorb so easily strange specifica as the soul; only when the soul has received already too early or sometimes also according to parental sins unsuitable specifica, then they are also well-noticeably transferred to it when the body is still receptive.

08] Out of this previous description it is hopefully over-clearly substantiated that the soul cannot only be firmed materially visible but also be divided both as firmed and also as free soul.

09] But above we said that the whole firmed Earth is a soul of Satan; indeed, not only of the Earth alone, but also all other countless remaining world bodies are formed out of this one soul, which was already divided exactly in these world bodies into countless compendiums.

10] But the spirit is not divisible; but where it was put into a big or small soul as a unit, there it also remains as a unit. No matter how big the soul of Lucifer once was, but still not more than one spirit could live in it; and this one spirit, fallen through itself, cannot be resident in all the countless divided compendiums of his former concrete original soul. His dwelling is merely limited to this Earth, which is inhabited by you. The other entire world bodies, although parts of this former soul, are free of this inhabitation; but that is why also men of those world bodies, although normally better in their nature than here on Earth, nevertheless never arrive at that perfect height similar to God, like the children out of this Earth, which certainly is the most distant from God and the very last, but that is exactly why in the case of reformation can become the highest and most similar to God.

11] And for exactly this reason also I as the Lord chose this Earth as the scene of my highest mercy and created on its ground all heavens anew.

12] Every human being that is born here gets a spirit out of me, and can, according to the laid down order, indisputably receive the consummate filiation of God.

13] But on the other world bodies men get spirits out of the angels. Because everyone of the angels is a child of God and had to have to go through the way of the flesh on this Earth, as I myself and as every archangel, for what reason he then also has the creative power in himself, which he can take out of his abundance of his love and his light, put it into the newly becoming men of other planets and in this way grow like a god children of his name for himself. These children are therefore after-children, but not real children out of God, but can certainly also reach the filiation of God on the way of becoming again flesh on this Earth.

14] Behold, this is on the one hand certainly a disadvantage for men of his Earth, because they live so close to the most evil of all spirits, who causes them much trouble; but on the other hand they also have the infinite advantage that in the first place they have a powerful spirit out of God, with which they, if they just want to, can easily fight the malice of the most evil, and in the second place to become perfect children of God in this way.




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