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Theme 19. Science


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^ B.D. NR. 1609

Research with and without Godís help. Truth.

The only possibility of a complete enlightenment the intellectual researcher rejects with the explanation that for solutions achieved by such ways no guarantee for truth could be offered to him. And still there is no other way to come closer to pure truth than through spiritual research. The earthly scientist can bring evidence right down to the smallest detail, he will still err as long as he lacks credibility and thinks he is able to solve spiritual problems for himself.

And a proceeding of enormous importance, the work of divine spirit, remains unrecognized and unused, and only few believers draw from this their knowledge, and still only these alone stand in truth because they accept what God offers them, pure, unadulterated divine teaching, the pure word of God and consequently fullest enlightenment about everything what divine creation holds while the intellectual acquired knowledge is very full of holes despite alleged presentation of evidence and can never satisfy completely. Especially science has put up theories which more or less contradict truth, and instead of coming closer to the truth, mankind more and more departs from it. And there, where truth can be found, human will builds up an unconquerable barrier for itself. Man refuses to research this way and now definitely takes up intellectual thinking to find an explanation appealing to him for the coming into being of spiritual results. That is why it is impossible to spread pure truth through scientific researchers. Even those researchers who, in deep faith, would like to bring different results, i.e. corresponding to truth, home to the general public, will run into violent resistance and will be fought by their opponents, who only let their own intellect speak und completely switch off Godís work. Such results have no value at all and will still be considered to be the only valuable ones, and therefore the thinking of man is completely educated badly because he draws his conclusions and verdicts from erroneous teachings and therefore comes more and more into erroneous thinking. Only there pure truth is to be received where deep faith has asked for the blessing of God for every spiritual work. These alone walk in truth because they were taught by eternal truth itself.

So God himself will always and for ever be the core of truth and everything what is started with God will correspond with truth, without God however there will be no guarantee given for such, no matter how eagerly man tries to verify that intellectually what he claims Ė his intention will deviate considerably from that of him who subordinates himself to God because the results come from different sources and truth can only flow from the divine source alone since God himself is truth.


^ B.D. NR. 1821

Illuminating power of the sun.

A still unexplored field is the illuminating power of the sun, which is certainly bodily felt by every man and is also visible to the human eye, which is accepted as some matter of course and still found no explanation which is in accordance with truth. Men may investigate so thoroughly and exactly, they will never be able to solve this problem by use of their human intellect. Because man is only able to discover what is on earth and in its surroundings as far as it still belongs to the globe. But apart from this human research is insufficient. Man starts out from laws of nature which are certainly all the same everywhere on earth, but no longer control all creations outside of earth. And so for the first time the basic conditions for a research of unknown works of creation would not exist, consequently also the results cannot be perfect, because they have been established on a wrong base. But people are convinced of the correctness of these results of human research, although with deeper thought, provided they believe, would come upon contradictions. They are either not deeply believing or else they do not think. And then also the error cannot be corrected for them, and that is why an opinion is propagated among men which is to be called downright wrong compared to truth.

But everything what is outside of earth is never subject to those laws of nature, which are in force on earth. Human intellect only grasps what can be verified to it with likewise earthly laws of nature. But that there is much in Godís endless creation for which that, what is available to earth-man, is certainly insufficient, will have to be acknowledged by every wise and believing man because earth is just a very tiny work of creation compared to infinity. And it is understandable that the inhabitants of this earth cannot be completely initiated into the processes and nature of every work of creation. Things which exist on earth, to which no parallel can be found on earth, are understandably withheld from the intellectual knowledge of man; he cannot reckon with laws of nature which he does not know, which are unknown to him for that reason because the conditions for it do not exist. He therefore also cannot imagine their effects, therefore also cannot make out a calculation because it would lack every basis. Nevertheless information about it can be given to man spiritually; he just has to believe, because, as long as he lives on earth, nothing can be proven to him. However also the ones researching worldly cannot prove their results; they likewise have to be only believed, and they are believed because human intellect is not sufficient to recognize and reject false conclusions. And upon such a fallacy an entire thought structure now builds itself up and now adopts form through established teachings. An earthly-worldly opinion is submitted to men; an assertion is made about a process which would be a very defective explanation for the coming into being of light Ė of the rays of sunshine. And men now live in this wrong opinion and are content with such explanation. They gain a wrong picture by it because the final aim of the human soul is completely unknown to them. But on the other hand they do not accept the enlightenment about the last, again for that reason because everything is exactly explained to them earthly, i.e. as natural effect, as it is done through such erroneous teachings. When man believes, then he hesitates to accept human wisdom, although he also cannot give himself a better explanation. But the spirit in him warns him to accept such human teaching. Then he considers creation outside of earth to be an unsolved puzzle, and that is much better than to form completed opinions for himself about it, which completely contradict truth. Because someone who is asking, the proper explanation can always still be given through spiritual powers who know Ė for a person who believes to know already, it is hard to give enlightenment corresponding to truth. And still much depends on the right knowledge about it.


^ B.D. NR. 4708

Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.

Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect.

And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it.


^ B.D. NR. 4731

Experiments to the End of the Earth. Release of powers.

The earth in its core is unfathomable for men and will remain so until the end.

The core of the earth cannot be investigated in this way and inevitably every such attempt has repercussions and not only for the experimenters but for the whole of mankind.


^ B.D. NR. 5145

Transforming from creature of God to child of God.

Science is for that reason not one step in advance, where it is about spiritual development, because also the last discoveries, the knowledge about the spiritual truth, man only has then, so he is instructed by the spirit as the result of a love life, whereas a right child of God does not need this wisdom on earth to reach its aim, however stands like lightning in fullest cognition at its entry into the spiritual kingdom.



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