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Theme 9. Intellectual activity


Messages from Bertha Dudde are here listed, which deal with the subject Intellectual activity:


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2343 2359 2363 2736 3550  3700 3706 3732 4439 4694
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^ B.D. NR. 0807 Remote effect of thoughts.

Every thought is spiritual power, it therefore can be requested, received and passed on – and this could be used on earth from man to man still far more when love would indwell men and an abuse of this power would be eliminated through a certain spiritual state of maturity.


^ B.D. NR. 0926 Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings. Enlightenment through high-ranking beings.

Once they will have to recognize that they put themselves into resistance against all good spiritual influence and therefore got into bad want, and their struggle will be far more difficult in the hereafter to reach truth because they rejected spiritual help in life on earth, they now must suffer want and now have to exert all effort on their part to achieve that what they could reach on earth effortless. For the struggle in the hereafter is far more difficult than on earth.


^ B.D. NR. 0962 Mental activity. Heart. Brain.

The mental activity of man is actually a normal feeding through spiritual power. Man is enabled to receive and so to speak to divert this power current into the heart, which, as the receiving station of all spiritual power, constantly utilizes the food which is supplied to it and so then utilized gives it back into the brain centre and from there sets the mechanism of man as it were in motion. This is a process which is still completely incomprehensible to man because up to now he holds the opinion that the brain alone performs its organic activity and therefore the rest of the body has for the time being nothing to do with it until the will activates itself and now also the body carries out the mental activity – but the heart is the receiving station and only there a removal takes place how far man is willing to receive the spiritual power, so mental transfers, - and this then happens that way that the body and with it just the brain as organ condescends to keep the received spiritual as spiritual material, or it is received hazily and immediately again discarded.


^ B.D. NR. 1141 Way to truth. Spiritual influence. Thought – emanation.

Who, in firm trust in God, directs the question towards the knowing powers, his thoughts will also be supplied with the right knowledge.


^ B.D. NR. 1757 Thoughts are spiritual power.

Standing in enlightenment, man looks at his range of thoughts as no longer acquired by himself, i.e. as coming from himself, but as that what it really is – as the radiation of spiritual beings, who want to hand over their knowledge to man and therefore try to impart it to him until he has acquired it for himself as thought goods. Consequently every thought is spiritual power, therefore something spiritual, that has made its way out of the opposite kingdom to earth, to be received by the thought apparatus of man, and which now comes to his consciousness. Consequently the thinking of man must correspond to the spirit of the being, which takes possession of man – or to whom man leaves himself.

Only the ignorant man believes he is the originator of his thoughts.

Only when he trustingly turns to the spiritual beings desiring truth, and asks them for enlightenment, he will experience in himself how spiritual power in form of thoughts now flows towards him, and he will recognize that he cannot be the originator of such thoughts, but something spiritual is imparted to him from spiritual beings out of the opposite kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 1871 Bad thoughts. Unkindness. Frame of mind.

The conscious rejection of bad thoughts is the most secure means to lift the frame of mind, because then resistance is set against those powers which muster their entire influence to make man turn God away.

Strong faith is the best means, and man can leave himself to the good powers in fullest calmness when he just approves of their might and power.


^ B.D. NR. 2111 Origin of thought in the heart of man.

Every thought arises out of the depth of the heart and only then takes its way into the organs determined for it, from which it is perceived as thought and expressed.

Man believes that the thought takes its starting-point in the brain, that it comes into being there through organic activity – because he knows nothing of the nature of thought.

And it always depends on the will whether a thought is seized by the organs determined for this, because these only function as soon as man wants, and receive the thought arising out of the heart and process it, i.e., it is associated with the thoughts already existing; it therefore is as if arranged in already existing thought material and can now be switched off or switched on arbitrarily, according to the will of man.

And as soon as attention is paid to the picture through the will of man, it is seized, i.e., it is impressed upon finest retinas particularly intended for this and is therefore visible to man at any time; he therefore will be able to imagine it when he wants to.

When man is again made aware of impressions or pictures after a long time, then the thinking organs are active. Among the innumerable retinas covered with pictures they find that which human will wants to imagine, and so long ago passed impressions, which first moved the heart of man before they were formed to thoughts, can be brought into remembrance at any time because they, once accepted by the will of man, remain as impressions until innumerable impressions make the pictures unclear – therefore memory so weak that they no longer come to awareness clearly.

Power and thought is therefore one idea, only that it is different whether only the life power which man receives or the power imparted out of the spiritual kingdom is the origin of thought.


^ B.D. NR. 2205 Answers of question through knowing beings on the other side.

Every spiritual thought establishes the connection with the spiritual world on the other side; every spiritual thought is an expression of power, whose activity is in that respect to impart power to the beings, which are powerless.

Man asks questions unconsciously when he thinks about something what is beyond his understanding. When he now dwells on a question for some time, the knowing powers get into action – they mentally whisper the answer to man, i.e., thoughts spring towards man, and because he is not yet informed about the nature of the thought, he sees himself as the originator of this thought and the result as the product of his own intellect.

And nevertheless man will be able to feel the power impartation himself, because when he receives thoughts which correspond to truth, his soul feels them as being beneficial, and it drives his will to communicate the result of his thinking to fellow men, and therefore man now also has an effect as power giver, by him passing on the knowledge, which basically and in principle is power out of God.


^ B.D. NR. 2302 Heart and intellectual thinking. Truth.

Because these thoughts are spiritual power, which flows out of the beings united with God and flows to the heart of him who also unites with God through love activity.

The thought born in the heart has only one thing in common with spiritual goods won intellectually, that it also has to be lead to the brain so that it penetrates the consciousness of man, and that lets man come to the assumption that every thought has its origin in the brain, therefore has been obtained intellectually.


^ B.D. NR. 2309 God’s protection. Right thinking. Truth or fallacy.

Thought activity in a soul which forms itself to love is under divine protection, and when man wants to be good, he will always take up the right thoughts, when they rise up from the heart and desire to be recorded in the brain of man.


^ B.D. NR. 2343 Activity of light beings. Imparting of knowledge.

And what the light beings impart to men goes far beyond the limits of book knowledge, because this wisdom touches problems, which a man would never be able to solve right, and the donors of this wisdom, exactly these light beings, impart their gifts so to men, that these can completely enter in the truth out of God, when the will becomes active in them.


^ B.D. NR. 2359 Responsibility. Mental transmission of the word of God.

That is why a man, without any influence from the outside, without transmission of the divine word on the part of fellowman, can be far closer to truth and has this so to speak acquired through thought, because he has not resisted the work of light beings, who have instructed him mentally.


^ B.D. NR. 2363 Thought apparatus. Flow of good or bad power.

Because the flow of thoughts from both powers, from the ones full of light or the dark spiritual powers, man now perceives as benefiting or unpleasant and therefore accepts the ones, while he rejects the others. Therefore the basic attitude towards God is decisive which thought material the will of man takes in, because what his thought apparatus has once received that remains in him at his perpetual disposal because it always comes to the surface when man wants to occupy himself with it.


^ B.D. NR. 2736 Thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth.

Through thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth an extraordinary knowledge can be imparted to man in a way, which does not seem supernatural at all.

Man does not know what thought is; he regards himself as creator of every thought and is still just a reception station for the radiation of the beings in the opposite kingdom.

It is always an exchange of thoughts from the hereafter to Earth, but which beings express themselves, that is determined by man himself through his will.

Thought is spiritual material, therefore something immortal, which does not stop with the death of man, but continues to exist in the spiritual kingdom, just corresponding to the will and life of man, holding truth or error.


^ B.D. NR. 3550 Responsibility for thought direction.

Most people certainly do not realize what thoughts actually are. They believe to produce them themselves through activity of the intellect, and would also with this idea be responsible for their thoughts because also then the will would be determining for the direction of the thoughts of man.

Because thoughts are originators of acts and therefore also of the way of life, which man leads on earth.


^ B.D. NR. 3700 Thoughts are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom.

Thought activity is certainly, seen earthly, the function of organs, but which actually just absorb and assimilate that what touches the organs as radiation out of the spiritual kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 3706 Origin of thoughts.

Like lightning sometimes thoughts emerge suddenly, without that he has before dealt with it intellectually.

Because nothing, what is not earthly perceivable comes into being by human will, but it is there as something, what has always been; it has its origin in the spiritual kingdom, as all spiritual is radiations of God’s power, which are accessible to man according to his will.

And when he believes that such stay in the spiritual kingdom is a product of his own phantasy then the explanation for this is that man can think and imagine nothing what does not exists – that everything whatever man imagines is also in existence somewhere and thoughts are as it were a reflection of that what man seeks to discover by virtue of his will.

But the brain of man is never ever the origin of thought, but it is just the apparatus, which must receive the thought material, which comes out of the spiritual kingdom and touches him, when it is to become perceivable for man.


^ B.D. NR. 3732 Practice for the hearing of the voice of the spirit.

But you have to be attentive to your thoughts, which, when you deal with spiritual problems, are sent to you in different ways.

You have to practise in this process of spiritual work, i.e., you must pay more attention to your inner life, on many occasions withdraw into quietness and remain in thoughts for a longer time with a problem, about which you wish enlightenment.


^ B.D. NR. 4439 Thought. Radiation of spiritual beings. Will o’ the wisp.

These beings now fight about the possession of your will; they seek to transmit their thoughts upon you; they play around you like waves, and your will now receives them or rejects them , i.e., the heart takes them up and passes them on to the brain, where they are digested, therefore are recalled to man, if he wants to utilize them – or he rejects them, by him not first supplying them to the brain for utilization, therefore drops them. The thought only becomes aware, when the mind occupies itself with it; but man himself is not the originator of the thought, but they are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom, which can touch man as light rays or also as a false light, which then accompanies him as shadow; that he therefore walks in darkness.


^ B.D. NR. 4694 Expression of the spirit depending on soul maturity and receptivity.

Because man does not hear with bodily ears, but it is the soul, which receives the expression of the spirit and passes it on to the bodily man, the mind.


^ B.D. NR. 4696 Cognition. Love - Truth - God.

Man must be good from the inside out, therefore feel driven to love work, only then the spirit of God goes into action, which now orders and directs the thinking of man, his intellectual activity, and only then the result of intellectual thinking will be in accordance with truth; but which the intellect has then not won, but the heart, which so to speak influences the intellect, to receive and to digest the thoughts flowing from the spiritual kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 4700 The hearing of the divine word. Thoughts.

The intellect is certainly able to receive and to process the thoughts flowing towards him, but the thought itself does not originate in man, but it touches his heart, but flows out of the kingdom, which lies outside of earthly spheres. The thought is spiritual product, therefore a power, which takes a certain form, as soon as it is received by the intellect, in which therefore the intellect is influenced by the heart, to become active, by it now forming the thoughts sent to it and gives them a certain order. The activity of the intellect is the holding on to the thoughts, which wavelike touch the heart and can also find no echo, when the will of man just uses the thought activity for worldly things through the hustle and bustle of the world and pays no attention to spiritual currents.


^ B.D. NR. 4736 God speaks through the heart to man.

What the heart commands you, that you are to do, because through the heart I speak to you, provided that you want to hear my voice. You can therefore let the heart speak or also the intellect, i.e., you can pay attention to your feeling or also let reason rule, therefore strive for some advantage through your acting, while the heart does not make this advantage.


^ B.D. NR. 4749 Admonition to living faith. Thoughts.

"Nothing remains covered for me, even your thoughts are revealed to me, and according to these thoughts I judge you".


^ B.D. NR. 4787 Mental activity. Spiritual radiations.

To the one thirsty for truth a short reference is enough, a quiet doubt, to investigate truth, and he will never remain without success. His thoughts are caught by the beings of light, and answer is radiated back, which man sees and continues to pursue as own though material. This thought activity is the actual living thing in man; it is that activity, which is also continued in the spiritual kingdom; it is the actual function of the soul, which now moves by this means on earth or in the spiritual kingdom, depending on the destiny, to which it turns its function – therefore according to the direction, which man gives his thoughts.

Then their radiations touch the heart of man; they are digested through the bodily organs of the intellect and felt as own thought results by man. But a thinking man must ask himself the question, wherefrom the thought material comes, because everything must have its origin, but man himself is not able to let something come into being out of nothing. Therefore a spiritual substance must be existing, which condenses, therefore takes on some form. And the thought is such a form, which is explained as going out from man himself. But it is spiritual power, which is caused by a power carrier, a source – the source is God himself, the carrier of the beings having become perfect, which firmly draw power from God and also radiate it to their own happiness. The thought radiation is the actual activity of the beings of light, because it means illumination of that, what is lightless, therefore is devoid of all cognition.


^ B.D. NR. 5044 Spirit work. Light. Knowledge. Plan of salvation.

My opponent can let arise nothing in the human heart, but he can only awaken such thoughts in him or bring to remembrance, which already slumber in him. i.e. have already impressed the brain through events from the outside or thought activity based on experiences or knowledge imparted to him from outside.



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