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Theme 8. The illuminating power of the sun


Messages from Bertha Dudde are here listed, which deal with the subject The illuminating power of the sun:

B.D. NR. 0205 Firmament.
B.D. NR. 0254 Celestial bodies. Laws of nature. Research in vain.
B.D. NR. 0258 Stars. Place of residence of souls. Sun light.
B.D. NR. 1008 Saturn.
B.D. NR. 1013 Sun.

B.D. NR. 1015 Sun.
B.D. NR. 1609 Research with and without Godís help. Truth.
B.D. NR. 1821 Illuminating power of the sun.
B.D. NR. 1822 Process of light radiation.
B.D. NR. 1823 Eruptions. Difference of celestial bodies.

B.D. NR. 1824 Unknown forces of nature origin of light.
B.D. NR. 1825 State of compulsion. Light - influence on unredeemed.
B.D. NR. 1826 Spiritual explanation of eruptions. Serving in light.
B.D. NR. 3495 Spiritual and material creations.
B.D. NR. 6620 Sunlight. (Rotation increased).

B.D. NR. 8648 Answer to question about reincarnation..
B.D. NR. 8987 Difference of heavenly bodies.



Is the Sun really as science fools us?
The heat of the sun
Caves on the Moon
Earth-like planet discovered
The difference of heavenly bodies

Life exists in extreme heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, underground pockets
All celestial bodies are inhabited and their laws of nature are all different
Plasma waves heat up sun
Neutrinos and science
Research with and without Godís help

Astrophysics: Where does the cosmic radiation come from?
Cosmic radiation
The Sunís energy-producing fusion reactions
The journey to the planet Uranus
Urim and change of state and space travel

Where do neutrinos come from?
Dark matter stays hidden as detector fails to see a single particle
News about neutrinos
Spiritual and material creations
Why scientists are fools


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