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Theme 5. Life power and spiritual power


On this webpage messages of Bertha Dudde are collected that deal with life power and spiritual power.

A list of such messages follows:

B.D. NR. 2144 Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death.
B.D. NR. 2310 Weakness of will - Shortcoming. Responsibility. Word.
B.D. NR. 2756 The spirit's power.
B.D. NR. 3133 Earthly or spiritual expression of power.
B.D. NR. 3370 Life power. Lack of strength. Power supply.

Life power ceases with the bodily death of man, but spiritual power remains the being’s own also in the spiritual kingdom when he has made it his own on earth. And that is why the being, which has neglected the latter on earth, relapses after its bodily death again into a state of lack of power, which is unspeakably agonizing for the being because it has known the state of power before. And nevertheless also in the spiritual kingdom it can still acquire the supply of power but then its will must strive for it – it must first submit to the divine law of love, otherwise the power cannot be imparted to it in the spiritual kingdom. But as long as it does not do this, it remains in lack of power; it is unable to activate its will; and mostly this will is also so weak that it remains completely apathetical in its powerless state in greatest agonies and unhappiness. But those beings, which stand in fullest power abundance, do not leave these beings in their misery because it pushes them to share their power with those who need such. But the power transmission can only take place when the beings fulfil the demand of God to decide to serve in love out of own impulse.

B.D. NR. 3933 Power influx. Receiving vessel. Opening of the heart.
B.D. NR. 4314 Body power (Life power) Increase through spiritual power.
B.D. NR. 4674 Love epitome of divinity. Wrong love.

Love, which turns towards earthly things, which is therefore still to be seen as matter, is not power giving, but power robbing, and as man has no supply of spiritual power, he uses the life power, to gain that, what his wrongly directed love desires. He therefore wins nothing, but loses, because that, what he gains for himself, is passing and he loses the immortal values, which he is to create with his life power.

B.D. NR. 5269 Life power - spirit power.


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