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Theme 4. Intercession


On this webpage messages of Bertha Dudde are collected that deal with intercession.

There are beautiful messages from Bertha Dudde to the subject intercessory prayer. And they are also quite informative and add understanding to many aspect of intercession.

When we intercede then we are active in love. This interceding is therefore a simple means of practising love. It is something we can do always and anywhere. We can intercede for men here on earth and we can intercede for souls in the hereafter.

Now follows a list of such messages:


0187 0190 0432 0669 0807   0914 0916 0981 1418 1741
1863 2123 2165 2172 2174   2381 2401 2402 2867 2868
3256 3316 3442 3454 3505   3582 3627 3974 4088 4305
4322 4328 4349 4743 4791   8441 8525 9014 9018


^ B.D. NR. 0187 Holy halls. Blessing of the work for spirit beings.

Innumerable souls implore you to help them out of their misery, out of the power of the evil forces.


^ B.D. NR. 0190 Effect upon ignorant spirit beings.

A loving thought, which you turn to all these, gives them again and again hope and power, to start the work on themselves and to turn towards the divinity in starting recognition.


^ B.D. NR. 0432 Recognition in the hereafter. Disguising of light beings. Self-accusation.

At all times you are to think of those who have left the valley earth already a long time ago and had to enter the hereafter in an immature state.


^ B.D. NR. 0669 Intercession for poor souls.

And there you men have to give help; you have to try to imagine that you can stand by helpless beings, but carelessly go past their misery - that you need to apply only very little effort and with it you can already make the state of suffering more bearable for them.


^ B.D. NR. 0807 Remote effect of thoughts.

Every thought is spiritual power, it therefore can be requested, received and passed on – and this could be used on earth from man to man still far more when love would indwell men and an abuse of this power would be eliminated through a certain spiritual state of maturity.


^ B.D. NR. 0914 Fetters of the soul. State of suffering. Saul – Paul.

Such a change is always the result of a preceding shaking of the soul. Earthly suffering can a have preceded it, but the sudden enlightenment can also be the result of an intimate prayer, which has been sent up in love for this soul to the father of the universe by a fellow man to assist this soul in the earth struggle – in the struggle about life in eternity because such a prayer was sent up to the heavenly father completely unselfishly and therefore has already the power in it because love was the motive.


^ B.D. NR. 0916 Announcement of a being from the hereafter.

And that is why it is understandable that you (singular) are surrounded by innumerable beings to which your (singular) work has brought inexpressible blessing through the perpetual instruction, which likewise comes in to them.


^ B.D. NR. 0981 Announcement of a friend in the hereafter.

And so there are all the time beings near you (singular) who want to express themselves, and they wait for the privilege of an announcement because they partly expect a blessing for themselves by it. They leave no opportunity unused and also remain around you (singular) because it is infinitely comforting for them to have found the visible proof of the connection from the hereafter to earth through your (singular) spiritual work.


^ B.D. NR. 1418 Divine intervention. Prediction.

But he who does not think to need God’s help, he has lost his life earthly and spiritually.


^ B.D. NR. 1741 Agonies of the soul in the hereafter. Desire for erthly goods.

The prayer for the deceased is always to be meant for the still weak will of them and thereby the power to be bestowed on them to strengthen this will that it desires to ascend.


^ B.D. NR. 1863 Do not consult the dead.

All beings are connected with each other, hidden to man only for so long, as he is not searching spiritually – and that is to cause him to search.


^ B.D. NR. 2123 Powerless state in the hereafter.

And this love, which therefore becomes power, must first be given to it by beings willing to give – either by men through prayer – but what is an act of free will of man and which can certainly be well desired by the beings on the other side, but not forced – or by light beings able to give, which also only then can distribute when the being on its part has the desire to help and to be active in love.


^ B.D. NR. 2165 Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth.

Because as soon as a loving thought touches such lonely souls, they pay attention and turn to the starting place of that thought; they come near the person who thought of them mercifully, and observe him and his nature, his acting and his train of thought.


^ B.D. NR. 2172 Intercession for men far from God.

But because only through intimate prayer a change of thinking can be achieved, man is to miss no possibility to pray intimately for his fellow man who is still weak in faith. The power of prayer is enormous, and through believing prayer man achieves everything, and especially on the spiritual state it has an effect, i.e., man will give up his resistance against all spiritual; he will become contemplative and now think over that what he before refused all the time, and come to another result than before. Man who prays for his fellow man for spiritual enlightenment has extraordinary influence on latter, and this is expressed so that he now willingly hears what is imparted to him, even if he was at first opposed to it, that he thinks it over, and when he later becomes again aware of it, accepts it gladly and with pleasure. And through this the remoteness of God is decreased. Intimate prayer earns greatest power and therefore must have an effect on fellow man when this prayer was for him.


^ B.D. NR. 2174 Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter.

What it means having contributed to the redemption of a soul that will only be understandable for souls in the hereafter, when both the state of happiness and also the state of suffering comes home.


^ B.D. NR. 2381 Requests of poor souls for prayer.

Because every thought towards a deceased is something, with which they bring themselves into remembrance and call for help in their misery. Mankind is so loveless against each other and without faith in an after-life after death. That is why they also do not remember the deceased, under which these suffer exceedingly. They again and again push themselves into the thoughts of man and through this want to cause him to remember them in prayer. The misery in the hereafter is great, and that is why also the souls of unknown deceased push themselves close to him who remembers the poor souls full of compassion. For they feel every supply of prayer as favour, as increase of their power and will to turn upwards. And men who are full of compassion on Earth are continuously surrounded by souls needing help because they hope for help from them. The will to help such souls is already a supply of power for them, and every loving thought, which surrounds them, strengthens their will. And then beings in the hereafter who enjoy giving, come to help and impart power to those who need it to decrease the indescribable suffering in the hereafter.


^ B.D. NR. 2401 Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.

Because only the spiritual eye could see them, but the bodily eye is blind, consequently the souls can in no way attract attention, because men do not react to that, because they depend on the divine laws of nature, into which God himself has put them. They see and hear only with bodily organs, but the souls of the deceased want to be seen with spiritual eyes. And therefore there is no connection between the souls of the deceased and men on Earth, understood in pure worldly meaning; there is just a pure spiritual connection, which can only then be established when man on Earth has the will to harmonize with souls, i.e., when man on Earth believes in a survival of the soul and seeks to communicate with these souls as a result of this belief. This conscious initial contact with the spiritual world is precondition that a contact can be established between men and the souls in the hereafter, through which a mutual communication is possible. And now it depends who is more knowledgeable, man or the soul in the hereafter. Because the knowing part is supposed to instruct the ignorant part. When the soul in the hereafter is in a very immature state then man can impart his knowledge to it by speaking with the soul, what the souls can hear very well.


^ B.D. NR. 2402 Consciously requesting favour through prayer. Not wanting to believe.

And that is why man, who cannot pray, is a miserable, unfortunate creature, whom only can still be helped through loving intercession, that his mind may change and he may come to cognition. Favour can be supplied to fellowman through intercession of man, but to make use of this is again up to him, because a being to which divine favour would like to flow against his will, would be pushed against its will into a higher degree of maturity, which would not appeal to him because the being feels the lack of freedom, it therefore feels that his state was changed over against his will and that this means no happiness for the being.


^ B.D. NR. 2867 Intercession and favourable hearing.

And this spiritual need must be cause for intercession. In cognition of this spiritual need and its consequences men must pray for these misguided men; they must ask God for power and favour for those, so that they come to cognition of their serious difficulties and strive for the light out of free will. Because earthly need is for these men a favour, which exactly this cognition is to cause. Man is easily inclined to believe that earth suffering is a punishment for men, who do not live in accordance with the will of God. And that is why they ask God for mercy; they ask for the ending of earthly needs, for shortening of the state of suffering and therefore as it were for averting of the means of favour, which are really to help men to the maturation of the soul. Such intercession is certainly determined by love for fellowman, but this is supposed to be only meant for the spiritual well-being of man, then they prove their deep love for them, and then God can also hear the prayer by supplying them with favours to an increased extent so that they can come easier to cognition.


^ B.D. NR. 2868 Power of intercession.

But far more beneficial is that prayer, which is only meant for the spiritual perfection, the cognition and striving for light and truth. Also then again the prayer has an effect in form of power, which fellowman just has to accept willingly to being able to count as greatest spiritual success, and through this understandably also earthly trouble is reduced, which is indeed supposed to fulfil the same purpose – to achieve a spiritual maturing. But as soon as man leaves the power, which was given to him through intercession, unnoticed, God can also not reduce the suffering for the sake of man, whose soul he wants to rescue and who without such gets completely lost. Man wants to help fellowman who is in trouble. But God is love – and it will also come to the aid of man. And his love and wisdom recognizes suffering as the only means to win man for eternity, and this love and wisdom must understandably leave the prayer for suffering fellowman unheard when it questions the maturity of the soul, which is purpose and aim of earth life.


^ B.D. NR. 3256 Poor souls. Remorse. Loving help.

Because the spiritual full of light can only then assist these souls when they declare themselves willing to help other souls. But to let this will arise in them, their will must be strengthened, and this is only brought about by the power, which is supplied to them through the love of men on earth. Unredeemed souls, therefore such, which have not taken right advantage of earth life or have lived on earth completely without spiritual striving, are in greatest danger because they are completely powerless and have a completely weakened will. To assist these souls is one of the greatest works of love, which man can carry out. Persistently he is to pray for such souls; in thoughts he is to hold up in front of them that they must occupy themselves lovingly also in the hereafter; again and again he is to preach love to them; he is to talk to them in thoughts and supply to them power through his love, which is felt beneficently by the soul because it relieves their state of suffering.


^ B.D. NR. 3316 Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom.

As long as therefore the soul still desires such, also no light beings will approach it, because material-minded souls do not listen to the words of the light beings when these come in the cover and want to bring them the Gospel. Only through the prayer of a man can help be brought to them in this situation, only then they turn away from matter, and then they seek a substitute in the spiritual kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 3442 Light beings. Direct call to God.

Man is always surrounded by these light beings, they, however, remain completely ineffective when he establishes no connection, when he does not believe in their existence and their power, therefore hands himself consciously over with the request for welfare and care. Because according to divine law they are prevented to come to the help of man without being called, as this help would bring no spiritual success but the opportunity would be taken from him to ask God for help out of most inner drive, therefore to establish the connection with him, which is precondition to receive power for spiritual maturing.


^ B.D. NR. 3454 Intercession for poor souls.

The night of death embraces all souls, which are far from God at their decease through a loveless walk of life, through their belonging to the opponent of God and are therefore of complete wrong will. These lose their life power with bodily death and are now completely powerless and lightless left to be the victim of the powers of darkness, which try to draw them deeper and deeper in the spiritual kingdom, i.e., their will will always be more and more subservient to evil, and it can also develop power downwards because this is sent to it from below. But to let the will become active in the right direction they lack power. And therefore these souls would be hopelessly lost when loving beings do not show mercy to them – men on earth who think of them in quiet intercession and impart power to them through a prayer sent in love, which directs their will to good, or also light beings who again and again come near these powerless souls and seek to move them to a change of their will.


^ B.D. NR. 3505 Influence of immature souls who died early.

And men are to protect themselves against the influence of immature, untimely deceased men through prayer for them and asking for protection through light beings, for right thinking and God’s favour and power.


^ B.D. NR. 3582 Intercession through fellow man.

Loving intercession is only useful in this respect that power is supplied to him, which lifts his weakened will – that he therefore receives power through the intercession to turn to God himself.


^ B.D. NR. 3627 Process of purification of souls in the hereafter.

It must be cleansed completely before it is light permeable, and that is why its state until the reception of light will also be a state of agony, and therefore the lot of immature souls is unfortunate so that not enough help can be brought to it by human side through loving intercession or mental instruction and admonition to love activity.


^ B.D. NR. 3974 Prayer for poor souls.

And these agonies you can decrease for them by you looking after the poor souls in prayer, by you, full of compassion, seeking to imagine their great hardship and thinking of them in intimate prayer – by you further presenting the Gospel to them in the spirit, i.e., by seeking to make plain to them the blessing of love and representing love to them as only means of redemption.


^ B.D. NR. 4088 Spiritual death. Idea "life".

In the spiritual kingdom on the other hand the soul must do without all anaesthetic; it must feel the state of its inactivity as depressing; it must become an agony for it so that it seeks to flee from it. Its lack of power prevents it from an unauthorized change of its state; it is poor in every respect and must live in want, until help is brought to it in its trouble through the prayer of men on earth being close to it. Because where love forwards such a prayer into eternity, there the soul gets a glimmer of knowledge like lightning. If it makes use of it, then the light around it will soon become stronger and the terrible agonies of the lack of light let up.


^ B.D. NR. 4305 Prayer for poor souls.

Every good thought given to them in sympathy has a relieving effect on the souls; they feel this and then always remain near you; they ask you by them pushing themselves into your thoughts to be given by you a loving intercession. Do not forget them; and do not turn your thoughts away from them; give them a loving prayer and by this help them upwards; make their agonies easier, and prove to them above all the power of love, so that also in them love towards the needy souls awakens and they now can free themselves out of their misery through love work towards them.


^ B.D. NR. 4322 (Fatima) After reading about it.

He also can give power to fellowmen through intercession out of a loving heart, however the will of him must always be prepared to accept every power currents, because the responsibility for his soul is every man’s duty, and it can in no way be taken off him, otherwise my justice would be questioned and all men would also be redeemed immediately, because loving beings of light always give their love to the unfortunate, unredeemed and their power would truly be enough to make all men happy.


^ B.D. NR. 4328 Community of the saints. Intercession senseless.

And so the call to light beings for help will never be in vain, however the call for intercession is pointless, because the child is to come itself to the father in all familiarity, so that the love of the father can give itself to it, and because this close relationship can be established if man believes to reach the goal likewise through intercession.


^ B.D. NR. 4349 Besieging through earthbound spiritual.

That is why such earthbound souls can also be helped through quiet intercession and mental instructions, which do not go unheard in the opposite kingdom as soon as a man remembers the souls, which languish in darkness, and he wants to help them.


^ B.D. NR. 4743 Intercession for spiritual well-being.

And for that reason you men can certainly pray for each other, but the individual man must himself be prepared to go the way to perfection. Only through intercession power can be sent to him, which however can also be rejected by him, so he resist the supply of power, i.e., so he does not pay attention to the inner stirring to the good or to the voice of the conscience, because he does not want, he therefore so to speak resists the influence of the spiritual world full of light, which looks after him upon the intercession of a man.


^ B.D. NR. 4791 Sin of omission. Remorse. Change in the hereafter.

Love must first be awakened, what certainly can happen through the prayer of a man on earth, who thinks in love of this soul.


^ B.D. NR. 8441 The power of loving intercession for unbelievers.

And when you want to try to convince such men of the truth, then you will hardly have notched up a success, and the only thing you will be able to do for them is intercession because - when this is done in love - it radiates back on such people as power and can then also have an effect that the person thinks and his will of resistance becomes weaker. And that is why you should also think of all unbelievers in prayer that their hearts are allowed to be touched by the power of intercession.

No man needed to get lost on earth when close intercession would be made for every soul out of deep love.

But if only every man would set himself the goal to rescue one soul, that he would turn his love towards this soul and asks me for rescue, so that it does not again get lost for endless times - certainly, men would change and get to a right kind of faith, and they would do everything to fulfil their purpose of life on earth.


^ B.D. NR. 8525 Vineyard work is not without effect.

But think of the fact, that only few men deal with spiritual thoughts, that their thoughts are mostly worldly orientated – but that only spiritual thoughts can have an effect on souls in the kingdom on the other side and that these badly need help as long as they still stay near earth due to their low degree of maturity. They only can understand you by following your thoughts, and when these are now directed spiritually they can draw the greatest blessing out of them.

So the otherworldly souls have only few possibilities to arrive at sources of light where they are also allowed to receive light themselves – what they however do where only through light sparks such a source is visible on earth.


^ B.D. NR. 9014 Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased.

Whenever you cannot help thinking of a deceased then know that this is always a request for help, which you can give to them because no man looks after them.

But exactly the first step is very difficult for a soul until it once has experienced the power of intercession, which expresses itself then in the change of its will, which is now also easier to influence, and the call to such a soul is now also obeyed.


^ B.D. NR. 9018 Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness.

And so the coming off out of the deep alone is the most difficult work, but which every intercession for such souls strongly supports so that more and more souls calm down that their state is no longer an eternal fight, that the soul isolates itself from its surroundings and slowly thinks of itself. Because no man on earth intercedes for these souls in vain.


See Prayer of intercession


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