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Theme 4. Intercession


New on 09.01.2018: B.D. NR. 4743 4791


On this webpage messages of Bertha Dudde are collected that deal with intercession.

There are beautiful messages from Bertha Dudde to the subject intercessory prayer. And they are also quite informative and add understanding to many aspect of intercession.

When we intercede then we are active in love. This interceding is therefore a simple means of practising love. It is something we can do always and anywhere. We can intercede for men here on earth and we can intercede for souls in the hereafter.

Now follows a list of such messages:

B.D. NR. 0187 Holy halls. Blessing of the work for spirit beings.
B.D. NR. 0190 Effect upon ignorant spirit beings.
B.D. NR. 0432 Recognition in the hereafter. Disguising of light beings. Self-accusation.
B.D. NR. 0669 Intercession for poor souls.
B.D. NR. 0807 Remote effect of thoughts.

B.D. NR. 0914 Fetters of the soul. State of suffering. Saul Paul.
B.D. NR. 0916 Announcement of a being from the hereafter.
B.D. NR. 0981 Announcement of a friend in the hereafter.
B.D. NR. 1418 Divine intervention. Prediction.
B.D. NR. 1741 Agonies of the soul in the hereafter. Desire for erthly goods.

B.D. NR. 1863 Do not consult the dead.
B.D. NR. 2123 Powerless state in the hereafter.
B.D. NR. 2165 Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth.
B.D. NR. 2172 Intercession for men far from God.
B.D. NR. 2174 Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter.

B.D. NR. 2381 Requests of poor souls for prayer.
B.D. NR. 2401 Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.
B.D. NR. 2402 Consciously requesting favour through prayer. Not wanting to believe.
B.D. NR. 2867 Intercession and favourable hearing.
B.D. NR. 2868 Power of intercession.

B.D. NR. 3256 Poor souls. Remorse. Loving help.
B.D. NR. 3316 Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom.
B.D. NR. 3442 Light beings. Direct call to God.
B.D. NR. 3454 Intercession for poor souls.
B.D. NR. 3505 Influence of immature souls who died early.

B.D. NR. 3582 Intercession through fellow man.
B.D. NR. 3627 Process of purification of souls in the hereafter.
B.D. NR. 3974 Prayer for poor souls.
B.D. NR. 4088 Spiritual death. Idea "life".
B.D. NR. 4305 Prayer for poor souls.

B.D. NR. 4322 (Fatima) After reading about it.
B.D. NR. 4328 Community of the saints. Intercession senseless.
B.D. NR. 4349 Besieging through earthbound spiritual.
B.D. NR. 4743 Intercession for spiritual well-being.
B.D. NR. 4791 Sin of omission. Remorse. Change in the hereafter.

B.D. NR. 8441 The power of loving intercession for unbelievers.
B.D. NR. 8525 Vineyard work is not without effect.
B.D. NR. 9014 Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased.
B.D. NR. 9018 Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness.


See Prayer of intercession


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