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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 69

B.D. NR. 6423 - B.D. NR. 6504
6425 6432 6479 6481 6482  6487 6498 6501


Book 69 6425

Warning Against Ill-Considered Acting and Speaking.

14. December 1955. B.D. NR 6425.

My favour lets admonitions and warnings reach you because you have my love and because your attention is called to dangers, which threaten you directly when you are not careful. There are well guards always ready around you to protect you; still you yourselves also have to know that you would be at the mercy of the elements of blind thirst for revenge without this protection, which is done on my behalf. And that is why you just always are to remain in contact with me because then I am also with you because your thoughts attract me, and then all powers are helpless, which are out to harm you. Hell rages, and its powers also win men for their plans, that is why you are not allowed to give them grounds, which easily can happen through ill-considered words, which a just anger lets you speak. Always be harmless as doves but wise as serpents! Who fights for my kingdom, for truth, will also be attacked by the opponents of truth, and these work for my opponent, who urges them on to false accusations, so that you have to defend yourselves against lies and falseness. But then remember my admonition, remember that you are surrounded by my fighters, and then turn towards these that they protect you, and turn your thoughts also to me that my light of love falls between you and your enemies and drives these back. Everywhere my opponent will try to harm you because he recognizes that he loses power through you - because he tries to put a stop to your work for me and my kingdom and because he will stop at no means to reach the goal - to put out my light. And men are in bondage to him, they hate the truth the same way because they themselves feel more comfortable in darkness. They therefore willingly help him when it is a matter of taking action against you. And that is why human action will be taken against you, and then you have to be on your guard and undertake nothing ill-considered. Full of faith you then only have to trust me to protect you; you only have to form the union with the world of light the stronger all the time because they then take up the fight on my behalf against the powers of the underworld, but which they can only do when you do not leave them and campaign against your enemies for yourself because you are not strong enough yourselves, and you would be defeated without the help of my fighters, without my help. But you have to fear nothing as long as you unite with me in spirit - in prayer. And I only warn you so that you are careful and immediately recognize the danger when it is on the advance. For the opponent has thought up a trick, but which you will recognize when you remember my warning. Because I always have to take your free will into account, that is why I cannot intervene and place my fighters at your side before you do not approach me for help or hand yourselves over to all good forces that they may protect you. But in the face of them my opponent will have to yield, and they will beat off every attack, which is meant for you, because you are active for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 6425.


Book 69 6432

Redemption Period with Jesus Christ.

23. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6432.

The hour of redemption draws close. No long time passes that the matter of a period will be considered closed, which could bring redemption and also brings redemption to those, who have become a part of the flock of Christ's fighters, who have followed his call and walk the same way as he walked it on earth. A special light of favour had flown for men of this earth period because in this last earth period God embodied himself in the man Jesus to redeem mankind - to make it possible for the whole of mankind to once again see the eternal light from which the spiritual once voluntarily turned away and that is why a deep darkness was its fate and would also have remained without the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. The reason this redemption period was so significant was because it ended a hopeless state, which lasted already an endless long time. And the redemption of all spiritual, which has entered in this earth period into the state of embodiment as man, would have been completely possible. And still this tremendous allocation of favours was not used, and again only few have reached their aim on earth - to be able to end this life in the flesh with a matured soul to now find admission in the kingdom of light. This would have been possible for all men but as free will is important and this was not used the proper way, innumerable souls left this earth unredeemed - although all received knowledge of the work of redemption of Jesus, of his death on the cross and his mission. But they lacked faith, and also the knowledge of this greatest work of mercy, which ever had been accomplished on earth, had no effect at all on men. And so a redemption period now ends, which could have brought the greatest success - and a new one begins again, so that the opportunity is offered again to all beingness to again to be able to make use of the favours, which were obtained through the death of Jesus, because a complete redemption can only take place with the help of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. And you men are now standing before this turning point; you are standing before the end of the old and the beginning of the new redemption epoch, which also means the end of this earth and the rising up of a new earth. Time still remains for every single man to turn to Jesus Christ with the request for help. The knowledge of his work of redemption could still be used, even if faith in it is lacking. But who can only believe in the existence of this man, he can concern himself with this man in spirit and commune with him intellectually that this man may explain to him why he wanted to seal his ideas with a walk to the cross. And he will get the answer, because the divine redeemer seizes everyone who only makes contacts with him. Intellectual knowledge alone is not of much use but it can contribute to start a pure intellectual spiritual discussion, which can end more or less successfully. This earth period was blessed by the earth walk of God in person. And men could have reached much with good will but their will was not often turned upwards. Only a small flock followed him always, and at the end of this period it will also not be much greater. That is why you all can expect the nearby end for certain; you can still before enter into the following of the divine redeemer, you can join his small flock, because he will accept you until the last hour. But irrevocably the end of this earth has come, and for you therefore a great rush is called for and use of all strength; you are urgently advised to ask for the supply of power that you all reach the goal before the last day has come - that you confess Jesus Christ before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 6432.


Book 69 6479

Before God Thousand Years are as One Day.

18. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6479.

Eternal times will still pass until all works of creation, the whole material world, which holds the unredeemed spiritual, can be dissolved - until all what is material has been spiritualized - until all what has become imperfect has again reached perfection. Eternal times will pass. But before God thousand years are as one day because he is from eternity to eternity; for him all times are like a moment. But for the imperfect spiritual they are endless times until it again has reached perfection, but then the time of changing back likewise appears to it as a moment. And so you men can safely believe it that the earth will also still exist for eternal times to fulfil its great purpose to help men to become children of God; you can believe it that again and again men will inhabit this earth and that therefore an end of the creation work of earth is not official yet for a long time. But that the earth will change again and again, i.e. will be renewed, that it again and again has to be reconditioned to be able fulfil its purpose, and that this will always take place in certain periods of time, that you can certainly believe the same way, although also the development process is not nearly completed and you cannot call it an end of the world - when you understand by it a complete coming to an end of earthly-material creations. Infinite much spiritual still waits for its redemption; the once fallen spiritual is still only to a very small part redeemed and has returned to God. Most of it is still in judgement, i.e., is bound in creations of all kind. And all this which is still bound has to reach up to the stage as man and is then therefore allowed to embody as man on earth. And that is why the earth will again and again arise when such a development period begins to falter. But the arising of a new earth always means to total reshaping of its earth surface, an end for men populating the earth - except the few whose walk on earth earned them maturity. And that is why an upcoming end also has to be announced to men; it has to be made clear to them what is meant by it because they do not want to and cannot believe in an end of the whole of the world's creation and you will not be able to refute to them the arguments in favour. But for men it is unimportant if an end of the world is possible. They are just to get used to the idea that the end has come for themselves, that this star earth experiences a reshaping, to which men fall a victim to, even if still eternities will pass until the earth will once have completely spiritualized itself. This time has still not come, and yet mankind is still standing before the end - because a proper further development of the spiritual on earth requires a dissolving and a new forming of creation and such will always take place in certain periods of time. This knowledge can only be imparted to men in spiritual ways, and that is why it will hardly be believed. And the less it will be believed the more the end is on its way because also the ignorance of men is a sign that the ascent development of the spiritual on earth has come to a standstill, that men no longer reach that degree of maturity, which they are to reach and also can reach - otherwise they would have understanding for God's plan of salvation. Eternally the earth will still remain a station of schooling for the deepest fallen spiritual, but will have to again and again be newly renovated to bring to maturity the spiritual in accordance with the divine plan of salvation. And again and again new human generations will populate the earth because God himself brings men to the newly formed earth from which such generations are to come from - which at the end of a redemption period are nearly on the brink of perfection, so that each epoch will again begin anew in fullest harmony with God and striving for union with him and then also the guarantee is always given that men reach perfection, that they return to their father from eternity as blessed spirit beings standing in the light. Amen. B.D. Nr. 6479.


Book 69 6481

Recognizing and Acknowledging God. Denier of God.

20. February 1956. B.D. NR 6481.

You consider yourselves to be independent beings as long as you do not believe in a God to whom you owe your life and your existence - because you do not want to know to be guided by his will, under whose existence you are placed. And yet still you know that you yourselves are unable to form life as desired, and that you are also unable to lengthen your life by one day. So you know that you depend on a power - or when you deny this - on a law, to which you therefore naturally are subject. You have to accept this law of nature, but you resist to acknowledge a being as law giver - you resist to acknowledge a purpose or a destiny of your existence because in you there is still too much of a mentality of him who once renounced his creator and made himself out to be alone deciding and acting towards all beings, which he generated in this wrong mentality. You are this beingness generated by him, and you go along the same lines with him; you also do not acknowledge his existence; you have the same feelings in you, which filled him and drove him to fall away from God. As long as you do not recognize and acknowledge God you are full of the spirit of Lucifer - arrogantly building on your own power and besides full of love of self, which is why also your thinking is directed wrongly and you are staying on earth in a darkened spiritual state. What you think of having in wisdom makes you all the time more arrogant and self-confident, and still it is a completely worthless knowledge because it only concerns things which have died for you with the moment of death. Everyone who denies God, who imagines having no connection with a power, he is isolated from God, and he also remains isolated after his death, but he exists. Death does not wipe him out, as he wrongly assumes in life on earth, he remains then conscious of himself as a being, he only recognizes himself as powerless when he wants to do the same what he has done in life on earth. And then often that power of men takes possession of it who are of the same mentality, and encourages them even more in their wrong thinking. Because all what is insubordinate to God is still associated - both among each other as well as with that being, which first executed the separation from God. God well put outside all spiritual as independent, so that it was to recognize itself as single being, but he himself did not break off the bond with the single being, but radiated his love power through them all the time. And as long as they received his love power they were happy - but when the first created being rejected God's radiation of love - when it in arrogant thinking thought to need this no longer, it refused God himself at the same time and isolated itself completely from him and became through it unhappy and of darkened spirit. And so the denial of a deity is always an unmistakable proof of the allegiance of him, who once opposed God. In life on earth man can easily come to realize to be dependent on the will of a power which decides over him because too many proofs are given him for this in himself and his surroundings. But God never determines the will of man to think in such a way as it is in divine order, but he gives a light to every man who desires light. There is no excuse for a man who denies God because everyone can recognize him when he gives up his spiritual arrogance, the hereditary evil - when he lowly and humbly asks questions in spirit, which surely will be answered for him and can give him faith in a God. Every denier of God is of arrogant spirit, and this arrogance also hinders him to ask questions because he claims to know, where he is completely ignorant. And every denier of God has contact with men who believe in a God and creator from eternity, who determines their existence. And through these he again and again is prompted to think it over - but when he refuses inside, then he has not yet given up his former resistance, and he also will hardly accept enlightenment in the kingdom on the other side when no-one intercedes on his behalf. Who denies God, his way is still endless far to the eternal home. Amen. B.D. NR. 6481.


Book 69 6482

Concerns End Predictions.

22. and 23. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6482.

I will never give men the exact point in time of the end because such would not be useful for the spiritual development of man. Because in complete free will they are to strive upwards; of their own accord they are to seek to promote the maturity of their soul, but not out of fear, which would be caused by a certain announcement of the hour of the end. I will always leave you men in the dark about that, however this does not exclude that the end will once take place. And that it once will come has been predicted to you men since the beginning of this redemption period, even if also only a part of these predictions is known to you. Because they are defined redemption periods, which have been laid down in my plan of salvation from eternity and which always contain a certain period of time, which duration is calculated by my knowledge about the development process of men. With a good will every man will be able to believe this, who is able to believe in me as God and creator. But most men will doubt it at any time that they themselves could live in the time where all what is predicted will once become a phenomenon of the present time. Because it is such a monstrousness for men to imagine an end of the earth; it is something the least of men can believe if they are not already so deep into spiritual knowledge that they are also able to recognize a reason and purpose in the dissolving of the creations of the earth and the arising of a new earth. But of these there always will be few. So you men will not be able to completely deny an end of this earth - only never wanting to belong to those who experience this end, to whom that, what they well do not think to be impossible in future, will become to be present time. And they are also to keep these doubts if they want, for the sake of their soul's maturity, but they are also to take into consideration such thoughts, and it will not be to their disadvantage. But every forced belief would be harmful and will therefore never be exercised on my part, which is why I always only announce signs, but never the day of the end. And still I tell you again and again: You are standing shortly before that. You cannot assess the spiritual state of men - you cannot see the deep darkness, which is spread over earth - you do not know about the fight between light and darkness, which so exceedingly rages lately - you do not know that the activity of darkness is expressed in the spreading of untruthfulness, of wrong teaching and open lies, because you also do not see how excessively deep error is, in which the thinking of men moves. Only pure truth is light. But where do you men seek and find truth? You well believe to walk in truth, but then you would be shocked to recognize the spiritual state of men and also find it understandable that an end has to be put to this state. And where you men assume to be light, there the prince of darkness only has set up a blind light, which only weakens your eye even more, so that you are no longer able to recognize anything. Because he truly knows how to keep men from working on their souls; he knows how to direct their sights at enticing aims, but which you men will never reach because my plan is laid down since eternity. But that I grant you insight into this plan of salvation is not to force your belief, I only want to give you men that way the possibility to be able to believe because the motives are explained to you, which cause me to make an end to a redemption period, because the suitability of such an ending is also explained to you, because you yourselves, so you have this knowledge, can follow all events around you and now also can recognize that an intervention for my part has become necessary. Men to whom only an end will be announced without more detailed explanation are not to be condemned when they do not believe, although also they should think about the possibility of the arrival of the predicted. But to those who are willing, but suppose not to be able to believe, my plan of salvation will also be made accessible; the knowledge of my rule and work will be imparted to them, and they will not be able to close their mind to the explanations, because surely my love and wisdom is clearly visible, which always only plans and executes the best for the souls. When you men consider an end of this earth only as a punitive action then you will oppose such teachings - but if you consider it to be an act of rescue, which is not only meant for the spiritual which fails as man, but also for the spiritual which is still bound in the creations, which is also to once reach from the deep upwards, then it will also be possible for you, to recognize a God of love and wisdom, and then also an end of the earth will appear to be believable. But on which level of development men on earth are now, that I alone am able to assess, although you yourselves also can recognize the spiritual low. But I know it since eternity when the establishing of my order has to take place - when I have to call a halt to the goings-on of my opponent and what is necessary so that the earth again can serve as maturation station for the imperfect spiritual. I alone know when the low has been reached and when the point in time has come where the work of my opponent has to be stopped. And because I know this, I instruct my servants to mention the forthcoming end, although they will find little belief. But I will never set day and hour - but which is not to cause you to still put off this my announcement into the far future. You do not know how close you are to it, but greatest hurry is necessary for you all; you all cannot eagerly enough be active for your souls, because every day still is a favour for you, because you can be quite successful with good will. Only do not pin your hopes on still having much time. The end comes quicker than you think, and everyone who believes my words will also prepare himself; he will put his spiritual well-being before his bodily well-being and certainly win much for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 6482.


Book 69 6487

Advice for the End.

28. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6487.

In a short time an era comes to an end, and a new one begins. You men can believe these words because that is why I speak them to you, that you now also lead your life so that you do not need to fear the end. I do not pursue another purpose because of that; I do not want to worry you without reason; I do not want to confuse you because of what lies ahead of you; I only want that you live so as it is my will, then the end of this epoch will only be to your advantage, then you will have no need to fear, but look forward to a blessed time. I do not need to inform you of it because no man of you knows when his last day has come, and it would be a completely unnecessary knowledge for many that a redemption period is coming to a close. But this advice still can be for every man an impetus to earnestly think about his soul - it can cause him to earnestly go to court with himself when he is reminded of the transitoriness of earthly goods and now seeks to gain spiritual goods. But he is not forced to believe. Still I call to you men all the more urgently: Believe these words, and do everything which you are capable to do - and it will be a blessing for you. Because all of you are not in good spiritual condition; you all have to work on yourselves and no longer have much time for it. Do not be caught by surprise, but get used to the idea to only still be guests on this earth for a short time. Already this thought will let you live more consciously, and you will turn to me for help when you believe in me as your God and creator. Then think of your life so far, and ask yourselves if your walk was right in my sight. Because you all know my commandments, and you all know that love is the first and most important, that you never can reach happiness without love, and when you now have to admit to have been lukewarm and indifferent towards this love commandment, then make up for it. Because much opportunity is given to you to be active in love. Everywhere you will see want around you, and will be able to helpingly intervene, only be of the will to live good and just and to respect the love commandments, which I only gave to you for the sake of your salvation. And always think of your redeemer Jesus Christ. Call on him that he might direct your thoughts and give you strength to execute the divine will. Then you call on me myself and show me that you want to reach me and you then also walk the right way, the way which Jesus walked before you. Irrevocably the end comes, no matter in what kind of state your souls are. But you still have time to prepare yourselves for it, and that is why again and again the exhortation reaches you from above: Think of the end. It is only my love which wants to rescue you from ruin, but which will will never force you and therefore addresses you in a form which you can believe when you are willing. But when you pay attention you will notice much which could let you believe. A period of time comes to an end, and a new one begins. And it only comes true what has been predicted through seers and prophets. Because also these spoke on my behalf and announced the same what I now tell you men, but your will is free; but as your will is, so will be your fate, when life on earth ends for you. You will be able to live in happiness - but also become a slave to death, an endless long time of agony and darkness, from which you cannot free yourselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 6487.


Book 69 6498

Life Spark Love Gift of Favour.

11. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6498.

You all carry the life germ in you and need not become a slave to death when you only give food to this life germ, when you supply it with light and warmth so that it can open up when you arouse love in yourselves. Then you awake from a dead state to life, and then you never need to fear death. You have been embodied as man on earth for this purpose, to win life, which lasts forever. And so that this is possible God laid a spark of the primeval life force in you, which you now are to increase yourselves. Every effort from your side is supported; therefore you just need to want that you reach life. Because to stir up the primeval life spark in you would mean to practise love, for which you are well capable but always have to first find the will. So love will always be the prerequisite that you gain eternal life. Without love you become a slave to death. Would you step into this earth life without this life germ, the divine love spark, it would be impossible for you to be active in love because then the opponent would be completely in possession of you. But as you already before have reached a certain degree of maturity through the course of development and this degree of maturity is not to be endangered in the stage as man, God put into every soul of man a spark of his spirit, which however is enough, to let a love fire come into being in you when it is only supplied with the necessary food, when man complies with every inner impulse and practises love because this divine spark urges man on to it from out of the inside, however initially only softly, that it hardly is felt, but still causes the willing man to comply with the urge. And then the soul awakes to life because love is a power that allows nothing dead around it, which gives life to everything and which will also conquer everything that opposes it. A man who always cultivates love will also feel that every inner weakness is fading because love power is now flowing through him because there is nothing divine, which is powerless or could leave a weakness behind, and because love is divine, because it is the radiation of God because it is the primeval substance of God, who also is power in the primeval form in himself. That is how you therefore reach life, because you draw power directly from God when you lead a life in love. And that is your assignment on earth and also your final objective, to make contacts with God through a life of love, thus to again return in free will to where your beginning was. That you can do this is an unusual gift of favour because God still assigns a spark of this power to you, despite your former resistance to his love power, when you step into existence on earth as man. But you yourselves have to let the fire flare up in you; you must not let this love spark die away; you must not spill it because that would be your death, because you then rob yourselves of all life, and you cannot be prevented from it because you have free will. Every possibility will be opened for you to win back the life you once lost; but the free will will not be taken from you, and it alone determines what you do with the divine spark of love. Every man is urged out of the inside to love activity, but when he does not comply with this urge then the voice becomes softer and softer and in the end dies away completely unheard. And then is the risk that man completely loses himself; that he again completely becomes a slave to death, although God will again and again touch him and again and again give him opportunity from the outside, which could elicit in him his will to love. Because God campaigns for the soul of every single man until death, because he does not want that it becomes a slave to death, he wants that it lives. But he leaves free will to man. Amen. B.D. NR. 6498.


Book 69 6501

Signs and Evidences to the End.

14. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6501.

Unmistakable signs will announce to you the nearby end but always only recognizable to those who believe because all the others will explain them naturally and laugh at those who attach a deeper importance to them. But still you men will become aware of it, and everyone can adapt himself to it according to his will. But that you will become aware of it, is a special favour, because you now can so prepare yourselves, you can be working on yourselves with strengthened eagerness, because these signs are an earnest admonition for you who believe. They are still final times of favour, which everyone is allowed to experience and which can end a walk of life on earth successfully, when only he makes the right use of it. But in the same way men will pass their days carelessly who do not believe, and the end will surprise them, and immature their souls will experience the end. Because this comes irrevocably. When you men now constantly are admonished and shown, then also these are favours, to which you are to pay attention, make use of for your salvation, because again and again God himself approaches you through such indications, but which can always only happen in such a way that they leave free will to you - that it is up to everyone if you reckon with an end or not. But those who still believe have the considerable advantage because they also adjust their life accordingly; they make an effort to live according to the will of God and to still mature until the end. But still the full convinced belief is only found with very few, because the events are too enormous, which are announced to men; they are events which no-one is able to imagine and which also have not yet ever been experienced as long as men inhabit this earth, because all previous endings of a redemption period took place differently; the same events will never repeat themselves, and never will records be available for it, how such a process of dissolving of creations has happened. But God's word is truth, and God spoke at any time through seers and prophets and announced the forthcoming, only without exact date and time, that is why men will always offer doubts to all announcements of such kind. But those who believe are to be called blessed. No long time will pass, then the earth enters another phase of development, and a new period starts under completely different prerequisites and living conditions, because men in this period have reached a degree of maturity, which also requires different circumstances of their life and assignments, to now complete the course of development. With certainty you can assume that the stage of your life is limited, that many will not be able to cover the normal time of life on earth, but will be called away before their time or still experience this forthcoming end in young years, but also only indications can be given without a trace of proof - due to your freedom of will. But take these evidences seriously, and you will have no need to regret it - live so as if tomorrow is already the last day because the world can only still offer you worthless products which you cannot take over into eternity. But a right life according to the will of God can still increase your spiritual products to a degree that the end of this earth only opens the gate to eternity, which you now can enter richly blessed with treasures. No harm whatsoever arises for you when you reckon more with an end than with a long continuation of your life on earth because you learn to only live with full awareness on earth; you concern yourselves with thoughts of eternity, of God and his kingdom, and you will always only strive for perfection. Not much time remains for you, that is why you must use it to your ability, and the blessing will not stay away. Because that is why the indications are given to you all the time that you think of the end and also live accordingly on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6501.


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