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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 63

B.D. NR. 5759 - B.D. NR. 5858
5769 5799 5807 5826 5830  5851 5856


Book 63 5769

Binding of Satan. New Earth.

14. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5769.

The might of evil will be broken for a long time; Satan will be put in chains - a time of peace will replace the time of struggle in the universe; to no being of darkness will it be any more possible to harry men on earth; Satan himself with his following will be bound for a long time, and men on the new earth do not loosen his fetters because they are closely united with God and no longer strive for anything but him, who now spiritually and bodily looks after them in love. This time of peace on the new earth is the compensation for the time of indescribable trouble in the last times on this earth that is given to men who are and want to remain loyal to God. For these it is truly a time of fighting because spiritually and earthly they are pressed and can hardly ward off those who are after them, who even threaten their life when they do not want to give in. But through seers and prophets these men are again and again promised the time of peace, the time, when no longer danger threatens them from any side, when body and soul are allowed to refresh themselves by the miracle works of divine love, when a happy peace enters the heart through the presence of him, whom they love and for whom they have suffered. Everything will be peaceful; creations and creatures will complement one another, and also the spiritual that is still bound will strive and quickly give up its resistance because it feels the nearness of him to whom it again is to surrender, and because the spiritual charisma of men charitably touches that what is bound in the creations. Men already have made the decision of will and therefore a new test of will is no longer necessary on the new earth because men belong to God with body and soul whom they will now never leave. But all satanic languishes in darkness; it is banished anew in hard form; it no longer has influence on the spiritual that strives for the light; it has to submit to the will of God and is robbed of its power for an endless long time. And Satan himself is weakened because all that strengthened him and his might is bound and therefore also withdrawn from his influence. In the middle of his world he his powerless as long as he again is strengthened through the wrong will of men, but this will only happen again after a long time when the first generations of earth, the inhabitants of paradise and their children and grandchildren have long since entered the spiritual kingdom - when there will be new generations, which will already again divide themselves in their directions of will. Then there will also again be men who will be captivated by matter and who through their desire for it will loosen the chains of him who is lord of the unredeemed world. Then also the paradisiacal state will come to an end; the time of peace will have to give way again to the time of warfare between light and darkness because now again the struggle begins for the souls of men until again a development period has expired, but with success, that innumerable beings have reached spiritualization and the power of Satan decreases more and more until once also he will surrender, what will however still require unthinkable times and redemption periods. Amen. B.D. NR. 5769.


Book 63 5799

Coming of the Lord. Rapture.

30. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5799.

You will see me coming in the clouds - the spiritual kingdom will lower itself down to you; because you, who remain loyal to me until the end, you are already to be counted to the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom although you still carry the body of flesh - you have then reached the maturity that you are allowed to see me face to face. But covered in clouds I come towards you. For you cannot yet bear the whole fullness of my light although you can see me without ceasing to exist. The proceedings of the rapture and my coming again to earth are understandable to my believers only and therefore also plausible. And whether I also again and again try to give reasons for and explain these my last events. Men of this earth will accept nothing unusual, adverse to nature, because they have no understanding for the spiritual, because nothing spiritual can reveal themselves to them. And that is why they will also not be able to see me although you, my believers, will stretch out the hands rejoicing and longingly. But the proceedings of the rapture do not remain hidden to them and will plunge them into great horror - because also these are adverse to nature, that you soar towards me, that I pull you towards me and your alive bodies therefore leave the earth upwards, towards the light. But also the light the unbelievers do not see because light does not gain entrance where it still meets with resistance. For also the proceedings of the rapture, the most unusual experience on this earth, could still convert men who would receive knowledge about it, although they have not accepted it. A short thought towards it could still cause man to call on me at the last minute, and he would be saved from ruin. That is why I let the rapture take place visibly to really make use of every possibility of escape. But the hearts of men are already too hardened to be able to recognize my love. But you are to see me - and all suffering will be forgotten because now you are already no longer inhabitants of this earth but in my kingdom because a place of peace receives you that no longer reminds of the old world. My coming in the clouds has been announced to you men since my ascension to heaven - and I have always been expected by the ones who are mine. But my coming is also the end of this earth and I am to be expected at the end of a redemption period only, because my coming means the end, and the rapture the beginning of a new epoch - because all conditions have to be first recognizable that determine a dissolving of the creations of the earth. Because both my coming again to earth as well as the rapture of those who are mine could not happen as long as the final day of judgement had not arrived for men - exactly since both phenomena would have meant a compulsion to believe for men still living and since I do not let the unusual happen to bring men to believe in me. Only the last end on this earth was intended for this, and only the last end has brought a separation of spirits. And then I myself come to the ones who are mine and fetch them, so that they are relieved of the great misery, so that they receive the reward for their loyalty - and rejoice and praise him whom they now see in all majesty. Amen. B.D. NR. 5799.


Book 63 5807

Turning Point of the World. Not Turning Point of the World.

16. and 17. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5807.

The turning point of the world does not mean the end of the world. Because my creations will still remain in existence for evermore until they have fulfilled their purpose to have helped up the spiritual that is in the deep. Only then one can speak of the end of the world when everything is spiritualized that needs these creations for perfection. But what lies ahead of you, what you can expect with all certainty, what I let announce to you through seers and prophets, that is a turning point that can well be described as an end for the inhabitants of the earth, but more correctly speaking is a total transformation, a change of the existing and a complete reshaping of earth's creation. It is a change from one epoch into a new one - what means an end of life for men as well as for every creature - that is equal for men to an end of the world. The total reshaping of the surface of the earth with all creations is at the same time an ending of every development of earthly material kind. Everything that was thinkable as progress in the scientific field or human achievements, everything that was attained as technologies falls prey to destruction and all experiences lose their worth because nobody can any more use and apply that what was previously considered to be so important, that all spiritual striving was forgotten on it. Of all this nothing will remain; nothing of this will be taken to the new earth although this will be inhabited by those men who have experienced the old earth and inhabited it - because nothing of it will be useful on the new earth and nothing of it will needed. A complete new world will make the small crowd of the raptured happy, a world that in nothing reminds of the old world, that rightly can be described as a changed world. And men of the new earth will now understand why the talk was about a turning point - but under which never the end of the world is meant. So this turning point is to be meant earthly, but still even more so spiritually. The spiritual turning point is cause and purpose of that what comes. A spiritual state as it exists before the end of the old earth irrevocably brings about a dissolving because something spiritual dead also means the stiffening of it and true life can only emerge from spiritual life. That is why a turning point has to occur where life is no longer thinkable in the totally dead surroundings. It is obvious that the turning point can no longer take place on this earth because men are constantly becoming worldlier, constantly more they strive for material goods, and constantly less becomes their faith because love cools off in them. But cooling off of love means hardened spiritual substance or also rejection of my love power that livens up everything - and therefore a motionless state, a complete lack of power and as a result a stiffening into inactivity. What still lives will then have become a slave to death, but what now is still bound will gain freedom to now be able to strive upwards with the aim of final freedom. A turning point has come for the complete earth creation, every spiritual changes its outer form, and so also a general ascent is then secured because only positive powers can have an effect but not the negative powers, because the last ones are bound and totally powerless - and therefore spiritually only an ascent is possible everywhere. Amen. B.D. NR. 5807.


Book 63 5826

Fight Against Truth. Protection for Light Bearers.

14. December 1953. B.D. NR 5826.

And when all forces of darkness fight against the truth, when they want to extinguish the light that shines from above down to you men, then this light will still victoriously win through and in the end chase away the strongest darkness. Because the time is coming where the earth lies in the brightest light, the time is coming where no shadow clouds the light - where men are in knowledge and all ignorance, all lack of love has disappeared. This time comes certainly, because my word is truth, because truth takes me myself as a starting point and because I direct the light to earth to you my light bearers, so that you carry it out into the world, that you fight against darkness and therefore are to firmly believe that truth will once prevail. But this is impossible with the present human race; there will always be only few who will listen to you and in whom now again light will be kindled and who now increase the weak shine a little, but only on the new earth will truth shine in its full light because then all men are in truth, as they also live in love, and therefore an exceeding great light is poured out over the earth before which all retreats and ceases to exist what still would like to come out as faint shadow. Truth will win - however no longer on this earth where darkness has already become so dense that a light can only last with my help because enemies lie in wait everywhere who would like to extinguish it and therefore hinder its brightness. But I protect my light bearers; I again and again supply the light with new fuel and again and again light bearers meet and now they increasingly shine into the dark of the night and also these are the phenomena of the last times that everything will be done to prevent the announcers of truth from talking, that a stop is put to the spreading of the truth and that only that is tolerated and valued what still increases darkness - that men are in the night and feel fine and do not long for the bright morning. Because too strongly it is worked against the truth from below, against everything that proves and glorifies me. And men love to accept these teachings and opinions; they love to remain in spiritual darkness so that their faults are not becoming visible in the light. But on the day of judgement it is no use to whitewash their state - where everything will be revealed, the willing, the thinking and the action of men. Then an exceedingly bright light will uncover everything and show men up, then no man will be able to hide the state of his soul and darkness will receive all who did not seek the light on earth. But eternal light will shine for those who pursued pure truth on earth and now can receive an overabundance of it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5826.


Book 63 5830

Forerunner. Announcing Jesus.

19. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5830.

Endeavour in all humility to become my true children but do not pursue unusual knowledge that is of little use for the perfection of your soul. Because in my kingdom the smallest and the least is worth more than the one who thinks he is grand; in my kingdom humility is evaluated exceedingly great and there is no place for arrogance. But you have to tell true greatness from arrogance - you have to tell being great from appearing great. Because what is great before me that I put as ruling whole worlds with their inhabitants, it rules with me and in my will over endless creations and innumerable creatures - and because of it will still not be of an arrogant spirit. But he who believes to also be entitled to rule thinks himself to be great, but in all eternity he will not climb up to the top that secures him a ruler's office because I know the most inner mentality of every being, I know where true humility is and where my will alone fills a being. And so I then say to you: The earth carries no being of such fullness of humility that I could appoint as ruler over worlds in the kingdom on the other side. Because this humility is supernatural, and such a being is so completely united with me that the earth could not be a stay for it. For everything that would be in its surroundings would shine in brightest light. Because these light beings already have walked the way on earth with the result of complete spiritualization on earth. They never return to earth, but without stopping have an effect on the inhabitants of the earth - they send down to earth their light radiations because an exceedingly great will to love fills them and the will to help lets them be active all the time in a redeeming sense. And so an individual man can over strongly be influenced by such a being of light - but that does not mean that the soul of this man is a light soul that has descended from above. Understand this - many light souls embody themselves before the end of this earth for the purpose of a mission. But these are still before their last completion to a child of God, which they well can reach through such a mission. But perfect children of God only have an effect on men from above, but influence certain men strongly when the requirements for it are met - i.e., to also be able to be active in a redeeming sense on earth. But one light spirit is allowed to descent to earth - my forerunner, who wants to announce myself before the end. He will announce me. He will again prepare the way for me because this is my will since eternity since he was devoted to me since the beginning, because since the beginning he was a fighter for his Lord. Him I have chosen as my vassal, as my herald, who always announced me, who shouted it out into the world when I approached men, who went before me as voice that mankind is to pay attention to me. He fought for me and he will always fight for the name of his Lord. So this one is the beam, the light, that I send down to earth before me and he knows about my coming, about the end and about his purpose on earth because he recognizes himself as the one who he is. And this one is so closely devoted to me that only my name sounds from his mouth, that every breath only glorifies my name, that every pulse beat of his heart is meant for me whom he announces on earth with over eagerness and for whom he also lays down his life when his mission has ended. This one therefore goes over the earth shortly before my return and men will not recognize him in his simplicity until he will open his mouth to announce him who comes after him. Then the scales will fall from the eyes of the ones who are mine but my opponents will not recognize him. But he will speak single-mindedly of his own danger; he will announce the nearby end to men; he will call on them to do penance, to seek God and the salvation of their souls and to despise mammon - he again will announce Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world, with thundering words; he will do and say everything that is useful to glorify the name of Jesus, the eternal God. In the truest sense of the word he will be my forerunner - he will be the one who again opens paradise to all who believe his words, who loyally expect me, that I save them from deepest trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5830.


Book 63 5851

Dead in Christ. Rapture.

11. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5851.

Talking of the resurrection of the dead means the raising of the spiritual dead, which can also still reach this raising in the spiritual kingdom after earthly death because the work of redemption is continued uninterruptedly on the part of those who already found redemption through Jesus Christ, who already stood up from spiritual death on earth or also in the hereafter. Not one of my beings remains in the state of death eternally; again and again the one who follows the light of the cross of Christ will be wrested from the night of death and so rises from the dead to new life. The raising from the dead on the last day is therefore a process that is only to be understood spiritually because as my coming in the clouds for the time being is also to be understood only spiritually, that I descend in the word to men to initiate a last rescue action before the end - so I also descend into darkness, into hell, and also let there rays of light flash; I also hold the cross out to the beings of darkness to light up to them the way to me and also this work of rescue will not be unsuccessful and many will rise from their graves to life. But those who want to remain in darkness, who do not want to acknowledge me, they are not dead in Christ. They cannot be transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and these are the ones who again have to start their course of development on earth, who will be bound in hard matter of the new earth. The dead in Christ are therefore those who are redeemed from the deep, unlike those who already have found me on earth, who have a living faith in me and will be taken from this earth at the end as my children as it is written. Because I will come back in great splendour and majesty and I will fetch the ones who are mine and transfer them in living bodies to a place of peace. I will come again as I once ascended to heaven - in brightest light and visibly to the ones who are mine. And my spiritual coming again in the word and in the hearts of men is to enable my children to take shape in such a way that they can see me because only those men will be able see me who consciously have become mine through a life in love towards me and towards the neighbour. So that now those who are of good will can reshape themselves into beings of love and of light, I first have power sent to them; I convey my word to them that is power from me in highest effectiveness. And who accepts it believing in me and the truth of my word from eternity, will also expect me and will be convinced and I will not disappoint him because irrevocably the day of the end is coming, the day of the rapture of mine comes and of the resurrection of all who through Jesus Christ found redemption on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5851.


Book 63 5856

Doubts About Divine Revelations. Cunning of the Opponent.

18. January 1954. B.D. NR 5856.

Do not sadden your hearts and do not doubt when divine love reveals itself to you. Trust in the love of the father who certainly does not bestow a gift to his children that is harmful to them, so does not allow that food is served to them from a strange side that could harm them. Consider yourselves as my children and then you can also steadfastly believe that the father grants you his protection, that he looks after you as his children and averts all danger from you that could threaten your spiritual development. But also know that you live in the end-times and that the opponent of God tries with all his might to increase the numbers of his followers; know, that he rages shortly before the end and that he specially has an effect there where light from above threatens to unmask him - know, that he also endeavours to wreak confusion in the ranks of the ones who are devoted to God and that he tries everything to cause a division - know, that he also can cloud the outlook of those who offer him the smallest grounds through a wrong will, through spiritual arrogance, through thoughts that lack love - and that he is always successful there without however being able to separate those men from God. But their thinking gets confused and they no longer recognize pure truth - they do not recognize the voice of the father because they listened to what that voice had to say. But their will still remains turned to God and they do not fall a prey to the efforts of the opponent. Except that he has succeeded to bring a division into a circle who wanted to have an united effect for God. You men do not know his might and cunning, you do not know his camouflage and then fall a prey to the play of intrigues when doubts turn up within you, which at the same time are doubts about the love and omnipotence and wisdom of God - when you therefore render yourselves incapable of recognizing him in his revealed word. Then his influence on you is recognizable but he will not succeed in separating you from him whom you earnestly desire. Because God holds his protecting hand over everybody who aims at him, but he does not force him to think and to act according to his will. He leaves him his freedom to defend himself when the might of darkness attacks. And who is of good will he will also see through the opponent of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 5856.


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