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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 62

B.D. NR. 5609 - B.D. NR. 5758
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Book 62 5610

Essence of Satan. Fall and Redemption.

24. and 26. February 1953. B.D. NR 5610.

The enormous distance of him who once raised up against me has also enormously decreased the effect of the power from me as the power which livens up everything and so the spiritual that once was full of life and power has robbed itself of power and has formed itself to hardest matter in the end because also spiritual substance hardens when it is no longer touched by my power of love in this endless far distance from me. The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect beingness. This beingness was constantly radiated through with my power of love in its perfection and that way capable like me of unlimited works and activities. I am the primeval source of all power and all that exists is dependent on this power source. Nothing what has power independently exists apart from me and a detachment from me and my power therefore also means a complete ceasing to exist because from no other side would a power supply be possible. But a detachment from me is also not possible because my power cannot cease to exist eternally and is also not divisible eternally; but what emerged from my power can go away from me endlessly far and distance means that the power loses its effect, so that what goes away remains motionless as it were, and solidifies to a firm substance, to matter, that is therefore hardened spiritual substance, that lacks the ability to be active because it stepped out of the range of my love power radiation. So this is therefore the fate of the spiritual that fell away from me, that stands in furthest distance from me and still is eternally immortal. But all this is basically some beingness that once was capable of thinking to the highest degree, stood in knowledge and had free will and still lost all these divine evidences through its fall. Through my will these spiritual entities dissolved into innumerable little particles to slowly reappear again through a process of healing recognized as successful by me when a certain degree of maturity or purification has been reached. So I bound the entity that once was created free through the will of the being that was first created by me, by use of my power. But what became of this first created being? Since its fall this being wanders around as a spark of power and seeks to light up with the remaining power all that my will has wrested from it - but not to liven it up but to increase its power so that it excels myself, i.e. my power. What was bound through my will does not react to this lighting up, exactly because it does give no life to it. But as soon as it again has become that being, after an endless long course through creation, when all the individual small particles have turned up again and now as a whole embodies itself in human form and through this regains its consciousness of the self, it also again reacts to the efforts of that first created being, my counter spirit. It lets itself blind by the spark because this spark does not give light but it is just a spark of delusion that blinds the eye to completely darken it - as also its power became ineffective through the falling away, through the endless far distance from me. But its beingness remained, it has not lost its self-consciousness and it therefore still can have an effect on what is likewise self-conscious, so can completely fill a man with its entity without however being tied to only one man because of that. It can therefore exert its influence everywhere where men are who willingly turn to it through their mentality and therefore increase its power through union. He only still uses his remaining power for activities against me; he constantly seeks to increase it with the help of those men who surrender to him. Therefore this counter spirit works completely obviously; he also can completely obviously dominate a man totally but only as long as this one is to take the test of will on earth. Has he now reached his aim that he has won men for himself then he only has however promoted the hardening of spiritual substance and has divested himself of his power so that he himself is as it were completely lifeless the moment he can no longer cling to men who give their power of life to him. And this is then the case when a period of redemption ends, when he has drawn the greatest part of men to the abyss and the others are fully devoted to me. Then he himself is robbed of his power; then also he is in a bound state; he lies in chains - as long as he can again make the same attempts on men, until men themselves are again in a state that they increase his power, until they themselves as it were lose his chains through their wrong will which again is meant for matter, which is submissive to the will of my opponent and so therefore again lifts his position of power what becomes more and more obvious in every redemption period the more it draws to a close. That is why every redemption period will start with peaceful harmony, with a true paradise on earth, and end with satanic activity, as long as also the last beingness is wrested from my opponent, until he himself is so powerless that he asks for power from me - until he himself will return to me into his father's house - that he once left of his own free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5610.


Book 62 5630

Spiritual Turning Point. Change of this Earth.

19. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5630.

You are not to cherish wrong hope and expect a change for the better on this earth that consists in this respect that the spiritual state of men could improve and again a life of faith and of love could be recognizable on earth. This earth will no longer experience such a spiritual change of men but the spiritual turning point is approaching. And therefore the earth will be a different one; it will first experience a change, a transformation, and the human race that will then inhabit this new earth is of a high spiritual standard. But he who believes and hopes that men on the earth will still change, that a different time begins on this earth, he is terribly wrong, and he is also still little familiar with God's plan of salvation that still pursues other aims with a transformation of the old earth than only a human race of a high spiritual standard. Also the upward development of the spiritual that is still bound in form is to be promoted and therefore begin a new redemption and development period that at first requires a reshaping of the outer form of earth. Possibly also a spiritualization of men on earth could meet this divine plan of salvation and also help the spiritual that is still bound in the works of creation. But considering the spiritual low of men of the present time a change of these is no longer to be expected; matter is completely ruling them and they do not think of their spiritual development and they therefore strive down all the time more and more and so themselves cause the end - a dissolving of the creation of the earth, a liberation of all that is bound in it and their own banishment in hard matter, in the new creations of the earth. A teaching therefore that advocates a spiritual turning point still on this earth is incorrect although a spiritual turning point is approaching. But men do not want to believe that the earth ceases to exist or ends. This thought is completely unfathomable to them and therefore they expect this change for the better in their assumption because on the other hand they are convinced of a coming turning point. But the lack of belief of men in an approaching end of the earth has a detrimental effect because they certainly would make better use of the time with such a belief, they would live consciously, i.e. would try to fulfil divine will in the knowledge that only their own transformation of being could protect them from the fate of being likewise spawned into the new creation. Men lack knowledge and faith and they can only rarely be supplied with it convincingly but enough indications are given to them but it is left up to their free will if they let it make an impression on them. They well foresee and feel it that they face great events but never want to believe that these events are so incisive that an earth period is coming to an end and a new one begins, but what they could believe when men would cultivate love, when they would give that love to their needy neighbour that brings in the light to themselves. Then they would recognize in which hour they live and nothing would any longer be doubtful to them what they are told about the near end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5630.


Book 62 5645

How Long Could Lucifer Create?

6. April 1953. B.D. NR 5645.

My power was effective in the first created being until the decision of the will was completely passed, or rather: Lucifer or the light bearer could still let beingness rise up as long as he was still filled with my power of love, but which, with his continuous fall into the deep, with his going away from me, weakened more and more to finally become completely ineffective. So not I took away the power from this first created being but he himself made it ineffective as soon as he went endlessly far away from me. The act of the decision of the will was not a spontaneous thing; this decision also was a process that covered endless periods of time because also the will in Lucifer that opposed me developed slowly and accordingly were also the beings disposed that came from him, more or less bearing the will in themselves that was turned away from me. So as long as the first created being had not yet carried out the complete break with me, it was also still active to create and produce but more and more the ability to create dwindled, but not limited by me, but my power lost its effect due to primeval legality as soon as it met with resistance. As long as therefore the first created being remained in the sphere of my power of love it also could create, but always according to its will to accept my power in the knowledge that he got it from me as the primeval source of power. This time of the still undecided will was fully enough to create innumerable beings with likewise undecided will, that then always turned more away from me and also let the first created being become unable to furthermore call beingness into being. The close union with me let unchecked power flow towards the being that once was created by my love. The final separation from me inevitably also had to have the complete lack of power as a consequence. The effect of power decreased to the same extent as the will turned away from me. But as long as it used my power to create it also acknowledged me as power source but did not transfer this knowledge to that what it called into being. And as it intentionally no longer wanted to get power from me, believing to own this itself, its decision of will was executed. It rejected the power and that meant endless distance from me and therefore lack of power so that after its fall into the deep also its power was broken to call further beingeness into existence through its will. Hear right: An immeasurable long time existed between the first moment of opposition and the complete turning away from me and the beingsness that was created during this time was also formed accordingly, which is why it was therefore necessary that I also had to shine through, all beingness from which I demanded the decision of will, with my light of knowledge that it however used differently in the same way as it itself was disposed differently. But it could decide right; the kind of its decision was not determining, yet the will of each being was free. Already from the moment of the first intentional turning away from me one could speak of a fall into the deep - but that was not yet finally executed as long as I was still recognized as power source. And as long as this, the first created being could also, according to its will, make use of the power that reached it from me without restriction. For as long as it recognized myself it remained in the circuit of my love. But it stepped out of this circuit as it intentionally resisted me - as it itself rejected the power in order not to need to acknowledge me because it imagined itself to be strong and powerful enough to be able to independently create and produce. My power now remained ineffective according to primeval law from eternity. And now also no creation of beingness was possible because now I used all my love power to the return of the fallen spiritual. The spiritual work of creation was completed; now the work started to make divine that what was created, to train the creatures in free will to become my children - my whole lover power is meant for this work and also my opponent will not be able to prevent it; also this opponent will finally surrender voluntarily to it to again get into the state of unlimited power and to now make use of this according to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5645.


Book 62 5654

Day of Redemption or Day of Judgement?

18. April 1953. B.D. NR 5654.

The day of redemption is no longer far away but will it mean redemption for all men? Will it not be a day of judgement for many where they, instead of being redeemed, will be banished anew in hard form? And so this day can be longed for but also can be feared, but those who have to fear it do not believe in it and are therefore irretrievably lost because they do nothing to ward off this new banishment. This day will be a real redemption to only few men but these have suffered already before while the others do not know suffering and therefore also feel no desire to have a saviour. But still this one will come to redeem who believe in him. A very difficult time comes for the believers but then they are not to forget the promise that I will come to judge the living and the dead. The times of need are also to be proof of the truth of my word, and the firmer they are to believe in my coming on the last day, in the salvation from severest need. It will indeed be a day of redemption for those men who are tempted to doubt the truth of my word in the face of the good living of the unbelievers. But for the sake of the chosen ones the days are to be shortened. I will strengthen the ones that are mine until the day has come and it will be there faster than it is expected. The worldwide political situation will seem to be so quiet that nobody believes in an end; because under the rule of Antichrist oil seems to have been poured on troubled waters of restlessness and earthly a rise is recognizable that causes men to become more and more ungodly, more and more lacking love, and only the ones who are mine recognize it as the hour of the world clock. Because they alone have to live in want and suffer whereas the rest of mankind indulge themselves and try to feed themselves in the ecstasies of the world. Nobody will foresee how close the end is when Antichrist starts his world domination. He ushers in the end; he brings about the spiritual chaos; he lets the faith struggle break out and he also causes the separation of the spirits because under his rule the confession is demanded for me and my name and therefore also the last decision made that still has to take place before the end. But as soon as this faith decision is demanded, you, my believers, can prepare yourselves for my coming because with increased trouble you also experience the fulfilment of my predictions that concern the end. Every day you can reckon on the end and still it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. But then those will be happy for whom this day brings redemption and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be for those who will be devoured by the earth, will be spawned anew into hard matter. You who believe in me, trust in these my words, that salvation will come in the hour of severest distress, that I will come and fetch you, and that you therefore have to fear no power on earth because mine is the power and the might and the glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 5654.


Book 62 5655

Total Dissolving of Earth. Spiritualization.

19. April 1953. B.D. Nr. 5655.

A complete dissolving of the earth is now not yet intended but the total reshaping of the surface of the earth, that well comes up to an entire destruction because no beingness is spared but every form will be dissolved to release the spiritual in it for the purpose of new shaping. The complete dissolving of the earth amounts to the spiritualization and this point in time has not yet arrived because the earth still serves as maturation station for the spiritual that is still imperfect. As long as the spiritual that is to get mature needs the earthly creation, so long also the earth will remain in existence as a material world, but always recurring reshaping will be inevitably according to the state of maturity and the will of the spiritual that is to reach perfection in it. But for the earth a point in time of the end is always then reached when such a reshaping happens because then for the whole spiritual, may it be the one that is embodied in man or the one that is bound in hard matter, a new redemption epoch begins because also the different phases need also different possibilities and these have to be created again and again through God's great love and wisdom as they promise the most success. Men lack this knowledge about the separate development periods and especially in the last time before the end of each epoch because the spiritual low of men - caused by their lack of love - also means ignorance and also a complete incomprehension for such presented knowledge. They think the end to be a complete ceasing to exist of earthly, material worlds. But this point of time is not yet foreseeable in eternities; but each individual phase of development covers a certain time that begins with the rising up of the most varied works of creation and ends with the destruction of these - that takes its beginning with spiritual high standing men and finds its end with truly devilish ones. Such a phase of development would never bring about the spiritualization of all beingness because as long as earthly material creations exist, as long as in addition to man the earth still bears creations that are below him, like animals, plants and spiritual that is bound in hard form, so long it cannot be dissolved totally because this spiritual has again and again to be given the possibility of maturing and to leave the present form, what alone already is causing constantly new phases as soon as the upward development reaches deadlock. Because at the end of each redemption epoch a spiritualization of men can no longer be noticed and such a failure or disregard of the actual purpose of the existence of life on earth has to be balanced - also this spiritual has to be shown a new way because with God there is no giving up of that what was and remains his, but what also has to become again such as it was when it took its beginning from God. Because even that what unstoppably heads for the deep he does not let remain in this deep but again and again finds new means and ways to lift it up to the light. So this upward development will never cease until also the last of the spiritual that once had fallen away from him finds back the way to the father. But there will still again and again be an end - an end of every individual phase that was granted to the spiritual in a certain period of time by God, but that also once finds its end. And that is why you men cannot speak carelessly of an end of the world under which a complete cessation of existence of God's creation is to be understood but you have to imagine a change that is however so extensive and concerns everything that it is not conceivable to you as men and can also only be experienced and observed by the few loyal to God who then will give evidence of God's might and glory on the new earth. You men are facing such an end and even if it is also doubtful to you and your intellect wants to resist it. But think of the still bound spiritual, think of all the creations below you, and ask yourself how this spiritual is to be redeemed if not again and again possibilities would be created for it. Even think more of those men that are completely remote from God and still cannot live on earth forever. Then you will understand that God's love that is full of mercy takes care of all the unredeemed and that what seems to be a pure work of destruction is an act of greatest mercy because the new creations that follow thereupon again offer the course of upward development to that what was deeply fallen, that can after all once lead to God even if after an endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5655.


Book 62 5659

Great Period of Time between Begin and End of an Epoch.

24. April 1953. B.D. Nr. 5659.

In great intervals the proceedings on earth repeat themselves that accompany the end of a development period and the beginning of a new one so that in the end no man can prove the beginning of those periods of time and consequently also no proofs can be produced for a destruction at such an end. And that is God's will so that men do not have to believe when they do not want to believe. The end of a previous period is well known to men, however only as traditional knowledge that also can be doubted. At the beginning men still know about the proceedings of the end and this knowledge will also be preserved by the descendants throughout many generations but the more the end of such a development period is again drawing to a close, the more also such knowledge will fade, it well will still be mentioned but will no longer be assessed as existing fact and will in the end be considered to only be a legend that is not proved historically. The believers will well consider all indications on it to be truth but they do not believe because they see the end coming and are afraid of it but faith also earns them a higher power of perception and that is why the end of the earth is also understandable to them. And so also today men cannot be frightened through references to the flood because they hardly still believe in it. This time was so long ago that it has become completely meaningless to men who live in the end-time of the earth. But that also this has ended a phase of redemption most of men do not know and understand and consider it to be completely impossible that the same proceedings are to be repeated. And all that has to be like this for the sake of the freedom of will of men. Every compulsion that is to bring to man a change of his thinking and willing would be wrong where the upward development is concerned that is to take place in complete freedom of will; men can believe what will be announced to them; but they also can turn away their ears and rationally reject everything; they are not allowed to be forced through any evidence to think and act against their will. A development phase lasts endless long time looked at on the part of men; and also this is the will of the divine creator so that their attitude remains uninfluenced during the end-times so that they can believe in an end but also can doubt it, so that they therefore can make the final faith decision for or against God completely unconstrained. There is no lack of indications on the part of God toward the nearby end and also the explanation of the end will be given to men but their will always remains free and also the divine prophecies are no obligation because they likewise have been given in such a way that they can be accepted but also rejected when there is no will to live and act according to divine will. This will alone gives clarity and this will will also not refuse to accept the announcements through seers and prophets. And in the same way will also man, who bears such a will in himself, believe in the preceding periods and their completion and be convinced that also now again the end is approaching because everything happens as God let it announce in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 5659.


Book 62 5677

False Christs and Prophets. Mask of Satan.

16. May 1953. B.D. NR 5677.

You are not allowed to go into the nets of Satan who wants to win you for himself by him trying to confuse your thinking, by him seemingly speaking in my name and yet by himself being far away from the truth, submitting only untruth to you. False Christs and false prophets will appear - consider these my words and do not believe every spirit that talks about my word because also an evil spirit makes use of my words when he can pull you into his camp that way. A number of people will let themselves get confused in the times of the end but the reason being only that they themselves are lukewarm and do not resort to myself to come to the truth. And my opponent knows it how best he can win men that are not yet fully devoted to me. And he is not afraid to have an effect on those under the mask of piety; his aim is to distort my picture, that men become estranged from me; his aim is to hamper their recognition of myself and that is why he makes use of such words that allow various meanings and then interprets them in such a way that they will be misunderstood and lead away from the right faith in me and love because I cannot be recognized properly according to his interpretation. So my opponent influences weak, not completely stable men to interpret my words this way, so seemingly speaking for me and still against me because it is not the pure truth that he spreads. The earnest will to work for me and my kingdom will rule out this danger; but how many have themselves not yet the living faith in me and the deep love for me and the neighbour that they are enlightened by my spirit. And these are likewise in a position in life where my word is to be announced and that is why they are intellectually at pains to give men the interpretation but the intellect is influenced by the opponent who wants to confuse it in order to work against me. And again I stress that the will of man, to hear the truth or to hand it out, alone is determining if he receives truth or gives truth. The desire for pure truth has first to fill a man, then he can be convinced that truth is brought to him, which he understands and interprets my word truthfully. My opponent is hard-working to undermine truth and he is successful where the will for the truth is not very great so that I myself as the giver of truth can stand up for it because the will of man alone is determining the spiritual assets that he receives. Therefore do not let yourself be deceived by pious words that also my opponent can apply where he finds the right ground for it. For not the word itself is mine but the spirit that I have put into my words. The word itself, without my spirit, can well be changed, and so it also can be used by my opponent to reach his aim to separate you from me and the truth. But the spirit is my portion and when you now seek the spirit in the word then my spirit will give you enlightenment that however deviates from the interpretation of him who uses my word and is not filled with my spirit. It is the time of the end where my opponent causes great confusion among men. That is why you are to be careful and examine everything and when you do it with the call for my support then you will recognize and always only keep the good. Amen. B.D. NR. 5677.


Book 62 5678a

Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.

17. and 18. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5678a.

Time is fulfilled; everything points to the end - but only those men that aim at me see the signs because their looks are directed to heaven and therefore also their enlightenment comes from above and they do not doubt that now comes true what seers and prophets have predicted on behalf of me. What appears to be obvious to them is completely implausible to worldly men; these see with other eyes than those; they see the world only and therefore also live the world and their pleasures and their spirit will become more and more dark the nearer the end approaches. And for all these men events come first that could well change their thinking, which could make them bewildered when they would only be a bit of good will! I still want to reveal myself to them before, although they also then do not yet need to recognize me. They once again are to lose that what they greedily strive for; earthly possessions are again to be destroyed and taken from them but from a power that they cannot hold responsible. Through the elements of nature I want to express myself to save them. Where there still is a spark of belief in man there is also a possibility of salvation because this still can turn the thoughts to me in the last hour and can send up a call for help - and even if he loses his earthly life - this call will be heard and his faith will be rewarded in the kingdom on the other side where he will find help. I only want to see an appreciative thought and my hand stretches out towards everybody to now also prove myself. I really make it easy for you to believe in me when you only would do a test to call on me in spirit and in truth. And that is why I still make a last attempt for their salvation, for the salvation of those who have not yet completely become slaves to my opponent. I let the earth shake and all hope for earthly escape dwindles. And where there is no longer help evident I alone can still bring salvation because no thing is impossible with me. And who remembers his child faith in greatest trouble, who makes this last attempt to call on me, he will certainly not regret it. He is rescued for time and eternity because to lose the earthly life is then just only a favour when the soul still walks upward in the spiritual kingdom. The elements are not always regarded as expression of my might and power but the fear of death now and then gives birth to different thoughts than man had normally and he can recognize me in a second and therefore also call for help. But the word that the mouth only says counts nothing when the heart is uninvolved. Time is fulfilled; but before comes what I announce to you and again and again announce to you - an unusual natural phenomenon that is to remind you of the end, which will follow not long after it. I constantly admonish and warn you to pay attention to my words and I point out to you the signs of the time but I cannot force you to accept my words as truth - but imprint them on your memory so that they let you think of him who talks to you and who certainly only wants the best for you, who wants to rescue you from the abyss, towards which you steer, you who are without faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 5678a.


Book 62 5678b

Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.

18. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5678b.

So the last judgement is still preceded by an earnest admonition, an evidence of the near end and so to speak a proof of that because my announcement comes true and you men now can just as certain expect the end that is determined for this earth and its inhabitants not long after that. Unalterably men's fate is a deep abyss whether they keep their life only shortly or still a long time because they are in a completely darkened spiritual state and they do nothing out of themselves to remedy this. That is why I have to shake them up from their rest. Something has to happen that is so incredible to them, what frightens them and lets their bodily end become apparent to them. Only death frightens unbelieving men and so I let them face death but only with the intention of causing them to call on me in greatest terror, who alone can keep their life for them when earthly wise escape seems no longer possible. Such a call can still bring salvation to man - such a call can bring him again closer to me when it arises out of the heart and then will also certainly be heard by me. Men have no idea of the events through which I want them to call me to mind again. All elements will rage against each other; it will be as if hell itself has been unleashed against men and there is no escape for these - until I myself order the elements and end hours of horror and fright. Nothing is impossible to me and this faith in my omnipotence, love and wisdom will have true miracle effects in these anxious hours. Because the ones who are mine will emerge from this experience undamaged, loudly praising my favour and power and my love. And also the ones who have found me in their trouble join their praise and stand by their fellow human beings helping and comforting them in the realization of the power of faith that they now also want to transfer to those. I have announced these events and again and again point this out to you men. Learn to believe and call me when I am so recognizable to you and then also believe that my last announcement comes true, that the end comes and with it the last judgement - and make use of this last deadline of favour, catch up on what you have neglected, do not let the last day come up and find you unprepared because then escape is no longer there for those that still have not found me - then men are sinful and they will be destroyed because they did not pay attention to my admonitions and warnings and therefore can no longer find mercy when the end has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5678b.


Book 62 5680

Withdrawal to Stillness. Coming Unrest.

21. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5680.

There is still a time of peace where man can concern himself with spiritual questions in rest and contemplativeness, when he wants to. And so he only has to manage the fight with himself by switching off all earthly thoughts and be busy with what is useful for his soul by thinking about his purpose on earth, about his beginning and about his aim. Only in minutes or hours of turning away from the earthly world can he pursue such thoughts, and this turning away he is to seek often, the hour of silence, in which he can reflect on himself and work on himself. Not long anymore then he will be put into restlessness through world affairs so that the time of inner reflection becomes rarer and rarer. And the world will push its way forward and take up all his thoughts because things start happening very fast, because every person's attention is drawn to what happens in the world. And then it will be difficult to devote oneself to spiritual thoughts and it will already be highly thought of when man often only sends short thoughts upwards, to him, who directs the fate of all men, who also knows that world affairs take shape as they can be seen. Because to contact him will be exceedingly beneficial because then also strength comes flooding to man for the difficult struggle on earth and then he will always turn to where the author of power is, who also will constantly look after him. Because the lack of strength can only be redressed when the contact with the source of power is established, and lacking power will be felt by everybody in view of the events that threateningly and disturbingly roll on and exceedingly make necessary the contact with the creator and father from eternity. When man succeeds in withdrawing to silence and to commune with his God and creator, when he succeeds as a child to call the father and to ask him for strength and advice, earthly events will recede and lose some of their fright because then man noticeably feels the supply of power and calmness and peace enter his heart in the knowledge that nothing happens without God's will or his permission and that everything that does happen is therefore God's will or permission and can so also earn blessings for the soul. That is why men can only be given the earnest advice to often seek contact with God, to more and more often keep the hours of inner reflection and to establish a relationship between oneself and God that enables man to always turn to the father when he is in trouble. Who has committed himself as child to the father will also always again find a quiet hour because then God is already closer to man than the world and it will only be paid attention to insofar as it is necessary for the preservation of the life of the body. Nobody is to let the world get the upper hand - the fight always has to be for it and all the less also the world affairs will touch a man even when it is enormous for the environment and can trigger off the greatest restlessness. The man who contacts God, who often sends a thought up to him, he will also not let himself be held back through earthly events, to again and again fetch comfort, strength and advice from him, and this one alone overcomes the world, but this one has no need to fear the coming events, because he will be supplied with power unmeasured since he continuously remains in contact with the source of power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5680.


Book 62 5701

Examine the Spirits. False Christs and Prophets.

19. June 1953. B.D. NR 5701.

Examine the spirits if they are from God. An earnest review is necessary when you accept spiritual goods, where these have their source. You are to, and you have to examine, because you yourself are responsible for your soul, to which only truth is helpful, but which is endangered in its upward development by wrong thoughts. When now spiritual things are offered to you, so knowledge that is earthly not provable, then you have to examine this earnestly; you have to know that light and darkness fight one another, that the prince of darkness fights pure truth, that he tries everything to lead men into wrong thinking, and is also not afraid to wrap himself up in the garment of an angel to deceive men. But you yourself can unmask him; you can examine what spirit is supplying you the thoughts, and these may be the signs for you, that you are to pay attention to, when an earnest examination is done: that Jesus Christ is declared as God's son and redeemer of the world through the spiritual goods that are supplied to you, that his love teaching is the essence of it and that you are admonished to follow Jesus. Then you are allowed to absolutely accept and address the knowledge supplied to you as being from God himself as source; you are then allowed to represent it as divine truth; you do not have to fear to be pushed into wrong thinking by the spirit of darkness because this one never acknowledges Jesus Christ who has redeemed the world from sin. False Christs and false prophets will stand up, and especially in the last times before the end. They will talk about the name of Jesus Christ and still not be right announcers of his divine love teaching because they themselves will not comply with what they teach, or turn their teaching towards the world; they will not be recognizable as real Christians. And this confessing with the mouth often is a cover under which the enemy of truth hides. They themselves will not have real faith in the words of Jesus that he spoke on earth, in his promises, because they lack love, the characteristic feature of a real follower of Jesus. And that is why their words will not bear spirit in them; they will be without power; they cannot be addressed as pure divine truth and also require an earnest examination. But you can carry out any time this examination when you ask God himself for his help in deep desire for the truth, that he enlightens your spirit, rightly guides your thinking and always teaches to distinguish truth from error, and everyone who desires the spirit out of God will receive it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5701.


Book 62 5712

Surprising End Also for the Believers.

30. June 1953. B.D. NR 5712.

For many the hour of the end will come as a surprise, who know about it, because also they assume it to still be far off, because the dealings of the world still shows no decline, because the signs of the end are still not obvious enough, although they consider it to be possible that they live in the times of the end. And also my believers still cannot earnestly resign themselves to the thought that they will experience the end because also they are standing on the ground of concrete reality, also they always see the fellow human beings in bustling activity, and the spiritual knowledge appears to them to be almost unreal in the sight of the striving of worldly people, in the sight of earthly progress and of the hopes and expectations of men of the coming time. Also they will be surprised and recognize that what appears to be unreal becomes reality and that all expectations of men come to nothing. The end will come like a thief in the night - but it announces itself before, it casts its shadows before, on a small scale it will already happen before, it will announce itself through a natural disaster of greatest extent and this will be the last warning, the last evidence of the near end. And whether you men doubt or refuse to accept it - my plan from eternity is fixed, and according to this plan everything goes in the universe. The end will suddenly be there because my admonitions and warnings are ignored that indeed constantly reach men to not let them experience the end unprepared. And only that is the purpose of my announcements, that men get ready, that they think of the end and get started on the soul work, that they live in accordance with the short duration of their bodily life, which nevertheless can earn them maturity. I want that all my admonitions and warnings gain currency; I want that men get informed about it, as I also want that the day of judgement and the fate of the ones who defect from me are presented to them straight out, because men can themselves bring about their escape, the end does not have to mean an hour of fright for them, they also can look calmly forward to the end when they abide by what they are urged to do, when they prepare themselves for it, i.e. still live on earth according to my will until the last hour has come. They well can no longer put off this hour but they can await it consciously because it means the end of agonies for those who have found their way to me and will only hit hard those who have renounced me and therefore have no longer a right to inhabit the earth that is only supposed to serve the maturation of the soul. The end comes so certain as the night follows the day - since eternity the day is fixed but you do not know it. But you are to believe that comes true what I announce and still announce through seers and prophets that this day is imminent, that it will surprise all of you and that you are therefore to regard every day already as the last one to live it consciously and to work on yourself. Then you never have to fear the end but fully trusting can look forward to my coming that will redeem you, who believe, from great trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5712.


Book 62 5718

Spiritual Low. Turning Point Impossible. End.

7. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5718.

A spiritual upturn can no longer arise on this earth because men have already devoted themselves too much to matter, so to him who embodies the earthly world, who is the opponent of God and will remain so for still eternal times. Before the expiry of an earth period the spiritual low is clearly recognizable. It is also obvious that men no longer change, exactly because matter keeps them imprisoned. Only the overcoming of matter secures a spiritual ascent; but the overcoming of matter determines the recognition of its worthlessness and this again thinking about the survival after death and about the actual purpose of man on earth. But such thoughts no longer occupy men because they lack belief and because they do not live in love. It is a simple explanation why the spiritual state is so low, why also no change of it is expected - because men lack love that would bring with it faith, knowledge and spiritual striving. If men would change to love then also no end to the redemption period would be necessary, but nothing can make them do it, neither trouble and misery of the fellow human being nor the own trouble changes their mentality, and they do not establish a relationship with God because they do not believe in him. So a spiritual turning point is not to be expected on this earth and only such one could stop the end of the earth because then the earth would again fulfil its purpose as work of creation, because it then would again be a schooling station for the spiritual as it is its determination. But a spiritual turning point has to occur and when this is not possible on the old earth, a redemption epoch has to end and new one to start. Because men do not remain in this spiritual low but sink lower and lower. And God prevents this by a separation of spirits, a new banishment of the most sunken and through letting arise of a new earth with spiritual mature men who again live according to the will of God - with whom a new development period starts where the souls can reach highest completion. God's love and wisdom certainly recognizes when the time for it has come and God will never give up a soul that still can be saved. But when change is no longer possible then also the time has come and the writing has come true. The end comes and with it the day of judgement; the earth will vanish and a new one arise, and the way to redemption will again be initiated for the most deep fallen. Amen. B.D. NR. 5718.


Book 62 5719

Power of Belief. Antichrist. Counter Work.

9. July 1953. B.D. NR 5719.

A strong counter work has to be done when Antichrist starts the last work to prevent all spiritual striving, when he obviously works against God, when he seeks to stamp out all Christian faith and his mentality is clearly recognizable as being turned against Christ. Then all powers have to become active in heaven and on earth because then the heaviest battle starts that the community of Jesus Christ has ever experienced. Then the last faith struggle begins that introduces the end and that is waged with all severity and brutality because Satan himself arises against God to overthrow him and to rise to his throne. But then also all servants of God on earth will find greatest support on the part of the world of light because then eager work has to be done to debilitate all attacks of the enemy, to openly announce Jesus Christ and to confess before the world. Then there is no longer any hidden play and then it will be shown who has faith and loves God, who is so strong that he acknowledges Jesus Christ as his only Lord and is not afraid of the instructions of the counter force. Then every announcer of the divine love teaching, of the word of God, will be doubly blessed because then he even does an urgent work - he tells of God with conviction, who is to be denied, he fights for him and is not afraid of those who threaten to kill him. But such a work can only be done by him who has knowledge, who knows about everything and also about the signs of the end and who therefore cannot act differently than to support Jesus Christ and his work of redemption because he has been seized by his love and favour and feels his work and because this gives him a power that enables him of anything, also to the open confession of his faith that earns him the most bitter fate on earth. He does not pay attention to the severity because he has become knowing and no longer fears anything on this world - because he has recognized the right lord and also joyfully lays down his earthly life for him. The counter work that is demanded by God's fighters is to work informative where there are doubts, to campaign for the souls that they might devote themselves to Jesus Christ who is the rescuer and saviour of them all and who also will deliver them from earthly trouble and hardship when the end has come. Their work consists in spreading the recognized truth and to courageously appear against slanderers and blasphemers, against representatives of false doctrines, against everyone who is hostile towards the teaching of Christ. It is their job to spread light because dark spiritual night surrounds men. And also then there will still be men who are undecided where to turn and to make God out to them as he really is ranks among the work for God's kingdom as well, because pure truth can and will also not miss to have an effect on a heart that demands truth and the few undecided are at stake that have to be treated especially lovingly to side with your camp and to become friends with you instead of enemies. Antichrist will apply weapons in the last faith struggle that lack all love, but you are also to fight with all eagerness, but with the weapons of love - you are to try to get that to them what you yourself have, what you have received from God - his word, that will have an effect on everyone according to his will. Who earnestly desires light will get it, and who has light also knows how he has to act in the days when God's opponent rages and seeks to seize all souls. The struggle will well be very odd because you are only a small crowd, but your opponents are the masses. But you definitely have more power because you receive it directly from God, and this power can defeat the worst enemies. Through strong faith you also can witness to the opponent of me and my might - and you can through it also ruin the fine thought through plans of the opponent of God because the power of faith obviously testifies to God, the power of faith can also still beat your enemies before the end, and they can surrender to you of their own free will. They can cross over into your camp and be saved for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5719.


Book 62 5721

Last Decision. Confessing Before the World.

11. July 1953. B.D. NR 5721.

Also the last decision has to be made in all freedom of will but it will cost you sacrifices, which is why you have to summon up a strong will to remain steadfast against the demands of your opponent to deny me. And still you cannot be forced in any direction, and you will not be able to excuse yourself to have to give in to the pressure on the part of earthly rulers. Because you can resist any time although you then have to suffer earthly. The confession of my name is a very great faith test, but which will be taken as a matter of course by him who has knowledge about the end and the signs before, who is therefore truthfully informed, who knows about my word and through it about my plan of salvation from eternity. He stands firm, and whether thousand devils take action against him, because his will to remain loyal to me earns him strength in increased measure and therefore he has no need to fear this time, the confessing in the last faith struggle. But it is bad for those whose house is built on light sand, whose faith is not enough alive, who lack power to believe, because they do not live in love and who therefore also lack the knowledge of the pure truth, which would let them confess me and my name full of conviction. These are to bring great sacrifices and do not know for what they take upon themselves this severe fate because they themselves inwardly doubt what they are to represent. They do not firmly stand in faith and therefore have little strength to resist. But it is not a matter of earthly life but of the life of the soul - and when men would keep in mind the words: Do not fear those who kill your body but cannot kill your soul - they would be strengthened in their faith and turn to him whom they are to confess. And they would certainly be helped to make the right decision of the will. I still will approach these men before in the word; I will point out to them the time of the faith struggle and direct their thoughts toward the predictions that come true. I will so clearly predict the signs to them that they are taken aback and then also pay more attention to the words that I will impart to them always and constantly. And the last is only possible when my word gains currency, when all possibilities are exhausted to make the fellow human beings aware of the supply of my word from above. What still can happen to save souls that I make possible and what will be done to spread my word that I further because I want that still many men are to hear what they have to expect in the coming time. I want that they become conscious of their responsibility; I want to make them attentive that they have to decide out of free will and that is why they are to strengthen their will by calling on Jesus Christ who takes care of everyone, who lends strength to the weakened will and is always prepared to take care of the souls, which have the earnest desire to remain loyal to God, and feel frightened by the earthly measures. He stands by you because when you call on him you confess to me, I who have become a conceivable God in Jesus Christ for you - I who draw all to me who want to confess him and his name before the entire world. Amen. B.D. NR. 5721.


Book 62 5743

Witnesses of the End on the New Earth for Descendants.

9. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5743.

And you will be my witnesses on the new earth; you will give evidence of me and my glory, of my might and love because you will experience it at the end of this earth - you will see me coming in the clouds in the bright shine of my majesty - you will experience my love when I rescue you from greatest trouble, when I rapture you in front of your fellow human beings who are out to kill you in true devilish mentality. You will experience the proofs of my might because also the last work of destruction on this earth will happen in front of you, and so you will enter the kingdom of peace with an experience that you are to keep in your memory to give evidence of me to posterity, men who only through handing down gain knowledge of the proceedings on the old earth, so that they also again pass it on and the knowledge therefore remains preserved for a long time on the new earth. You are to give evidence of me and my glory. A believing generation that is loyally devoted to me will inhabit the new earth, which has no doubts about my strength and might, my love and perfection. And as long as I myself can now stay among them because their faith and their love of me allows it, there will also be no testifying necessary of what you experienced - but as soon as new generations come from them, they also again have to be informed and the proceedings of the end of the old earth have to be specially emphasized so that also men who live now unite themselves closely with me, and are and remain my children. The living testimony will have an unusual effect on their hearts and also they are to announce in following times what has been given to them by you. The faith and the love of me will now survive for a long time, the human race will live in peace and unity for a long time, in harmony with infinity, in constant union with me, and my spirit will be able to flow into their hearts, and they will be able to hear my word and will be happy. And still also this state will change; the effect of counter forces will first be very weak, then will recognizably become stronger all the time - because the spiritual that is bound in the creation again gets to be embodied as man and so that it again matures differently, so that talents and desires in the state as man emerge that demand a greater change, that still again betray a faint resistance against me, and therefore men again will live on earth, which require special, effective means of education - and then it will be necessary to give them knowledge about the effects of a life that does not fulfil my will. Then again the fight between light and darkness will start because the desire for matter will again become stronger in the hearts of men; my word will no longer be able to be heard directly, and announcers of my word will speak to them on my behalf; and so that this happens lively, evidence is also to be given of the end of the old and the beginning of the new earth. And that is why you men of this earth who experience the end, who remain loyal to me until the end, also have an assignment on the new earth - see to it that the knowledge survives, that also the descendants once can keep these proceedings in mind, that they will be encouraged through this to remain in my will, that they will let me become alive in the heart and strive for me all the time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5743.


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