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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 61

B.D. NR. 5510 - B.D. NR. 5608
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Book 61 5522

Adoption as children of God on earth only. Further development in the hereafter.

01. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5522.

The process of maturation is always supported by God but in the stage of free will the spiritual can also offer resistance, and then the will of God steps back, und the will of man decides. When now the development of man does not go forward or even back, then the will of man has offered resistance to the effort of God to help him forward, and then the spiritual in man, the soul, has to also bear the consequences – a state in the hereafter, which is adapted to the still undeveloped spiritual – without light and without power. Resistance against God is always lack of light and power because alone from God light and power start and resistance against God always means rejection of his love power current. This state now can certainly also be changed in the hereafter but again only by giving up of resistance against God, therefore willing acceptance of that, which is also offered to him in the hereafter, but likewise without compulsion. But a great favour of God has been disregarded on earth; his loving help has been rejected, and this has understandable consequences, which never can be completely cancelled, which is why certainly an improvement of the state of misery can be achieved in the hereafter, but never will the same be achieved what was possible on earth – the adoption as child of God. It is furthermore not possible to arbitrarily again return to earth to make up for the failures. The free will of man has made a decision on earth, and according to it is the life in the otherworldly kingdom. But God’s great goodness and compassion helps all beings to happiness, and this happiness is possible in so many degrees, so that always the will of the being is taken into account. To reach a higher degree of happiness a repeated embodiment on earth is not allowed, however a soul can, driven by love and its over great will to help, ask God for a re-embodiment to carry out a mission on earth, which is for the salvation of earth souls. An increased degree of maturity is also a consequence of it, but which has to be acquired through an extreme difficult earth life. Besides is the soul, which now embodies itself on earth, in a certain degree of light, so that one cannot speak of an ascent development of an still imperfect being, which now through a repeated earth life wants to make up for that, which it neglected. For God also gives the soul in the hereafter the possibility to walk up, but the conditions for an ascent development now have to be others, because it left unused the allocation of favours, which the life on earth as man as such already was, because it has failed in free will and that is why it can also only under difficult conditions achieve that it becomes happy. Innumerable spheres are there and innumerable degrees of happiness. All souls can become happy and increase the degree of happiness through one’s own will. But the highest happiness of a child of God remains forbidden to the soul which failed on earth because it is possible to reach this degree on earth by the use of the favour of God in free will. The adoption as a child of God is the crowning event of a life on earth, which is completely led according to the will of God, in the most loyal love towards God and the neighbour – the adoption as a child of God is the gift of the heavenly father to his children, who use earth life to relinquish the last slag, who through a right love life during earth life become what they were from the very beginning – divine beings full of light and full of power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5522.


Book 61 5524

World Turning Point.

4. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5524.

The world turning point is shortly approaching. You men do not know what that means because a period of time ends what you do not think possible. A new redemption period begins under complete different conditions; a time period starts that cannot be compared to the present. A new world will come into being, i.e., the earth will bear complete new creations and men will be allowed to see these creations who still knew the ones of the old earth and who will enjoy the miracles of God that bear witness to his infinite might and wisdom and his exceedingly great love. Mankind is approaching the end because only few will experience the new earth and will be allowed to inhabit it. Because it requires a degree of maturity of its inhabitants because life on the new earth is completely different since men on it are in touch with the kingdom of the blessed spirits in such a way that they are allowed to associate with each other, will be taught and therefore are highly knowledgeable, what only mature souls can bear and therefore a high degree of development is a prerequisite which only few men reach on the old earth till the end. Time is drawing to its close. And as men are only in a low stage of knowledge they do not believe and grasp it and that is why they also do not do anything to reach higher maturity. They are also partly in anticipation of the dawning of a better time, that men will change and therefore a spiritual change will take place still on this earth as such an end as it lies ahead does not seem to be plausible. They would not believe that what yet irrevocably will come. The spiritual upward development is at stake, not the earthly ascent that appears to all men to be the most important matter. But the spiritual development is neglected and therefore makes life on this earth pointless. That is why it will be brought to an end even though it appears to be unfathomable to men that his earth is to cease to exist. The state of affairs on earth has become intolerable; darkness has been spread on earth that is almost impenetrable; earth has become unsuitable to be a school house of the spiritual and therefore has to be changed so that the actual purpose will again be fulfilled on it. Where there is still a spark of light there is also a connection to the spiritual kingdom and this bond remains in existence even if the earth ceases to exist in its old form, i.e., also on the new earth this light will be allowed to shine, it will be handed over to the new earth because it shone already as it were over the earth and therefore cannot be touched by the destruction of it. Men who seek close union with God will survive the end of this earth; they will be raptured and brought to the paradise of the new earth because they are no longer held back by the gravity of the earth but find the support in the spiritual kingdom in the last difficult days that still lie ahead for the earth. These therefore will experience the spiritual change but in another form than men imagine it. Everything will be changed; every single work of creation will be dissolved and the spiritual that is bound in form comes again to new progressive development in new forms on the new earth. Creations of most glorious nature will delight the human eye and an indescribable rejoicing will sound from the lips of those who are recognized to see the new creations and to compare them with the old ones on this earth. And it comes at it has been announced; the earth will cease to exist in the present form but it will arise anew and testify to the wisdom, omnipotence and love of God to the human race that emerges from the best of this earth, from those who recognize God, love him and remain loyal to him during the time of the most severe faith struggle that will precede the last end. You men are before the change of the world. Take care that you will experience it in the strength of faith and in the light of knowledge. Take care that you belong to those that will be taken from this earth to testify to God's might and glory on the new earth. Stretch your hands up to him that he will save you from darkness, that he fetches you to himself into his kingdom where again new assignments will be given to you - to glorify him and his name who rules the world from eternity to eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5524.


Book 61 5526

Spiritual Misery Greater Than Earthly. Activity of the Opponent.

6. November 1952. B.D. NR 5526.

The spiritual misery is yet much greater than the earthly because men no longer live in the truth and every error is an obstruction upward; every error is spiritual standstill or even decline because error is the work of my opponent to bar the way to me, to prevent men from finding it. Every error strengthens his might and always gives him new opportunities to spread darkness of night over men. Error is everything that contributes to make the recognition of myself more difficult; error is everything that hinders men to seek and find union with me. My aim and striving is that men unite with me; that they long for me and try to satisfy this longing of their heart. My aim is to win the love of my creatures. Everything that contributes to this is good and never the work of the opponent. But what hinders men to find this connection with me, everything that directs their looks elsewhere than towards me, is the work of my opponent. And therefore you can very easily recognize him in everything that is offered to you, may it be spiritual teachings, may it be messages from the spiritual kingdom, may it be events no matter what kind. You always have to clarify what is intended with that. And if it leads you away from me and to the world or makes the close union with me more difficult then you also know that my opponent is at work who wants to force you men aside from me. He also applies means that are to feign my activity; he is not afraid to seemingly work for me to win the gullible that do not recognize him and therefore accept what he offers. The gullibility of men favours his action because they accept without earnest checking the moment only an impulse is given that requires their belief. That is his cunning to seemingly strengthen the faith but still steer it into the wrong direction. Truth is constantly passed on to earth; continually it is carried to men and still thickest error and lies will be accepted much more likely by them than just one spark of truth that would enlighten their mental state. But my opponent has a firm base; he stands on a ground that has been made firm and lasting by men themselves. My opponent works there where men believe to have entered my territory. Also this is a cunning that again can only be exposed through pure truth that I bring to men through my word. However only with difficulty this my word finds entry there where the opponent has barricaded all gates with great care. And men place themselves behind my opponent and strengthen him in his might. That is why the spiritual trouble is so indescribable great and still not repairable by force because the free will of man itself has to strive to step into the light, then it also will soon brighten up in him, and then the ground underneath the feet of my opponent will begin to sway. But without truth the spiritual plight cannot be decreased because truth teaches love, but who has love also recognizes the activity of the opponent and he will free himself of him because through love he also feels the power in himself to escape from him because through love he establishes the union with me and I now give him my support by filling him with light and strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5526.


Book 61 5527

Convincing Confessing in Faith Struggle.

7. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5527.

If you want to be genuine confessors of my name then you also have to have deeply penetrated my love teaching; you have to know that love is first and of highest importance, that love wants to be practised to then also bring in to you the power to answer for me and my teaching. Because only love recognizes me; only through love man wins the conviction that I am God and redeemer; only through love faith becomes alive and this living faith then answers for me without fear. The confessing of my name will be the crowning moment of the faith struggle before the end of this earth and this confessing is also your victory. But who can convincingly confess me before the world? Not only your confession with the mouth will be demanded from you but this confession earns you earthly trouble and hardship; you will have to give away much when you want to remain loyal to me because stipulations will be made to you, sacrifices will be demanded from you that only he is prepared to do who has accepted me in his heart, who is so closely united to me through love that he feels my presence and this presence also gives him the power and certainty to represent me before the world also under loss of all that what he owns earthly. This is a great test of faith that only few will pass because the trouble in the end-times is great and only he who is firm in faith and serves in love will not mind it but firmly puts his trust in the help of the Lord. But then I will also dwell visibly among men who want to prove their loyalty to me and still are weak in the face of the inhuman action against the right confessors of my name. And then also the weak will be flooded with my power because I recognize his will and therefore I help him in every spiritual and earthly plight. I will always and constantly be among the ones who are mine when they mention my name in faith but I will also be visible to their earthly eyes where faith and trouble require this because I want to help those who are mine and do not let them defencelessly fall into the hands of the enemy. The courage of conviction of many will sink who still today think to be good Christians and representatives of my teaching because the measures of the earthly authority threatens them and they are not firm enough to resist because love does not give them power, because they only observe the course of the events with their intellect but are not inwardly united with me. And in this trouble that becomes greater and greater I come down to earth in great splendour and magnificence - to now help the ones who are mine, to snatch them away from their oppressors and to reward their loyalty by me guiding them to a place of peace and happiness. When the faith struggle flares up so violently that men will be forced to comment then my coming is to expected every day. Because I have given you the promise that I will shorten the days for the sake of the chosen to shorten their suffering and to give them the reward for the loyalty that they have proved to me and my word. I come to redeem you from all evil. Amen. B.D. NR. 5527.


Book 61 5528

Persecution of Disciples of the End-Times.

8. November 1952. B.D. NR 5528.

Like my first disciples you will be most violently attacked when the time has come when the decision for or against me has to be made. Then everybody will experience hostility who is for me, who represents me and my name before the world and you will need much strength to be able to resist their demands to renounce me and to recant all what you up to now have supported. But you will not be afraid because like my disciples you will, filled with my spirit, joyfully confess who your Lord is and your will will always be to remain loyal to me and as you know about my might and power you will not fear those that well can kill your body but not your soul. And I will bless you for it that you keep up my name, that you confess towards your fellow human beings that he alone is your strength. You will well be persecuted like my first disciples but not feel the oppression so much and everything that the enemy of the soul wants to do to you - will bounce off you because the shield of faith covers you. And like my disciples you will even then still win men for me that will be led to the faith through your example, who recognize a power in my name to which they willingly surrender. And they will receive the reward that I promised to all who believe in me - also they will harvest eternal life and be accepted into the kingdom of light. But only those will openly confess me who have found me, to whom my word brought light, who reached a living faith through love and therefore are also fully convinced that I save them from all trouble of body and soul. But who has not reached this deep living faith until the time of the faith struggle will easily give me up; the world lures him and without scruple he gives away what should be the highest for him on this earth - he gives up me because he never really recognized me. But you, my disciples of the end-times, you are to stand firm and the power will also abundantly reach you because your will to remain loyal to me also guarantees you my help and power supply in unrestricted measure. You only can lose the earthly life but also this will not end before it is my will; but then you exchange in return a wonderful life in the spiritual kingdom. But you will no longer give me away for promises no matter how great they are on the part of him who well can give earthly goods to you but not eternal happiness. You will well still have to fight on this earth but victory is certain for you because you fight with me and for me, you battle for my name and my love, you battle for truth, for light, for your happiness. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5528.


Book 61 5535

Work of Satan.

16. November 1952. B.D. NR 5535.

The demon from the underworld tries to gain access everywhere to sow hate and instigate confusion and he uses every opportunity that presents itself to him. He stirs men up against each other, he sows the seeds of discord and disunity, he proceeds with lies and so robs men of the peace that they need to find to God. For he wants to prevent that, he who is the opponent of God. And his influence can be strong when men are not on their guard and immediately turn to God when they realize that he is on the advance. A thought up only is already enough to resist him because his power is then broken where the power of God is called upon. He loathes the peace of a soul and he seeks to disturb this because then all other attacks are easier and successful for him. You men do not know how hostile he is towards you, how he hates everything that aims at God and how he never tires of causing you to fall. He can achieve nothing as long as you move in love; that is why he seeks to first suppress love in you, he seeks to irritate you inwardly and to scatter poison, to stir up in you base thoughts against your fellow human beings and rekindles where his thought has caught on in you. He is dangerous in his unkindness, his hate instigates greatest harm and you always have to be careful and nip in the bud the first unkind emotion by you sending a call to Jesus Christ that he redeems you from his power. He is afraid of this call and therefore seeks to confuse every clear thought in you - everything that makes you restless and nervous in the world is an effect from his side to confuse your thoughts because he then finds a good ground for his evil sowing. You men always bear in mind that the struggle between light and darkness is lasting permanently and that it is yourself about whom the battle rages. When you now consciously place yourself on the side of God then the opponent loses - but your power alone fails because then he is stronger than you when you do not call on the power of God through a call for help. Do not let yourself be put into a state of restlessness through fellow human beings, through events, through thoughts or experiences. Confront every anxious thought with a call for help up and peace will again return in you by you then being able to resist any temptation because the peace in God is a weapon with which you can oust him. Flee to him who is stronger than all tempters together. Do not give the opponent of God cause for being able to triumph over you - but always think of the fact that you alone are too weak to offer resistance, but are able to do everything with God who lets remain no call for help unheard. Amen. B.D. NR. 5535.


Book 61 5567

Forthcoming Turning Point.

31. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5567.

You can announce a new time to all men because a turning point is forthcoming for you. And I also want that you my servants on earth always mention this my announcement; I want that men gain knowledge about it also when they do not want to believe it. Their thoughts are to be directed towards the coming events, towards the time that will also seem to be strange to an unbelieving man. They are to get to know about a powerful change of their living conditions first, a very clear pointer to the end that will follow not long after that. They are to hear about this change because then their faith can come to life when it happens, when they observe world events and all signs are clearly recognizable that you have predicted to them. A new time is coming and I do not announce it to you men for no reason. You are still walking your way off from me; in your life I am only seldom or not at all present, but I want that you come to me, that you call for me, that you always let me lead the way, that you live your life not without me. That is why I again and again let my call sound until you will hear it so clearly that you follow my call. And that is why my servants on earth are to bear witness to men of that what lies ahead for them - that everything will come differently than they wish and hope for. Soon the last phase before the end begins; soon the last faith struggle will break out that is however preceded by a powerful shockwave of the earth that should make all men think and that nevertheless will be recognized by only few as a last warning cry and exhortation from above. Believe it, you men, you still have to walk a hard road but it is passable for you with my power and that is why I want to offer to you my power first, also you who not yet believe in me. Call on me in trouble and you will visibly experience my help, but do not leave yourself to the powers of darkness, do not curse, grumble and complain when you are painfully affected by that what irrevocably comes and has to come. Think about things, when a decision is demanded from you for or against me. Think about things, that I can give and take, but always want to give to you what is helpful for eternity. Do not let yourself be beguiled by promises of an earthly kind, you will lose everything again - but what you gain spiritually that stays with you and will make you happy for evermore. You are before a world turning point - earthly and spiritually a change is in store for you; you men are standing in the centre of a powerful event; rely on me, your God and father from eternity, and you will remain out of danger when everything around you ceases to exist because I myself am your might and strength, I myself am Lord of life and death. Who is with me, who stands at my side, certainly has to fear nothing because he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5567.


Book 61 5570

Counter effect of Satan Where There is Spiritual Striving.

4. January 1953. B.D. NR 5570.

The opponent of God will always be working where work is done for God and his kingdom. Because his might is at stake that decreases to the same extent as the souls turn to the kingdom of God. And his work will always aim at throwing men into doubt, to present to them a false knowledge and so to make use of men that themselves do not have the truth because these willingly support error and error is a good soil for God opposing powers. Who works for the kingdom of God will find many opponents because his kingdom is not that what men seek and want. His kingdom requires turning away from the world and its pleasures, and only few are prepared for this, but most of them remain loyal to the world and therefore also to him who is lord of this world. But he who now announces the kingdom of God frequently encounters resistance and his work is unsuccessful. But that is a sign that he wants to bring the divine to men, that the majority of men are hostile towards him. These want to see success, they want to acquire tangible goods, they want to be in high standing on earth, and all this the kingdom of God does not offer them - and that what it offers to them they do not desire - spiritual goods that follow them into eternity. More and more the world will emerge, hedonism and good living of the body will be indulged in excessively and to the same extent the desire for the life of the soul hardens until finally a pitiful spiritual body leaves the earth that cannot enter into God's kingdom. Everywhere where spiritually striving men are, the counteracting forces start to move because the opponent of God knows that he no longer has much time. But his work before the end is alarming because men go into his net with open eyes; they prefer to follow him than the messengers of God that announce his kingdom to the peoples of the world. Because God does not emerge visibly in order to let men have free will, but he is recognizable when one wants to recognize him. Because his messengers bring his word to men, his messengers again announce the pure teaching of Christ, his messengers admonish to love and want to help men that they do not blindly go to ruin. God and his kingdom is no longer recognized, his messengers are rejected, and life of men is not according to the will of God, it is not based on the commandment of the love of God and of the neighbour - because one is opposing it who always succeeds there where the eye is directed towards the world, because he will be rather heard than the announcers of the kingdom of God. Still the workers in the vineyard of the Lord are not to grow weary and are not to fear the powers of darkness. And even if they are only few who desire light, they will receive it and again radiate light, and also rays will fall into the darkness and there again show some the way that leads to God's kingdom. The work of the servants of God will not be done in vain because he himself is behind it with his power of love, and he blesses every activity that is carried out for him and his kingdom. And his kingdom remains when the kingdom of the world ceases to exist, his kingdom accepts all that seek for it, that do not desire the world but gave themselves to God who now opens up his kingdom to them in all its glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 5570.


Book 61 5571a

Formalities, rituals. Right worship.

6.1.1953. B.D. NR. 5571a.

Seek the core and do not enjoy the shell. How urgently I would like to urge you men to do this, that all formalities do not get you one step further, that only your inner life has to be awakened, that you can only then show a spiritual success when you strive spiritually. And as long as the external is still worth something to you, as long as you are still captivated by rituals, so long you cannot yet be introspective, because as soon as you direct your spiritual eye inwards, all externals have an effect on you like shades, you close the eyes and turn away from external splendour and ceremonial acts, because you then see the right light inside, which goes out from myself, which I arouse in every man who truly strives inside, who makes an effort to establish the right union with me, who now works on himself - who earnestly and truly seeks me. From him I let myself be found, and he will then also understand why I want to be called upon in spirit and in truth. But bear in mind that my kingdom is not of this world. So what still belongs to this world is a barrier to the spiritual world, to my kingdom, where material things no longer exist; Bear in mind that all matter is still controlled by him who rules in the world, and that it is his effort to offer you glitter and splendour, matter which blinds the eyes, to darken me to you through it, to keep you away from true spiritual striving; bear in mind that he makes use of everything which is still his part, to endanger you. Who earnestly seeks union with me, he may go into his closet and there call upon me, i.e., he may withdraw into silence and direct his thoughts inwards, and he will certainly find me; whereas a man will hardly be able to collect his thoughts where the world so obviously presents itself to him, where the eye can only always see and no true devotion is. I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry, because the idol is paid tribute to which still animates all matter. My kingdom is not of this world. My words were so clear, and everyone could understand them and will also understand them, who earnestly strives for me and my kingdom. But you do not find my kingdom in the world, which still belongs to my opponent. Give up all externals when you want to serve me right; make a point of my love teaching only; follow it eagerly, and you then serve me so that I find pleasure in it. B.D. NR. 5571a.


Book 61 5572

He Knows that He No Longer Has Much Time.

9. January 1953. B.D. NR 5572.

The present time is very much under the influence of my opponent even though this is not to mean that I hold back with my might, with my love and favour. But men themselves grant him more rights through their will, their way of thinking, their acting and speaking. They therefore go away from me and can no longer feel my radiation of love which effects could liberate them from the influence of the opponent. It is the end-times; the time as it is written: He knows that he no longer has much time. And that is why he rages especially conspicuously and still will not be recognized by men. And my opponent fights there particularly fierce where the thriving towards me is visible. That will always be the explanation for you when spiritually striving men come into conflict with themselves or with their surroundings. Spiritual striving, i.e. the turning of looks towards me, loathes my opponent, it fills him with hate and vandalism, it gives him the most shameful ideas, and the effects are clearly felt among my children, among those who want to serve me loyally, among those who are to receive and carry out light into the world. Because he interferes with his will-o'-the-wisp, the light from above is in his way and he wants it to go out. He fights for every soul that he is threatened to lose and as the majority of men follows him voluntarily he gets angry about every soul that recognizes him and breaks away from him. It is an emanation of the times that is understandable to that man who knows about the cause and purpose of the ending of this period of the earth, who knows about the struggle between light and darkness and about the nearby end. And the more this is approaching the more vehemently he will rage and cause confusion among the ones who are mine because every cunning, every lie is all right with him, he unscrupulously makes use of all weapons, also when it means death for the soul for which he fights. He will appear under a mask and will often be difficult to be recognized; he will also turn up among the ones who are mine and deceive all that will let themselves be deceived from his mask. And I do not resist him because until the end of this world he has might and power and can put them to the test, but to the same extent I am also ready with my gifts of favour that, if they are used, will bring in victory over him in the day of judgement. It has to come true what has been announced to you men previously for a long time. And to this also belongs the raging of Satan in the last times before the end. But for all of you a way always remains that leads out of the chaos, a refuge remains for you towards which you can rush in every danger. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Carry your suffering, your anxious questions, your fears and worries, your doubts to me. I am always ready for you, I will help you and give you strength when you are weak, I will lead you out of the trouble of your souls. Because he who seriously seeks me has no need to fear to fall into the hands of my opponent as I am already with him who longs for me. A small interval still and the flame will blaze up that my opponent ignites to hide himself in this blaze of light; his time is not yet complete, therefore he works to a greatest extent and makes good use of the time. But it will come to an end when this is my will. Because I indeed rule over heaven and earth, over the good and the bad spirit world and nothing can happen without my will or my permission. And it is my will that he will be bound for thousand years - that for a time the might and power over the human race will be taken from him; it is my will that peace once comes over men, that they, who have proved to be mine, will be redeemed from his power; it is my will that the ones who are mine carry off the victory over him, therefore I also will not leave them in times of hardest struggle, I will always be present and will not allow that you will be harried above your strength. And I only want to be allowed to be always present, i.e., you are despite of all challenges from his side to remain in love because then I myself can be with you and he then has to step aside from you whom he now has finally lost to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5572.


Book 61 5588

False Gods. Divine Admiration. (Antichrist?)

28. January 1953. B.D. NR 5588.

You are not to make false gods for yourself that you worship; you are not to let yourself be blinded by nice speeches to which you listen in ecstasy; you are not to listen to those who promise you good days on earth, who want to persuade you to belong to them and to strengthen their power; you are not to strive for connections to high-ranking personalities to win their favour; you are also not to feel yourself being associated with those who appear unusually, who have power that you lack as long as you are not completely convinced that they are my representatives on earth which I well supply with power but have not placed so high that you look up to them. You are not to show divine reverence to men who are above you because I do not want that one is placed above the others even if he is entitled to it through authority. Only for the sake of human order I have placed authority above you that you are well to obey, but that you are not to elevate to gods because they will then be only idols to you that are and remain dead and cannot give life to you. You are all to be brothers and live like brothers among each other and when one is among you who is rich in experience, who is noble and good and whom you like to grant pre-eminence among you then it is to be only a proof of love from brother to brother but not a humble subjection and with it an ennobling of the brother above you. You are to be careful not to show divine admiration to a man because then you have foreign gods next to me. And who lets himself shown divine reverence, who feels to be superior to the fellow human beings, who abuses his authority to oppress his subordinates, he is not mine but belongs to my opponent because he does according to his commandment since my commandment is only love and nobody will rule who has love in himself. I also do not want that you look up to those who are like you men unless they outclass you in love and virtues and you seek to follow them. But these will demand no honour, no idolization from you but will reject it as being attached only to me. But who accepts honour, who puts up with even only the smallest glorification, who waits to be elevated by his fellow human beings, who rates himself to be higher than his fellow humans, is already inspired by the spirit of him who wanted to lift himself up above me to rule and completely disregarded love. And this one can never ever work in my name on earth because he pursues worldly aims; he still seeks on earth the height and will never reach it. Know that only the humble finds favour before my eyes and this alone should be a warning to you when a man lets divine admiration be shown to him. Therefore be careful and do not let yourself be blinded by the glitter of stars that will yet flash in front of you, but which have themselves put on a shining garment to feign light to you. Be vigilant because my light gives off a mild shine, my light does not radiate outwardly but who carries it in the heart goes along humbly and no longer seeks what belongs to the world. But the prince of darkness is arrogant and wants to carry weight before the world. At that you will always recognize which spirit speaks out of men who want to bring salvation to you and the knowledge will prevent you to bow the knees before him who is my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 5588.


Book 61 5589

Sudden End in the Midst of Frenzy of Worldly Pleasures.

29. January 1953. B.D. NR 5589.

In the frenzy of worldly pleasures men do not pay attention to the signs from above and the end is approaching fast. The world has their senses spellbound; the spirit is completely befuddled; they respect no God and do not fear any might above them because they are content with the measures of the earthly rulers whom they cheer all the more the more worldly they are and promise them worldly improvements. It is a state like at the time of the flood; the increased joys of living prevent them from any spiritual thought and the fulfilment of their wishes and desires is sinful because they are no longer moderate and enjoy unbridledly and through this place themselves completely into the hands of the opponent of God. And with these men he has his game in his hand; he lured with earthly goods and won them surprisingly fast. But his victory means death for men, the death of the body and of the soul, because the end is not to be long in coming; the end comes in the midst of the frenzy of the pleasures, unexpectedly and so fast that nobody is able to think about things und escape is no longer possible. They could well have recognized it that it is just before midnight because all signs spoke for it, but they plugged their ears and eyes so that they need not hear and see what they did not want to hear and see. And so the end comes surprisingly. When lust and vice have culminated, when sin gets out of hand that it can no longer be called to halt through warnings and exhortations of the servants of God - then judgement has to come that has been announced always and constantly. That is why you are to pay attention to the signs; an earthly prosperity will be recognizable that means uninhibited enjoyment of life for worldly people who now seek to get whatever is possible out of the world. At the same time the warnings of their believing brothers will be uncomfortable and troublesome for them and that is why they will be hostile towards them to such an extent that a time of trouble begins for the believers for the sake of the name of Jesus because his teaching will be made the aim of the attacks of the sinful people and because everybody who confesses Jesus and his teaching will be robbed of that what is necessary for his life. But this time of trouble will pass for the good of the believers because their faith will become stronger and stronger because obviously a power from above is supplied to them and because they can hear the word of God directly or through his messengers. And that is the time that still lies ahead of you, that will come irrevocably and that has to be overcome as it is now a matter of separating the goats from the sheep because a clarification of the mentality of the individual has to come because the individual has to decide for or against God and such a decision is supposed to take place in complete free will and that is why also an oppression on the part of earthly authority is allowed but as also favours from above give unusual strength to those who want to use them in faith in God - in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world. Men will still have to experience hard times but blessed who feels life to be hard. Because the others will perish because they did pay attention to no signs, because they fear nothing for themselves and therefore have to face adjudication on the day of judgement when the end of this earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5589.


Book 61 5590

Sudden Recall.

30. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5590.

Nobody knows when his hour has come and nobody knows in which state he will enter the spiritual kingdom; but everybody can make an effort to live in such a way that he does not have to fear the last hour. And as men now live from day to day without thinking, as they forget how quickly they can be recalled, they no longer remember their purpose in life and only live for this earthly world, they will frequently be reminded of the end through the sudden recall of fellow humans that lets them think after all for a short time of what also still lies ahead of them and can lie ahead very soon. Everything happens to encourage men to think and when the one is without effect than something more powerful comes that startles men and lets them recognize the vanity of earthly life. And who pays attention sees how everything points to the end, who pays attention also recognizes the signs of the times, the spiritual low of men and the urgency of help if not all are to get lost. But what can set someone thinking at that the other carelessly goes past - whatever happens, it does not touch him, and these are those who are obviously given an earthly good living. But do not be surprised at this because they have lost their award. On earth they will be given plenty because they then have to expect nothing more; they will be supplied with everything from below what they desire. And do not envy these because their fate is certainly not desirable. But they will be the ones who oppose everything what points towards God, to the end and to judgement. They will stir up hatred and will make inciting speeches because they are under the influence of Satan who will be exceedingly active in the latter times. They will also agree with him who issues laws against the believers; they will strengthen him in his power and therefore will be distinguished and honoured on earth and own everything what they strive for but their souls are devilish and therefore can only receive that reward that they are entitled to. Prosperity will be noticeable but also the misery and trouble of those who are loyal to God and have to confess this openly before the world. But you men are to watch out for this, that it is an unmistakable sign of the nearby end when the crass difference openly comes to light and then hold out patiently because then also soon the day of your redemption has come. Still much is going to happen to shake men up and every thinking man will collect himself and still change but men on whom all this does not leave its mark will have to pay for it for an endless long time that they keep their ears closed to all warnings and exhortation from above; they will have to take the fate on themselves that they strive for - they themselves will become matter, that alone they desire. Amen. B.D. NR.5590.


Book 61 5598

I Am From Eternity. Lucifer's Creation.

10. February 1953. B.D. NR 5598.

I am from eternity and I will be until all eternity. I am the highest and most perfect being and out from me innumerable beings came likewise in perfection because I could create nothing but perfectness. And so also this beingness that was created by me was full of might and power, it was not limited in its work; it so could create and form like me because it used my power which it received from me without restriction. The radiating of power into my creatures was a process that made me unspeakably happy and always encouraged my will to love afresh to provide my creatures with my power. But I kept doing this over my first created being to make it happy in the same way and to stimulate it to creative activity. But my radiation of love no longer found resonance there - the first created being did not recognize me as source of the power but assumed itself to be the producer of this power because it could create in free will and therefore also wanted to acknowledge nobody above itself. And that was its ruin because by its own will it left me and therefore also love, even though it remained strong and powerful because I did not withdraw my power from a being that my love had created. So it well kept its power but it was now no longer a power of love that had a building up effect but had a destroying, disintegrating effect because it lacked love. Yet still this being remained my creature because my love cannot turn away from the products of my love. But this being had a beginning, a commencement, whereas I am from eternity. Alone this already should have given this first created being the proof that it was not the highest, the first being, because it knew about its beginning. And this knowledge had to let excessively arouse its love towards me, the being that let it rise up, because it was over happy in its state that was created by me perfectly and it could constantly increase its happiness through creating beings alike to it. And also this ability to create had to remind it of him who also had given life to it. The knowledge was in it, the first created spirit, it therefore was the light bearer, that could impart all its knowledge to those beings that came from its will, but that all had my power as original substance, that all were born out of love, that flowed through the first created spirit all the time and took its beginning from me. And in spite of this knowledge, in spite of the brightest light that shone through it, the being fell. It turned away from me, it pushed back eternal love, it no longer used its power in my will, but against me. But it could not leave me. It also could no longer cease to exist - even though it once took its beginning because it was power from me that eternally could never cease to exist. It only could have a negative effect, up to a point, to change to a positive power when this point is overstepped. But I never cease to exist and what once went out from me without fail also returns to me. But then it has undergone a change, that it recognizes itself as light spark, that it heads for the eternal light, that it finds happiness with me and in me, that I now shine through it with my love power until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5598.


Book 61 5606

Effect of Antichrist Before the End.

19. February 1953. B.D. NR 5606.

The effect of Antichrist in the end-times will accelerate the end because now the trouble of the ones who are mine increases highly and makes my coming necessary to make an end to this trouble. Antichrist only has the one aim to dethrone me and to place himself on the throne, i.e., to completely take from men the belief in a God and creator from eternity, to be so much the higher held in great esteem himself, to be honoured and feared like God. He does not want to own the love of men, only their subservience; he wants to have the power over everything and therefore to be the overall ruler. But as long as men are still believing, as long as they recognize a power over them, to which they one day have to answer, they will not obey the wishes of him, who demands from them what is adverse to God. And that is why Antichrist will take action against this power by seeking to wipe out the belief in me, and this by brutal means that will make it difficult for the ones who are mine to remain loyal to me. But the strength from me for this reaches them generously. I will reveal myself to them to such an extent that they will always be strengthened in faith, that they take upon themselves all iniquity in the knowledge that I alone can take and give and I certainly will repay them for what is imposed on them earthly. Antichrist's striving is to wipe out the Christian teaching - the prevention of all knowledge about Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world. He declares open enmity towards me. And that is his end. My opponent will embody himself in a man who is completely in bondage to him, i.e., he will completely own his soul and for the time being will deceive men through proceedings (merits) of every description that will secure him exceedingly great popularity. And his speaking and acting will be a mask under which the most evil mentality is hidden. He will be a master in the art of understanding how to conceal arrogance, lying, profit-seeking, but lack of love will soon unmask him, i.e. only in front of the ones who are mine, because facing his followers he feigns understanding for all sufferings but he does not seek to alleviate them but only contributes to the increase of these sufferings. The believer will recognize him because he has to suffer much under his rule but he who obeys his wishes, who openly renounces me, he will be treated as friend by him and honoured and respected earthly. And so soon two parties will be formed - the majority will cling to him and only a very small crowd will remain loyal to me in their mentality and action. And these will be endangered all the time because my opponent urges on men to harm them in every way. Antichrist repays such actions against the ones who are mine to also bring the last believers to fall away that still resist him. A bitter time of trouble will begin for the ones that are mine and still it will be bearable because they are allowed to receive an unusual gift of favour - because I show myself where men look like weakening. I know the will and attitude of every individual that is meant for me and I certainly do not let my opponent gain the upper hand over his soul. Moreover the end is nearby and my believers are in the heart loyally devoted to me, that is why I can also appear extralegally to give them strength. And many will get to see me and then no power of the world can put them off believing in me. Then they also joyfully lay down their life when I would demand it. But I bring to an end the cruel play of my opponent. When he thinks he has won it then I will come in the clouds and judge the living and the dead. I will fetch the ones that are mine before I execute the work of destruction at the earth and all its inhabitants. The trouble before will be great but my love will save you and my might will put in chains him who is against me because his time is up. Amen. B.D. NR. 5606.


Book 61 5607


20. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5607.

Only a small crowd will be able to see me in all magnificence at the end of the earth and this it is that will be raptured in front of their fellow human beings that are exposed to bodily and spiritual death. Because as soon as those have left earth these fall prey to destruction, i.e. everything that lives in, on and above it will be eaten up by the flames that burst out of earth and leave out no work of creation. But the ones that are mine will not be affected by this work of destruction because I already fetch them away beforehand and the sight of their sudden rapture will plunge men into horror because the ones that are mine disappear upward in front of them. But only the ones that are mine can see myself when I will come in all splendour and majesty. I remain invisible to the others because never will he see me in my glory who has become a slave to my opponent. But before they come round on account of the supernatural phenomenon of a rapture the end has already come - the earth will open and devour all that have fallen away from me and remain so until the end. The process of the rapture is not comprehensible to men of this earth because something takes place that is completely unlawful, something unnatural, which remains implausible to all who do not believe in me and know about my plan of salvation from eternity. And still it comes as I announce it to you - I transport men still living in their body to a place of peace in a moment, but they themselves will experience these proceedings consciously and will be full of rejoicing and praise for me. Because they have passed the test of loyalty, they are now to receive the reward for their love for me and the faith in me and I open paradise for them. A new redemption period begins and the ones who are mine will be the stock of the new generation on the new earth. Only faith can grasp such, but the intellect resists it and doubts until the day has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5607.


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