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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 60

B.D. NR. 5405 - B.D. NR. 5509
5427 5428 5433 5445 5458  5467 5471


Book 60 5427

Camouflage of Satan Where Light is Passed On to Earth.

3. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5427.

Satan works with much cunning and deceit and puts on a disguise so that it is difficult to recognize him because he often works in the same form as my chosen ones to weaken my work. There where I give light it is his permanent work to make its shine ineffective, to let the light go out or to prevent my light to touch you men. Because truth is for him the danger to be recognized as my opponent and that is why he often will use the same means to now win followers for him so that my soft light no longer is observed. He is always anxious to weaken my influence on men, he takes centre stage for himself and wants that he is acknowledged as divine because he then thinks to have won his game when he can dethrone me and take my place in men's hearts. And he also will have much success as men rob themselves of their knowledge, when they only have one fault that is akin to the opponent, when they have an arrogant spirit, thus do not approach me in deepest humility, which then also protects them from influences that are not divine. My opponent often confuses the thinking of men, my opponent showers them with words of praise and acknowledgement that chase away all humility and who now lays claim to such words for himself is also already subordinate to him, he has fallen into his hands and has become a welcome victim for his plan to endanger the pure truth, the light from above, through apparent likewise work that however does not start in me but is feigned with my opponent to confuse men and at the same time to reject with this work the work of my spirit that is pure truth. And so you will now also understand my warning of false prophets. Because there where true prophets are, there will also always appear false prophets or be recognizable, that always emerge in likewise way and still are not sent by me. And that is how my opponent can surely be recognized, that he always arrives there where a great spiritual action has been initiated, where therefore the world of light obviously contacts the earth and where divine work is undoubtedly recognizable. There also the opponent spreads himself out and he takes his place among those who aim at me and he in a way takes up for himself the divine allocation of favour to then go on from that and to slowly but surely do counter work until he manages that the truth is suppressed and his work is given special emphasis. Truth well asserts itself but does not force its acceptance where the will is weak and therefore surrenders to the opponent once more. Free will, that I always respect, makes it well possible that also my opponent spreads himself out because no resistance is offered to him, but my children on earth will never be deluded by his light of deceit that they can recognize because it does not radiate true light. But I have always and constantly warned you of false Christs and false prophets, therefore pay attention to it because that is how I myself also have confirmed them. They will come and they are already there - and in the times of the end you will still often hear of such; but where false ones are there also genuine ones have to be and that is why you are to check. And again I tell you: Apply a standard to the fullness of light to that what is offered to you as divine truth - when you accept something that has been proved that it gets you knowledge, therefore light, then it has gone out from me and the prophets are genuine, i.e. are active on my behalf - but what gives you unclear expressions, what is apparent light only, what well appears to be alike but what shows to be deception after earnest examination, that reject as deception of the opponent who with increased eagerness tries to have an effect on all whom he fears to lose. Because he takes every opportunity where he can oust me from the hearts of men but he is recognizable - because he lacks wisdom and that is why everything is without wisdom what he lets light up as light of deceit through the will of those men who are still slaves to him because they still wear his characteristic features - spiritual arrogance, worldly mind and love of self and who therefore wear a mask under which my opponent can hide. Amen. B.D. NR. 5427.


Book 60 5428

Forgive us our debts.

4. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5428.

Forgive each other, as I forgive you. You men too often still let hostility rule; you cannot yet give love to your enemies and forgive them the debt; you are still filled with anger against them; you wish them no good, even so you refrain from evil wishes; you do not practise the necessary patience and flare up, so you get insulted and therefore live nowhere near the succession of Jesus. Love has not yet become so powerful in you that it no longer leaves space for a hostile thought. You do not see the brother in your neighbour; otherwise you would forgive him and did not feel an injury to your feelings so severe. And I am still to forgive your debt you who still act to me just as hostile, otherwise you would be without debt. My love towards you is extremely great, and the serious request for forgiveness of your debt lets you become free of your debt. And nevertheless I must place conditions on it that you also forgive your debtors, so you want to gain my forgiveness. I must do it for that reason, because you are still to firmly resolve to no longer do sin and because for this intention also love towards the neighbour must be in you, who has become guilty towards you. You are to love your neighbour like yourself. You are to hold no sin debt against him, because every hostile thought is not suitable to awaken counter love, whereas love, which you show your enemy, also awakens in him stirrings, which are to be assessed positive. Every unpleasant thought towards a man is taken up by evil powers and transmitted to him, and it can have no good effect, because evil just bears evil and for that reason is only returned evil, what quickly increases the power of evil and for that reason therefore has a negative effect. But you are to oppose evil with good, to lessen and to change to good, what is evil. You are to send out good thoughts and also wish your enemies only good, because by this you chase away bad powers, because the good thoughts have a redeeming effect, therefore soothe resentment and hate, awaken again good stirrings and can even change the enemy to a friend, because love power always has a good effect. For that reason you are to then only find forgiveness with me, when you have also forgiven your debtors, because how can I be lenient with you, you who still judge severely and have enemies, because you yourselves keep up the hostility? When my love forgives you the debt, so also let your love be lenient. Think good of your enemies; forgive those, who have insulted you; always let love judge in you, and it will certainly want to forgive, because where love is, feelings of hate and revenge cannot exist; where love is, I am myself, and I truly do not judge without love; I forgive you your debt, as you forgive your debtors. Amen. B.D. NR. 5428.


Book 60 5433

Premature Recall.

9. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5433.

I still have to let great compassion rule and give away much favours to protect men from the last fall. I have to prematurely call away many men and approach many in unusual plight otherwise they would be at the mercy of him who wants to corrupt them. A great lamentation will be on earth because men still living do not know that it is a great act of favour for my part when I end the life of those that they lament; they do not know that they should thank me because in merciful love I do a work of love with them; they do not know that time soon has come to an end that is still granted to them. But I know about every human feeling, I know it where there is still the possibility to mature in the kingdom on the other side but what then would no longer be possible on earth but definitely a fall into the deep would occur when I would leave those men alive. Believe it you men that I make an effort for your souls with love and patience; believe it that I do not condemn but try to save until the end and that I very well know which man is in danger to get lost if I do not throw the last sheet anchor over to him - bodily death, to be able to still awake to life in the spiritual kingdom. My love never ends and the greater the spiritual trouble of my children is on earth the more my love and compassion appears even if you men do not recognize this. I do not want your downfall, I want your ascent, I do not want that you sink into darkness but I want that you enter into bright heights and what I still can do for you and your eternal life that I certainly do in the times until the end although it appears to you as cruelty because you do not know about the depth of my love that encompasses all my creatures. I do not leave you without a fight to my opponent but I can only oppose him with love and therefore also call you away out of love when the only thing that you can still expect on earth is death, spiritual death, which is so terrible that I take pity and want to protect you from it. You men will be able to experience my favour and compassion till the end but where I oppose pure devils there also this my favour and compassion will be rejected and then they themselves create their fate because if I call away these men prematurely they also would not have the possibility to ascend in the spiritual kingdom because they ceaselessly head for the deep and have to once again go the way of banishment, the way through hard matter that will always be the stay of the spiritual that is completely hardened and needs endless long time until its resistance is broken and it again can strive upward. This is irrevocably the fate of those who fail on earth and that is why my compassion and favour still wants to try to save you men from this fate - that is why still much suffering and trouble will go over the earth before the end has come. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5433.


Book 60 5445

God as Master Teacher. Truth - Light.

22. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5445.

Excerpt only.

Because also my opponent fights with toughness and all means available to him. He is also not afraid to apparently accept the truth, to place himself likewise as servant of mine, in order to use it against me at the first best opportunity and to clearly go over to the opposite - to dismiss everything what he supported previously.


Book 60 5458

Strength of the Light From Above. Light of Deceit of Satan.

10. August 1952. B.D. NR 5458.

An exceedingly bright light shines where divine truth is directed to earth. And where there is light there is also the way clearly visible and man cannot go wrong. So therefore the truth is the signpost to me. But truth is not gladly accepted and that is why men are often on the wrong track completely whereas they could easily find the right way. But this is a sign that the end is nearby because darkness will be great in the end so that nobody finds the way to me anymore because Satan rages as he has never raged before. He knows that his time is up and that is why he does everything to put off the light, to darken the way, because he still has power in darkness while the light clearly lets me be recognizable and men who walk the enlightened way longingly stretch out their hands to me - and so my opponent loses them finally. And so you men also know, that and why everywhere action is taken against the pure truth that starts with me myself. You will now understand that the acceptance of the truth is a rarity, whereas the majority of men reject what alone could be to their salvation. A light bearer cannot be attacked because I myself protect him but he will be pestered from all sides to drop the light; through lights of deception and fraud they want to cause the soft shine of heavenly light to fade; often they want to cover it up because they are afraid of the shine when it sheds light upon the night in which men feel fine because they are afraid of the light in their sinfulness. Satan will send escorts to the light bearers that seemingly place themselves in the shine of the light but mind you, to seek to dim it so that it loses its effect. But the light from above has strong power. Again and again it will lighten up the way that leads up. It will chase away the many shades and dark figures so that they cannot harass those who walk on this way with their eyes turned toward me. Even when also Satan has great power in the end, he succumbs to my light of love from above and that is why all who are in his service flee from it; they visit lights of deceit that only blind their eyes and let the darkness feel still stronger than before. My word is truth, my word is the light that shines so brightly that every untruthfulness is exposed; and that is why nobody has to fear darkness who accepts my pure word from above into his heart. Satan has lost power over him because I already have taken possession of him and will also no longer abandon him for ever or let him fall into his hands. Amen. B.D. NR. 5458.


Book 60 5467

Satan Rages With Increased Might. End-Time.

21. August 1952. B.D. NR. 5467.

The signs will increase that point to the end. And the activity of Satan will emerge more and more clearly because all who aim for me will get a taste of his hostile activity. He will also try to throw them into doubt and confusion and often not without success. But I protect the ones who are mine and examine his activity so that it will be recognizable to all who earnestly have me as their aim. They are the signs of the times because the forces of darkness are ceaselessly active because it is drawing to a close. But I say to you be on your guard and pray and always only rely on me and he will not be able to harm you. Light and darkness are fighting with each other because darkness hates the light and will therefore always make itself felt as shadow where a bright light shines. But I also have the power to chase away such shadows and brighter than ever the light will shine. But you will never be allowed to enjoy rest; it will remain a permanent fight with my opponent as long as you dwell on earth. Because until the end he will try to harm you because he knows that he has lost you and because he thinks he can win you back. The hostilities on the part of those who are in bondage to him will increase and that the more the brighter you shine what he very well recognizes. But he hates the light because he hates the truth and that is why he takes action against the truth. Therefore as long as you try to spread the truth on earth, to carry out my word to your fellow human beings, so long he will also be after you as enemy and try to ruin you. And openly he will attack the truth; he will try to slander you who speak out in favour of the pure truth; he will make you out to be swindlers to also make the spiritual goods that you represent to be implausible - but still not assert himself against you because behind you and the truth I stand myself. But he will manage to scatter you - my representatives; he will succeed to isolate you because the teamwork does not suit him, because he reckons to be successful in the fight against the individual. But also then I still protect the light, the pure truth, which he will not be able to refute. But you are to be vigilant and pray - because you are always in danger to become weak when you are not calling on me for protection against all hostilities of the opponent. Because the end is nearby and even if he rages with increased might - his time has come when he will be bound as it has been announced. And the truth will assert itself and help all to happiness that listen to it and so accept the light that I let shine to help them to reach out of darkness of spirit, out of night of death, to the light, to life, and to become happy through the truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5467.


Book 60 5471

Shortening of Days. No Deficiency.

25. August 1952. B.D. NR 5471.

The spiritual development of men only progresses minimal; a frightening state has arisen; only few men increase their degree of maturity; but the whole remains on always the same level with visible deviation down. And if an end of this earth would not have been scheduled in the plan of salvation from eternity then men with higher degree of maturity would also still again be thrown back into the deep. But for the sake of the chosen God has shortened the days. The complete decline and falling away from God is no longer stoppable, that is why the shortening of the days is no longer a deficiency for fallen mankind but still a salvation for the ones who can only asserts themselves with difficulties, which have to struggle terribly to offer resistance to the assault from below. Mankind steers toward the end because it itself speeds it up, because for the sake of the believers the days will be shortened; it just accelerates the end because it is clearly recognizable that there is no longer salvation for men and therefore the days for these will not be shortened where they still could become blessed. They have finally decided on the opponent of God and that is why only God's children are to be helped so that they stand firm in the last distress on this earth. And so salvation will come to these children of God suddenly and unexpectedly - before they become staggering because Satan does not stop until he gets bound. All possibilities will be exhausted before to still promote the spiritual development of men - but without success as God knows it since eternity. Men will be willing to listen to no admonition and warning; they only know one aim - to live on earth in enjoyment and pleasure - and they reject everything that might hinder them at that or are hostile towards it. They mock God and even more his servants. The time has come about which it is written: It will be as in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage - until the day of judgement. Men really no longer lose anything when the earth gets destroyed because what they own is so worthless and what is of worth they no longer strive for, but the sooner the life of these men is ended the sooner they begin the road that once again leads up. There is no longer much time because for the sake of the chosen ones the days will be shortened. Think of this, when the living conditions seem to be unbearable for you, who want to remain loyal to God; think of this, that you receive power to hold out until the end and that this end will no longer be a long time in coming because the promise will come true that God shortens the days for the sake of the chosen to help them to get eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5471.


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