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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 59

B.D. NR. 5295 - B.D. NR. 5404
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Book 59 5295

Supply of the divine word. God always wants to give.

13. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5295.

My word from above is sent to you – a visible proof of my love for you men is given to you; an unusual favour is granted to you – you are introduced to truth, which originates in me. Everything is explained to you, what you demand to know, but as also knowledge is opened to you, which you do not request directly from me. I put you in a state of light, you who dwelt in darkness before; I impart cognition to you of that, over which man as such can obtain no truthful enlightenment on another way. And my extreme great love causes me to do it for you, for my creatures, who are in spiritual trouble, who have little or nothing, what causes them happiness, on the other hand suffer a great deal of lack. My love pushes me constantly to give and to make happy, and I hand out unmeasured, where a heart willing to receive is found, which accepts my gift. But only, when you men have received, you feel the happiness of the spiritual possession, but for which you do not strive, as long as you have not received a sample.

I want to give – and you are to take out of my fullness. And for that reason I will never refuse to give myself to an earth child willing to receive, so it desires my gift. The contact with me, which it establishes itself through its request for light and power and favour, also guarantees the supply of light and power and favour. And for that reason the spring of my love can also never run dry, at which the child can refresh itself at any time. I always want to give, but do you men also want to receive always? How often do I stand prepared with my favour and just wait for the suitable vessel to be able to let my power current flow into it, because my love pushes me to it. How often would I like to speak to you men, and I find no ear, which listens to me. But when I hear the call for my loving address, my voice will never have ceased. I will always reveal myself and let my spirit flow into that vessel, which opens, because it longs for my love power. And so you men always receive light and power, i.e. truth, and through it power, to promote your spiritual ascent. You look for me, and I let myself be found and draw you up to me by virtue of my love, you who dwell so long below, as my love power cannot touch you. It is the infinite love, which again and again causes me to communicate with you, which wants to help you, because you are in need of help, and which therefore touches you in form of my word, as soon as you are just willing to receive and let me speak to you. It is love for you, to my creatures, which is meant for all and which seeks to communicate with all men through you, for you are all in the trouble of the soul, which I would like to steer, by me seeking to send you that, what you lack to be happy – my word, which is full of power, which provides recovery of your souls, so it becomes effective in you, so you are not must hearers, but doers of my word. Then you are full of light and power, and you will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5295.


Book 59 5296

God taking residence in the heart of man.

15. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5296.

I want to live in you. I want to completely radiate through my creatures with my spirit; I want that they are filled of my original substance, of love, so that therefore I myself dwell in them irrefutably and they as it were have become the envelopment of me myself, what means unlimited happiness for the being. I would like to live in the hearts of all men and be able to call all my creatures my children, who have received the father in them. Incomprehensible happiness emerges from such a relationship of a child to the father, and to provide my creatures with this happiness is always and for ever my aim and my striving. For that reason the visible and the spiritual world were created – the visible, to give my creatures the possibility for the first time to achieve a becoming divine of their nature; the spiritual world, to offer undreamt-of happiness for these beings having become divine. And in this spiritual world I myself then step visibly before the eyes of my children; only in this spiritual world the relationship of the child to the father will take shape and through constant contact love increase to highest glow, until a complete fusion with me can take place, which means unimaginable happiness for you. In the spiritual kingdom a constant climbing upwards is certain, as soon as the soul has once found to me on earth or also only in the spiritual kingdom. But until this turning to me has occurred, often endless times pass, and in this time I struggle for every one soul, by me courting its love, because love alone only changes the will, which did not belong to me before. But the change of will and conscious turning to me guarantees then also the achieving of the last aim, the joining together with me on earth already or also in the spiritual kingdom.

I want to take residence in your hearts. The short earth life time is to achieve it that you have found to me, and for that reason earth life is often hard and arduous, but is the goal achieved, then you are completely compensated also for the hardest earth life, for the spiritual kingdom opens itself up to you in a splendour, which exceeds all imagination. For no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard, what I have prepared for those, who love me. I only demand your love, then the kingdom of happiness belongs to you, then you, as my children, will come into the inheritance of the father, for then you have truly become my children, because through love you have fashioned yourselves to my image and now have also light and power in all fullness at your disposal, which you now use in my will to make yourselves indescribably happy. Let me move into your hearts; open the door wide for me – become what I am myself in my original nature, become love – so that I can remain in you and you in me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5296.


Book 59 5297

Watch and pray. God’s protection against evil powers.

16. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5297.

I want to keep you with a firm hand; I want to lead you on the right way; I always want to go with you and let no enemy approach you; I always want to protect you against danger, because I do not want that you suffer harm, as I also do not want that you go wrong. Nevertheless powers will always lie in wait for you, which wish you ill, which just wait that you once let go of my hand, that you walk the way without me, to then quickly push you away from me, to harm you. You must therefore be constantly on your guard, but not of him, but always just mind that you do not go away from being near me, for as long as you are near me, he cannot come close to you; he cannot hurt you, as long as your look is turned towards me. You do not need to fear him, and no matter how clever means he believes to apply. I have given you the gift of cognition, to you who want to serve me, and so he will also not be able to deceive you, although he disguises himself and seeks to win you under a mask. I am with you and know what he intends, and I truly do not leave you in his power. I only want to constantly warn and admonish you that you are to watch and pray – that you consciously connect with me and call me for protection and help, so you believe being in danger. He will not triumph over you, but he still can cause you inner struggles through temptations, but in which you will always remain victorious, as soon as you just keep to me, as soon as you never ever let me out of your thoughts and your prayer. Then you take refuge in me; then I put myself protectively before you, and he must move, without having reached his goal. For I am also the Lord over him, who wants to besiege you – and where I am, there his work is in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 5297.


Book 59 5298

Redemption work at souls in the hereafter. Expression of them.

17. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5298.

I like every service which you believe doing for me; which you want to do for me, for I assess your will. You men cannot imagine that the connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth and vice versa can be established at any time and is also established already through your thoughts, which are for you radiations constantly touching you, no matter whether they are good or bad, for also the kingdom of darkness has an effect on you in form of thoughts. Earthly indeed a separation has happened through death between men of this earth and the otherworldly kingdom, but spiritually no boundaries exist, so you do not erect them yourselves through wrong thinking or complete turning away from the spiritual world. Only the material outer form does no longer exist, but the soul, the actual entity, is within reach for you at any time. Through your thinking and wanting you yourselves draw it to you, and so you are now of awakened spirit, so you are not completely unenlightened, you can also at any time get into contact with those, with whom you were on close terms on earth. You can talk to them in thoughts, and they will always hear your speech; they will also answer you, so you make the effort to understand their answer. For it is no longer the bodily organs, which impart the answer to you, but you must seek to understand their language and therefore so to speak associate with them spiritually. Perfect beings out of the spiritual kingdom can express themselves through the spirit in you, less perfect as well as immature beings of the hereafter express themselves in a way, which is still more like earthly communication, but which you men can also understand.

All beings want to express themselves, no matter whether they stand above or below you according to their maturity, only that, what they want to say to you, is different. The high beings, the inhabitants of the kingdom of light, want to give to you – constantly handing power to you, because they know that you lack it, and they want to help you to happiness. But those beings, who are still imperfect, want your help. Also they want to communicate with you in the hope to receive something from you, because they feel poor and miserable, as long as they are still completely ignorant. And these souls often do not understand it that you do not listen to them, they do not know it that you can no longer hear them with bodily ears, and therefore you are constantly surrounded by souls – by such, who are needy, and also of such, which want to help you in earthly as in spiritual trouble. So these souls now succeed to attract your attention, so they succeed to make themselves understood, they are extremely happy, and they now remain constantly near you. I do not fight them, when they want to express themselves, but as I also bless everything, what is done out of love from your side to give these souls the requested help. You men do not know the trouble in which so innumerable souls languish. Wherever a being seeks to escape from this trouble, wherever it finds a way through the trouble, which in the end leads to me, I help these souls and will never condemn, what love wanting to help undertakes and what also brings certain help to these unhappy souls – what can therefore be seen as redemption work, when it only aims to achieve help for the souls in deep seriousness and best will. But the best help remains intercession, which you men are to give to those souls, for it gives me myself the possibility to lean towards the beings taking pity on them, and all souls will certainly be pulled up out of the deep, which you include in loving intercession, because the power of love helps every soul up. Amen. B.D. NR. 5298.


Book 59 5299

Spirit spark.

19. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5299.

The God spark in the human heart is that light, which is to be lighted in you, so that it is getting light in you and you come to cognition. Love alone lights the light; love arouses the divine spirit, which, as little spark of eternal love, of the father spirit from eternity, has been laid in you to spread and fill your whole man, to again join together with the original light, with the fire of love, which God himself radiates into infinity. Eternal love is not divisible; everything, what can be called love, is this all including radiation of God, and everywhere, where love is practised, God is himself, because love can never be outside of God, but is the original substance of him himself. But love is power; it is something effective, something alive; love is as it were a current of always active fire, which persistently produces life. A spark therefore rest in you, as soon as you see the light of the world as man, and your task in earth life is now, to let this God spark flare up, so that it therefore so to speak has a life awaking effect.

It is the actual life from God, which only gives the right meaning to the pretence life of the body. It is that spiritual, which is immortal, must however first be awakened in man, before it appears as power. It is that, what connects you with God, what marks you as part of God; it is put into you, but left to your own will, which must light it and let it flare up to a bright flame. It can also remain buried until the end of life, when man does not want to recognize his belonging together with God and puts himself completely away from him. The connection certainly remains, because the spirit of God is indivisible, but man himself feels nothing of it; it is dark and cold in him; he feels neither the brightness nor the warmth of the light, and therefore the divine love power current, his spirit, is not perceived by man, and he is dead in the spirit, without drive to activity, without power, although he lives on earth. True life is only created by the spirit out of God, that love power of God, which can only then fill man, when he lights the God spark in him through love. Only then he enters the stage of life, into the stage of activity, where the power out of God appears, where man matures of cognition, and faith and love produces in him a fullness of the divine spirit - increasing light and power. To bring the divine spirit spark to awakening through love and to feed it continuously, is the most important earth life task of man, for then he establishes the joining together with God, eternal love, and consciously attaches himself to him, to now never ever break away from him, from whom he also cannot separate in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5299.


Book 59 5300

Reason for lack of cognition. Will. Truth.

20. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5300.

The sin debt of the former defection from me weighing heavily on mankind, the resistance against my love and the arrogance of the creature against its creator, is the cause for the spiritual darkness, the lack of cognition, in which most men are. The darkness of the spirit also keeps the will in captivity, which for that reason is always directed down and only rarely turns towards the light. Light comes from above, but darkness is and remains below. To a man now, who stands in the light, everything must be clear and full of understanding; he must possess knowledge, which enables him to always give information, and this knowledge must always let love, wisdom and omnipotence of him be recognized, who stands in the centre of all knowledge. Who is the eternal light. Where my love, wisdom and omnipotence seems to be questionable, where lack of clarity or gaps are visible, where I am made out to be a distorted image, there is still darkness that my image does not clearly and beamingly shines through and I am therefore not recognized as God of love, wisdom and omnipotence. As long as doubt, questions or unclear terms still occupy a man, he still does not stand in truth, in light, for it unveils everything to him; truth chases away every doubt, truth answers all questions and enlightens man, so that he can also recognize it as truth. But for that reason the will for truth is also precondition, and this will will always arise, when man makes an effort out of his own drive to be good, when he lights the love spark in him, which will then always show the will the right direction. Who strives down of his own accord, leans towards evil and is therefore under the spell of lower powers; he neither seeks the light nor has he the ability, to recognize truth, for his will keeps him chained in darkness; he feels happy in wrong terms; he likes the lie and the error, and he does not seek to flee from it. But who strives towards the light, he soon comes into spheres, where it is bright and he can recognize everything, his desire for light increases, because also the urge to love activity increases. It is just the will, which can be made responsible for this, in which state of the spirit man is. That man is initially in darkness is the result of his former sin – but he can lift himself up out of the deep, when he wants it. But the will is free and is never ever determined by me, but man is helped in every way, why everyone can reach the light, who desires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5300.


Book 59 5301

Free will original law from eternity. Attaining salvation.

22. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5301.

I cannot annul the debt of men against their will; I cannot make them happy, as long as they are imperfect through their own will. I can give them no eternal life, as long as they prefer the death of the spirit. I can everything, just not make the will of that unfree, what I have created out of my love power. For I created perfect beings, which are not conceivable without free will. That they now gave away their perfection, that they for that reason also lost cognition and power, was however the result of their free will, but which could also just as good still increase the perfection insofar, that the being, created by me, strove freely out of itself for light and power, therefore now proved its perfection lawfully, i.e. as wanted by itself. The freedom of will permits the way upwards as also downwards. That the entity itself now fell was its own fault. It must now again strive upwards in free will, to reach the original state, and this free will I can never ever take from the entity, otherwise I would act against myself, against the original law from eternity.

Do you now understand why I cannot help you men arbitrarily upwards? Why you yourselves are those, who must manage the change from the deep upwards? Do you now understand why I can only always just have an effect on your thinking, so that you yourselves turn your will to me and now consciously strive for me? Do you understand why my love is constantly concerned about you, that you at last reach your destination, you who have already taken endless long time to have been permitted to the embodiment on earth? Truly an extensive period has been granted to you, to reach this change of will and nature, but once also the longest time comes to an end, and you are standing before this end. I cannot form you arbitrarily so that you can enter eternal life; you must yourselves land a hand with you; you must want, for my will is at any time to receive you in my kingdom; my will will never oppose your will, when it longs for me, as it once turned away from me and pulled you into the deep.

Worlds will pass before the last spiritual has performed this change of will. But my love wants to help you men that you do not dwell away from me still eternities; that you must not remain still eternities in form, which either keeps your will bound or gives you as man the last possibility to reach your destination, to unite again with me. Know that you as man stand in the last stage of your development on earth; that you can free yourselves out of the form to then be able to enter eternity as happy spirit being. Know it, that you can be happy so you want it, but that I cannot help you to happiness against your will. Let yourselves be urged and warned by my father love; still take advantage of the short time and fashion yourselves so that can unite with me; that you become, what you were from the very beginning, happy beings, which could work in light and fullness of power. Remember you destiny and seriously strive for to reach your destination, as long as you dwell on earth, for the day comes, which ends your earth career; the day comes, where the time has expired, which was been granted to you for the complete redemption, for the ascent into the kingdom of light. Use the time, before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 5301.


Book 59 5302

Unusual gift of favour. Task of serving.

25. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5302.

You have received an unusual favour, which puts you in the position to do unusual work, a work, which does not have an effect on the earthly, but on the spiritual life, a work, which is not to be done for a short time, but for eternity, because it is about the life of the soul after the death of the body, which is to be safeguarded through this work. It is something enormous, what you receive, and it is still earthly so inconspicuous that men of the world smile at it, because they cannot estimate the great importance of your task. And it must also appear before the world as unimportant, because men are not to feel forced to reach for spiritual treasures, which only become real spiritual material in free will and which for that reason can only be acquired by those men, who are turned away from the world and seriously seek me. These will also recognize my visible co-work at you; they themselves will reverently let my love expression have an effect on them; they will as it were receive through you, and still the same, what you receive from me. What I offer you does not lose its value and also remains for ever the same. It is my word that remains until all eternity. Who therefore works with my word, he will always be able to show success with those, whose thoughts are directed spiritually. There his activity will always succeed. But he is to also go to the children of the world and seek to snatch them from the world with my word. My word has power and can also have the effect to change a man completely – but only then, when the will is undecided, therefore not completely rebellious to me. Then my word defeats the undecided will; it turns to me, because my word touches it beneficently.

You, my servants now, you who receive my word, you have a powerful weapon; you can fight with the sword of the mouth, with my word, and you can therefore venture into the area of my enemy; you can there push powerfully forward; you can draw over from his camp, who follow the sound of my word, because they feel its power. You are well equipped for a campaign in favour of my kingdom. You yourselves will never lack power, for you receive it directly from me in the form of my perpetual word sent to you, which does not let you become weak, which lets you fight joyfully and which effects also the brothers in the enemy camp recognize. For they are your brothers, as long as they still need help, as long as they do not put themselves openly against me, but are just hired supporters of my opponent. It is a beautiful and rewarding task for you to draw them over into your camp; for each individual, whom you snatch from his power, is a friend for ever, and every individual is my creature which I court, which I want to win back again and to which I send you that you lead it, that you announce me to it, that you impart to it my words of love, which I send to it through you. Unusual is your task; but unusual also my work at you, through which you can cope with this task. You will never lack power, and my blessing will always rest on you, so you want to utilize the unusual gift of favour, so you are willing to work for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5302.


Book 59 5303

Earth life purpose: Change of will and nature.

26. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5303.

The renewal process must be carried out at you men; otherwise you are unsuitable for the spiritual kingdom, for the sphere of light. With it it is said that you, so while you men are at your earth walk, do not have the maturity, which is necessary to dwell in the kingdom of light. A completely different state is condition to be accepted in the kingdom of light as inhabitant, and you are to reach this state on earth, what is very much possible. It is therefore a certain process of change into which you are to enter, and you must voluntarily undertake it. Compulsorily your nature cannot get changed; you yourselves therefore determine your state at the end of your earth life; and according to your will to change your soul leaves the body – receptive for light or still surrounded with thick covers, which tolerate no radiation of light. But which man knows about it; which man thinks about it, when he is informed about it, and is serious about his change of nature? – Every man must work on himself; he must give up faults, weaknesses and bad habits and train himself to humility, gentleness, peaceableness, patience, mercy; every man must form himself to love to be able to unite all these virtues in him; then he forms himself so that he can be received in the kingdom of light, then his nature has become divine, then he has become like my original nature and consequently made it possible that I myself can get into contact with him, for everything separating us has consciously been done away with. The reshaping of his nature was the way, which led to me; he has reached his earth destination and given up the last heavy cover, as soon as he leaves his body to now lead an eternal life as happy spirit being. Only then real life begins. Let these words become alive in you: Real life begins for you with the entrance into the kingdom of life. What was before has just been the ladder, the time of preparation for the actual life, but which must be acquired in this time of preparation. You men work eagerly and undeterred for the earthly life, for you think it alone important, and you see it as self-purpose. But you do not think of the actual life, because you do not believe in an after-life after the death of the body. Oh you are fools. Your earth life purpose is a completely different one, than to just work for the well-being of the body. That is again and again said to you, but you do not believe it, and you therefore also do not carry out a change of nature, and that is your ruin. For so you are not suitable to enter the kingdom of light, because I also will not and cannot destroy you, because you have emerged out of me, so you must carry out your change in another way, and that can also mean a deep fall and a slow ascent development according to my plan from eternity, when the possibility of maturing in the hereafter is taken from you. You must once carry out this change of nature in the stage as man; also my love cannot release you from it. But the stage as man is the final stage of an unthinkable long course of development through all creations of the earth. As man you must carry out a conscious change of will and nature, if this course of development is to end successfully with the earthly death of the body. Your earth career ends then irrevocably. The development can however continue in the spiritual kingdom; still in the spiritual kingdom the soul can come to recognize its miserable state and seek to change, but to which very much help of light beings or human intercession is necessary. But the being can also sink back into the deepest deep, because it did recognize itself and sought to change. It can have to take upon itself a terrible lot to be again placed into the process of change after endless long time, where it must prove itself anew. Amen. B.D. NR. 5303.


Book 59 5304

God makes demands, but also gives all means to attain salvation.

27. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5304.

Who has created the world, he also secures its existence, as long as it is necessary. Who has created you men, will also take care that you receive what you need, for he created you for the sake of a purpose – as also the complete earthly creation has come into existence for the sake of a purpose: - to lead back the lost spiritual on the right way, so that it may reach the destination, the reunification with the creator and father from eternity, from which it once took its starting point. Has he now created all things for that reason, has he given life to you men, to reach his aim, so he will also do everything what is required for the preservation of man as also for the works of creation. He will provide you men with power; he will put you in the position to fulfil the task, which leads to the aim. But that you men must believe that you have a task, as long as you dwell on earth, and seriously ask yourselves, whether you live according to this task, whether you make the fulfilling of the task your business. You can never object that you are prevented, that you lack the means, that you are unable to do what is demanded of you, for he, who makes demands on you for the purpose of attaining salvation, he also gives you everything, so that you can meet his demands. He has given you the intellect, life power and free will and as most important addition unlimited supply of favour, by virtue of which you can do everything, what you want. You need to lack nothing, so you are just serious about to fulfil the will of him, who called you into life. And he still gives much more, so you ask him yourselves, for his love for you is unlimited and wants everything what serves you attaining salvation. You just need to want, then his love can persistently be active at you, then his wisdom and omnipotence can have an effect in and around you, and with his favour he will cover you, so that you can reach your destination. You do not need to worry about your earthly life, for he keeps it, so you just remember the spiritual life. You can leave everything to him, for he controls your earth course; he levels all ways for you, for he is powerful, wise and extreme loving, and he ordains everything so, as it is good for you. He is like a father concerned about his children and will never permit, that they suffer, as soon as they leave themselves trustingly to him and his guidance. But he will never have an effect on you against your will. For that reason give him your will; subjugate yourselves to him, who has created you for the sake of a purpose, do not believe that you alone, out of your own power can preserve your earth life, but recognize and subjugate yourselves to him, who is your creator and father from eternity. Give yourselves for him and you will truly achieve everything with your devotion; in that way you will enter again into your original relationship, and meaning and purpose of the material creation and of your earth life as man will be fulfilled; you will again be, what you were at the very beginning – beings full of light and power, who are indescribably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5304.


Book 59 5305

The last day comes suddenly and unexpectedly.

28. January 1952. B.D. NR 5305.

A sudden end will be announced to you. This is to be understood in such a way that nobody can determine the day, that nobody knows the day, that only the ones who are mine can suspect it due to the great, almost unbearable trouble that is announced likewise as preceding the last end. Many well know that the times of the end have begun and that it brings this day sooner or later - they know it because everywhere people speak about it but they do not believe it so firmly that they prepare themselves for this day. Men of the world will be seized by great ecstasies, greedier and greedier they indulge in the pleasures of the world, more and more unscrupulous they get the joys at the expense of the neighbour, their desires and demands outdo one another, and disdainfully they laugh at the ones who go past worldly pleasures believing in me, and they do evil to them wherever they can. The world lives in sin. And this is to be a really sure sign for you because you will experience things that you would not think to be possible. The satanic behaviour of your fellow human beings betrays also the hour of the world clock to you. And even so you can observe everything and the signs of the times are very obvious, also you will be surprised because the end comes faster than you assume. The end comes from one day to the next, i.e., the goings-on of the world pulsates unusually animatedly and lets people think that they master life, that they are lords and can form their life at will. The ones who are mine will observe these goings-on and foreseeing the downfall guessing but they themselves still think likewise of a delay of judgement at the sight of the sparkling vivacity of their fellow humans but whose character is bad and unkind. But the harassing on the part of those is increasing and I myself put an end to them. That is why I will come suddenly and unexpectedly also for the ones that are mine because the sins of the worldly people are a scandal, Satan is overstepping his authority and that is why his hour has come. When no man is expecting it the day dawns that is determined since eternity - the last day on this earth that will bring fear and fright for men that belong to Satan but which also means redemption out of greatest trouble for those who are mine - the day of judgement when that comes true what is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 5305.


Book 59 5306

God’s word incomprehensible? Prerequisite.

30. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5306.

Who listens to me, he will also not lack understanding, for I speak to those, who are receptive, and choose those words, that they can grasp everything, otherwise my word would remain ineffective in their hearts. And so my word went at any time to men; it was never presented to them so that it remained incomprehensible to them; it was always directed to men, who needed it, and always in the form, as it was useful to them. And it was still always the same word, which remains until all eternity. I give to my children on earth good and digestible food, a food, which secures the thriving of my creatures and which for that reason can be received by everyone, who desires it. I only give a good gift. My word, which announces my will to them, so that they are happy through the fulfilling of my will.

For that reason my language is also always understandable, no matter through whom it is offered, when the one offering it also makes use of my word, which I have spoken directly or through prophets, which I made the content of my teaching, when I walked on earth – when he as it were let me myself speak through him, when he speaks for me and wants to win fellowmen for my kingdom. Then his language is the same, which I once spoke, and it will also be comprehensible for everyone. For I will truly not demand of that man to listen to something incomprehensible, when he desires to hear me or my word. I always take the ability to grasp of the individual into account and my word can be understood by all, when the serious will for it exists.

It is therefore prerequisite, otherwise also my word clearly spoken remains incomprehensible, because it is according to my eternal order that the core of truth remains veiled to him, who does not strive for truth. And so I once again summarize: My word will never be incomprehensible to him seriously desiring it, but like foolishness it appears to him, who does not want to fathom its meaning.

The gift now to teach in my name, filled by my spirit, is an obvious sign of that, for the preacher will speak the same words with convincing power, because it is me, who now speaks through him. To those who want to hear me, his words will give light; he so to speak radiates the light from me into the hearts of the listeners, who are willing. But whether they also speak with the tongues of angels, the words remain without impression for those, who are hostile to me, for they do not understand them. Nevertheless my word is not incomprehensible, but their hearts are unsuitable to receive them, and therefore also their intellect does not grasp, what however is extremely easy to comprehend. When my spirit expresses itself in man, so that always means that a light is given to you, and that in various ways – that you accomplish something, to which the work of my spirit, therefore my love power, is necessary. Therefore an unusual ability appears which for that reason has a faith strengthening effect on fellowmen, because it testifies to divine power. But fellowman would never acknowledge a divine power, when my spirit would express itself in a way, which gives man no light, but darkness, therefor something completely incomprehensible. What comes from above must be bright, therefore full of light.

That is to make you think, if you want to judge about the gifts of the spirit or to confirm or say ‘no’ to the work of the spirit. Where confusion arises, there is no light, but delusive lights flash, which are the works of Satan. And he likes to cause confusion, also among those, who are believing, as long as these believers themselves have not recognized truth, as long as their love fire is still too weak to spread a bright gleam of light, in which then no shadow can exist any longer. The power of Satan is great, but no man can be forced by him into his area of darkness, so he seeks light and strives towards the light. Him I also want to protect from that he regards a delusive light as ray of light from above, for a delusive light utters no light, it remains dark, and where darkness is, is ignorance and consequently also never my word. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5306.


Book 59 5307

New Testament and appendix.

31. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5307

In the New Testament you read God’s word, which was announced through the man Jesus and which has also been preached after his death on the cross by his disciples. The sayings of Jesus as also of the first apostles have remained in existence fairly pure, although small deviations have crept in, but which do not change the pure teaching of Christ significantly. But also additions have been added, which do not come from the mouth of Jesus as also of the apostles, why in later times doubts have emerged about the genuineness of that, what the New Testament has as content. Also no exact proofs can be brought about the genuineness of the letters added to the Gospels, but analogously they agree with the divine word and are for that reason not to be rejected, as everything, what accords with the divine love teaching, which the man Jesus has preached on earth, is allowed to be seen and acknowledged as the word of God. But that does not mean that there is not any error in this appendix, for as long as the hands of men are active, which do not belong to a man of awakened spirit, also the opponent of God has the power to let these hands work for him, even so not in an obvious way. And it were the hands of men, which carried out both the putting together as also the translations; it were the hands of men, which did written and printing works, and even so the will may have been good, so the spirit of God was not always busy, which could eliminate and correct, what was wrong. But protectively it put itself before the divine word – to preserve it if possible unadulterated and where intents opposite to God did not exist, this word also remained pure in print and script. Also the before mentioned deviations could not change the pure meaning of the divine word; they could not lessen its value. But moreover it will always be possible for man of awakened spirit to recognize, what is divine and what has been added by the human side. And he will also ask about enlightenment and also receive it, for who seeks truth, he will find it; who desires it, to him it will be supplied. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5307.


Book 59 5308

Man is responsible for the will.

2. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5308.

Whether good or evil comes to blossom in man, is his own will, which can be forced from no side, even so man reports having to act under a certain compulsion. At any time his will can oppose the compulsion; even so he is bodily too weak to resist. But he must always take responsibility for his will, for it is and remains free, and the direction of the will of a man forms him to a good or evil being; the direction of the will determines his way of life, his attitude towards God and his lot in future in eternity, for what man as such does, that he does consciously as directed for or against the divine order, and this conscious will God judges according to justice.

But for that reason he also sees to it that information is given to man during his earth life about his will, to which the human will is to subjugate itself, if he wants to live in divine order. What is directed against the divine will is evil, and man also feels that as bad, for he acts mostly secretly, as soon as he is in the circle of men, who make the divine will their business. And so he openly acts before them, then the will is consciously directed against God, then he is undeniably recognizable as a representative of him, who is against God. And the effects of his acting will always be harming fellowmen; he obviously acts against love and inflicts suffering on men; he drives them into trouble and misery and so abuses his free will to bad acts, for which he must in future take responsibility. Since he as man has the same feelings himself as his fellowmen, so he also knows, that everything, what harms fellowman, is bad, and he can never make out his acts to be as right and conscientious; he can never exonerate himself from debt, although he wants to acknowledge no eternal judge above him. And so he believes to possess the right of the strong to the weak, he himself should also bend before a stronger and approve of his bad acts, what however is never the case, but just drives him to increased loveless acting. His will is directed wrongly, out of his own drive, despite recognizing and knowing about the laws of the eternal order, which are always put before his eyes through the behaviour of good men, who let him recognize his acting as through a mirror. A bad man is always given the opportunity for reflection; he is always reproached for his God opposing way of life, so that he recognizes himself and seeks to change. But his free will must always be active, which can be good and does not need to be bad. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5308.


Book 59 5309

I am the way, the truth, and the life.

3. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5309.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. The truth starts from me; I show you the right way through the truth and this leads to life, to eternal happiness. There is no second way than via truth, there is no second life except me and there is only one who can promise you the life - who has acquired it for you at the cross. I lived and fought for the truth and I died an agonizing death for the only truth so that every one of you men can recognize this when he believes in me. My way is easy to walk for him who is of good will. I led the way - it is the way of love which also inevitably leads to recognizing the truth. As I only preached love I showed you the way all the time; as I myself lived out the teaching I also could announce the pure truth because in me everything was light and bright; I knew about everything and therefore could impart the right knowledge to you. But you can only receive the truth from me because it has its beginning in me and therefore also leads back to me. He who wants to own the truth has to request it from me who himself is the eternal truth. Without me you remain in the darkness of the spirit and you go a wrong way, a way that leads down. You men know that I have an opponent who wants to destroy where I build up, who would like to put out the light, who would like to spread darkness over men so that they cannot recognize me. This opponent tries everything to obscure the way to me, to eternal life, so that it is not to be found. And this opponent is an enemy of the truth as he is also an enemy of me. For truth reveals his plans, his work and his despicable character. Therefore he takes action against the truth and his effort will always be directed to make me unrecognizable for men. He will work against me wherever he can. He therefore is the Antichrist who will stop at nothing to push men aside from me. First the Antichrist works against the truth. From this can be concluded that the pure truth will always be fought against - that the representatives of the pure truth will be attacked while the servants of Antichrist will be recognized as announcers of truth and masses will back them where the bearers of truth only will be scattered because action is taken against them all the time. The way to the truth is small and only few walk on it. The masses of men walk on broad paths and already this is to be sign for you who lead these masses. He who wants to follow me on the small way of the truth will not have many fellow travellers because most of them shun the difficult way. But I myself lead the way and I myself am love and who follows me also must have love in him and then the way appears to be light and clear to him and he walks it unconcerned of the strain because his aim is me and eternal life. Do not seek the truth there where the masses are. I myself walked my way on earth and always was surrounded by only few, while most men rejected me because I brought the truth to them and this was unacceptable to them, because my opponent stood behind the masses and worked against the truth and only fights it wherever he can. But he who has the truth recognizes his goings-on and it will never put him off. Because when he follows me he goes the right way and he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5309.


Book 59 5310

What comes from above must radiate light.

4. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5310.

You must constantly make it your business to increase your state of maturity; you must constantly strive for perfection; you must constantly strengthen more the relationship with me; you must strive for a complete joining together with me, then the separation between us is more and more abolished; then my love power current can constantly flow into you; then you are filled with my spirit – i.e., then there is no longer anything for you, what would be impossible, and you can then also accomplish achievements, which are seemingly supernatural, because they can be done with divine power only, but of which you can make use now unmeasured, because it flows over to you limitlessly, so you want to use it. But I now also want that your fellowmen take note of it, what a man can do standing in closest relationship with me, so that also they strive for this state of maturity and consequently enter the connection with me, which is their destination on this earth. For that reason every man filled with the spirit will testify in some way to me and for me – he will heal the sick, which believe in me; he will hear my voice and can therefore preach being filled by my spirit; he will prophesy, i.e. being able to see into the future, but as he can also see through the thoughts of his fellowmen; he will know about things, which fellowman does not know, however always inform about only, where the salvation of the soul of men is endangered, as each one man filled with the spirit will use his spiritual gift for the spiritual life only, for me and my kingdom. He will seek to spread light and for that reason be put himself before in that state of light by my spirit, which enables him then, to radiate light onto his fellowmen. But a man awakened by the spirit will never still deepen a state of darkness, by him spreading divine gifts before his fellowmen, which are not recognizable for them as such. A light must spread brightness, otherwise it is no light. Prerequisite is indeed that fellowmen wants to see and recognize. But where this prerequisite is given and it still remains dark, there no light can be; there one cannot speak of the work of the spirit, which is power radiating from my love. The degrees of maturity of men are certainly different and therefore also allow a different expression of my spirit, but my divine work must always be able to be recognized, if it is to help men to spiritual perfection as gift of favour awakening to life.

Who is therefore of awakened spirit, to him it will be disturbing, what is erroneously made out to be the work of the spirit and is eagerly supported, when he himself can recognize no light from above in it, when he seeks in vain an effect promoting the soul maturity of man and so to speak stands in front of an inexplicable process, which gives him no inner satisfaction. And such a process would for example be an announcement in incomprehensible language, the expression of a being from the spiritual kingdom, which seeks to announce itself through a man on earth. This being can certainly make use of a man to announce itself, but these are never beings, which are to bring light to men on my behalf; it is no pouring out of the spirit over such men, but rather a reacting of a weak earthly spirit to the besieging of a spirit being, which in rapturous devotion gives up his own will and are therefore welcome forms to those spirit beings, through which they can express themselves, and that in that way, as they themselves are able to do.

Everything what comes from above, what is imparted in my will to men on earth, must radiate light; light seeking men must also receive rays of light. Where the gleam of light is lacking, is no work from the kingdom of light, and through fanatic worship men are not to put themselves in the state, where questionable powers can make use of them. The craving for cognition often plays a great part and every fault, every weakness, is taken advantage of by those powers, but always in a way that it is recognized by a man of awakened spirit, from where the announcements come. Eagerness is certainly to be praised, but not always appropriate; it not always produces such results, as they are according to my will, which is so to speak anticipated. I let my light shine where it is desired, but also the adversary knows to light delusive lights, but which give no light; and thereby you will always recognize that only the eternal light spreads a glorious light and that the prince of darkness can never illuminate darkness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5310.


Book 59 5311

Infinite love and patience of God in the development of the spiritual.

6. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5311.

The course of development of the spiritual requires infinite love and patience from the side of the heavenly father, no matter whether the spiritual is in the stage of the bound or the free will. The leading back of the spiritual to him is a process, which requires endless long time, because the individual substances must first find themselves again, which as tiny entities were once banished in the works of creation, and this finding itself and uniting goes on in the state of bound will. As man, in the state of free will, this uniting of the substances has already been carried out, and the spiritual has again its consciousness of self; but it is now to completely purify itself; it is to unite itself with God, its creator and father from eternity, which it certainly can. But it can also fragment itself again, i.e. strive downwards; it can develop backward and completely ignore the unification with God and is still not allowed to be stopped in its will. It can only be won through love and caused to strive for eternal love. And this winning back requires infinite love and patience of the father, who does not want to lose his children, but cannot force them to belong to him. But the love of God is boundless – it does not tire; it does not become impatient; it is not annoyed, and it never ever gives up, what stubbornly believes being able to separate from him. And he also wins it inevitably, but endless times can pass about it, and that to the disadvantage of the spiritual itself, which spends exactly endless long time in unhappy existence, may it be as man or also as still bound spiritual. And for that reason the help of God will persistently come to its assistance and promote it in every way. He will persistently let new creations come into being, so that the course of development in the mandatory law can uninterruptedly be covered, but as he also helps the spiritual as man with all love, to find the way up. What can be done on God’s part to promote it, that happens, but the necessary free will of man determines itself, how long the spiritual still is in the bound state, i.e. how long time it needs, until the unification with God and therefore the separation from all material form is carried out. The love of God will never stop to look after the spiritual, even so it seems as if it turns away from men, for it never ever gives up, what belongs to it for eternity, what is just to join it fully consciously to be able to feel unbound happiness, which otherwise remains denied to the spiritual, because only a creature having become love can feel the love of God and his courting for this love will never ever stop. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5311.


Book 59 5312

"No man can serve two masters."

8. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5312.

No man can serve me and the world at the same time. Who turns his eye to the world, he cannot see me, because I keep myself hidden, as long as the mind of man is just directed towards the world. For I and the world do not belong together; the world is the kingdom of my opponent, but my kingdom is not of this world. For that reason, who wants to find me, must leave the world behind; he must turn away from it, because I am to be found opposite, because my kingdom lies anywhere else than the earthly world. I am a Lord, and my servants cannot serve another lord at the same time, who gives them opposing orders, which therefore do not accord with my will. But man is to decide; he can choose his lord for himself; he is not forced to the service for one or the other; he has free will, and it must drive him to that lord, whose servant he wants to be. But they are no two equal good lords, between whom he is to decide, but the one rules the kingdom of light, the other the kingdom of darkness. For that reason it should certainly be easy for you to make the right decision, but in your blindness you often do not recognize the kingdom of darkness, because many blinding lights deceive you; because the prince of the world puts his kingdom before the eye attractively, while my kingdom is to be recognized with spiritual eyes only, which you still keep closed. But if you decide voluntarily for me, so an extremely bright light will radiate for you, which lets no desire for the world any longer arise in you. And you will serve with joy your Lord, with eagerness fulfil everything, what he instructs you to do; you will no longer feel as his servants, but as his children, to whom you subordinate your will completely. And the turning away from the world you must like to carry out and do it naturally, because that kingdom no longer attracts you, which gives you no true light, which lies far away from my kingdom, which is not of this world. But I demand complete devotion of those, who want to serve me; I do not want that they still look back to that kingdom, which they have left; I do not want that they also serve him, who is my opponent, for I demand unquestioning loyalty from my servants; I demand love for their Lord and master, because only then the work can be done properly, which is absolutely necessary, to which I have hired my servants, because they are to support me, because this work must be carried out by man, who are completely devoted to me.

No man can serve two masters. And for that reason you must decide; you must ask your heart, to whom it pushes you; you must get rid of your love and desires, which are still meant for the world, when you want to serve me, when you want to enter into my services; you must then change your love and desire; you must direct them onto spiritual goods, onto that kingdom, in which I alone am ruler, and your decision will be right and earn you a happy lot in eternity, in that kingdom, that remains, when the earthly world passes, and which is your true home. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5312.


Book 59 5313

Change of will through intercession.

9. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5313.

The kingdom of darkness keeps its souls imprisoned, because no great power is necessary to keep these souls bound, for they do not resist, because their will is too weak. But this will can experience a strengthening through intercession. That you men must imagine that you are able to do the infinite through a loving prayer for these bound souls, which in this way feel the desire awaken in them, to get free from the fetter of Satan. It is often just moments, where this desire emerges in them, but which become longer and longer, the more often these souls are remembered in loving intercession. Then it is as if they awaken out of deep sleep; they become busy and seek for opportunity to flee from their fetters, for they feel the darkness as fetter and long for the light. When this change has occurred as the result of loving prayers, then these souls are also willing to seek, and the smallest ray of light lets them hurry to its starting point. They begin to come to life. But the prince of the underworld does not so easily release them. For that reason light and darkness will change at first; from time to time they will come to knowledge about themselves and then again wander around in darkness completely ignorant. Because of that these souls must be dealt with loving patience; they must have always and always again supply of power through prayer; they must be called near through loving thoughts and therefore again and again be snatched from their dark area; they must receive mental enlightenment and references to Jesus, their redeemer, so that they themselves turn to him and call him for help and mercy. These souls from darkness are indeed difficult to instruct and often stubborn, but they feel the good deed of a loving prayer, and it also slowly softens the most hardened heart, i.e., a man can wrestle such souls from darkness through loving intercession; he will always have success, when he does not let up with his will to help, which also strengthened the will of the soul. In the otherworldly kingdom souls often fight each other, but a dark soul will never harm that man, who prays for it. The love of a man also calms the most annoyed soul, as on the other hand it enlivens and stimulates the weakest soul to improve its state for itself. Loving intercession from the side of men on earth is a great redemption factor, which is much too little recognized by men. Wherever these unhappy souls are remembered, there also the longing for light becomes alive, and that always means a change of the will of the souls, which is then also taken into account. The soul itself must want its redemption, and often loving intercession of a man on earth brings about this will. Therefore beyond death love can still be practised; also out of darkness souls can still be rescued, for love is a power, which is able to do everything. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5313.


Book 59 5314

Love is the key to the spiritual kingdom.

10. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5314.

You can only seize me through love. No other way I am to be won, no other way to be recognized than only through love. And so you now have the key, which opens for you the door to my heart, the gate to the spiritual kingdom, to your father house. Without this key all access remains blocked for you; everything remains hidden, what my love, wisdom and omnipotence has created in the spiritual kingdom; without this key all knowledge about truth remains hidden to you; you lack all divine wisdom, because without love darkness encloses you, because love alone gives you light – therefore leads you to cognition. You would be indescribably powerful, so you would take these my words to heart and lived in love. For love is also power, and nothing to do is for you impossible, so your natures changes to love.

Through these words I therefore give you the promise of light and power in all fullness, of happiness, through the influx of my father love, so you just join together with me through love works, so you just return my love for you. But you do not believe my words; otherwise you all would make the effort to lead a love life. Just make the test of the example. Just pull off all self-love from you; look around you, and where you see need, there seek to bring help; where you find ill men, who suffer on body or soul, there seek to heal them; give them earthly and spiritually, what they need; feed and water them, and get rid of your belongings, when you can help with it the suffering. Try it, and you will experience the truth of my word; you will increase in power and light; you will rise above all earthly suffering, which concerns you yourselves; nothing will touch you, what before appeared as pressure to you; you will feel the power of love at yourselves, and the happiness of the joining together with me, which you establish through every love work, will be compensation for you thousand fold for that, what you have given up. You will recognize me and feel my hand, which keeps you; you will feel the love power current flow into you and hear and see with brightly illuminated spirit, what otherwise is hidden to you men. Make the test; believe my word, practise love – and you win me and will no more lose me for ever. Believe me, for I truly do not want to instruct you wrongly; I want that you are happy, and since only love can make you to happy beings, I persistently preach only love to you. But you must then fight the spirit in you, which lacks all love and to which you owe your earth existence. It drives you to self-love; it wants to suffocate the divine spark in you; it wants to keep you back from love. Therefore you must fight against it, i.e. against your own desires, which just strengthen self-love and weaken the true love for me and for the neighbour, so that you cannot experience the power of love at you. Crusade against it and follow me; receive these words into your heart and act accordingly, and your lot will be complete union with me and unlimited happiness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5314.


Book 59 5315

Divine principle: Love.

11. and 12. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5315.

The divine principle must predominate in you – your nature must become love. You have emerged out of the love of God, consequently are therefore also beings able to love, which are now to make use of their ability, what means nothing else than that they can use an extreme measure of power in the meaning wanted by God, because through such a utilization of power the being is active creatively, therefore constantly awakens new life and consequently the power is constantly increased. But a being without love is powerless and as if dead; it has stepped out of the love power current of God, what is not of its destiny. For everything, what God has created, what has emerged out of his love is to live, i.e. be active uninterruptedly. But only love makes the being able to live. If you men therefore want to speak of a true life, so love must rule you; it must drive you; your whole nature must be filled by love, then there is also no longer death for you; then you live for ever. For not your earth life as man is life, but only a regular activity according to divine will gives man the right life, which last for ever. Through love you can become powerful, but again not the power of the body is meant by this, but alone that power of love it is, which makes powerful, which can accomplish things beyond human ability, because it is divine. But since you have emerged out of God, his power is also hidden in you, which just needs to be turned outwards, i.e. can appear through your work in love. Then the power out of God is getting active; it flows through you, and what you now accomplish is his will and contributes again to the increase of power. (12.2.1952) What you once were, you must become again – what took its start from God must again return to him as the same, as he has sent it out into infinity, as love, the original substance from God, which understandably was also the original substance of each one being created by God, so long, until an ungodly principle wanted to join it, which caused eternal love, to withdraw, until the ungodly in the beings is eliminated through the will of the being, until the being was again so pure, that eternal love could again fill it, that it could again take possession of that, what of course belonged to it since the very beginning. True life must first again move in to the entity created by God, which is just a dead creature without love, equal like a form, which lacks the proper content. Love lets it again awaken to life, and the creature becomes, what it is to become, a child of God; it becomes his image, to a mighty being full of light, which can work unlimitedly according to its own will, but which is also the will of God. For through love the being is fused with God and can want nothing else than God wants it, and therefore always and constantly works and has an effect according to divine plan in constant increasing happiness. The divine qualities penetrate and fill the being, for love makes everything divine and also allows no relapse any more. That the being could secede from God initially, that it gave up love, took place only as a result, that God demanded a free decision of the will from it, which was only then possible, when all divine abilities and values are relaxed, which would have forced it to a positive decision. It had to be able to choose positive or negative in the state of complete freedom of will. This decision could bring about its downfall, but afterwards also to unsuspected height, by it being able to rise out of the creature of God to a child of God. But the fall robbed it of love, therefore of cognition, of light and of power. But through love it can again become what it was, and this is the aim of all spiritual, which in creation covers the way up and as man again passes the once demanded decision before God through fashioning to love, to then be received as child of God into his kingdom, where light and power and unsuspected happiness is again given to it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5315.


Book 59 5324

Brutal Faith Struggle. Steeling of Faith.

27. February 1952. B.D. NR 5324.

It is absolutely essential that you steel yourself for the last faith struggle because demands will be made on you that you will not be able to comply with without firm, unshakeable faith. A few things will appear to you as insurmountable when you do not make use of my power, the power of faith, because the enemy of your souls takes almost inhuman action against you and he makes use of those that are mighty on earth, at the same time are full of cunning and malice and challenge all who are still believing. It will be such an open action of the satanic force that you clearly recognize what hour has come so that you know that it is the last phase of the end-time and that it will last only a short time until you will be rescued from this power that cannot harm you though when you can call a firm faith to be yours. The action of the enemy is so obviously directed against myself that it already lets you recognize that he oversteps his authority and I have told you that then the end is nearby. Because man is on earth to make a decision between two powers and therefore also has to know about both powers. But when one power prevents the knowledge about the second power it oversteps its authority and that not unpunished. When now the faith struggle has broken out then it will be clearly evident through the nature what power is at work. And this time has to come first because I do not intervene earlier than necessary to still give the souls the opportunity to change will and faith that through the action of the satanic power are taken aback and think about their own self. One has to be firm with men because they do not listen to the voice of the father who talks to them lovingly. But the voice of Satan can still have an effect on individual souls and cause their turning back to me but only then when man still has a spark of faith in him in a God and he rather wants to give himself over to this God than him whose wickedness he now recognizes. The strength of faith of those who are mine will set him thinking, who despite greatest distress do not succumb and confess my name the more the more they are threatened. You have to steel yourself for the last war on faith for our own sake but also for the sake of your fellow human beings to whom your faith can also be a help to get faith in a God who can help and wants to help and also will help when the trouble has become unbearable and Satan has accomplished his work - when those who are mine are threatened with death and only I can bring them help. Then I will come and fetch mine; I will end their trouble and distress but at the same time judge everything what is against me on the last day of this earth. Then there will be rejoicing and praise among mine and horror of death among the others, then the day has come about which it is written that I will judge the living and the dead, the believers and the unbelievers, because my word comes true because it is the truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5324.


Book 59 5335

Special mission: Fighting for truth

12. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5335.

The willingness to serve brings about that your mission is carried out by you conscientiously and that you are loyal workers in my vineyard. And because of that assignments are given to you, which not everyone can fulfil; which require a special willingness and which are of greatest importance. You are to fight for truth. To preach love it certainly the most necessary, because without love no-one can become happy, but the preaching office can be administered by people filled with the spirit, even so they are not qualified to be full of fighting spirit - everyone can stimulate to love, who himself stands in love. But the fight for truth requires a special ability; knowledge about truth and a fighting spirit, which stands up for the right and truth, but moreover an extreme strong faith in my word – because man can only stand up for that, what he recognizes as truth, what is without doubt for him, because eternal truth has imparted it to him. To be able to stand up for truth convincingly, it must first have convinced him himself, and for it belongs again a life in love – so that my spirit could work in him. So also love to fellowman must again drive him, wanting to supply truth to him, why he now takes action against lie and error with enthusiasm. Such servants I need on earth in the last time before the end. And this mission is so important, that I very particularly stand by these servants, prepare the field for them in every way, on which they are to work – that I help them in spiritual as in earthly trouble; smooth the earth life way for them and strengthen and encourage them to always more eager spiritual activity, so that their mission may be successful. Where lie and error is, there light can hardly penetrate. Where the field is grown over with weeds, there a good seed cannot develop, and the field has so to speak become worthless for the owner. And because of that my servants must first clear it from the weeds, a work, which is extremely laborious and requires staying power and strength. Where lie and error have taken root in the hearts of men, there the work of cleansing can only be carried out with ruthless violence – the representative of truth must unsparingly uncover everything, what contradicts pure truth, and for that reason he must possess himself, what he wants to bring to fellowman. Not own thought product he is to represent – although also it can be right, when he is enlightened by my spirit. But an unusual work of my spirit in him is to give him the certainty, to courageously take action against error and lie. And with a bright spirit he will recognize, where error and lie is – he will oppose it with pure truth and he will not be put off by open resistance, by hostilities or persecution; he will fight with the sword of the mouth fearlessly and completely convinced, that he himself stands in truth. I need such servants on earth, who fear no-one and go through the fire for their Lord. I need men with strong faith and firm will, with absolute love for truth and cognition of the great spiritual trouble, and where I find such, I do first the preliminary work, to send truth to them and familiarize them with the mission determined for them. I train them to right representatives without fear; I enlighten their spirit myself, so that they clearly recognize, where and when their intervention is necessary, where and when they oppose lie and error, to denounce it publically. This task is not a match for every worker in my vineyard, because the counter force has already become too strong, because men feel well in untruth, because it allows them a comfortable life, while pure truth demands self-overcoming, which they do not want to summon. For that reason my servant must, in cognition of it, uncover with no regard the results of an incorrect thinking and also the results of false teachings, and he is not allowed to shrink from telling the representatives of error the truth to their face. Because not earlier can good seed be sown and reach blooming, until the field is cleansed of weed, which is good for nothing and must unsparingly be eradicated. Truth must and will pave the way, and because of that I will bless every bearer of truth and support his work for me and my kingdom, but as I also want to smooth his earthly way, so that he can go about his work unhindered for which I have chosen him. Amen. B.D. NR. 5335.


Book 59 5340

Reshaping of New Earth Gives New Development Possibilities.

19. March 1952. B.D. Nr. 5340.

The spiritual needs new development possibilities because the old creations do no longer fulfil their purpose since they are not evaluated the right way or used for service as it agrees with my law of the eternal order. The will of man prevents many possibilities to serve or prematurely breaks off the course of development of the spiritual in certain creations; the will of man changes the natural purpose of creations that were called into being by me for the purpose of maturing and so the whole development process has come to a halt that I want to lift through creating new works, through dissolving of existing creations and complete reshaping of the old surface of the earth so that progress is ensured for all spiritual. Besides countless spiritual entities come free that, bound in hard matter, wait for their next re-forming. An order will again be restored through the new rising up of creations of various kinds, only to accelerate the development process and to bring results. The wrong thinking and willing of men that is caused by self-love will understandably also have a wrong effect on the environment of men, may it be hard matter, plants or animals in which the spiritual often cannot reach that degree of maturity that is the prerequisite for the next re-forming. The law of nature is ignored where men expect material advantages; men themselves do no longer move in my order and through this also bring the spiritual in the various creations out of order which is why a complete integration into the eternal order has become necessary and this also requires a work of reshaping of major extent that so is to offer for the first time the development possibilities for all spiritual from the lowest to the highest degree of maturity. The wrong will of men has also spiritually brought about a chaos that irrevocably brings with it a dissolving and a new creation. Ignorant mankind only sees the effect of destruction on men and so does not recognize the great blessing that the spiritual carries off in the pre-stages of a new forming of the earth. But I know about the misery of all spiritual and also think of that in love, which is still far down below so that I give it possibilities to reach up, to also once exchange the bound state with the state of free will. I give all spiritual the possibility to reach up but I take the freedom of will from the spiritual that completely fails after an endless long time of favour, after already advanced development as man, but still creating again a new course of development for it and even when this is also a state of agony so it is the only way that can lead to total freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5340.


Book 59 5341


21. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5341.

Do not elevate yourself above your fellow human beings but serve them. Only then you practise true following of Jesus, only then love works in you that eliminates all arrogance, that teaches you to see the fellow humans as brothers and equalizes all rank or class distinction, that only exists worldly after all but is not tolerated in my kingdom. Serving love will cause true happiness in you; in serving neighbourly love you are true followers of Jesus, that man on earth who was a living example of the right life, who truly possessed light and power and might in all fullness because he had accepted myself into his heart and who still did not make use of this power by him ruling and letting himself be served by his fellow humans. In deepest love and humility he served his brothers; and that lifted him up to be ruler over worlds and innumerable beings because I myself moved into his outer form and filled him with light and power. Arrogance is a characteristic feature of him who fell into deepest depth out of arrogance and lust for power. And when you men elevate yourself you willingly lend your ear to him and you let him lead you astray; you take up his nature, his vices and are in bondage to him. Do not put yourself above your fellow humans who are in fact your brothers because you all have only one father and as his children you are to love and serve each other out of love for me. Arrogance easily causes you to fall because who is of arrogant spirit very soon does no longer recognize me who is eternal love because no love is in him. For true love is one with humility but not with arrogance. Serving in humility always testifies to deep love of me that is expressed in serving neighbourly love. And you truly will win far more when you serve in humility than when you rule in arrogance. Because you can only earthly seize power in arrogance but spiritually you gain nothing, but you only still lose the little that you own. Because arrogance is part of my opponent, so it only strengthens his kingdom and what that means for you men is not difficult to guess. But my kingdom is not of this world and that is why serving neighbourly love can well seemingly bring with it earthly loss of goods, of respect and might, but it acquires spiritual assets that are everlasting and will one day be credited to the soul in my kingdom, which now stands in light and power fullness far above those who ruled on earth and oppressed their fellow humans. He who elevates himself will be humiliated. Think of these words and do not think that that will be left to you what you work for on earth through arrogance - what you so to speak acquire unauthorized. Because he who wants to rule takes - he takes what he is not entitled to, he acquires a right and misuses his power. Serving love however gives all the time; in words and deeds it gives itself to him who lives in want and needs its help. Serving love is true humility and therefore pleasant to me; serving love is true following of Jesus that certainly leads to me, to the father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5341.


Book 59 5351

Unchaining of Spiritual Forces. Eruption. Redemption Phase.

4. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5351.

Unsuspected forces are active to the establishment of the old order that is so disturbed at the end of a redemption period that the upward development of the spiritual is totally jeopardized. That state has to be established again in which all that is bound in form strives upward and this state necessitates a complete reshaping of that what contained the spiritual up to now. The old creations have to be dissolved and replaced by new ones that again are used according to divine order, according to divine will, and so also fulfil their purpose, to serve the spiritual to mature. Many forces are already at work to initiate the great forthcoming action because everything proceeds in accordance with divine order, also the dissolving and reshaping of the old surface of the earth. From time to time spiritual beings full of might and strength give the spiritual that is still bound in hardest matter freedom, they untie fetters that the spiritual itself could never break and so to speak free it to go upwards - it is allowed to change in its outer form that becomes now already easier solvable so that now the upward development for the spiritual can start that was bound endless long times and finally has slackened its resistance against God. Everywhere where eruptions take place such a process of power development of the light beings happens; they slacken fetters where this is time according to God's will. These powers give freedom and at the same time bind because that what is completely liberated would destroy everything in its urge to be active and only part destructions are allowed according to God's wise judgement as long as still the last work of dissolving does not take place where everything will be reshaped through the will of God. But for the time being visible destructions will be only there where a sign of divine might and power is to be given to men on earth - for the time being these eruptions are at the same time to mean an exhortation and a warning cry of God for living men so that they earnestly become conscious of their own purpose in life and strive upwards. But such expressions of power of the spiritual world follow in ever shorter phases until a great divine intervention causes such powerful changes that every man is now to recognize him who is Lord of heaven and earth, of life and death. And then only a short time is left until a work of destruction is executed that can no longer be observed by mankind in its final effect, only by those that God fetches to himself because they believe in him and love him - because they recognized their purpose on earth and tried to do justice to it. And then a new redemption phase begins because unspeakable much spiritual is now walking the way of upward development; the old order is re-established and peace is on earth for a long time - until Satan once again wins influence and again uses his power because men themselves give it to him. But a long time passes in happiness and peace and innumerable spiritual entities reach their goal - to become free of all matter and to go into the spiritual kingdom where eternal light is and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5351.


Book 59 5355

I Stand at the Door, and Knock. Revelation.

7. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5355.

I allow you men access to my rule and activity; I announce to you what is coming; I warn you of indifference; I tempt you with words of love; I show you myself as loving father and I demand nothing else than that you think about everything that you come across. I want nothing than that you recognize me and learn to love me. Everything I do happens out of love to you my children so that you return to me and do eternally no longer leave me. I gave away my life for you in Jesus Christ to chain you to me all the firmer, that you call on me in Jesus Christ and I now can help you. And I gave you knowledge about my plan of salvation; I revealed myself to you because I wanted to win your love that makes you my right children. Because your return to the house of the father only then makes me happy when you come towards me with a loving heart, when you unite with me through love, I who am eternal love myself. I want to be recognized by you and that is why I have to express myself in such a way that you recognize my love as basic principle because then you are drawn and you reciprocate my love. And then also the source of power from eternity goes into operation - and also the eyes of love recognize its effects as perpetual signs of divine favour of the father. I want to win you for ever. That is why I pass up no opportunity where I do not knock on the door of your heart and desire admittance. Who opens to me to him I want to go and take communion with him and he with me. To win the trust of my children I therefore have to do visible signs and miracles so that the believers grow strong and recognize in me him in whom they are to believe, him who did everything for you men to save you from the night of death. But even if the world sees miracles it always finds explanations of a pure natural way because it does not want not believe; it wants to live well but already here on earth and does not believe in a life of the soul after death. And it, the world, it is that no longer acknowledges my rule and work and it therefore also attaches no importance to the predictions regarding the end of the earth and the last judgement. And now two combative parties face each other - the will of life dominates the ones that never believe in the end of the world, and the will to serve me the others that therefore also can safely expect the end as last sign of my being, as last revelation to the ones who are mine. And then I come myself and reward the faith of mine because I show myself to them visibly in the heavens and I call them to me who have written my name upon their forehead. I call them and give all of them the right life, a life in peace and bliss in paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5355.


Book 59 5376

I Know the Ones Who Are Mine. Good Shepherd.

27. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5376.

I know the ones who are mine and the ones who are mine know me. I am indeed the good shepherd who does not hand over his sheep to the enemy; who cares for the life of each of them; who does everything to protect his flock from the attack of the wolf; who himself gives away his life for his sheep. Full of love rests my eye on all men; I would like to guide all home to the stable, I would like to protect all from the attacks of the enemy who wants to snatch them from me. I would like to make myself known to all men, offer them my protection, care for them and keep them. I would like to give all men eternal life. But now is a time where almost no man observes my call anymore; my flock is scattered, the enemy has driven right into them and he caused my sheep to get lost, that they have gone away from their shepherd, that they climbed the wrong way into worldly heights, that they lost their shepherd and no longer find their way back to him. They do not seek him but more and more withdraw from him and even so my love calls them they no longer pay attention to my voice except few who recognized their good shepherd in me and do not leave me. But I do not want any of my sheep to get lost. And so my call will sound with an intenseness, which those will have to hear it who are far away from me. And I will climb after every of my sheep and level for it the way that leads back to me; protectively I will position myself before the timid who fear the enemy so that no harm can be done to them. I will bend down to those who are fallen to pick them up, to pull them out of the abyss. All will hear my call because it will sound over the whole earth and announce my nearness so that everyone can turn to me and will also be accepted by me when only he wants to follow me. I am the good shepherd; I well cannot prevent the work of my enemy but I can give protection to everybody who positions himself behind me because the enemy cannot attack myself but well you, as long as you do not keep to myself, so you turn away from me and go ways where he can pursue and reach you. My call of love follows you but it does not force you to turn back; on your own free will you have to follow it, then the adversary is definitely unable to get at you, then you are well protected and I lead you home safely where I will never leave you and where you can live in happy peace. All you men pay attention to my call because it will sound soon; turn back before it is still too late; let your shepherd guide you and put your trust in me; do not leave the way that I walked but follow after me, then the hostile power certainly will not do anything to you because I myself hold protectively my hands above you and you will reach the goal - you will be able to go into your father's house - you will be happy in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5376.


Book 59 5380

Irrevocable Will of God. Plan of Salvation from Eternity.

3. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5380.

The will of God is irrevocable and what he announces to men on earth through his word comes true because he is the eternal truth. And that is why also his word can never be changed because the wisdom of God always chooses the means that promise the most success even so they remain unused through the free will of man. It has to come what God lets announce through seers and prophets and what can only then be warded off or put off when the will of men completely submits to the divine will what however God from eternity already saw as non-occurring and that is why he also gave and could give the constant predictions until the present day. It is the time of the end because a redemption period has expired and this always causes an act of violence that was likewise predicted in its details from men who enlighten the fellow human beings on behalf of God. The divine will is fixed eternally because only seldom a man approaches him with the request to show compassion and to kindly change his will. Such a request will also be complied with but also still then is the occurring event in fact intended in the plan of salvation from eternity because God knows about everything and has included also such a case of granting in his plan and so his will still remains unchanged. As far as men themselves are concerned they often cause him to withdraw his will and to leave men for a short time to themselves, i.e. they can act by virtue of their free will often in a completely adverse way to God without being hindered to do so. But just such acts are the cause that God's will shows itself, even so to the greatest chagrin of men but who themselves have caused this. Through their action adverse to the purpose of God they have done what determined the will of God since eternity to express himself. And as he knows since eternity about everything what men do and think in the individual redemption periods, because he knows if and when they find to him and when they oppose him - God can also exactly fix the point of time where that happens what he plans. But it will never be announced to men but it will be pointed out to them if possible when his justice comes out and he wants to re-establish his order on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. He will call men's attention to the upheaval that will be carried out for all spiritual on earth and in the universe so that the eternal order is restored without which a spiritual maturing is impossible. His will is irrevocable and that is why you men can definitely expect the day which will prove to you that everything is foreseen on earth since eternity, that nobody can determine the day but you all can believe in it that it will come suddenly and unexpectedly because everything comes as God has announced it through seers and prophets, because as an exceedingly perfect being he has recognize the necessity of it and through it a new phase is initiated for the best of all that still have not reached the aim on earth. For God wants all his creatures to become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5380.


Book 59 5382

Raging of Satan in the End.

5. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5382.

Incomparably will Satan rage in the end of days because he knows that his time is over. He thinks to still win victory in the short time after all because all indications with men speak for him. He has control over the majority and that determines him to take action against me with open shutters. He attacks me openly, he is not afraid to take action against me with brutality, he uses means that alone already mark him as enemy of souls, because he seeks to use force by driving the body into exceedingly great misery so that the soul gives in to his pressure. The trouble will be exceedingly great and fill men that are weak in faith with doubts. But it is not to make you stagger and that is why you will also receive from my side visible strengthening and comfort, you will experience things that will let you rejoice and be jubilant also in greatest earthly misery. You will be allowed to see me myself and be able to speak to me. In various ways you will feel my presence that will never remain without impression with you and enables you to offer resistance against all challenges through the opponent and earthly authority. You will well have to struggle but the fight will not depress you but revive your power because you know that you fight for a holy cause and this knowledge has become conviction in you, your faith is firm and can no longer be shaken. And when I say this to you then you can safely expect what is coming and always be sure of my help. I still demand from you great work on the souls of those who are weaker than you and that is why I foretell you all this that you do not become fickle when all earthly signs are recognizable, when earthly authority acts brutally against the believers, when it starts to also look threatening for yourself. All this must come because these are the weapons of my opponent that he has sharpened. But there is no need to be afraid as long as you acknowledge me as your commander, as long as you let me protect you through your will, to belong to me eternally and to not deny my name. The might of the enemy of your soul will fail because of this your will, even so he drives it to the extreme. Because I come myself and arrest him when there is highest danger but I do not let you fall into his hands, you who believe in me and want to be loyal to me. The time is close when all this will happen and not severe enough you can be urged to gather strength for you for these days of trouble, to maintain the union with me, and to fetch power from my word that you can receive unmeasured when you want. And do not forget that I am always there for you as often as you may call on me, but also do not forget that I want to be called. Because I am untiringly prepared to help and to give, but my gifts are also to be desired in order to be able to be of true help for you. With giant steps the end is coming. Make extensive use of the short time and you will be able to fight out the last struggle on this earth effortlessly as you only help yourself to my strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5382.


Book 59 5383

Earnest warning. Last Phase of Earth.

6. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5383.

A short while still you are in ordered circumstances, to be then thrown into a chaos from which you can no longer extricate yourself out of your own power. Because now the earth enters the last phase, it goes towards its end. This prediction has to be taken very seriously as it is to make you realize that also your last time has come, that all of you do no longer have a long lifespan and many have to prepare themselves to be suddenly called away before that. Every day that you still experience is a gift that you are to appreciate because every good work that you do in a day increases your strength that you will be able to use in dire need in the coming time. But he who lives without love and faith will be completely without power or will hand himself over to him who will well supply him with power, but does not save him from the end, from the last judgement, from the new banishment into hard matter. Do not sell your soul for a price that definitely does not compensate for the trouble that the soul still has to face when life on earth is at its end. I cannot warn you often and earnestly enough because I want to prepare a blessed lot for you. But you men do not believe what I again and again let announce to you through seers and prophets - you do not believe it and I cannot force you to believe. You are of a worldly mind and are endless far away from the spiritual; you are completely immersed in matter and this matter will crush you, it will again imprison you completely, because you do not separate from it as long as you have power to do so. Just earnestly imagine to be locked up in hardest matter and no longer being able to free yourself of it. The thought would give you the greatest strength to escape from this fate but you lack to believe this and I cannot give you this faith but you have to obtain it yourself through a life of love. Then the whole connection will become clear to you and also the meaning of your life on earth as man. And you would get a fright how far you deviate from that what was given to you as assignment for the time of your earthly existence. Do good works, force yourself to it, learn to be without for the fellow human being, alleviate the suffering and misery, comfort and refresh the sick and weak, lend a compassionate hand everywhere where you see misery - you do it not only for others, you also do it for yourself because your soul arises to life and every good work incurs it the illumination of the spirit - you will become seeing and recognize my great love there where today you still see merciless ruling of a power that just wants to torment you on earth. Listen to my renewed warning cry and exhortation and do not let it die away at your ear, let go of the desire for matter, just think of the welfare of your soul and be unconcerned because I also keep you earthly when you seriously look after your soul that is in greatest danger, because the end is nearby. Amen. B.D. NR. 5383.


Book 59 5384


6. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5384.

Spiritual communion, the union of the spirit spark in you with the father spirit of eternity, can only get established through love. You can well also connect with me in thoughts through close prayer, you then call me, and I lean towards you, but it remains so long a call from afar as you are out of love, then no inner union exists yet, but which is established immediately through works of love, so that you are then closely united with me as it were and in this state you can now have communion with me, i.e. I myself can supply you with the food of your soul – that I can hand to you the bread of heaven, my word, which you now can hear when you let me be present in you, therefore have entered communion with me. To communicate therefore means to receive flesh and blood – my word with its power – out of my hand, for which therefore really love must fill a person’s heart otherwise my presence is unthinkable. A person will never be able to speak of my presence who does not prove love towards me through unselfish neighbourly love; a man can never unite himself with his father from eternity who does not consider his fellow man as his brother, who is without love towards him and therefore can also never love the father, whose child the fellow man is. Make it clear to yourselves that love alone unites the child with the father, that only through love man enters into the child relationship and that then the child is fed and given drink with good gifts at the table of the father and eternally never again needs to suffer trouble. And my word is the most delicious thing what man can receive, it is certainly refreshment and strengthening, and where my word sounds there my presence is also proven, as the other way round my presence is not thinkable without an expression of power. And because I am myself power and light, I also reveal myself to man as light and power, I can be present in him who allows my presence in him through work in love. But light and power flows from my word; the souls need light and power for the ascent development, therefore light and power are the food which I hand to the soul when man has communion with me, when he is my guest, therefore finds reciprocation of his love in closest association with me. This alone is to be understood under communion, so alone I want communion to be understood, to which I invite you all, which I have set up with the words: Take, eat, take, drink – this is my flesh, this is my blood. Out of my hand you are to accept the food for your soul, and this presupposes the close union with me, which cannot be produced differently than only through love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5384.


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