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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 58

B.D. NR. 5136 - B.D. NR. 5294
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Book 58 5142

Miracle Working in the End-Time. False Christs and Prophets.

1. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5142.

You are just to make use of my life power that is always available to you and nothing will be insurmountable to you. But only through a life in love can you acquire this power of love - after which it is now also understandable to you when a man is capable to heal sicknesses and to do other unusual work, provided these abilities are not helped along from below, what however is obviously perceptible by the life of the man. My power of love can be used for tremendous works but always only by men that are so closely united with me through faith and love that my power can pour into them unhindered. Man himself draws the line; he stems my stream of love when the relationship with me is not right, or rather he can even receive power from below when his life totally opposes my will. But rarely can a man who accomplishes the unusual hide the direction of his love. As long as it is still for the world it is not my power that enables him to do the work. But he who is devoted to me his soul also radiates something divine onto everyone and his unusual power points to the close relationship with me which is always recognizable. The higher a man's standing is in love the stronger is also his faith and therefore he consciously works with my power. Love and faith therefore have to exist first to accept divine work and right faith and love cannot be feigned or denied, which is why they always help to a right judgement when the source of the power is to be examined. Such examinations will often be necessary in the last times before the end because powers from above and below will show; signs and miracles will happen because also my opponent seeks to get faith and supplies great power to those who are in bondage to him. Then it will show that only love gives light and produces the right powers of discernment, that works of divine power can only be carried out by those who remain firm in their faith in me the living God and their redeemer and that all work of God opposing men is also done by God opposing powers, that they are false Christs and false prophets who work miracles on behalf of Satan. I point out to you, my followers, that in the times of the end many things will happen that strike as unusual and therefore supernatural; but I also give to you explanations for this so that you are able to tell a right miracle with my power from deceptions of my opponent that are done because men who have become slaves to him enjoy unusual will power and body power and because of that astonish their fellow humans because as I myself work in those who love me and therefore have accepted me in their hearts so also works that one on men of his spirit when the end is nearby. He can make use of their body form when they have sold their soul to him and then man acts as he wants it. But by their fruits you shall know them. All supernatural things that are accomplished serve only to strengthen power and to increase earthly goods. The world whose ruler that one is drops to the feet of those that are equipped with his power. But my kingdom is not of this world - and my disciples of the end-time, my messengers of love, through whom I work and to whom I grant supernatural power, only announce the spiritual kingdom; they teach love and confirm their Gospel with signs and miracles that prove myself, the divine master teacher on whose behalf they speak and in whose name they heal the sick and work miracles. They will be persecuted by those but saved by myself in their trouble because once the day comes when the good and the evil will be revealed, love and hate - where nobody can hide from me, where I will judge the living and the dead, the prince of darkness and his following, where my power and glory will be evident to the ones who are mine, who keep faith with me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5142.


Book 58 5143

Hostility. Secret Work. Increased Activity.

3. June 1951. B.D. NR 5143.

Now there are only few who oppose you but the time will come where many will attack you, where you will be only a small number compared to the crowd of men fighting you, that partly also call themselves believing but are hostile towards you for the sake of the results of a right, living faith, for the sake of the visible signs of the works of the spirit which stir them up against you. Now you still have a small circle of followers who are deeply moved by my word and who move it in the heart and acknowledge it; but the time will come when you also will be separated from them, when everyone will have to look after himself and knows he is surrounded by enemies who want to take the faith in me and my teaching from him. Then the fruits will come to light that they have been fed by myself through my word and have assimilated the food full of faith. Because they will hold their ground against all the temptations of the world and again and again find men that are like-minded, with whom they can share and through it strengthen their faith. But all of you will be prevented to work in public; you will have no possibility to spread my word publicly. But each one I will strengthen who longs for me and my word. The hostilities against you will increase uncontrollably and still will not be able to take your inner firmness from you because my spirit will then obviously work in you and my word will become alive in every single person. Hostilities from outside will not be able to shake you inwardly because I protect everyone who wants to remain loyal to me. And this will I recognize and I give him always the strengthening that he needs to be able to remain steadfast. But before there is a time that you very well can use for the spreading of my Gospel and I want to point this out to you so that you do not let it pass unused. Because you will be able to speak everywhere without having to fear a prohibition; you will also have the gift to speak and often find the opportunity where you are heard and find understanding, where your work in the vineyard is not in vain. And then you are to be eagerly busy and put off nothing what you can do - you are to preach love and point the end out to men. Much will remain in their memory when the last time of the struggle, the last war on faith, begins and even if you are hindered to spread my word - the seed that you sow will take root and come up and also bear fruit in the last times of the end. And your work will continue secretly and be a blessing to you and your fellow human beings because I want to bless all your spiritual activity until the end of this earth and some day in eternity. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5143.


Book 58 5149

Short Time Increased Work for the Kingdom of God.

11. June 1951. B.D. NR 5149.

Only a short time still, then a busy activity will start for me and my kingdom and all who have a living faith and therefore are also in union with me will feel to be urged to work for me because my spirit is driving them in the knowledge of the exceedingly short time that remains until the last end of this earth. Distinctly these men will recognize me in world affairs, i.e., they will know that it is drawing to a close and that all indications point to it and this knowledge they want to transfer to the fellow human beings because they are urged from their inside to inform them. To a certain extent they have proof of the truth of my word and also want to convince the fellow humans of it, which is why the number of my representatives in the latter days before the end is ever increasing. And everyone will speak as the spirit is urging him because the will to speak for me and my kingdom and to let the fellow human beings find the living faith causes that my spirit becomes active in them so that they, driven by the spirit, speak out what is useful for the fellow humans. This time is still before you but sooner than you think it will be there because everything comes true what I have announced through seers and prophets, therefore also that the falling away from the faith will be great and that is why the earth experiences a shockwave that is suitable to lead many back to the faith. Besides great earthly trouble will make men receptive to explanations and words of consolation and my announcers will therefore find understanding everywhere in the first period of time after my intervention through the elements because their words give clarity and consolation to men and therefore they are open to instructive speaking and good words of encouragement. But only a short time you have freedom of speech. Very quickly an earthly power will distinguish itself that does not like your spiritual work and which announces hostility to you. And every spreading of my word will be suppressed. But then it turns out where truth is that is based on God as the eternal truth. Because only there the enemy will find resistance while otherwise men submit to the measures, deny me and challenge the ones that are mine. As far as this you men have to come before it turns out into which camp you belong, in whose favour you decide, in mine or that of my enemy who pulls you into the deep. And then I will need many disciples, deeply believing men with much love in the heart who are loyally devoted to me and want to help their fellow humans. For these alone are able to stand firm in the last war of faith on this earth and to be successfully active. And my spirit will announce to them what they are to do and to speak because my spirit itself will first lead them into the truth, which they then are to pass on to those who are still weak in faith but are of good will. And their work I will bless because they serve me loyally until the end, they are my disciples that I again send among men so that still all are helped that want to be helped. Amen. B.D. NR. 5149.


Book 58 5151

Explanation of Destructions Dependent on Nature.

14. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5151.

The world, i.e. the earthly creation, is in permanent progressive development because nothing what God has created remains in a state of rest - so constantly on the same level, but only through perpetual change it will fulfil its actual purpose. This process of change does not need to be always visible, i.e., it can take place so slowly that man perceives little or no change, but it also can happen so suddenly and to such a powerful extent that whole creations are destroyed and reshaped and this again man does not realize because he himself hardly survives such a process. Still such upheavals belong to the development process of the entire spiritual that occasionally has to be disturbed out of an inactivity into which it falls as a result of its resistance against God. All creations come from the hand of God for a particular purpose, for the maturing of the spiritual that is bound in these creations. According to the law from eternity creation therefore fulfils its purpose because the spiritual carries out the activity in mandatory law that helps it to mature. However man can misuse the embodied spiritual in the state of free will, its outer form that was given to him for the same purpose, by ignoring his spiritual assignment, and moreover he can also hinder the destiny of those creations that contain the still undeveloped spiritual, through premature destruction out of evil motives, through use for a purpose adverse to God, through hindering it to serve, and he can therefore as it were misuse the works of creation that were destined for maturing of the spiritual, whereby the spiritual gets in a state of turmoil and tries to burst its cover which is expressed by destructions that are natural, thus not caused directly through the will of men. Because the still bound spiritual can resist the human will since it is not entirely opposed to God and so to speak wants the spiritual upward development itself. Then the raging against the divine order itself has a destructive effect, as conversely the building up and further development, as a prerequisite, presupposes an action in accordance of divine law, of divine order. And so it follows by itself that also whole works of creation can dissolve when the divine order is violated to an extent that the actual purpose is no longer fulfilled on the part of men who are only allowed to enliven and use the earthly creation for the purpose of ascent development. When the creations that arise specially for men to make their maturing possible are used by these for other purposes, or are misused, then this means a danger insofar as that the spiritual in it revolts because it feels the unlawfulness and sees its own development threatened. Therefore a wide-scale destruction of creations taking place through the will of God is often an act of help for the spiritual bound in it that through the will of men that is wrongly directed is hindered in its development but still wants to come into its own. Besides new creations are to be regarded as the beginning of new epochs of redemption because the hard matter again contains the spiritual in it that is forced into a course of development through the whole of creation because in the pre-period it had failed in free will. It had to be robbed of its free will again and now again walks the way of the law in a bound will - it has to serve because it did not want to recognize its destiny as man and sinned against the law of eternal order. That is why also the same principle underlies every new creation: a serving in a mandatory state according to divine rule and likewise in the state of free will. Always the principle of love has to predominate if the ascent development of the spiritual has to take place and building up has to be recognized. But where they sin on the other hand there is decay and disorder and finally total dissolving is the result. Amen. B.D. NR. 5151.


Book 58 5160

Fight with the Sword of the Mouth.

26. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5160.

In a world of worst unbelief, of crassest unkindness and of fullest ignorance the pure word of God that you receive as special favour will not be recognized as divined gift since the ability of recognizing is dependent on faith and love of a man and acumen alone does not replace the ability of perception. And still men walking in spiritual blindness have to be influenced; it has to be attempted to awaken faith and love in them so that also knowledge comes as a result of them. Influence has to be exerted insofar as to reproach men with the results of their wrong life without faith and love and that the dreadful fate is pointed out to them that waits for them if they do not change. Without faith and love no understanding can be expected for spiritual teachings but when men are told that they themselves create an unbearable or a blissful fate then they will get used to the possibility of such and will accordingly be receptive for further instructions or otherwise will completely reject and deny a survival when they already have become a total slave to him who gave them this direction of thinking, who has an effect on them is such a way that they neither believe nor are active in love and therefore are darkened in spirit until the final bodily and spiritual death. The will of men is in no way influenced in the times of spiritual darkness that it decides on a particular direction. Only one thing can be achieved through talking and presentations that they think and then the desire for the truth is decisive what direction the thoughts take. And that is why it is a fight with the sword of the mouth that only one can wage who is able to refute everything what is presented to him or put forward as counter objection from the opposite side. Of a bright spirit must be men who oppose those; they themselves must be led by divine guidance, they themselves must only be the tool through which God expresses himself but who still does not infringe on the free will of man when this one wants to remain his enemy and also does not let himself be persuaded through divine words. Still the work of a man who tries to bring light into the spiritual darkness is an exceedingly beneficial one because the thoughts of those are stimulated who cross his way as he gets ready to fight for the kingdom of God, as he speaks out of innermost impetus to instruct the mistaken fellow human beings and to help them to reach the light of the day. He will well find much unbelief, he will be exposed to hostility, the opponent of God will oppose him with the wisdom of the world, and always new objections he will have to refute, but he will also have a supernatural power that is recognizable by his speeches that are not refutable and by his conviction - one will not be able to prove to him the opposite of what he represents, on the other hand one can convince oneself that his words deserve to be believed when the earnest will and the desire for truth is there, that the promises are coming true when the conditions are fulfilled that are attached to them. Only the will has to be there to let love come up in oneself then also faith will be awakened and recognizing will be easy. But the opponent of God also works untiringly to confuse the thinking of men and that is why he drives them to unkindness and destroys all belief as long as man does not defend himself. It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness when it is to bring in victory. But the inconsiderateness of the servants of God on earth consist in that they mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues that the opponent of God commits, that they are not afraid to expose him, that they present the faults and vices of men with the remark that they are under the influence of him who pulls them down into the deep. Because then they speak the truth while the opponent tries to win his followers with lies and whitewashes everything what men do in their unkindness. It is not spiritual arrogance when his faults are pointed out to the fellow human being because he who recognizes the causes of spiritual blindness also has the right such as a physician to point to the causes of the sickness and so he has to mercilessly uncover the faults so that actions will be taken against them and recovery is achieved that does not affect the body but the soul and secures it a life in eternity. He who himself believes he knows about the disaster of unbelief and is to control it; he who himself has matured in knowledge through love he also knows about the state of souls that are devoid of all love and when he earnestly wants to help them then he has to test the power of the divine word with them and try everything to save them out of greatest spiritual trouble - he has to fight with the sword of the mouth and his spirit will guide him well, he will always find the right words and his fight for the kingdom of God will be successful. Amen. B.D. NR. 5160.


Book 58 5165

Power of God. Life.

5. and 6. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5165.

All life is the effect of my power; my power manifests itself in every work of creation. Thought as such is likewise an expression of power for my part and therefore there is nothing what does not have its origin in me although it has taken a wrong path long after its beginning as it was originally determined. Because a perpetual cycle takes place of the power that emanates from me for the purpose of continual increase of the same and continual arousal to new life and therefore also continual new creations. Thus my will to create and my power to create is incessantly active to produce life. And a holding back of my power would mean a total freezing of the whole universe, what however is never possible because my power cannot use itself up and cannot cease to exist as I myself cannot cease to exist as primary source of the power that emits from me. I was, I am, and I remain always and forever the same and the same way that what is created by me remains always and forever, only in ever changing form, because my power tolerates no standstill and every supply of power has to have a building up effect and this is expressed through ever more perfect creations. And my power finds access everywhere and nothing could exist when it would not be touched by my power. My love and my wisdom direct the power as required and my will determines the acceptance of the same and nothing can oppose my will. But my love and wisdom also made some consubstantiality, desiring to also cause this the happiness and bliss of power utilization, of creation, to give it an assignment and to make it over happy through the ability to fulfil that assignment. And this consubstantiality had to be an image of me, standing in the same perfection, equipped with divine abilities, that I wanted to supply with power unlimitedly, so that it could be active creatively and developing like me. This consubstantiality therefore was likewise a product of my power and my will of love. It was called into being out of my power and could develop completely free because all the time power was flowing towards it and it also had free will to make use of this power. It became a power recipient, but it also could radiate power as this was its purpose. This first created being felt over great happiness and over great happiness it could again cause by likewise giving life to beings to a free independent existence. My power unstoppably flowed towards the first being and through this one also towards the countless entities who came from the will of that one by utilization of my power. This was the beginning of that what is out of me although it is eternally not to be thought of as being separated from me. Because my power, and all what is out of it, remains eternally my portion and can eternally no longer break off from me. That being however, that directly got my power from me, felt in full possession of my power since it incessantly created new beings without its power being curtailed. In no way was it influenced by me in its thinking, wanting and acting because as perfect being, as my image, it also had to be completely free and feel independent. But it also had to be able to have the highest degree of love towards me from whom it came. But this was stronger towards himself. He gave himself the first place in his thoughts although he did not lack knowledge on grounds on his perfection that also includes recognizing truth. He boasted and fell. The power that went out from me went endlessly far away from me and now needs a way just as endless to again get back to me. But the return of the power to its beginning is a law that cannot be overruled forever if it is to keep its effectiveness since it is only fully effective in union with its original power. Therefore the cycle of radiation and return has to take place but this also means a continuous power increase because the intake containers of divine power have to get into action as soon as they are touched by it. The deeply fallen consubstantiality is well still power bearer but with only weak effectiveness. But it cannot remain completely inactive because my continuous radiation of power penetrates as far as the deep and achieves there a counter effect and every resistance produces power. This production of power means again the emergence of new life - emergence of any creations that again carry out an activity for the purpose of power increase. So therefore the highest light bearer, that first being created as my image, became through the fall into the deep unintentionally occasion to the production of countless works of creation in which my power was manifested and so created enormous life in the universe because power can never be inactive and again and again flows towards the primeval source, continually increases and can never run down. That and why innumerable entities are taking part in this power increase and without fail have to return to its source as spiritual that was pulled down together by the fallen primeval spirit, requires no further explanation than that my love for that what came from me is unchanging and that this love is not getting less even if the products of my power are endlessly far away from me - but that my will to love does not rest before it again stays close to me and can work and create with me in happiness as it is its destiny. Amen. B.D. NR. 5165.


Book 58 5170

Development Periods - Length of Time. Matter and Influence.

14. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5170.

The plan of redemption of the fallen spiritual unwinds always in certain periods of time that correspond to the respective state of the spiritual. And that is why the individual redemption periods are different, time wise as well as in their conditions and maturing possibilities. There are longer and shorter redemption sections as well as completely different creations in these, meaning more of less hard fetters for the bound spiritual in it. And from that it can be concluded that also different demands are made on men in such individual redemption sections so that they gain their maturity of the soul. There might be so to speak a gradation recognizable when the individual development periods could be compared with each other - and it could be seen that the creations adapt oneself to the state of maturity of men, i.e. their will, that therefore men without hard resistance against God also live in a world that shows easier dissolving of the material form and therefore also a shorter time is needed for a course of development. And this will always be then the case when a total dissolving of the earthly creation has gone before and the spiritual that has escaped from it is to be brought again into a new form. Then this spiritual living in an environment that is beneficial for it, strives far more eagerly upwards even if it is still unconscious of it. But after such a total dissolving mankind on earth is also still more peaceful, more connected to God, that benevolently influences the spiritual that is still bound and also helps it upward. But hard matter is still inhabited by the deeply fallen spiritual and this spiritual will still want to assert its influence especially then when also this redemption period again draws to a close. But every epoch is an ascent from the deep to the height, every epoch has spiritual that no longer offers resistance to God or abandons it very soon but also such that remains in opposition to God, that has hard matter as its residency and again and again wants to and will have an unfavourable effect on the more mature spiritual. The longer now men avoids this influence the longer also the development periods will be because an ending occurs only then again when these beings bound in matter are again allowed to embody themselves as men after endless long transformation. For the beings now determine the time of the end or the dissolving of the creation that they inhabit. A turning to God also secures a long existence, a turning away from him is renewed resistance and causes again the destruction of that in the end, which does not fulfil its purpose - a dissolving of the earth and a new formation of spiritual forms. Because according to law from eternity everything has to strive to the top and what fails will sink so deeply that it can again be integrated into the process of ascent development so that the law from eternity is fulfilled - continual upward development of that what is fallen until it has reached again the former height. Amen. B.D. NR. 5170.


Book 58 5188

Reincarnation. False doctrine. Adoption as children of God.

13. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5188.

You will always go away from truth as soon as you loosen the union with me and only think with your worldly intellect, which cannot recognize spiritual truth. For the intellect wants to always give itself an explanation in such a way as it corresponds with its wishes and calculations, but truth does not always agree with this. The thoughts of man certainly are not to be switched off but always to leave the pre-eminence to the spirit in him in spiritual questions, so to let him be given presents by me first through his spirit, to then make use of the gifts intellectually. I want to give you always a bright light but you are not allowed to put a wall before it yourselves through which the light no longer can get through. And a wall you erect yourself as soon as you begin to be active yourselves in a direction, which is to your liking. You men wish that you live on earth, and mostly want to give away earth life unwillingly. And therefore your thoughts go such ways, and your great wish is a repeated life because according to divine law of nature you cannot prolong it for yourselves. Out of this field of vision your thoughts now seek the ways to fulfil this wish, and you welcome the re-embodiment teaching, and you assess it as truth, although it only contains a partial truth. The re-embodiment, as you imagine it, because you wish it to be so, would as it were be the repetition of a development stage, because man has failed on earth or did not reach full maturity, which he certainly can reach. But it still should be understandable to you men that such would just mean a permanent change of stay for the soul, which therefore at will would inhabit now the earthly, now the spiritual kingdom. And this would be like a hold-up in the cycle from eternity, a remaining on always the same stage, or, as long as free will is not eliminated, could also be a sinking for the soul because free will is always given to a man according to which he can develop up or down. It also has to be clear to you that all heavenly bodies have the same purpose, to give spiritual education possibilities to beings, and that consequently the further development does not necessarily depend on the fleshly return to earth, such could rather endanger the previous degree of maturity because the earth still holds too much immature spiritual, which can have a bad influence on the souls, which failed in earth life and that is why they demanded a new return. It is true that the wish of a soul demanding to return to earth is granted because the will is also free in the otherworldly kingdom and consequently determining for its soul state, however you men have then no longer the desire for the earth as it is now predominant with you; you no longer want to put on the heavy earthly body but you are, no matter how small the knowledge may be you once reached in the spiritual kingdom, already so familiar with the atmosphere surrounding you that you utilize it as it is possible for you, and because of that can definitely reach a far higher degree of maturity, than you achieve through a repeated walk on earth. I can just tell you again and again the same: Through your own thinking you have let error creep into spiritual wealth, which was offered to you as truth by me; you have generalized isolated cases Ė which is why the re-embodiment teaching certainly cannot be rejected completely, however has developed into a false doctrine in the way you present it, which I will correct again and again, so that you do not get stuck in an assumption, which endangers your ascent development here on earth, which lets you become lukewarm and negligent in the work on yourselves. The cases of transferring back of a soul to earth are so rare and always specially justified, but it is wrong to want to make fixed teachings out of these facts, which only confuse the thinking of men and let the general truth appear to be questionable. You men can reach incredibly much on earth; you can reach the highest degree of maturity during one earth life, the adoption as Godís children, because for it I died as man Jesus on the cross. And my will is announced to you all the time through my word, and an immeasurable treasure of favours is permanently available to you. But who does not pay attention to all of this and does not strive for his spiritual maturity, he will also have to irrevocably bear the consequences in the spiritual kingdom, but can also then still ascend up through my over great love and mercy, when it is my will, because I have certainly many school houses in my universe where you can still make up for much but never reach the degree of adoption as children of God, which makes you to be my heirs, but which you can reach only on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5188.


Book 58 5219

Earnest Pointer to the End.

26. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5219.

Your days are numbered. There is no long stay any more on this earth, your life will be shortened because the time is over that I granted to you men for redemption and you who live now belong to those who experience the end. I will well first still call away many whose souls would not pass the last fight for me and my kingdom and a great dying will start everywhere and the various causes will let you men just not think of, that this last action has already started, that it is already an act of favour because I give those souls the possibility to continue their course of development in the kingdom on the other side what is no longer possible when the last day has come. You all no longer have much time but no-one of you knows it whether he will not still be torn away from life before; no-one of you knows when his hour has come. Do not mourn for those who pass away because my love calls them away; but often think of them in prayer so that they make use of the favours that are also still granted them in the hereafter. Prepare yourself all for your last hour; I earnestly admonish you because you no longer have much time. Through the events in the world I warn you urgently and when you walk with open eyes you recognize the seriousness of the hour because I speak clearly to you through the signs of the time. But you men just see the world only; you pay all attention to the world but you do not think of me and annoyed you throw away everything from you which could point to me and to the end. You do not want to believe and therefore remain untouched from all events that far too clearly prove to you the truth of my word. It is high time - but not in the sense of the world but to repentance, to the change of will, to turning back and to reflection. Do not remain untouched when I admonish you wherever it may be. Ask yourself in what state you well are when the call comes to you to leave the earth and to enter through the gate of death into eternity. Ask yourself whether you then can well pass before my eyes and believe it that the hour soon is there where your life on earth ends. That is why you are to look after your souls only and turn away your eyes from the world because it will pass away, but the soul is immortal and its fate in eternity is according to your life on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5219.


Book 58 5223

Spirit of Antichrist.

30. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5223.

The spirit of Antichrist rules everywhere where I am not recognized. There he already has caused his work of confusion; he was weakened men in their power of perception; he has darkened everything; he has suppressed truth and blinded men with his light of delusion; as my opponent he has used his power and therefore worked against me. As a special means of warfare he has torn the image of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ out of the hearts of men and therefore works against Christ and that in increased measure the closer the end is. It is his work that men have gone away from me, that they no longer believe in Jesus Christ and therefore also do no longer find the way to me; and still his work is only possible because men do not defend themselves against his attacks and his actions. For they can defend themselves when they want. As independent beings they have been placed on this earth and have complete free will. They stand apart from me but also at the beginning of their embodiment as man so far apart from my opponent that he cannot force them to be subject to him. From my side men is given the possibility to assimilate the impressions around him with heart and intellect and to go through them thoroughly in the heart and with the intellect because I have not created machines that have to carry out their activity according to the law of the master; I have put you men out freely, given you an intellect and reason and all the time have a well-minded effect on you through all events. Also he does not leave his power unused. He likewise tries to have an effect on your will but the last decision remains with you men. But there is a means that you just have to use - make sure of my spirit of love, my power, which enables you to every resistance against the temptations of your enemy. Continually you can acquire this power when you yourself just practise love, thus obtain my power of love for yourself, that is undiminished at your disposal, but that can only be won through works of love. My opponent is an enemy of love and you will always be able to defeat him when you oppose him with the weapon of love. Then you walk the way of Christ; you walk the way of love that also he walked; then you therefore belong to him and he now is your protector, your guide; he has become your redeemer through your will that joined him through love. But as long as mankind is without love it does not recognize him and his opponent is bringing this about who thinks he is increasing his power when he decreases the power of Jesus. His work is conspicuously directed against him and every man who turns away from Christ, who denies him, who rejects him when he presents himself to him in the word, is under the control of Antichrist; he himself is an antichrist who willingly does what Satan makes him do. Watch out for these antichrists and no matter whether they pretend to strive for noble goals. They are under his control and therefore also my opponents and will have to pay for their opposition on the day of judgement that is very near. Amen. B.D. NR. 5223.


Book 58 5235

Behold, I make all things new.

14. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5235.

I make all things new. You men who are without knowledge, who have not yet awakened the spirit within you, you do not know what these words of mine mean because you do not believe in the reshaping of this earth, you do not believe in the last judgement, in the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one. You know nothing of my plan of salvation from eternity and therefore also do not grasp my words: Behold, I make all things new. Every one of my words has multiple meanings that also my awakened ones do not know because this understanding is still too high for men of this earth; but the simple meaning is clear to them that I want to renew what has gone outside of my order from eternity. I want to create a change as men on this earth do no longer strive for it and therefore miss their purpose of life on earth. They have failed and did not use their life for eternity. Yet I still do not want them to get lost and therefore give them the opportunity to once more cover the missed course of development however not as repetition but in a complete new way. Because a renewed course of development is an enhanced allocation of favour and must be acquired through heightened achievement for which completely new creations present the opportunity. I therefore renew first the school house of the spiritual, my earth, which is to again promote the ascent development up to men. I supply it with complete new creations of such manifold nature and features that will create new opportunities for the exceeding large number of spiritual to prove itself and I let a new human race come into being, arising from men blessed by me that have carried out their spiritual development in love and loyalty to me, that have reached a degree of maturity that allows a high spiritual looking after so that the new human race has all guarantees for highest possible spiritual completion and that also the bound spiritual can reach maturity fast through the exceeding good influence that men exert on all creations surrounding them. I make all things new; I also relax the conditions for the deliverance of the spiritual but therefore not deviating from my law of eternal order, only taking care of that in deep love and mercy that still lives in bondage. All oppressiveness will fall off from men; full of power they will strive up because I alone am the most desirable and they cannot be pulled into the deep by my opponent who is in chains for a long time. I create a new heaven and a new earth, i.e., spiritually and earthly I make men happy who now belong to me and who are also to level off the way to me for those that come after them. Who of you men can grasp this? And who of you men does believe this firmly and undoubtedly that the old ceases to exist, that also men will no longer be who are still remote from me, that only the small flock that loyally follows me as their shepherd will not lose their life because I have blessed this small flock and chosen for survival in paradise of the new earth - that a new phase of redemption begins according to the plan of salvation from eternity that was laid down by my love and wisdom to ensure eternal life for the spiritual? Behold, I make all things new. You who believe in me remember these words, move them in your heart and know the time has come where this my word comes true. Firmly believe in this and hope, and endure all heaviness that is still given to you until the end with patience and submission into my will. Because the day comes very soon where I fetch the ones who are mine to reveal paradise to them of which is written: A new heaven I will create and a new earth and I myself will dwell amidst of those who are mine and guide and teach them as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5235.


Book 58 5258

Harmony on the New Earth.

22. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5258.

The transient will cease to exist, but the spiritual will leave the form that so far held it. And then the new embodiment of the spiritual takes place again in another form according to the state of maturity that the spiritual has reached. The course of development of the spiritual in the previous stages continues so that therefore the destruction or dissolving of the earth does not particularly concern this spiritual whereas all that has reached the stage as men and does not belong to the raptured does no longer progress upward in its development but it falls down into the deep. It starts its ascent development anew since it totally failed in the end. That is why the new creation will be an exceedingly peaceful world that gives pleasure to men and animals alike, that is in fullest harmony with the divine principle and every work of creation will praise and extol God in its beauty and practicality that men find exceedingly beneficent. As it were there is nothing base, that human eye does not enjoy, everything only causes joy, everything is functional and created for the comfort of men. But hard matter, in which is banished what is insubordinate to God, cannot yet influence men unfavourably because it is still in the state of new banishment, completely without power and unable to do anything. That is why there is now also a time of peace since nothing is in opposition to each other, since everything is moving again in divine order, since the still bound spiritual feels that it is walking upwards and because men are full of divine spirit, so know about everything and this knowledge makes them happy and makes them to be the most peaceful inhabitants of the new earth. Because they are in union with God and their essence is therefore so radiant with love that they only can be good all the time, what is also felt by what is underneath them, the animal world and the plant kingdom, and the whole sphere of love is suitable for rapid upward development. As dreadful as the earth will end so peaceful and harmonic it will begin again and a happy destiny will be given to the inhabitants of the earth as reward for their loyalty to God and their steadfastness in faith. And God himself will dwell like a father amidst his children as he has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5258.


Book 58 5269

Life Power - Spirit Power.

10. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5269.

Never rely on your own power. You well have to let your will be active yourself; you are not allowed to remain inactive and wait for help but what you do you always have to tackle together with me; you have to ask for my help and my blessing for it and you will succeed. You well have life power that entitles and enables you to be quite active. But my will is above all and you cannot force this one; but I am often compelled to put up a resistance to your will when this is to the welfare of your soul. And that is why also failures, lack of success of projects and ineffectiveness are included in the destiny of your life and you cannot keep them away from you by your own strength. Then also the life power is not of much use to you; then you often recognize how little you can do out of your own strength. All setbacks, all wasted performances, all fainting are always indications to turn to the giver of strength from eternity, to implore him for his blessings and to ask him for an increase of strength and good success for every activity by recognizing your own inadequacy. You are not to forget me; that is why I often have to let you come into situations where your own strength cannot succeed; I have to show you that all your efforts are unsuccessful when I am not giving my blessing to them, but you have to first ask for it to not forget me. The co-operation with me guarantees success; but if you keep away from me then your efforts are much more strenuous and even then often still without success. You can also force success but then only with the support of the power from below that will always take care of you when you exchange your soul for it. Then you can be mighty on earth; then you will succeed in everything; then you can dumbfound your fellow human beings with works of supernatural kind - but always by forfeiting of freedom because then you are bound and completely under his, Satan's, control. Do not desire this power from below, even when it promises you a charming life on earth. Come to me in tender prayer and call on me for strength and favour and then you win truly more than my opponent can offer. But you then do not take possession of worldly goods but I then bless every worldly beginning that you undertake but I bless you spiritually as well, i.e. through close unity with me I can supply you with spiritual power that is far more valuable than your life power because to work with spiritual power will always be successful even when not always recognized by you. Never inactivate me whatever you begin because I always want to be your advisor, guide and help who directs everything for the best of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 5269.


Book 58 5271

Great Dying. Recall of the Weak. Decision.

13. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5271.

And it will come as I have announced it. A great dying will first set in and you will consider it to be pure chance, to be a misfortune; every other explanation you will rather accept than the one that I myself call away men in great number that would fail in the last struggle on this earth, that are too weak to offer resistance and still are also not to fall into the hands of my opponent. Because I know the hearts of men and do not let fall prey to eternal destruction who still carries a little spark of love in himself and still can revive this spark, if not on earth then in the kingdom beyond where my love and mercy also reaches to bring help. It will come as I have announced it. Misery and sorrow will exist to such an extent that everyone can recognize the time of the end who wants to. But sorrow will only be there where the ones that are mine are recognizable because the fellow human beings will cause this sorrow to take away the belief in their God and creator from eternity in whom they see their father and to whom they want to remain loyal. The adversary works against me and he uses men who are in bondage to him to the most shameful implementations against the ones who are mine. He wants them to fall away from me and therefore takes brutal action that the ones that are mine are able to withstand. But my power of love keeps them upright; my power of love prevails and whether men are in greatest trouble on the outside - they remain steadfast and overcome all hostility because they can do it with my help. Time leans towards the end. What still does not appear to be plausible to you today that you will experience shortly; an overthrow in every way that affects all men and demands from all men an approach to me, the creator and sustainer from eternity. And this approach can now be confessing or rejecting. That is the decision that still has to be made before the end comes. I will mightily intrude on your thoughts and you can receive or reject me - but it is the decision for eternity that you are now making. And that is why also the evil work of my opponent is allowed because he contributes to the final decision for me or him - he uses his authority far beyond the limits set for him; unusually hard he presses the ones who are mine and gives to his followers plenty - earthly goods, honour and fame and therefore they prefer to acknowledge him as their lord and deny me. But I only let the strong experience the end, the ones who are and remain loyal to me and continually accept my power of love. But the weak I take to me by calling them away before the end comes so that they do not fall into the hands of my opponent and have to suffer for eternal times. But the ones who are strong in evil will die on the day of judgement because my favour often enough also reaches them but they ignore it and consciously go into the camp of the adversary and so they are also to share his lot when the end has come - because everything will come true what I let announce through seers and prohets . Amen. B.D. Nr. 5271.


Book 58 5286

Coming of the Lord to be Taken Literally.

New Year's Day 1. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5286.

Let it be known to all of you that I come again when the time is fulfilled. I well also want to enter into your hearts; I well want that each one experiences my coming personally, that he prepares a dwelling for me, that he can say: He is in me and I in him. But my coming to earth on the day of judgement is not eliminated through this; it is to be taken literally that I will be visible to those who are mine, that I come again to earth as I once ascended to heaven. And this my coming also ends the existence of this earth. That is why you who doubt this would not believe it because my coming also confirms the end, because you who if you would believe it would also have to believe in an end and this thought frightens you. And still you do not prevent with this what comes true according to the plan of salvation from eternity. Even though everything that I have said is to be understood spiritually so also a literally fulfilment of my words can still be plausible to you in the end of this redemption period because I always keep my word. My coming in the clouds is the last thing that you will experience on this earth, you who belong to the ones who are mine, because I myself fetch you before the earth with all what lives in it will be destroyed. Also this last work of destruction is not plausible to you men as well as the rupture of those who are mine. They are unusual phenomena adverse to the laws of nature but also they are included in the law from eternity and as the result of activity by you men hostile to nature included in my plan of salvation from eternity, because they no longer mean a compulsion of faith for anybody since only those will experience it fully consciously who are mine while the others, those who are opposed to me, are themselves affected by the work of destruction and this premonition also provokes this strong will of refusal of my words. Everything will come true what I let announce by the seers and prophets, everything that concerns the end is to be taken literally and therefore I direct the earnest admonition to you men to form your life in such a way that you can expect this last day without fear where I myself come to earth to judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 5286.


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