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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 57

B.D. NR. 5022 - B.D. NR. 5135
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Book 57 5022

Admonition to vineyard work. Spreading of the Gospel.

17. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5022.

Spread the Gospel, and I want to bless you. The ignorance of that, what helps men to happiness, you are to seek to change through your work in my vineyard and bring light to men; you are to instruct them in my name; you are to announce the divine love teaching only and admonish them, to live according to this teaching. Men have become right world men, who only strive for to create prosperity for themselves, and no longer remember their neighbour. But they do not know that self-love means the death of their spirit; they do not know that the purpose of man on earth is, to bring his soul to maturity through serving neighbourly love, and they do not know that they do not comply with their task in the least and therefore earth life passes unsuccessfully for the soul. So you now carry my Gospel under men, you also acquaint them with their earth assignment, and you advise and admonish them to take advantage of their life for eternity. You then bring a light into darkness, in which men walk along. And that is necessary, so that they cannot say, having remained completely ignorant about their earth task. You must talk with them as man to man, because they have dismissed the church teaching already a long time ago; you must represent to them that earth life is means for a purpose, but is not an end in itself; you must point them to their duties towards me, me who as creator and father from eternity also have rights to my children and to whom they must subordinate themselves, if they recognize me as their father. Present the right relationship to them, in which they are to stand to me; explain to them the motive for their human existence and my infinite love and patience, to win my creatures for ever. Introduce them to my love, and admonish them to counter love, which they only prove to me through unselfish neighbourly love. Draw their attention to the misery around them, where they can and should helpingly intervene, if they want win my pleasure – then you are right announcers of my Gospel on earth; then you are my right disciples, who are active in my name ceaselessly, who continue, what I have started on earth – to show men the way of love, which they absolutely must walk, it they want to be happy. I can only speak to them through men, and therefore you are to serve me, by you working on my behalf at the souls, which are not aware of the purpose of their existence; but which I do not want to get lost, but would like to help them through you, that they gain knowledge of my Gospel and live accordingly. Amen. B.D. NR. 5022.


Book 57 5023

Sign of truth of the announcements: Love, favour, mercy.

18. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5023.

So you know that I speak to you, you really believe so doubts still overcome you, you also doubt that I am the giver of that, what is sent to you. And so it is therefore important to first do an examination, i.e., pay attention to the signs, which prove me myself as giver. The spirit in you advises you right, so you let it have an effect with every examination. It will point you to error and lie, where such now and then accompany truth as having an effect of evil powers. Therefore consult the spirit in you, i.e., connect yourselves with me, the father spirit from eternity, so you desire information. The surest signs of the original source of truthfulness are my mercy and love, which are always mentioned. My loving and merciful nature lets none of my creatures fall, so a possibility to rescue still exists. Nevertheless I pay attention to the free will of these creatures and become like them. For that reason announcements seem to you doubtful, when they seem earthly to you, but, as coming from the spiritual kingdom, are offered to you as truth. As soon as I myself are made out to be endlessly kind, they are no bad powers, but light beings, which stand in truth, they present the opposite experiences so before the eyes, as they are comprehensible to you, because you as men will never have a right idea for the spiritual kingdom, since this goes far above your capacity. All men seeking and devoted to me will wise I truly protect about it, becoming involved by dark powers in a web of lies, which could harm their souls. Who seeks truth, him I approach myself, I who am eternal truth, but speak nevertheless to men in a language comprehensible to them, which they will also recognize in the spiritual kingdom as truthful, even so other ideas are there realized by them, which exactly only exist in the spiritual kingdom and can be described to men on earth only in images comparatively. But they are in accordance with truth and can therefore quite safely be seen as sent through my will to men, as long as the one sign is not lacking – that I myself am always to be recognized as love, favour and mercy, as father, who seeks to win his children. Then you need to fear no error; then it is me myself, who sends these announcements to you from the spiritual kingdom, because I know it, when they bring about the salvation of the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 5023.


Book 57 5024

He that findeth his life shall lose it.

20. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5024.

The will to live means a secure victory over death. Earthly you indeed cannot command bodily death, but also then bodily death can still be the transition to life, when the will in man had become powerful for it that he acquires eternal life. This will of life is approved of for my part, although I spoke the words: He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life shall find it. Who only thinks of the life of his body, how he can preserve it, he will quite soon experience that he himself is completely powerless and taken from earth, without being able to fight against it. This will to live is therefore not meant to be victor over death. The right life of the soul must be desired, and the will of man must support this life with all power, then there is no death any longer for him in eternity, then he will live in light and power and be able to be active incessantly to his own happiness. Then he has truly overcome death, and the leaving of the soul out of its body is an awakening to new life, free from care through the bodily cover, free of all matter and still in unsuspected fullness of power. This life men are to grow fond of on earth and only strive towards it to possess it in future, then they long for death, then they want to give up earth life for the sake of right life in eternity. But men are still very much more attached to the life of their body; they are afraid to lose it; they love earth life, and for that reason they lose it, and their lot is death. And the death of the body is again not meant, but the death of the spirit, into which the soul sinks inevitably, which loves the life on earth. And this death is worse than man can imagine, because he himself has lost himself; he has lost the earthly life, and his soul is without light and power, completely powerless and in deepest darkness. Spiritual death is an indescribable agony for it, because it is aware of itself, therefore is not obliterated with the moment of death, but vegetates further in an agonizing state. The desire for activity, which makes happy, only the living will always be able to fulfil, because power belongs to this, which only a living being possesses, while a being without power is dead. But what is worked on earth by means of the power of life flowing towards man, can be pure worldly activity, which certainly increases earthly material goods, but is without value for the spiritual kingdom – or also in a spiritual activity, which produces immortal treasures and therefore also guarantees a life in eternity. And for that reason the will of man is to be seriously directed towards eternal life, so that he then uses the life power to win spiritual power – then he will become victor over death, because then he is certain of an eternal life, and he shall not taste of death in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5024.


Book 57 5025

Voluntary return in love to God. Indissoluble union.

21. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5025.

You will not lose me any more in eternity, so you have once found to me out of free will. Then you can never ever strive to get away from me, because the union between you and me is untearable; it is stronger than every hostile attempt, to snatch you from me. My love keeps you in captivity, although you remain free wanting and thinking beings. But love is a binder, which lasts for ever. You can no longer break away from me, as I also never ever leave you, because you are my share, which I have created myself to my joy. But my joy is only then unlimited, when you have found back to me yourselves, when your love for me has caused your return, what it then the case, when you come voluntarily to me. For that reason a being, which has once entered into the union with me through love, can no longer sink back to the deep, because my eternal love keeps it. As long as the uniting with me has not yet taken place, a defection is certainly possible, but then the being strives away from me out of free will, therefore cannot yet assume me as found. And you will see from this, how unspeakable important it is that you change to love, because through it alone the joining together with me can take place, which binds you to me for ever, which protects you from sinking into the deep. Love means everything – it is so to speak the key to eternity, to the kingdom of light; it is the way to me, to the father, he who expects you to be happy with you. If you have love, then you also have me, I who am eternal love. You therefore can make sure of my presence, as soon as you practise love, and then I will never ever go from you. But every work of love presupposes free will, and consequently the test of will has been passed; you have chosen between me and my opponent, who hinders you at every work of love, so your will is not stronger. Who lives in love, he has extricated himself from the power of my opponent; he has received me in himself; I myself have taken possession of his heart and can have an effect in him. I am in him, who lives in love – and what belongs to me, I never leave for ever. Satan certainly has great power, but he does not succeed to alienate a man from me, who lives in love, because he carries me myself in him and he very well recognizes my opponent. Make yourselves my own through love; let yourselves be captured by me through constant love work, and a happy captivity will be your lot; my love will never leave you; you will belong to me and nevertheless be free. Amen. B.D. NR. 5025.


Book 57 5026

Spiritual influxes, questions - Truth.

22. and 24. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5026.

Unexpressed thoughts often move the heart of man, of which he himself is not really aware, but are apparent to me at any time. I also seek to answer them, again in form of thoughts, but only, when man deals with them seriously himself my answering thoughts can flow in on him, but what indeed is not possible before. And for that reason I request mental dialogue with me; I request a trusting speaking with me, a presentation of all that, what depresses man, to then being able to give him the answer in a way easily comprehensible to him. Man must consider everything with the intellect, what rises up from the heart, then a clear counter thought will come to him, as it were also again won through the intellect; he will know, what was unclear before to him; he will feel advised by me, and each doubt will fade, because he turned to the right source, which gave him light. Each thought activity he must lead with my support, then right thinking is also guaranteed. It is, however, far more difficult, to impart knowledge to a man, without him being mentally active; knowledge, which is completely foreign to him, to which he therefore cannot state his view himself before to gain an answer. Then a complete elimination of thought activity is necessary, because then powers are at work, who out of the spiritual kingdom touch the spiritual in man, for which the bodily organs are not needed. These powers stand indeed also in direct connection with me, because they so to speak just pass on, what they receive from me. They therefore establish the connection with the spirit spark in man; they so to speak eliminate the organic man and let spiritual currents flow into the soul of man. These spiritual currents touch the spirit spark and establish the connection between it and the father spirit from eternity. (24.12.1950) The spiritual influxes therefore come originally from me, even so they are imparted to you men through light beings. And such spiritual influxes always mean thoughts of truth and clear cognition. I want to leave you men to keep guessing about nothing; I want to enlighten your most innermost being, as soon as this is your will yourselves. I want to announce eternal truth to men, because only through truth they can be happy. But it is always only about the life of the soul – which is to be reached through truth, not about earthly material life, because this life must be covered by you so, as I have recognized it from eternity as appropriate and successful for you. For that reason also the instructions, which I impart to you myself or through light beings, concern your spiritual development; they will therefore to be regarded by you as a Gospel, a teaching coming from God, which again leads back to God. To whom now spiritual ascent seriously matters, he will also only ask spiritual questions in thoughts; he will lead a second life next to his earthly life, which is indeed expressed in the earthly life, because the thinking, wanting and acting betrays the spiritual attitude. While he therefore cares for his spiritual life, I care for the earthly life – which I now fashion accordingly to promote his maturing. Quite often now the wishes of man indeed diverge from my will – I do not always let life go off so as he likes it, but I truly know best, what serves him to his perfection. Then man often holds dialogue with me, and he wished the answer according to his pleasure. But his senses are to always be directed spiritually, and everything else he is to leave to me. The light, which is lighted in him, is to be shining for a long way, not just light up one individual fate – it radiates out of the spiritual kingdom down to earth and emits a bright shine. But light is knowledge – therefore knowledge is supplied to earth, which has immortal value, which is and must be of value for all men, otherwise it would be no light from above. Light beings are imparting this on my behalf, and coming from the eternal source, only truth can flow into you. And for that reason you men must yourselves pay attention with every examination, whether spiritual thoughts or earthly questions were present for answering, as soon as doubts befall you. What you are to spread among men, is spiritual material only; and it is sent to you in all truth. But earthly questions can certainly be answered for you mentally, but this answer is mostly of use only for the one asking, but not for fellowman, why, who wants to be instructed by the spiritual kingdom, no longer pays attention to the world and for that reason is suitable as receiver of spiritual gifts, which he is to now spread as my Gospel, to help fellowmen. Amen. B.D. NR. 5026.


Book 57 5027

Coming down of Christ then and now. Work of redemption.

24. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5027.

The same trouble was on earth at the time of my coming down as it is now among mankind because it walked in deepest spiritual darkness as also now. I took pity on this state and to help men I myself came to earth. I came as deliverer and there was a way for men out of darkness into the light, that I myself showed them. They only had to follow me and their spiritual trouble had an end. I came as rescuer and freed them from the fetters of Satan who was to blame for their great spiritual misery and to flee from him they lacked strength. The way that I told men to go could be walked by them because I myself lead the way as guide. I myself knew the way because I also had to go it before because I embodied myself in the cover of a man and therefore only demanded from men that, what was possible for them to fulfil. I walked the way of love and this way has to be walked by all men who want to awaken from spiritual darkness to the light of life, who wants to be delivered from the chains of my opponent, who wants to be redeemed from sin, which was cause of the deep spiritual trouble of men. I came as redeemer of mankind to earth, which would have sunk into darkness without my help. And I have accomplished the work of redemption for all times, for the past, present and future - therefore also for men of the present time, which are in the same spiritual trouble und urgently need help, if they do not want to perish and fall into the abyss at the instigation of my opponent. Because now the danger is far greater, because men is no longer given much time, because the time of grace soon expires that was granted to the human race for redemption. Mankind stands at the end of a development period, it stands before a significant phase, it stands before a last decision, before life and death. There is only a remaining in existence left or a total going down, i.e. a life according to divine will or a material and spiritual death, when man does not make the right decision. And again I come as the rescuer in trouble, for the time spiritually, as I have announced it, that I reveal myself to those, who love me and keep my commandments. To these I reveal myself in the word and also announce to them the near end. But then I will come again in the clouds as I once ascended into heaven. I will come and help those in greatest trouble, who followed me, who walked the way of love as I have preached, by fetching them to me, away from the earth, on which only devils are left in greatest numbers. I will again appear as deliverer, but my coming will form the conclusion of my work of redemption on earth, because who still has not recognized me, for him I died in vain on the cross, he has not accepted my work of redemption and remains in the chains of my opponent still for time immemorial, because he will be bound in matter with his followers and spiritual death is the fate of those, who do not want to recognize me, because they voluntarily place themselves under his influence, because they ignored my work of redemption and therefore languish in the bonds of darkness due to their own wrongdoing. Amen. B.D. NR. 5027.


Book 57 5028

Faith struggle - Great tribulation - Confessing. Rescuer.

25. December 1950. B.D. NR 5028.

Always persevere in the belief in your God and father, creator of heaven and earth and ruler of the spiritual kingdom in power and glory - persevere in faith to him even in greatest tribulation and confess him before the world. These demands are made on you men and claim much strength, especially in the last times before the end. Only those men will endure, who request the power for it from me and continually accept it through my word. You all will still get into difficult situations, earthly and spiritually they will press you to change your mind and to disown me. Even you, who believe still have to come through bad trials of faith, but they are put to you more for the sake of the fellow humans than for your sake. You yoursleves will force yourself, because you already have much strength in you, because you are in touch with me and will also not break off this union, because I hold you with my love that you feel and closely reciprocate to me. But to save you the tests of faith is not possible, as the fellow humans are to recognize by your steadfastness from where you get the power and of what effectiveness it is, because of your faith in me. It will be as it was at the time of my descending, where even those did no longer believe in me, who were considered to be teachers of their fellow humans beings and through their own way of living divulged how little deep their faith was in a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom. So also now men will be without faith and those who want to induce them to a complete denial of God will have an easy time of it and find little resistance, because faith is dead due to men living without love. They do not believe in a God and creator from eternity and even less in a divine redeemer Jesus Christ and in his work of redemption and are therefore under the control of him, who wants to wrest the souls from me for good. He will not succeed in this, because my love does not drop even that, what is sunk deeply. And that is why I allow all what Satan comes up with in his hate and his blindness - I allow it, because I want to implement a new redemption period the moment there is no longer hope for a change of men on this earth. And so he will rage until enough is enough and you men will experience the effect of his hate in all strictness, because he will campaign against you, who belong to me and his fight will be brutal. Nevertheless you are to expect these times without fear, because I also work unusually, but in love, not in hate. And love will win, I will come as your rescuer, when the trouble is greatest, but again and again predict this misery so that you do not become shaky in your belief, but recognize that everything comes true, what I announce to you through seers and prophets, through my disciples of the end-time that work on behalf of me, to impart strength and comfort to you, when you are in trouble. I myself am all the time near you and this certainty will fill you with power and you will hold out until the end, also in the most intense struggle of faith; I will fight at your side und the victory will be ours. Amen. B.D. NR. 5028.


Book 57 5029

The powers of heaven will move. Overthrow of natural laws. Rapture.

28. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5029.

The gift of favour from above is a power out of heaven; it comes from the spiritual kingdom of light, out of heaven, in contrast to the power emissions from below that have their outgoings in hell. So beings of the kingdom of light will work to an unusual degree and the pure word of God can be passed on to men through the will of men, who are God serving and active in love on earth, who open themselves to the supply from the spiritual kingdom and who receive spiritual gifts. Powers of heaven are moving - they will act unusually in the latter times before the end. This explanation has therefore to be given for the first time for the words of Jesus about the signs of the end and his coming again. It was a powerful utterance that he made, because he announced changes that word-for-word meant an overthrow of the laws of nature. His words always had a spiritual meaning, but in the times of the end there will appear, apart from the spiritual meaning, also a second meaning, because in an unimaginable way natural phenomena will occur that man cannot explain himself on the strength of his intellect. They go against the divine natural law, but are basically again only laws of nature unknown to men and these processes are meant by the words: The stars shall fall from heaven - sun and moon shall not give their light. Scientists and what ranks itself among them, will not be able to give explanations for it; they will not be in a position to give light, because their knowledge fails there, where divine power operates. They are laws of nature, whose cause also no man can fathom, since they only then come into effect, when a phase of redemption has ended and the dissolving of material outer forms has become necessary. They are phenomena adverse to nature and still scheduled in the eternal plan of God, therefore included in his law of nature since eternity, that men just cannot understand, whose spirit is not yet enlightened. With God no thing is impossible - therefore he will always be able to work and accomplish everything, also extralegal things, otherwise his omnipotence would be limited. Still his work always moves in divine order, because it is not possible for man as such to judge this; but it would be presumptuous to doubt that, because that also would be doubting the wisdom of God. And as God is also in himself eternal love, he will always let his will be active as it is necessary and good for his creatures, which he wants to win for himself. Things are going to happen before the end that you men are not yet able to foresee. And such can only be hinted to men with words that announce unusual, almost incredible events. Still the word of God is purest truth and it comes true when the time has arrived. Then also the most unusual changes will take place in the universe, but mankind of this earth will only be able to observe such initially; but the last they will not experience any more, except the few that are raptured and that will be able to observe the process of destruction of this earth and its inhabitants. The earth in its old form and state has stopped to be, but the new earth only holds men that are of awakened spirit and these know the cause of all that, what has happened at the end of the earth, but they also know about the might and glory of God, about his exceeding great love, but also his justice. Amen. B.D. NR. 5029.


Book 57 5030

Unusual trouble - Unusual help. Supply of God's word.

30. and 31. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5030.

An unusual great spiritual trouble requires unusual help from there, where alone this trouble can be removed, although the human will must first of all accept this help. From the spiritual kingdom therefore everything is done to grant help to men, because time draws to a close, and God’s mercy is extremely great, and he would like to bring rescue to all, who have to expect a terrible lot, when they continue resisting the efforts to bring light to them, so that they recognize their spiritual trouble themselves and change. The state of trouble is exactly the great spiritual darkness, the ignorance, in which men live along, the indifference, which they show towards their soul, and the way of life, which is not suitable that it might become light in them, because light, therefore enlightenment of the spirit, only a life in love can bring about. As long as men are not aware of their own life task, their purpose and their poor spiritual state, they just lead a life for the world, and such a life is completely useless for eternity. With a dark spirit or only with a weak idea of cognition they can enter the hereafter, where an ascent development is certainly still possible, but not certain, since also there free will is decisive, as on this earth.

But now is the time of the end – and that means that the gates of the spiritual kingdom close, that there is only still an entry into the spheres of light or banishment into the creations of the new earth – that therefore every soul, which has not reached light on earth, is lost for eternity, that it cannot continue its course of development in the spiritual kingdom, but is inevitably put into the state, where it was before endless long time – that it is again bound in hard matter and must cover once again the course through the whole creation. God knows about the maturity of the soul of every individual man, and his mercy seeks to rescue all from this lot of being bound, but your will itself determines, and this he does not touch. Constantly he comes to meet you; his light is brought everywhere through light bearers – to all men the opportunity is offered, to search one’s soul, to inquiringly deal in thoughts with life after death; to all men a ray of light is brought through word and script, which can light in their hearts, and no-one will be able to say having remained completely without reference. But the will of man is free. But time passes in next to no time, and the last day approaches. Who is in darkness, he goes a wrong way, which does not lead to the aim. And he is to pay attention to the flashing of the light, which lasts according to his will and also sends into his heart an agreeable brightness, so he opens himself to that ray of light, which touches him as divine help, so that he does not get lost. (31.12.1950) Innumerable messengers of light step into the way of men. They are active on behalf of God on earth; they work enlightening, where ignorance is; they give light, where darkness is – they bring that truth to men, which they have directly received from God, eternal truth. And this is the extraordinary help that God himself leans towards men, that he, in recognition of the situation of great trouble of men, sends to them that, what they are lacking – pure truth, which alone leads out of spiritual trouble. As long as men walk in error, in ignorance about their purpose and their start, they also miss their earth life purpose and are in spiritual trouble. And the soul must bear the results of this ignorance. For that reason God in his love and mercy supplies to them truth, his word, and indeed through mediators, who put themselves at his disposal to help fellowmen. This is an unusual help, because men themselves make no preparations for to get themselves into contact with the heavenly father, to receive truth from him directly. Men believe too little, and for that reason this direct connection from man to God is no longer possible. But God’s mercy and his love always devise new means, where man himself fails. He uses the willingness to help of some few men and through these he offers his word. And he therefore lights light to chase away darkness, which lays spread over earth. At this light is to also lighten the flame in the heart, love, and also what comes from the outside must first find reception in the heart, then the spirit is illuminated, only then darkness will wane, only then the spiritual trouble is removed and rescue is brought to the soul, when men accept God’s word and let it have an effect on them, before it is too late, before night begins, which lasts for ever and is extremely agonizing. Amen. B.D. NR. 5030.


Book 57 5031

Connection between spirit beings and men. Form.

2. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5031.

The efforts are very great on the part of the beings of the spiritual kingdom, to be able to get through to men on earth. They seize every opportunity to announce themselves, because to every light being men on earth are entrusted, whose spiritual progress they see to, but as also the beings of darkness approach the inhabitants of earth, because many of them conform to their nature, i.e. have inclinations, which drive the soul towards darkness. There is therefore a struggle in the spiritual kingdom about the souls of men on this earth, and men decide this struggle for themselves. No soul can be forced, to be good or evil, although the light beings have great power at their disposal and it would be possible for them, to determine the souls according to their will. But they always respect the will of men, since it is divine law. So therefore the beings of the spiritual kingdom wage a struggle with each other, which is decided by men themselves through their will. As soon as now contact is established with the spiritual kingdom, the beings will approach man and announce themselves to him, to which he himself grants entry through his innermost beliefs. Therefore good men are in the protection of light beings; they cannot get into evil power inevitably or induced to bad acts by bad powers. Only the danger exists that men themselves are not able to distinguish, whether they are instructed rightly or wrongly through announcements out of the spiritual kingdom. This danger exists then, when spiritual beings make use of a human form, to announce themselves through these. Under "form" is to be understood in this case a human cover, which has given up its will; which therefore does not express itself in its own nature, but where the soul steps back and grants authority over its outer cover to a spiritual being. A good man is certainly protected through light beings, but there are also strong spirits out of the deep, which are attracted through impure thoughts of individual men in the surroundings of the former. Then one moment can be enough that that spirit forces its way into the cover and, while it recognizes the good beliefs in general, it expresses itself under the mask of light and seeks to confuse the listeners in their belief and their thinking. This danger is to always be recognized, when it is about communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which do not refer to earthly, but to spiritual things. As soon as the man, of whom spirit beings make use in the unconscious state, lacks memory afterwards, he has himself no knowledge about the beings using his body, while the light beings leave an idea in him, so that he can also give an account of something in a state of wakefulness, what was imparted to him by these beings. Through intimate contact with God men can also reach the state to receive spiritual announcements fully conscious, and they have constantly a control over their body, i.e., they do not eliminate their won will, so that to the good man, who desires God and truth, then also only can draw good powers out of the spiritual kingdom to him and every dark power is pushed away through the will of man. But God assesses the will of men. Is it meant for him, then men are also certain of his special protection, and they draw blessings for their soul out of every spiritual contact. Because innumerable beings are in earth nearness, concerned about the spiritual development of those, who were on close terms with them on earth, and the need of these souls to talk is very great, because they want to warn men of a wrong earth way of life; that is also how the spirits are recognizable. Which just teach love and point to God, to Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, these want to influence men in the good sense, and they will always protect the souls of those men from harm, therefore also guard them from the attacks of evil. Amen. B.D. NR. 5031.


Book 57 5032

Spiritualism. Truth - error.

3. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5032.

Your thinking is so long right, as you want to think right to come close to me, because as soon as your will is meant for me, you already move in truth and need to fear no error, because you also recognize it immediately as error. Who now very deliberately abandons himself to my leadership, he can also be certain that I lead him right, therefore never to any harm of his soul. But right recognition also belongs to spiritual progress, therefore the ability, to give a right opinion. To now sharpen this ability, also negative phenomena must be presented to man, at which he is to apply his ability to judge. Because not everything is good, what gives itself this appearance. Particularly in the time of the end a serious examination is necessary of everything, what is to come from above, because good and bad powers want to participate at the change of man and understandably the latter appear under camouflage, as beings of light, where weak and gullible men accept their expressions. But to these weak men always good men strong in faith are joined, who particularly have a special feeling for these influxes from below and so decrease the work of the counter power, when not even eliminate. And for that reason I bring together those men, who have associated themselves for spiritual striving with the beings of the spiritual kingdom, so that always one serves the other for instruction. But to every man, whose desire is towards me, I promise my fullest protection also against the powers of darkness. And so men can certainly be misled, who are just driven by a pure earthly desire to draw, out of the connection with the spirit world, use for their body, who are therefore induced to quote the spirit world not by spiritual striving, but just by curiosity. Because these will also get enough to hear of strong error, without being able to protect themselves against it, because only the innermost belief of man, the striving towards me, guarantees the protection. And so everyone may examine himself, how far he seeks the salvation of the soul and of what kind his thirst for knowledge is. And he will then also be able to give the answer to himself, whether and how far he stands in truth and whether his thinking is right. Amen. B.D. NR. 5032.


Book 57 5033

Suitability for teaching office. Awakened spirit. Competence to judge.

4. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5033.

A teaching activity also requires own intellectual thinking; it requires to be completely penetrated by a knowledge, which man is to now pass on. The assignment, to be active teaching, only that man receives for my part, whose will is first of all prepared to increase his knowledge to be able to meet his task; who therefore first lets himself be taught by me, before he can carry out his assignment. He must therefore let intellect and heart take part; he cannot receive spiritual knowledge just with the heart and eliminate the intellect, therefore be a medial tool of the beings of the kingdom of light, but he as earth man must utilize the spiritual gift, consequently present it to the intellect, that also it confesses it and can now represent it as logical and faith demanding to fellowmen. The intellect is not allowed to be eliminated, because eternal truth, which is content of the teaching material, is again received by the intellect first, before it touches the heart of the listener. Because mankind itself is still not able to receive truthful spiritual material directly, which impartation then happens first through the heart. It must still be brought to men from the outside and therefore first be presented to the intellect, and for that reason the spiritual material must be able to withstand every intellectual examination. Therefore it is also understandable that those men are suitable for the spreading of my Gospel, who themselves possess a clear competence to judge; whose intellect is awakened, although the awakened spirit is first necessary to be able to receive truth from me directly, to be instructed as my learner in higher wisdom. Only then a teaching office can be administered right, on which the salvation of innumerable men depends, because only truth alone leads to the aim. I myself therefore prepare the disciples of the time of the end for me; I know how urgently necessary a spreading of pure truth is necessary among men, and I also know, who is suitable for the spreading, both according to the (state) properties of his soul and also his body. Soul and body accord with those, who are to serve me, but their serving tasks are also different. I do not entrust all with the teaching activity, because their abilities are different. Nevertheless all, who belong to me, can assert their influence on fellowmen, by them giving an example to them through their way of life, which is often more successful than speeches and instructions. For that reason each individual is to serve according to his ability, and each one is put by me on that place, where he can have an effect, when love towards me and towards fellowmen drives him to it. But who is destined to teaching activity, he is installed in his office by me myself, and his will and his love towards me also guarantees him the right success. Amen. B.D. NR. 5033.


Book 57 5034

Adapting to the divine will. Decision of the will.

6. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5034.

And it does man special merit, so he adapts himself in everything to my will, he who directs him according to his earth task. Because the subordinating of the will is as if already a going with me; and every practising in word and act is right, i.e. pleasing to me. Nevertheless man is to be active himself, therefore not abandon himself to me completely inactive in the belief that I then direct him mechanically.

Because man is an independent being, which can want, think and act like me and must now also use these gifts, only just in agreement with me and not conflicting. His thinking and acting is therefore then in accordance with my will, and he will want the same, so he has joint me through his attitude. If therefore his attitude is good, then also his thinking and acting is good, because he is driven from within, through my spirit, to the good and can never ever act opposing to me. The spiritual resistance is therefore then abolished, and man works together with me, what can only be good work. Nevertheless he must constantly control himself, whether he remains constantly turned towards me or his will also digresses towards the world, what always means a going away from me. For that reason he is never to be seen as slave of his will, who can freely turn there, where it draws him. And that means that man must constantly wrestle and fight, that he must again and again turn to me anew and is not inevitably subjugated to me, because he once professed me. This struggle is indeed only necessary on earth, and he is will become weaker and weaker, the more man connects with me through love work and prayer, so that finally no turning towards the world needs to be fared, because it has lost all attraction for him, who has found the coming together with me in free will. The fight of light against darkness, therefore the good and the evil powers in the spiritual kingdom, to win the will of men, last so long, as he connects himself to earth and these are the rights of both powers to have an effect on the will, to win it for itself. My opponent has been granted this right, and he exploits it in every way. Earth life was given to man for the purpose of the decision of the will, therefore also both powers have an effect on him accordingly, and man himself turns the scale, to which power he is inclined. For that reason it is of greatest blessing, so man, striving for me, devotes his will sacrificingly to me, so he always and again and again subjugates himself to me and in this way his renunciation from my opponent is obvious. Then he is seized by me and securely led up, and it is still his own merit, because the decision is his duty and he has won over the power of darkness. His will, which is directed right, also secures for him the supply of favour, what means constant strengthening of his will, so that my love is always apparent, where man threatens to become weak. I do not drop man, only demand from him that he constantly strives for me, so that I am also within reach for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 5034.


Book 57 5035

Development process to completion. Jesus Christ.

7. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5035.

Everything pushes towards completion. An eternal law fulfils itself, and the power and glory of God will become obvious. In infinite long period a work of redemption takes place, which cannot nearly be comprehended by you men, but which nevertheless gives reasons for all becoming and passing, all creating and existing, because it is necessary to let imperfect get perfect, to lead power once gone out from God back to the original power – to fashion what has become un-godly out of free will again to divinity, as it has originally been in the beginning. This change requires an endless long way, the reaching of the original state. But God’s love and wisdom recognized from eternity both the necessity as well as the means to reach the aim. And therefore his plan of salvation is fixed for eternity; therefore innumerable development periods serve to bring the imperfect spiritual, once having deserted him, again to perfection. Infinitely great is his power, superb his wisdom and unspeakable deep his love towards that, what he has created. This extremely great love determines him, to again and again make new rescue attempts, so the spiritual resists God through its own will and threatens to fail on the way up. Then he so to speak ends a redemption period to let a new one start. He is a God of love, but also of justice; he can withdraw his love from no being, but the power of love decreases with those beings, which resist him, otherwise free will would be in danger. And for that reason it is an extremely long process, which is to bring the imperfect to perfection – it can last eternities; but it can also be ended in a short time with the success of complete apotheosis of the spiritual, which must go this course of development inevitably to again arrive at God as its start.

You men are all such spirit beings determined for completion; you all have gone the way and must still go it further, until you come to the goal, to be reunited with God. This way can be very long for you, but as soon as you yourselves stand in the desire, to give yourselves to God for himself as the recognized father and creator from eternity, you already cover the last stretch of the way. You stand shortly before your completion, because your will of resistance is broken, which was cause of the defection from God. God as eternal love does not drop you, and no matter how much you are in sin; but you yourselves go a terrible way, as long as you wade in sin. And for that reason you must call on him, to lift you up out of an abyss, which makes the walk up more difficult – you must be free from a sin burden, which presses you to the ground and makes the way up impossible for you; you must shake off your sin burden from yourselves and, because this is not possible for you alone, call on your rescuer, Jesus Christ, who takes your sins on his shoulders and carries them to the great sin guilt of mankind, for which he has died on the cross. You must call him – because he alone is your salvation; he alone helps you to completion. Once you will truly stand on top in the light, but how much time you need for it, that you decide yourselves. Alone you will never arrive at the goal; with Jesus Christ however very fast. It is him, who has bridged the deep cleft between you and God; it is him, who helps all men to completion and who also now can still safe in the last hour, who believingly call him for help. For that reason he shouts at all sinners, to come to him, to free themselves from their sin, to be able to easily cover the way up. He is close to everyone, who acknowledges him, who believes in him and prays to him in his trouble. He wants to be the redeemer for every one; he wants to show the way to every man; he wants to bring truth to everyone, so that everyone finds eternal life, before a redemption section ends, which means spiritual death for all, who have not found to him, Jesus Christ. Amen. B.D. NR. 5035.


Book 57 5036

Arrival at the destination. Love. Will.

8. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5036.

I only have one goal, to make you men to my right children, who hang at the father with most trusting love and are obedient to him at all times, i.e. subjugate their will under mine. What is spirit from my spirit, belongs to me inevitably, and for that reason I seek to win it, because I cannot force it, if I do not want to take action against my law from eternity, which does not make unfree, what was originally created. How and on which way you, my creatures, now find to me, I leave to you yourselves; but assisting all with my favour, who long for me as their always most loving father from eternity. The freedom of will alone already makes comprehensible the diversity in thinking, wanting and acting of a man, and according to it he also covers the way of ascent development. Each one earth walker certainly walks along the right way upwards, so he strives towards me as aim, but not all have the same walk; not all the same time and the same impetus, but they all arrive at the aim, even so in different period, provided my will does not recall prematurely the one or the other from this earth. This will be comprehensible to everyone, who himself seriously wrestles and wants to reach me, that the way of each one is different, that only one thing guarantees the right way, a way of life in love. Love is the most effective means of impetus; love is that power, which lifts man and makes the most difficult ascent easy for him, because love is the most secure guarantee that I myself come to meet my creatures and raise them to my father heart, because I have now really won my children, so they have brought their nature into line with mine. Who has love in him, he truly needs to climb no ladder upwards; he is carried through the power of love and lands irrevocably with me. But this simple way of love, which indeed does not exclude the thorny properties, do not all men go, and nevertheless they strive for me will wise. Also they arrive at their aim, because the will to me is guarantee. They want, and I bless their will – and therefore they do, what appears necessary to them to the gaining of eternal life. They remain loyal to the teachings and instructions, which were indicated to them as way upwards by men, who pass themselves off as guides upwards. They do not break away from the ceremony, but always in the belief, to act pleasing to me through this. But they are nevertheless on the right way, although this is not conceivable to them without outer signs. Every man, who strives upwards, arrives at the destination. And so let no-one be put off by the other, whose will is serious, to establish the coming together with me. I know about the will of every individual and bless, who turn it to me. But my blessing means giving of favour, therefore help in every way, that my creatures reach the aim, that they find to me as my right children and are accepted by my father love, because I myself long for the unification to make my children happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5036.


Book 57 5037

Fight against the enemy of the souls. Call of Jesus Christ.

9. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5037.

In the fight against evil you will always remain victor, so you call Jesus Christ for help. He knows the enemy of the souls, who also faced him himself as enemy, when he walked on earth; and who induced men to nail him to the cross. He knows him and knows about his deceit, about trick and violence and about his power, which he abuses to push you men away from God and to you becoming estranged from him. He knows him and for that reason prepares to do battle with him himself, as soon as you just call on him for help. You are in constant danger, because he lies in wait for you and seeks to harm you; he knows who strives towards God, and he particularly seeks to bring about his downfall, by wanting to deceive him with a mask, by pretending to be pious and is still full of satanic thoughts. But Jesus Christ exposes his shameful play and gives clear power of cognition to him, who entrusts himself to him. No call to him goes unheard, and no enemy is too powerful for him, than that he could take action against him. He forces all and emerges as victor. Therefore you do not need to fear the enemy of your souls, whatever he wants to undertake against you, because as soon as you call Jesus Christ for help, for his assistance, he automatically leaves you alone, because he knows the power of the divine name and fears it. But who trusts in his own power and believes not needing the help of Christ, he remains also left to his own devices; and he must take up the fight against Satan himself. And he will lose, for a weak man is not a match for his power, which he has also received from God and which he now uses in a completely wrong way. Jesus Christ always stands helpful by you men, but you must come to him and ask him for his help and favour; you must believe in him that he is a strong conqueror of Satan; that he therefore can help you; and help will not fail to arrive; He will refuse the enemy of the souls entry to you, as soon as you want to pay tribute to him; as soon as you abandon yourselves to him, that he may help you. For everything is dominated by his power, and he also rules over the kingdom of evil, therefore also the powers of darkness have no power over you, you who call the divine redeemer Jesus Christ for the protection against evil. Recommend yourselves to his protection and his favour, and he watches over you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5037.


Book 57 5038

Work of Satan. "I am the good shepherd."

10. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5038.

I want to give you a sign, by which you recognize, who is he, who speaks to you; a sign, which is irrefutable, so that you also acknowledge my direct work. But you must pay attention to all, what happens to you, for I always work in the framework of the natural, so that you do not get into faith compulsion, it shall, however, be easy for you to believe. It is my will that you firmly live in the conviction to receive pure truth, for that reason I want to help you, where this belief is in danger, where doubts arise out of your heart, where you become weak through influence of Satan. He certainly has great power, but which never ever extends to mine, who have the surest protection against him in my love. If you are therefore mine through your will and your way of thinking, then you no longer need to fear him, because he only has power over the undecided and his followers, as long as they do not call on me for help. When I would not like to protect mine against him, then my love would truly be small or my power. Look around you and pay attention to it how he works, where the world is put before me, where the desire for matter predominates, where no love is existing. Everywhere there he is ruler, and he confuses the thinking of men. But where the striving for me is apparent, where I am the aim, where virtually nothing but little value is placed on matter and man strives for fulfilling my will, there is my area, and there Satan has lost his power, although he again and again seeks to break in like a wolf, which wants to rob my sheep. But I am the good shepherd – remember these my words – I am the good shepherd. Do you believe that I leave my sheep to my enemy? Do you believe that I watch how he wants to break into the sheep-fold to cause confusion in my herd? Then I would be no good shepherd, and you would have to doubt my word. Even the lost sheep I try to win back, how much more will I protect those against the enemy, which want to be mine. The power of Satan is certainly great, but greater than it is my love. Therefore also to his power a limit is set, why you do not need to fear him, you who long for my love. You yourselves determine through your desire your Lord, to whom you want to belong; everything what you desire and still belongs to him, makes you to his servant. But if you strive for me and my kingdom, then you are mine and remain it until all eternity, otherwise my love and my power would truly be limited, so mine could not rely on it in every spiritual and earthly trouble. I am the good shepherd and give my life for my sheep. Do not forget this word, and you will always know to be protected by me and do not need to fear my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 5038.


Book 57 5039

World love - Satan’s followers. God love - Overcomers of matter.

11. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5039.

Only that man leads a spiritual life, who longs for God, while the follower of Satan lives a pure worldly life on this earth, even so he is an apparent representative of God. Overcoming the world also means overcoming Satan, who is lord of the material world insofar, as the immature spiritual still belongs to him, which is bound in matter, although the power over the spiritual is withdrawn from him. It is certainly still his share, because it is of equal spirit, but not accessible to his influence, as long as it is bound in form. Nevertheless it is a means, to pull men over to him – the spiritual, which stands in the decision between God and him. Because man, as initially immature spiritual, longs for that, what the world puts in front of his eyes. But he is to overcome it. Then he belongs to the father from eternity, but whose kingdom is spiritual. Who therefore loves the world and its pleasures, who strives after matter and only lives for the gaining of it, he belongs to the opponent of God and also grants him the power over himself. But who longs for God, him the world no longer attracts; he has overcome the world, otherwise the desire for God would not have awakened in him. Consequently the turning away from the world is also a sign of the belonging to God, striven for in free will. Satan entices with the world and has therefore a means of attracting, to which most men become a slave, because they love the world. World love and God-love together is not possible, and world love and neighbourly love will also be found together only rarely or latter already means a decrease of the former, and thereon you recognize the followers of God and the followers of the opponent of God. And man will also not find inner peace so long, the peace of the soul, as he pays attention to the goods of the world, as he still desires them. Because the peace of the soul comes out of God, and God is only with him, who shows the back to the world. Man is indeed put into the world and must meet his earth task, and that also forces him to keep in touch with the world. But it is about the desire of the heart; it is about the most inner convictions towards the treasures of the world, which will completely fade their sparkle, so the striving for the spiritual kingdom and its treasures fill man. Then he certainly stands likewise in the world, but only to fulfil those duties, which earthly life imposes on him. But the world no longer attracts him, and that is a sign that he has overcome the world and consequently also its lord; that he has broken away from the opponent of God, to be able to establish the connection with God. No man can serve two masters, and which lord man serves, is clearly apparent with his desire. The earthly world and the spiritual kingdom are so far apart that one can certainly differentiate, after which the heart of man longs. And Satan can never rule in a man, of which God has already taken possession through his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5039.


Book 57 5040

Revelations. Book of the fathers. Living word.

13. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5040.

I am always with you, so you want to hold dialogue with me, so your heart longs for me. But the world does not acknowledge me; to it my original nature is unknown, i.e., to men, whose thinking and striving is still the earthly world, I have become so estranged that they are not able to believe that I reveal myself to my children, that I speak to them through the heart, that I therefore stand in closest contact with them. And for that reason you will always find resistance, so you mention my revelations to the world. And this resistance will also now and then let doubt fall into your hearts, on account of the truthfulness of that, what I reveal to you through the spirit. But always consider that the followers of the world are not competent to judge; as they also lack cognition; therefore their resistance is easily understandable, because it is according to their imperfect nature. But you are not to let yourselves be determined through this resistance to doubt my presence. Who desires me, he will also find fulfilment; to him I will also be present and also express my presence through my word. But so I am also present to those, who, in the desire to hear me, read the book of the fathers, which is and will remain likewise a revelation on my part, as long as earth exists. Who therefore reads it with love to me in the heart, he will hear me speak myself, because to him the letters will become alive; they will tell him, what I myself would like to tell him. Each one man will experience the expression of my love differently, and each one will be able to testify that he has experienced it. Because I see into the hearts, and where I discover a desire for me and my love, there I am always prepared to fulfil it. A follower of the world, however, does not long for me, since the world appears more desirable to him. To these the hearing of the inner word is both incomprehensible and implausible, as also my word in the book of the fathers will remain to them unattractive and meaningless as long as they are still followers of the world. Consequently they will never be able to experience the blessings and the power of my word and for that reason always be the enemies of those, who are in close contact with me and are given my word by me. The closer the end is, the smaller the flock of mine becomes and the greater their opponents, who stand so far away from me that I no longer exist for them, therefore also think an expression on my part being impossible, because they no longer acknowledge me myself. But mine are to have all the more a deeper faith, which I will pay to them with so obvious signs of my presence that they draw power out of it for the resistance against their enemies, who are now also my enemies, because they fight against me, because they also want to rob the faith of mine and brutally take action against them. I remain with you until the world’s end. I truly do not leave you, you who long for me, and I will always be with you in the word, as soon as you desire to hear me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5040.


Book 57 5041

Being happy - Free will. Wolf in the sheep-fold.

14. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5041.

I truly have only one aim, to make you men happy. But you being happy depends on first that you want it yourselves. Understand it that not my will decides, but your will alone, which is free. And my opponent wrestles also about this will, who does not want to give you away, but cannot keep you, when you long for me. For that reason it will also be comprehensible to you that and why he also besieges those men, who strive towards me, whose will has actually already decided for me, but which he wants to win back again. Being happy is only possible in the joining together with me, which is also inevitably achieved, when man has decided for me. There is no longer a danger for him, who longs for me, but he will be exposed to temptations of all kind, as long as he dwells on earth, because also my opponent does not give up the fight so long, even so it is unsuccessful. My opponent certainly works with a lot of coaxing, but he is of dark spirit, otherwise he would recognize the lack of success of his striving. I want to make you happy – and you men give me the right to it yourselves through your will turned towards me, to draw you to me. But Satan, who recognizes this, that you are lost for him, does not let up, because he underestimates the power of my love, because he believes still being able to wring out of me, what, however, belongs to me. And his means are to cause confusion, to spread doubt into the heart of men and to so shake faith in me. But again your will alone turns the scales. If it belongs to me, then you also soon recognize his false play, and you turn away from him. What was unclear to you, becomes comprehensible to you, and you free yourselves from his power; he cannot keep you, because you strive towards me. Who therefore wants to me, will also arrive at his destination, and no matter how Satan may rage so much in the last time before the end. He will certainly now and then be difficult to recognize, because he often creeps into under a mask, and he takes up the most fleeting thought, which could be of help to his project. He works with much cunning and violence and makes use of those as tools, who are not fully instructed in truth, because the error itself grants him shelter, which he needs to wage his war from there. Pure truth does not let him come up, because he is always recognized by those, who stand in truth. But an ever so small error grants him entry, and then he causes terrible confusion equal to a wolf, which breaks into the sheep-fold and triggers fear and fright. Nevertheless he will also then still not be able to cause damage, when my sheep flee to me, to their shepherd, who protects them of all danger. Therefore again only the will alone is decisive, and as soon as it is turned towards me, Satan has lost all power over man. That you must therefore know that you always then go the right way, because I am your aim, that you then can neither fall nor stumble, since I then go with you, because I myself want to help you to happiness. For that reason fear no counter power, trust in me only, your God and father from eternity; give yourselves to me for myself and strive for me. Then your will belongs to me, and I truly do not let you fall into the hands of my opponent, who wants you to become estranged from me. My love seizes you, and the power of my love will also be victor over him, because nothing can resist it for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5041.


Book 57 5042a

Embodiment as man result of sin. Work of redemption.

15. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5042a.

Your existence as man is the result of sin. You had to take on a subordinate form, a form, which is changeable, which was therefore created by me only for the duration of your stay in it and which will always remain transient, because its substance is matter, some immature spiritual, which needs extremely long time to enliven, equal to your soul, a human body. This your outer form is a burden for the spiritual held in it, a fetter, which imposes force on it, therefore the state of the spiritual is no happiness. It is in judgement, and this judgement is the result of sin, the former rebellion against me and the turning away from me. Sin is a crime against love. Love is some divine-sublime; it is the original substance of me myself, therefore a crime against love is also a crime against me, which cannot remain unpunished according to divine justice. Sin is not to be undone through my love, but it must be atoned for, otherwise my justice would not be satisfied. This act of justice now takes place through the banishment of the spiritual, which once resisted me, in a material form, which always means a fetter for it. This fetter is therefore a result of sin, and consequently all spiritual, which is bound in the material creation up to men, is in judgement. It so to speak atones for the guilt, which it has taken upon itself through the sin of the former rebellion against me. But the process of atonement lasts endless times and would also not find its end with the last embodiment as man, since the sin is incomprehensibly great – and atonement cannot be done in the short earth life time -
B.D. NR. 5042a.


Book 57 5042b

Embodiment as man result of sin. Work of redemption.

16. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5042b.

- which this great sin required. Therefore an incomprehensible great sin sacrifice had to be brought, because according to divine justice atonement had to be made for to me; the sin so to speak had to be abolished and an enormous purchase price to be paid for the freedom of the beings, which are in banishment. The sin debt had to be repaid. And the man Jesus achieved this work for the entire mankind. You men cannot estimate the greatness of this work of love, because you also lack all understanding for the greatness of this debt. All entities, which still resist me, live in this sin debt, in the bound state, unaware of, in the state of free will, as man, aware of, because he is also aware of his state of weakness, of his powerlessness and lack of light, as long as he is still in the spell of sin. That he does not want to admit this in the main is a proof of the lack of light and also a proof of his sinfulness, by which not always a sinful life on earth is to be understood. The great sin of the former rebellion against me is to blame for the banished state, and this great sin must be repaid before, before the being reaches light and power. The man Jesus knew about the great trouble and the indescribable misery, in which the fallen spiritual was; he also knew about it for the reason that it was impossible, to atone for the debt during earth life, and that the being could also not ascend in the spiritual kingdom, because the burden of sin always pulled it into the deep and it could not defend itself against the powers from below. Jesus knew about the unhappy state of that, what had become sinful through its own will, and he wanted to help it – he wanted take the enormous sin debt upon himself to bring redemption to it. His love was superhumanly great that he carried out a work, which existed of superhuman troubles and sufferings. He brought a sin sacrifice to me. He has redeemed all men from sin. But free will of man is not eliminated. The work of redemption must be acknowledged and taken up – man must also carry his extreme great sin debt there to the cross of the divine redeemer; he must recognize himself and confess himself before him as sinner, as weak, insufficient man, who is and remains bound, so Jesus Christ does not take pity on him and stands up for him as merciful mediator, who is prepared to repay his debt, as soon as man believes in him as redeemer, confessed his sinfulness to him remorsefully and asks for forgiveness of his debt. The recognition and confessing of his debt only is the sign of faith in Jesus Christ. Man must call on him out of the deep; he must beg him for help in his spiritual trouble. He must entrust himself to him; he must know and confess that he is in the deep and needs his help; he must stretch out his hands towards him and request mercy from him, then he also recognizes his debt, his defective state, which is the result of the great sin, which was the cause of the embodiment of each individual man on earth, and in intimate prayer he must beg for the help of Jesus to ascend to me, me who have come myself in the man Jesus to my children on earth to repay the enormous sin debt. And they all will have redemption, who confess to be sinful, because through the confession of their debt they will wise break away from him, who let them become guilty, and request forgiveness, which is also granted to them for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen. B.D. NR. 5042b.


Book 57 5043

Revelation. Living faith.

17. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5043.

I am always present to you, as soon as you seek me mentally. Then the connection is established between the spirit spark in you and its father spirit from eternity. But an instruction can only then take place, when you desire such, i.e. adjust yourselves as receiving organ, by you listening, what my spirit announces to you, by you paying attention to your thoughts, so you still do not hear my word sounding. Not every thought can be regarded as instruction on my part, but always those thoughts, which emerge in you after intimate prayer and questioning, for which you desire an answer. These are my answer, and these you are to acknowledge as such. For that reason it is so to speak you yourselves, you who cause me to a spirit expression, as soon as you hold dialogue with me, therefore desire answer to questions. I do not express myself to those, who neither believe nor want that I speak to them, because they would not listen to an address or, when it undoubtedly sounds in their heart, it would force them to believe, what would be completely worthless for their soul. And just so I will not give obvious proofs, as a result of which man could certainly be strengthened in faith, but would also so to speak be subject to faith compulsion. Faith won freely is by much more effective, and it gives man a happy certainty of most intimate union with me. To bring you men to a living faith is my constant striving, for that reason I must apparently go away from you now and then, so that you believe – but otherwise you do not gain such faith, which achieves everything, what it wants. I am certainly always present to you, but now and then let the feeling of loneliness come up in you, so that you desire my presence intimately, to then also be able to feel it. For you alone determine, when my presence reveals itself to you. It is you alone, who cause me to speak, and therefore you hear my voice, as soon as you desire it. Whether you now recognize it as my voice, is again only up to you yourselves, to the depth of your faith, which recognizes in me a being full of love, which wants to announce itself to its creatures, to also win their love. Faith in my love believes everything possible, also that a father reveals himself to his children. Amen. B.D. NR. 5043.


Book 57 5044

Spirit work. Light. Knowledge. Plan of salvation.

19. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5044.

I speak through my spirit to you, in always the same love and unchanged patience. My words are always just means of favour to help you to happiness. Love towards you causes me that I reveal myself to you, and so that you recognize me, I have an effect in you, because my opponent also seeks to have an effect on you from the outside, but who can never express himself through the spirit in you. For the spirit spark in you is only then active, when you establish the connection with me through love work or intimate prayer. Therefore spirit work is always the expression of me myself and for that reason also beyond all criticism. But the opponent can also influence the thoughts of man, which he now also sees as coming from the inside, and for that reason it is essential to examine what is to be understood under spirit work, to which my opponent has no ability and will never have.

My opponent can let arise nothing in the human heart, but he can only awaken such thoughts in him or bring to remembrance, which already slumber in him. i.e. have already impressed the brain through events from the outside or thought activity based on experiences or knowledge imparted to him from outside. There must therefore be something existing in man, what the opponent prompts through his influence, and he will understandably only bring that in man to remembrance, what is helpful to his striving to remove him from me; he will therefore never influence him in my will. But spirit work reveals mental results, which man has not won before in some way and which can also never be imparted to him from the outside, unless he is informed about the spirit work of someone else.

Spirit work is an introduction into eternal truth, an enlightenment of up to now dark areas; a solution of problems which exceed human intellect. Spirit work is further the winning of a deep cognition of meaning and purpose of creation and of the original relationship of the creator to the created. It is a higher wisdom, but which, please note, is sent to man from the inside, because also the same knowledge brought to him from the outside only becomes cognition, so the spirit in man lights it for him, so therefore I can work in man through the spirit. My opponent therefore can never impart this knowledge to a man now, who never before got such knowledge imparted, who has not the ability for it, therefore can also never ever give out from the inside this cognition to a man being a slave to him, because he himself no longer possesses it, since he has fallen and this fall just also brought darkness of the spirit with it. He himself is in complete wrong thinking and seeks to transfer this to men, and he will always only impart those thoughts to man, which are in accordance with his darkness and push him away from me. My opponent flees from truth and for that reason will never supply it to man, whom he wants to remove from me. But truth is that knowledge, which makes me out to be the most loving, almighty and extremely wise creator of heaven and of earth. Truth is that knowledge, which gives light, therefore brings cognition to man about my plan of salvation from eternity. Because he will also get to know me myself as a God of love, as whom I also want to be recognized by my creatures, so that they love me again and strive for the joining together with me, which is first and last aim of all created, because this joining together means eternal happiness, which I want to give to my creatures.

Through the spirit spark in man he is inseparably connected with me, but he only awakens to life out of me, when he himself establishes the connection with the father spirit from eternity. And so that you men recognize this, I work through my spirit in you, you who believe in me and long for me – I reveal myself to you in my love, wisdom and power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5044.


Book 57 5045

Seers and prophets. Strength of will and faith.

21. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5045.

A special firmness in faith is needed to face fellowmen as seer and prophet, because the earthly material world, with all its representatives, is in so blatant conflict with that, what is predicted through the prophets, that it is dismissed as fantasy and the prophet himself is mocked and ridiculed. And this attitude of worldly minded men is easily able to shake a seer and prophet, so he is not firm in faith and again and again withdraws into solitude, to remain in contact with that world, which has imparted to him the coming events. The strength of faith of these mediators awakened by me between me and men must have such a convincing effect on fellowmen that they think everything to be possible, also the predicted event, because they believe their words. And for that reason also only men with strong will and faith can perform this office, who do not let themselves be shaken by threats, when in the end the chips will be down. I want to inform men before; I want to warn them and give them the opportunity to change their will – I therefore must also have organs on earth through which I can speak to men and point them to that what is coming. I want to announce to them the near end through them and the preceding great trouble, which is partly caused by nature, partly through mankind itself having become devilish; I want to give them enlightenment about the reason and the effect; I want to help men in every way that they come to right cognition and set about their soul work. And for that reason I make myself known to men through seers and prophets, because he who is of a good will, he will also know it, that they do not talk out of themselves, but that I express myself through them. Because they represent a completely different world than that, in which men are comfortable; they preach my kingdom, which is not of this world, and their words are my words, with which I still want to pull men over into my camp, before it is too late. It will certainly be difficult for my servants in the time of the end to remain strong and firm in faith, but they are my representatives, whom I also fill with my power and give them the ability to withstand the world. They also must be strengthened from the spiritual kingdom, because men in the time of the end are so far away from me that they accept no spiritual any more and this attitude would take all confidence from my servants, so they would not be filled with the spirit and the power out of me that they are knowing and can withstand all resistances, if possible. Who listens to them and takes their words to heart, he does well on it, because the end comes irrevocably, and the trouble before will give him the proof that they are not just words, which flow out of the mouth of the seers and prophets. And the harder the struggle is against me, against faith and against every spiritual striving, the firmer will those stand, which I myself have chosen that they announce the end, the great trouble and the Day of Judgment. Their faith will be strong and also still overcome individual men and snatch them from the power of darkness. But woe betide those, who do not listen to them, because the end will be terrible. Amen. B.D. NR. 5045.


Book 57 5062


12. and 13. February 1951. B.D. NR. 5062.

A light will be given to you from above, when it is still dark in you. And my messengers have been instructed to make available the light to all who desire it. What contributes to the enlightenment of the spirit will be imparted so that they will certainly be able to differentiate truth from error and always recognize him who is eternal truth himself. You, my earth children, you are determined to highest happiness, which I can prepare for you; but the degree of happiness will always be in a state according to your will, because this I do not determine. But highest happiness also requires highest demands for your will, for to reach the adoption as children of God, which secures you the inheritance of the father, you also have to be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. I demand much of you earth children but I give you infinitively more. What I demand of you is to completely place yourselves under my will and reshaping to love to a high degree. For the degree of happiness can be infinitively different in eternal life, always according to the degree of love, which you let flare up in you and develop into activity. This love activity therefore determines the degree of maturity and therefore also the degree of happiness, from which you can see that the adoption as children of God calls for a complete love life on earth, that the nature of man during earth life is reshaped to love, to my image, to my right child, for which I have prepared all delights as I have promised. A unique earth walk must have earned this soul the adoption as child of God because this high degree of maturity can no longer be achieved in the otherworldly kingdom although a being can also there still reach undreamt-of fullness of light. However a light being can, when it once again embodies itself on earth in the flesh for the purpose of a leadership mission, gain adoption as a child of God, but which causes an exceedingly sorrowful and difficult earth life, together with a redeeming activity on earth, which was the occasion for its renewed embodiment. Only beings standing in a high degree of light strive for renewed embodiment on earth, however only due to love for erring man, to whom they want to bring help in times of greatest spiritual want. On the other hand every light receiving soul in the spiritual kingdom is also to be called happy to a certain degree, and this happiness is enough to arouse in it the will of help towards the beings still languishing in darkness, which state of theirs they know about and want to redress it. There is no light soul, which does not have this will of help in it because receipt of light requires love and love wants to express itself all the time. Every love effect in the spiritual kingdom increases the happiness of the beings, and such a being never wants to be back on earth, as it sees an enormous scope of work for its love power and also feels the always increasing fullness of light and happiness. But no being is transferred back onto earth against its will because this would violate my divine order. With light beings, also of lower degree, this will is not found, except unusual high spirit beings descent to earth to carry out the above mentioned mission. As soon as a soul only owns a small degree of knowledge, it also knows about the possibility of a further development in the spiritual kingdom because then the love in it is roused, otherwise it would still be in complete darkness. But when a soul now is still blind in spirit then the desire for the earth can emerge in it, but never for the purpose of maturation, but it is only the desire for matter which pulls it to earth, and this desire will not be fulfilled from my side. Because this desire is easier to be conquered in the otherworldly kingdom than on earth, and without overcoming of this desire there is no light, no spiritual ascent. Who has neglected on earth to acquire a little spark of knowledge, which therefore requires love effect, he is also in deep darkness in the hereafter, and a transferring back of him to earth would not be an act of mercy, but certainly a violation of my eternal order, which pursues permanent progress and through my will excludes every step back. But in this case a re-embodiment would be an unjust compensation in the failure of the soul on earth; it would not be love and mercy for my part, but an enormous burden for the soul, which would have to take on the responsibility a second time without the certainty to reach its goal. And it would also not reach its goal because understandably the renewed embodiment would have to make far more difficult demands on it to compensate for the unusual privilege, but its will would remain free on the other hand. So it would have to take the test of will twice, which would mean just as much as if I would increase the earth life time for a man twice as much and therefore bypass an existing law of nature. Besides a soul, which has once failed on earth, would be bound afresh by my opponent and its will weakened, because the way to me, to the divine redeemer, will be bared for it by Satan through the world because it was for the longing as also for matter and it receives what it desires. The will of the being alone is always determining but exactly this will is not for a transferring back to earth, when the soul possesses just a glimmer of knowledge. But the transferring back will not be granted to a soul, which is still wandering in complete darkness, because my wisdom knows about the danger and mostly failure of a renewed course on earth and my love promotes no step back, but only an ascent. My law from eternity is building up and progress – as far as I am concerned only ascent development possibilities are favoured, which certainly also can remain unsuccessful but then due to the will of the being. Only its will can prompt a step back, but never my will. Isolated cases of transferring back onto earth have their special reason, but do not warrant the assumption that every soul can arbitrarily again return to earth when it once has covered this course without or with little success. But that the soul again and again incarnates itself that is certain, because it is to continue its ascent development in the otherworldly kingdom and this always requires an activity assigned to it, which it carries out in a new embodiment on one of the innumerable creations, which all serve as maturation stations for the spiritual. But the activity and the assignment are of different nature than on earth and also cannot be made understandable to you men, only the serving love always remains the redemption and maturation principle. Innumerable possibilities are at my disposal to have a favourable effect on the souls, which have passed away from earth still immature. Life on this earth was an unusually success promising one, but which leaving it unused can never be made up for in such a way, that the being embodies itself again on earth as often as it likes, which is why the teaching of re-embodiment is misleading, therefore one cannot conclude from isolated, justified cases on a re-embodiment of every soul on this earth, which would be rather disadvantageous than to be to the soul’s advantage. The free decision of the will of a soul has to be taken on earth and can also be taken in one earth life with the help of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. Who rejects him has forfeited an unusual favour, and he has to wrestle in the hereafter until he reaches knowledge and he makes use of his help still over there. The death on the cross of Jesus is of such enormous importance for the redemption of all spiritual that only the will of man needs to be ready to be redeemed, but that a will which fails also has to bear the consequences: an unspeakable difficult ascent development in the spiritual kingdom or a sinking into the deepest depth, which again has as a consequence the course through all material creations – a reincarnation of no desirable implications – an endlessly long lasting state of agony, until again the stage of free will as man is reached, which now gives him a renewed possibility to make the decision of the will. No being will get lost forever, but when it reaches happiness is determined by the will of man. But the law of eternal order remains to exist because it is based on my wisdom and love, which are unchanging forever. B.D. NR. 5062.


Book 57 5077

Coming Again of the Lord. Present. Witnesses of the New Earth.

2. March 1951. B.D. NR. 5077.

And all of you are to be witnesses of my power and glory; you are to experience my coming again, partly in the spirit and partly in the flesh, because time draws to a close and it will happen as I have announced it always and continually. You are to experience my coming und are to give evidence of it in paradise on the new earth. Because those who remain loyal to me until the end I will transfer to the new earth where they are to announce my word as they are doing it now on behalf of me. I know who is suitable for it and will well know how to protect my servants from the downfall; I will supply my disciples of the end-time with exceptional power so that they can carry out their duties well, so that they courageously fight against all who are hostile towards me and also transfer their hate to the ones that are mine. And none of them will leave earth before his mission is fulfilled. But the last on this earth are to be the first on the new earth where their duty will also be the same - to announce my word, even if in a different way because it will be accepted joyfully and will be desired, it will be recognized as what it is - as proof of love of the father, who wants make his children happy. All will recognize my voice when I speak through you to men. Because all of them have passed the crucial test on this earth and remained loyal to me. That is why also their reward will be great and heartening, a life in paradise on the new earth in harmony that still no man can visualize but that is given to them so that my power and glory will be made evident. And I myself will be with them. I will come in the clouds and fetch them home and remain with them because they have become my children through loyalty that they showed me in the last struggle of faith. Because fearlessly they will stand by me; they will bear witness of me without having seen me. And therefore they will also get to see me in all my glory before the last end has come. And what I announce that will come true. I will come again and you will experience it. You do not yet believe it that the time is so close, that you will have to experience the horrors of the last time and that the earth will be destroyed through my permission. You do not yet believe it that the announcements through seers and prophets concern the present time and that you men of the present time experience great things that no man can imagine because this earth did not yet have to show such. But mankind will soon observe the events with horror and astonishment that substantiate the speedy dissolving ot the earth and then the last end approaches very fast. But my chosen ones will get over the time because it is my will and because also this time is to have witnesses that are chosen to talk about it so that my power and glory become evident among the descendants of the human race on the new earth. Because this is to survive as records for the descendants because also then again a time will come where sin increases uncontrollably and I will not be respected. Then the testimony of these is to be a warning and admonition to men what kind of fate those experience who completely forget me. Then the downfall of the old earth and the last judgement is to be mentioned, that decided on life and death, on bliss and damnation. Amen. B.D. NR. 5077.


Book 57 5079

Earnest Exhortation Concerning the Near End.

4. March 1951. B.D. NR. 5079.

The time of the walk on earth is soon over for you men because you approach exceptional events that only few men will survive. And these events are set as a boundary stone since eternity as the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one. So men of this earth will have to expect a sudden end of their bodily life and a continued existence will merely be cause of the will of man himself since loyalty to God alone guarantees a further life but only few summon up the will for it and only for these few will there be a survival in paradise of the new earth while all the rest of them die, bodily as well as also spiritually, as it were according to their will, which longed for matter, which is now granted to them - that is given to the spiritual as cover, as lasting agony. You men do not believe in the near end of this earth but again and again it is told you so that you make use of the short time and for a change earnestly deal with the idea which fate you are approaching. You men are active and work for your earthly welfare and will no longer enjoy your material possessions any more. You men only live an earthly life and still have the downfall of it so close before you - you men investigate and brood and try to solve problems, but always only worldly queries occupy you. But that what comes afterwards you do not bear in mind and do not inquire about. And so also no answer can be given you. And still again and again your unproductive phase of life will be pointed out to you through messengers from God and again and again the near end will be presented to you. But you do not believe it and the few who believe it will be laughed at and run down. But irrevocably the day will come that means destruction of all what you can see. The day of the end of the old earth and the downfall of all life on and above the earth. An earth period comes to an end but you men cannot work out the hour of the end even if you believe it. But again and again you are told that you have left only a short period of time until this hour. And you listen to it and doubt. Your earthly life is at stake and also the eternal life. Receive these words into your hearts and digest them in your thoughts and do not be caught by surprise by the day that suddenly will be there and will tear you right out of the pleasures and enjoyment of the world. And when you cannot believe in the end then imagine a sudden calling away from earth life, whether you then can well stand your ground? Believe it that life does not end with the day of death but that you yourself create a further life or also can become a slave to spiritual death, but that nevertheless does not mean to be wiped out, but only a vegetating in endless agony and darkness. And God wants to protect you from this fate, who wants to be a loving father to all his creatures and finds little faith among them. Again and again his word comes from above and calls out to you men: You no longer have much time, therefore make good use of it and be active and create as long as it is day because night comes where you can no longer work. Amen. B.D. NR. 5079.


Book 57 5080

Faith Struggle. Confessing Only Possible Where Love is.

5. March 1951. B.D. NR 5080.

Not the intellect will be able to give you enlightenment about the worth of the teachings of faith when you have to decide on to acknowledge or to reject me but only a heart willing to love is able to do this, to judge what agrees with truth. But at the end only few men will be filled with love towards me and the neighbour because love has cooled off among men. And also only few men will confess me before the world because the intellect of those who live without love will pull to pieces everything and attack every teaching that points to me as their creator and sustainer. And as the faith teachings up to now have been presented to men only unclearly, it will be no problem to make them out to be untenable and to induce men to reject them. Only love alone can convince them to have the right knowledge because the loving man has the support from my side. I enlighten his spirit and he also has the will to remain loyal to his God and father from eternity because he has recognized him as source of himself and also as final objective which he most eagerly strives after. To confess me before the world would therefore mean at the same time to lead a life in love otherwise man also lacks power to resist. Who has recognized me he will also confess me towards his fellow humans because love results at the same time in the recognition of myself and powers of resistance. No unsolved problems will exist for him; for him everything presents itself as brightly as the sun and clear what others think they cannot support as it is ununderstandable. That is why there will be a great falling away from the faith altogether because every man has to take a stand and has to decide in public for or against teachings of faith that have me as subject matter and are therefore to be stamped out. A severe war will be waged on the ones who are mine, on all who do not want to abandon me and yet did not go into the truth deep enough; and only a life of love will let them find it easy to make the decision. But love has cooled off among men and accordingly faith has become lifeless. But dead faith does not assert itself; very quickly it will be stamped out and the flock of which I am myself the shepherd will become smaller and smaller. But my sheep recognize my voice; they follow their shepherd. Blessed are who want to belong to me, who take all persecution and stand firm out of love for me. I will lead them like a good shepherd towards the right stable; I will let no one get lost but also gladly receive those sheep into my flock that followed my call because they recognized my voice - who accepted the faith or revived it when they see the power of belief of the ones who are mine. Who turns to me still in the times before the end, him I accept gladly and also enlighten his spirit so that he recognizes the love, wisdom and omnipotence of him who is to be disowned, who the intellect of the intellectual does not want to accept, but who reveals himself to the ones who are his, who believe in him and become blessed through faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 5080.


Book 57 5088

Exhortation Not to Forget God. Coming Tribulation.

19. March 1951. B.D. NR 5088.

The call from above reaches all of you: Do not forget me so that you are not helpless and alone when the great trouble overcomes you. Because in this trouble nobody will be able to help you worldly; then you will be dependent on my help, however you will not call him who could help you since you forgot him. But to forget me means to be a slave of him who is my opponent. Because when you forget me my opponent has won you and you have to be in bondage to him. But he cannot help you in the coming great trouble and therefore you will be lonely and forsaken and inevitably abandoned to ruin when you do not turn to him in the last hour who gave you life. Because the trouble will become so bad and your helplessness in the face of it can let you remember me because I myself approach you through this trouble to call me to mind. Nature will speak to you with a thundering voice, its roaring and raging will cause horror inside of you but you cannot flee; from all sides you are threatened with death and men cannot help and rescue you from your situation into which I put you not without purpose. You are to be reminded of me whom you well know but forgot - you are to recognize my working and ruling also in the elements of nature - you are to experience me because I myself it is who speaks to you through the elements of nature. And you have to listen to this voice and blessed is he who recognizes it as my voice - blessed is he who feels himself being approached and lets my voice penetrate his heart - blessed is he who does not let me talk in vain but does some soul-searching and communes with me. Him I will teach lovingly, I will reproach him with his sin of having walked in this world without me - but I will also include him into my little flock and he will never regret it to have followed my powerful words from above. Then you will firmly side with me and my opponent will have no more power over you because those who have found their way to me remain loyal to me; never will they be alone and abandoned and also the trouble will be bearable for them because I who sends it over you men for your sake can also remedy it again when the time is right. B.D. NR. 5088.


Book 57 5115

Faith Struggle. Fulfilment of Promises.

26. April 1951. B.D. NR 5115.

You will have to assert yourself also towards the world that will oppose and persecute you. Then the time of war has begun that I have announced to you and that also marks the beginning of the last phase before the end. Also worldly you will not receive help because they who would like to help you are too weak, but the stronger ones are against you. Yet still you have a protection you can well rely on - because I myself am with you and give you strength to hold out in the most severe fight. He who only calls me will also experience my presence because I do not leave the ones who are mine. I certainly allow that men are opposing each other in battle. This last struggle of faith has to be visible because the spirits are to be divided - because a separation has to take place between those that belong to me and those that belong to the opponent; also the last ones still have to decide that up to now shied away from an open confession due to weakness of faith or fear. These now are to pick themselves up by the strength of belief of the ones who are mine, when they are not completely falling away for the sake of earthly advantages, that the ones that are mine have to give away for the sake of their faith. It will be a decision that only concerns the soul life of the individual but important because the decision also affects the earthly life and that is why many men will fail. Because he who still puts the world up high, who loves earthly life, who still pays much attention to bodily comfort, he will badly come through because everything will be demanded of him if he does not want to give away the belief in me and my work of redemption. Many will fall away from the faith because they have to publicly stand up for me. But he who has the truth, who is advanced in knowledge, who also has my power in him through a life in love, he will remain loyal to me until the end, he will stand up for me out of free courage, he will speak for me and will also still convince those who are weak in faith but of good will. And in spite of greatest earthly hardship on the part of the enemies he will not so feel the trouble because I stand by him and supply him with everything he needs for body and soul. The measures of the enemies will be unable to get at him who fully puts his trust in me because what is taken away from him by these, that I give him back in other form but always so that he will live as long as I still need him on this earth. And my small flock shall bear witness till the end to the kingdom of God and his power - my promises are to come true that a strong faith is capable of everything and that the ones that are mine will be given what they ask for in this faith. The battle will become hard but the ones that are mine will still get over it because they have a military leader standing by them who will defeat any enemy and who belongs to his camp will emerge as winner and no longer has the need to fear any enemy when the end has come, the day of judgement that finally separates the righteous from the unrighteous, the good from the evil, the ones that are mine from the followers of Satan - the day when everyone is repaid according to his works. B.D. NR. 5115.


Book 57 5126

Trouble of the Latter Times. Many will still pass away.

7. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5126.

Only a short time is left for you for your redemption and if you do not make use of it extensively a terrible fate is destined to you. But I take care of the weak and undecided and help them to escape this trouble. Many souls will still leave their body before the last end comes because they would be unable to offer resistance in the last faith struggle and yet also are not to sink into the deep, i.e. not to belong to those that severely oppose me. First I will still undertake a great purge where still many souls will be purified or will be put out of action to prevent a complete falling away of these because I know their soul's condition and do not spoil what is still qualified for improvement in the hereafter. Only little time is left and will be very hard for all men except those who have devoted themselves to my opponent and are supported by him earthly in every way because they sold their souls to him. But I point out to you this time of trouble and when it comes you are to remember this announcement and draw strength and courage from it because at the same time I also promise you secure protection and rescue, you who want to belong to me. Men can only kill your body but they are unable to get at your soul and when I also promise you the protection of your bodily life, when I assure you of my help in every trouble, then you can expect without worry what is coming, you can let all events come up to you and look confidently ahead. I will always find a way out even if earthly there seems to be no help possible. Because I am the Lord who has power over life and death, I am the Lord over creation and of the kingdom of light and also of darkness. Nothing can happen without my will and my permission; but what happens is just for your and your fellow human beings salvation. It is still quiet and you men do not believe that you face great events; you men do not want to believe it that completely different living conditions will arise and that you have to summon up much strength and confidence to deal with all demands that you are up against on the part of the power that is hostile to me. But it comes true as it is written. The great tribulation will go over the earth and you will recognize that you live in the end of times where you have to prove yourself. But you will always find one who is prepared to help you. And when you believe in this one and out of a childlike heart ask him you will emerge out of every danger unharmed because I will come when the trouble is greatest and save you. And all trouble will be over because now the final separation of spirits takes place. And so you can no longer be harassed and lead a blessed life in paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5126.


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