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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 56

B.D. NR. 4914 - B.D. NR. 5021
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Book 56 4919

Humility - Arrogance. Danger.

22. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4919.

The humble I give my favour, from the arrogant I take it away, because arrogance suffocates love while humility awakens love. And that is why also to the humble belongs my whole love that now showers him with favour without measure. When man feels love for his fellow human being in his heart then he cannot be arrogant towards him but he considers him as his brother and he serves him out of love which is why also the humble will do works of neighbourly love for which I bless and reward him again with my love and favour. He who is arrogant his heart is hard and insensitive, he does not serve but wants to rule and I therefore do not look at him because this feeling, the desire to rule, was the reason of the former falling away from me that can only be atoned for through deep humility towards me, thus humility also means the return to me. The spiritual was sunk deeply through arrogance but in the state of man it has already again reached a certain level but there is now the greatest danger to again take to arrogance, to become haughty, what is expressed in unkindness towards the fellow human being. That man also robs himself through arrogance of all means to go up, that he falls out of my favour because of it, is the greatest danger, which I always point out to you, so that you do not again fall into the deep through your own fault. Everything that is arrogant still belongs to my opponent who remains in greatest resistance towards me and thinks he can overthrow me. He became my opponent as former highest light bearer because he elevated himself above me - he thought he could place himself above me and fell into the deepest abyss. Arrogance is the first step to the bottomless fall - in comparison humility is the ladder upwards, the most secure bridge to me. Because whom I give my favour he reaches his aim safely, because my favour means help, my assistance and my guidance. Think of your former sin that separated you from me, think of my exceedingly great love that wants to draw you to me; think of your weakness and imperfection and think of the wide distance where you are, then you will bow your head in deepest humility and longingly stretch out your hands towards me and then I grasp you with my love and favour and give you everything that you need, to reduce the distance from me, to reach me from whom you have gone out. But woe to you when you never realize the distance to me, when you think to be too grand to pray to me in deepest humility. Then no favour can reach you, then you are still controlled by him who caused you to fall, then you can never become free from the sin of the former arrogance because without my favour you cannot in a lifetime be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4919.


Book 56 4920

I will Put the Words into Your Mouth.

24. June 1950. B.D. NR 4920.

What is given to you in that hour, that speak - and do not be afraid of those who call you to account because they will have no power against you as long as I stand next to you, as long as I speak through you, and truly so as they need it. I will put the words into your mouth - so you do not have to think about the meaning of your speech because you are just the mouthpiece through which I announce myself to those that are against me. There will no longer be much time where all will be called to account who are fighters for me and my kingdom, where they will be harassed to give up faith and to disown me. And daily you will experience the falling away from me because worldly wages lure men and they betray me for these. They will no longer stand by me, they will fall away from me because in their heart they have become estranged form me long ago. And then also severe action will be taken against the ones that are mine, against the small circle of true believers that want to remain steadfast. And then the power of faith will be evident because they that now turn in their heart towards me for help, their faith will become unshakeable and all fear of worldly power dwindles, they will speak for me and feel my nearness all the time and therefore they will also speak out of a sense of being free and yet it is me that speaks and gives them power to resist openly. Who works for me during this time will be fought against; but who will be fought against will have me as fighter by his side because I know about everything no matter how hidden it is, therefore I also know who is in difficulty for the sake of my name and come as loyal helper in every trouble. And now obviously the working of my spirit will make itself be felt because my servants on earth have knowledge available that any worldly-clever man will be beaten and the way it is presented will perplex him. Because every objection, every question, every doubt I hear and respond the right way to it. And without any kind of preparation my servants will be able to explain the problems that men raise who want to be wise. However it is not them that speak but I myself answer for it and truly no opponent is a match for me. This time will come very quickly because my opponent rises up against me and makes use of the last means - he tries to destroy all faith and influences the worldly rulers to make decrees that are directed against the believers which therefore mean a fight against all that still follow me. And this fight will not last long, it will be conducted in all strictness and I myself will lead the ones that are mine to the last battle from which they will emerge victoriously because I can never in a lifetime be conquered. Amen. B.D. NR. 4920.


Book 56 4933

The Purpose of Life on Earth is the Reshaping of the Being to Love.

13. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4933.

In the cognition of my will now also lies your purpose of life: to form yourself to love to adapt yourself to my personality, to again take on your original nature that is necessary to stay near to me because otherwise you would have to cease to exist in the radiation of my love. The forming to love then inevitably also results in the state of light, thus a continuous increase in wisdom and in power. Life on earth is just a means to an end to bring about this reshaping that is an act of free will, therefore can be accomplished on earth, but does not have to be achieved. Constantly man is given the opportunity during life on earth to be active in unselfish neighbourly love; he can seize every opportunity but he also can go past it, however last purpose of life is the reshaping of his personality that, at the beginning of the embodiment as man, only knows little about love, which is meant for the fellow human being, but is animated only by love of self, that he is to conquer on earth. It is a certain process of change that takes place during life on earth, but that also can remain unsuccessful when the will of man does not strive for a success. But he who considers life on earth to be an end in itself, who seeks to win from it that what it offers in bodily pleasures, who is not active for his life after death, he will be in a very miserable state at the end and full of remorse he will think of all the unused opportunities that he missed out of free will. He will have the same degree of maturity as at the beginning of the embodiment on earth or even have gone back in his development when he let his desires and lusts become apparent on earth unbridled and therefore violated my laws of love, thus increased the distance to me. I gave life on earth to man for perfection, for ascent development, and it can earn him highest success, but in the same way he has to answer to me for an unused life on earth that he ignored or misused to new sins, to once again fall away from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4933.


Book 56 4940

Prediction of Natural Disaster. Dead Stretches.

21. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4940.

The last end is preceded by a powerful event that has to make all men think that survive it. It will be a portent of the end, a destruction in small scale compared with the last work of destruction of this earth, but also of such an extent as mankind has not yet experienced as long as the earth exists. It is a natural event that will bring men into a state of turmoil that fall victim to it or hear about it, because the effects of the event are too powerful to remain unnoticed. So called dead stretches are formed that show no life because the emanations of the earth at these places suffocate all life. A visible work of the forces of nature will be recognizable so that this phenomenon cannot be attributed to human influence because I want to reveal myself through this event to convince men also of the near end that seers and prophets announce all the time on behalf of me. Renewed suffering is in store for men and there is no getting round this suffering as long as they pay tribute to the world and pay attention to me just alongside. They have to seek me so that I can let myself be found and only such an event can achieve this that can no longer be explained as work of men. They have to feel a higher power behind it and entrust themselves to this power in their earthly trouble. That is why they have to be at the mercy of this power in order to seek refuge in it of their own accord. They have to be without earthly help to visibly feel the help from above. That is why a powerful storm will come up that uproots and chases up everything; the earth will split and from above and below men are at the mercy of the elements, against whom they cannot struggle because their strength is not sufficient; an unbearable heat will already beforehand make men unable and dull and apathetically they follow the first phenomena of nature until they then realize their bad situation and now nearly brutally fight for their life that they fear to lose. And I will give all those my support in their trouble who are of good will, I will give them knowledge so that they can see in all what is happening my rule and work and also teach and encourage their fellow human beings out of this knowledge to turn to me and preach to them about my love, wisdom and omnipotence so that they call for me when they are in trouble. And I want to be their guide, through all the trouble shall be saved those who believe in me and want to serve me in the last times before the end. Because soon these events will be followed by the downfall of the old earth as it is written. But men are not to experience this downfall unprepared and that is why I send a shadow before it to them - a last indication that is to be believed so that men do not go into eternal ruin, so that they can save themselves if they only make use of their will the right way. Amen. B.D. NR. 4940.


Book 56 4947

Antichrist. Faith is Endangered.

6. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4947.

Antichrist will take action in irresponsible ways against all who still believe in a God of heaven and earth. Because he forces men to deny their belief, which from my side is a complete free matter of the will of man. He forces them to the threat of measures, which seem to be unbearable to men, which is why they are too weak to resist. Faith is endangered. This is to make everybody think who I approach through my messengers on earth, to which my word is given that my messengers received from me. Faith is endangered. Do you know what it means to openly have to take a stand and at the same time face greatest earthly trouble? Do you know how men will tear to pieces every single teaching of belief and want to try to prove to you the meaninglessness of it and how little you have to answer against it? Do you know how difficult it will be made for you to take a stand in the belief in me, your God and Father from eternity? How they will take everything from you and destroy it what up to now seemed to be inviolable? They will act brutally towards all who resolutely reject their request to disown me and in the sight of this many will become weak and will betray me without resistance because they lack the power of faith that springs from pure truth. I want to call your attention to this time and already inform you beforehand because I know about the makeup of every single man and about the spiritual trouble into which you get through the work of my opponent who clearly reveals himself through these measures of Antichrist. And I want to inform you about his success - that he will find many followers because he will fight with much cunning and force. He will succeed where many before did not succeed; he will shake the belief that seemed to be unshakable - with ease he will overthrow teachings of belief because he can talk well and will prove to men the erroneous of their thinking and those who do not carry me in their heart will cheer him and support him and considerably increase his power. He will achieve what no-one before has achieved - overthrow a power that was considered to be invincible. But one wall he will not be able to pull down, a resistance he will find, and in fact there where my fighters stand under my guidance. There he runs against in vain since my fighters are invincible because the shield of faith covers them which is so alive that it is in itself power and cannot be shaken. These my fighters get their power directly from me because they will be able to hear me and also see me and give in to no temptation - they will be knowing and therefore also recognize what is up and how close the end is. The right knowledge gives power to the ones that are mine to hold out until the end; but the majority of men lack the right knowledge and when it is brought to them they do not accept it. But I know about the future and want to help you and can do this only in the form of you being truthfully informed about the fight of light against darkness in the last time before the end, about the great strength of my opponent and about the even greater love of your heavenly father and his favour that is meant for all those who want to remain his, therefore have the earnest will to belong to the small flock whose shepherd I am and that I therefore will not desert in the worst struggle of faith that men of this earth experience still before its end. B.D. NR. 4947.


Book 56 4962

Make Use of the Time of Favour Before the End.

3. September 1950. B.D. NR 4962.

It is still the time of favour because the end has not yet come - the possibility still exists for man to walk the right way that leads up and my means of favour still are at his disposal so that he can reach his goal. Man is still free to do for the welfare of the soul whatever he likes. He still can strive upwards; he will receive help in every way when his will is directed up. There is still a time of favour. But soon it is past and then irrevocably that happens that is determined since eternity, then beingness will again be bound in matter, which at the moment is still walking as man on earth. How immensely important this is, that cannot be made clear to you men, and only through warnings and admonitions can I have an effect on you, but you believe very little of this. And again and again I want to shout to you: Make use of the time of favour, listen to my words that seers and prophets bring to you that the time is only short until the end. Recognize my love, by me again and again sending to you people to warn and admonish you because I want to save you from the fate of a renewed banishment into my works of creation. Make use of the time of favour in which you still can change yourself according to my will. As long as this earth still exists you also can appeal to my love and favour, to my patience and mercy, and you will never meet with a refusal when you pray for your spiritual well-being and request my support. I grant it to you in richest measure, as I take pity on your state and your dreadful lot when you fail and remain in your resistance against me until the end. The time of favour is still here where I apply all means that still can help you when you do not resist me. Isolated little lights still shine that can bring light into the darkness of your way when you yourself do not extinguish them. Guides still approach you again and again, messengers from me, which offer you their guidance in my name so that you do not go wrong, towards the abyss. Incessantly I am ready with my favour to help those that cry out to me in their trouble or stand undecided at a crossroads; but the time of favour will soon end and where every single soul stands at the last day there it must remain throughout endless long times - in the light or in darkness. Then my love makes way for my justice. Then the gates of the spiritual kingdom close for those who did not make use of my time of favour. Then the soul that is disloyal to me has to irrevocably go the way that I wanted to spare her, the walk through creation for the purpose of the slow return to me - it once again has to go the way of ascent development in greatest agony of being bound because it did not pay attention to my warnings and admonitions, because it did not make use of my favour, because it disdained my love. Amen/ B.D. NR. 4962.


Book 56 4968

Test the Spirits. Great Power of Satan Before the End. Doubt.

16. and 17. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4968.

You will run into always greater doubts and confusions through the urge of my opponent who wants to snatch you from me and also prevent the pure truth to gain acceptance, through which his goings-on will be harshly examined. He is therefore always anxious to isolate my followers and representatives on earth, to prevent them to have contact with other men who want to teach them and introduce them to the truth. He proceeds with great cunning and disguises himself so that also the ones that are mine recognize him with difficulty. Everywhere he scatters the seed that carries a poisonous germ in it, so that what itself has to have a life giving effect becomes unfit for life. He scatters bad doubts into the hearts of those who work for God and for his kingdom. But he who doubts, he is to turn to myself and I as the eternal truth will always help him because I want that truth is spread and that all is branded that does not correspond with truth. I well can impart truth directly to you men but as long as you are not able to receive information from the spiritual kingdom you will be taught through my messengers and these you are to test yourself of their trustworthiness, of their piety, i.e. living in accordance with my will. Then you can also pass right judgement, then the pure truth will do you good and you recognize what is not from me and also never can be from me. My opponent will also harass the strongest champions of faith from time to time and his weapon is delusion, deceit and the lie. He also pretends to be pious and devoted to God when he can cause confusion that way. He is not afraid of the mask behind which he hides and he makes himself out to be my representative on earth, but easily recognizable for everyone who wants to belong to me and pays attention. He is recognizable and therefore none of the ones that are mine has to fear to fall into his snares when he earnestly wants to do what is right. He can only cause confusion with weak and undecided men that have not yet totally escaped his power. And these he can only deceive because they do not seriously undertake an examination, because they do not strictly rely on my word that always helps them to cognition. A man who himself lives in love, so lives out my word, cannot be deceived by apparent words of love because my opponent will never preach love that is unselfish but always advocate what earns men earthly success even if the word love is used as an excuse because love of self is then the driving force to action that I never preach to men or have preached. Spirits that approach men, whether visibly or invisibly, have to be examined, and they also can be recognized when the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is held out to them - when I myself am implored in all truth and in the spirit to support every earnest examination. When full clarification about the son of God, Jesus, and his work of redemption is demanded from such spirits then they will have to make a statement - whether as spirit being or embodied as man. And every spirit being that stands by Christ and his work of redemption, that acknowledges him as son of God, is good and will never harm you. But when a being, whether it is man or a spirit being that wants to give orders, makes itself out to be a bringer of salvation, chosen or anointed by me, so just uses the name of Jesus Christ to be heard by you, then it is an envoy of hell that can only deceive the ones that are in bondage to it or are weak, that only hope to get from it and its suggestions a worldly-earthly improvement, therefore are spiritually not be acknowledged as my messengers. The power of my opponent is great, especially during the latter times before the end, but never that great that it could harm you, my believers, because you are, when you live in love, of a bright spirit and recognize the miserable effort of Satan. But many men are still stuck under his spell and over these he has power that they themselves grant him. Much confusion he will well still instigate among men but the ones that are mine are not falling a victim to him and where there is just a spark of desire for the truth there I stand ready with my favour so that the work of my opponent is recognized and detested. That is why you are not to fear his mask, you who are yourself true - a close thought of me makes his work powerless and you recognize brightly and clearly what is truth and what is lie. Amen. B.D. NR. 4968.


Book 56 4970

Embodied Light Beings. Without Remembering Back. Forerunner.

20. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4970.

To the ones that want to serve me the following let be said: The spiritual state of men that already live in the last times requires a special help on the part of light beings that are active on my behalf, in the spiritual kingdom as well as on earth, where a large number of such is embodied as man to fulfil a redeeming mission. In what way the light beings work and help them is clearly evident for men who accept their transmission of spiritual goods because they know that only through allocation of my word from above help can be brought to men in their spiritual trouble. With the general spiritual degeneration it would be completely impossible that my word could gain admission among mankind because it would neither contact the spiritual world nor want or could accept announcements from this world. That is why the world of light has to mediate; beings of light have to look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can let flow the radiation of my spirit and - when there is lack of that - the beings of light themselves descend to earth to be a connecting link as embodied man between men and the spiritual world - to be mediator between me and men. In the last times before the end, in which you men already live, a large number of light beings are embodied to help you who are blinded and ignorant; you who live wrong and therefore are in great trouble. You yourself do not know about the spiritual low and its effects and when the knowledge about it is brought to you then you do not believe in it. But the world where there is light holds inhabitants that look at the on-goings in the darkness of the earth full of horror and they want to rush to you to help to still save the ones that do not offer resistance and devote themselves to their guidance. They are nevertheless men, that so want to help you and teach you. That is why you do not recognize them as they also do not recognize themselves as beings from above, although as man they seriously strive upwards. They are man - like you and yet of a will that is turned to me, at which my opponent is no longer able to get, because they already have become mine before they came to earth for the sake of needy mankind. They are to bring you the light that they continually receive from me and that at the same time is power upwards. But they are also not aware that they came to earth of their own free will because their struggle upwards must be clearly visible to the fellow human beings to prompt these to do the same. A light being that would be recognizable as such cannot serve men as example because men flawed with all weaknesses and faults would then not feel able to ever reach this example. Only very high spirit beings know about their mission and their origin and also let men know about it even though men do not believed them. But such high light beings are also recognizable to everyone who wants to recognize because their mission is then always to work in public and not in secret because then not only individual men but all men are to take notice of the supernatural work, of the power and might and glory of him who is Lord over life and death and over the whole of creation, who does not want to let his creatures sink into darkness and therefore sends an exceedingly bright radiant light from above. And such a light will testify for me and make a name for himself. And when it shines then you know that you stand just before the end, that only a short reprieve is still given to men because if he is not heard and his exhortation remains unsuccessful then there is no longer salvation for the de-spirited world - then irrevocably the end has come as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4970.


Book 56 4984

Calling to Account on the Day of Judgement. Redeemer Jesus Christ.

17. October 1950. B.D. NR 4984.

One day all of you will have to answer to my seat of judgement and think of every unused hour that you lost for eternity. One day all of you will have to confess their sins because they will become evident and can no longer be hidden because nothing remains concealed from my eyes. And therefore I call you to account for all your thoughts, words and deeds. And you are to think of this day of judgement when you think you can sin unpunished, the day where all of you are called to account for your way of life on earth. Irrevocably it will come, surprise you all because you do not suspect it to come so soon. But it will come like a thief in the night, unexpectedly and silently; it will be there when no man expects it. And yet not unannounced because long before already I point out to men the day of judgement, the day of the end and the destruction of this earth. That you men do not want to believe does not change my plan from eternity because this day is determined in advance according to my will and the will of men will not be able to postpone it but will have to submit to my will. But that such a day, that ends an unthinkable long development period, does not come unannounced for men, will also make clear to you that and why I again and again talk to men through my servants on earth and in the kingdom of light. The day of judgement is the conclusion of an earth period that was granted to men for redemption. In this development period a special privilege was given to men - the divine redeemer Jesus Christ came himself to earth to help men that were about to fail in their course of development. And so men could redeem themselves if they just wanted. But if their will fails then it is their own fault and I warn men of this fault again and again as long as they dwell on earth. Their fault is that they do not want to be helped but are too weak alone. What they can do is what they do not want to do and what they do not want to do that they also have to answer for themselves. That is why everyone is called to account on the last day because to all of them a measure of favour was available that would have easily helped them upwards. And to these favours also belong the pointers to the end through seers and prophets. But who does not listen to them, who does not believe them, also does not do anything for his own redemption. I always have to warn and admonish men through seers and prophets and the end of the old earth that already has often been announced makes the appearance of prophets in my name understandable because I do not leave men without warning and they live in the latter times because the end is nearby that you all would get a fright would you know the day and the hour. Again and again I point this out to you but who does not want to believe will not be forced but they will be sorry who heard my word and did not want to believe - who recognized it as my word and still do not believe in the near end and the judgement and therefore do not prepare themselves for the end. They will be sorry - because the hour will surprise them and the last judgement comes. Amen. B.D. NR. 4984.


Book 56 4991

Violation of Eternal Order. Fulfilment of Prediction - Last Judgement.

31. October 1950. B.D. NR 4991.

The end comes irrevocably and with it the last judgement. Because in my wisdom I recognized from eternity the will of men and their behaviour according to their will, that however shows no striving up at all. But my law from eternity demands a continual ascent development and adjusted to this law are all events on earth and in the whole universe. When now a continual violation against my law of order is recognizable then this has automatically an effect in such a way that the old order will be restored but in such a way that everything illegal ceases to exist, so also material creations that are not used in accordance with the eternal order get dissolved to again be classified into the order in different form. So also men that stepped out of order will be put into that state that again corresponds with my eternal order, i.e., the spiritual inside man moves into that outer form that corresponds with its degree of maturity; it loses its existence as man and will again be banished in an outer form that it already had overcome long ago. Undoubtedly one thing is for certain that man completely misjudges his purpose to exist, that he only pays attention to his earthly life and does no longer place himself under my original law from eternity, the law of love. The earth that only is to serve as maturing station for the spiritual completely misses its purpose and therefore can no longer continue to exist in its old form because it then completely unlawfully moves in the universe in which all creations have their purpose that is assigned to them by me and also comply with it. For the earth is now only used to develop itself backwards and so its inhabitants are as it were played into the hands of my opponent. Only the will of him is followed on earth while my will remains unnoticed or is totally despised. If men would turn around, if they would make an effort to discover the truth and would then turn to me with the request for help upward, I certainly would not destroy the earth but let men experience my exceedingly great love and compassion; neither an end nor a last judgement I would let come because a good will and earnest striving towards me could achieve everything, also the reversal of an act that is intended by me since eternal times. I would do it and always only help you men to reach the goal. But this will can no longer be found with men and that is why my plan from eternity has to take place, my announcements through seers and prophets that foresaw the end have to be fulfilled, exactly why they also saw where men are steering to. And only my exceedingly great patience has still kept the earth from this fate because I still want to give all those an opportunity to change their will whose heart I recognize and on whom I want to have mercy. But the number of those is ever-decreasing and before long clearly only two camps will be recognizable and the flock of the ones who are mine will be so small that already that goes to show the end because when only devils still inhabit the earth then it has stepped completely out of its lawful order as well as men on it, and there can only be a termination of what is visible to men as earthly creation, as also men themselves have to be destroyed that misused their last maturing station and therefore once again sinned against the basic law of eternal order, against love. This announcement will irrevocably take place because men will no longer become of better will; incessantly they strive downwards and seek to also draw down with them everything that is turned towards me. But I prevent this because I let the earth arise again anew, and men on it will again move in the order that since eternity is and remains uppermost law; they again will live in love and will truly be my children. Amen. B.D. NR. 4991.


Book 56 5004

A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).

21. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5004.

Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave so that an opportunity is given to it to recognize an error that it up to now represented as truth. I will obviously point out my word to men. I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. They can accept only one and the opinion is up to them. Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. In spiritual terms it will well mean chaos and at first the error wants to assert itself but now truth will light up like a flash of lightning and cast a dazzling light on the false teachings and they will not stand up to truth because now everywhere messengers of truth stand up, light bearers people will listen to, although the followers of that power that foundered will be bitterly hostile towards them. I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced. It is an earth-shattering event that however has a spiritual cause and is to have spiritual impact. It is to testify to me before the whole world who as the eternal truth can never tolerate falsehood and takes action against it when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5004.


Book 56 5006

Falling Away of the Spiritual from God Humanly Described.

23. and 24. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5006.

Children of love you are, coming from my love power and from my never-ending love permanently looked after and attended to. My love for you is boundless and never lets you get lost. But my love also gave you free will as a sign of perfection otherwise my love for you would have been limited when it would have refused something to you which belongs to perfection. Only free will makes divine beings out of you that had to be like me as they came from me. But at the same time free will makes you to beings with the right of self-determination that now could do of their own accord what they liked and could say yes or no to their solidarity with myself. This free will decision also had to be granted to men so that they could prove their perfection, what required unconditional affiliation with me. A being created perfectly had not yet reached the highest degree because this it first had to earn by remaining perfect out of free will where it also could sink. The erstwhile falling away from me of the spiritual can only be described by me to you men on earth this way if it is to be understandable to you why the spiritual fell, why it became sinful towards me. It misused its free will and turned away from me because it thought to be so powerful and so grand that it believed not to be dependent on my power of love. To be able to make a free will decision the opportunity had to be given to it to be able to decide on a different aim than on me. And this counterpart was the first being of light that started out from me, that made use of my power that flowed towards it without measure by it creating countless beings well with my will because I did not withdraw my power from it. His will however aimed at his own increase in power against me to be independent of me. It did not want to acknowledge me as what I was - the original source of power, that it got and that enabled it to create and form according to its own will. Its free will therefore turned away from me and this counter will it also put into the spiritual beings that emerged out of my power through him. So therefore you were well children of my love however also children of an evil will that was directed against me. And so also you once separated yourself from me out of free will without however being able to carry out a total separation from me because I keep you due to my great love, that also wants to win you back, that does not drop you, but again and again lifts you up from the deep when you move there out of your own will. But my love never ends - and it wins you irrevocably. However you yourself determine the time - because you have a free will. Free will designates you as my creatures, as independent beings, and according to this free will you yourself create the respective condition without being stopped by me. But because I love you and want to win you I form your fate in such a way that you can reverse the separation from me by the right use of your will, that you strive for unity with me and so also again take on your original being, that you again are truly my children that have now of their own accord decided for me and reject my opponent. But also him I want to win and even if it takes eternities. Also he was a child of my love, came from my original power and equipped with all gifts that made him a perfect being. That is why I also do not let him get lost for ever, also him I want to win and again and again let him feel my love but his will is still rigidly turned away from me and because I also let him take his course it is still a work of exceeding great patience and pity to let his will have freedom and nevertheless have an effect on him so that he surrenders to me out of his free will. But whether it takes eternities my love will win over him who is still lacking any love. One day also he will recognize my love and long for it because it alone causes bliss and because no being can separate itself from me for ever but in the end after all strives for unity that makes it blessed beyond description. Amen. B.D. NR. 5006.


Book 56 5012

Seers and Prophets.

2. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5012.

What the prophets are to announce in my name that does not come from them themselves but their spirit receives from me the assignment to say something no matter whether man consciously or unconsciously came into contact with the spirit in him; a man can speak, driven by my spirit, when he is in the midst of people to whom he would never speak of his own accord. So then the working of my spirit is obvious, he speaks being fully conscious, however not intended before, but suddenly, from my spirit enlightened, he sees things in the future before his eyes that he must tell the people. These are the seers and prophets that will also appear more often in the end-time when the end comes closer and closer. These men do not need to consciously work for me and my kingdom, only their life will always comply with my will otherwise I would not use them as my tool. But men that consciously offer their services to me can likewise work for me prophetically when they are chosen by me for a teaching activity. Then they will be initiated as it were into my plan of salvation, which also includes the knowledge about future events. Then the man who wants to serve me will be informed of the events of the latter times before the end and he then has the assignment to mention this towards the fellow human beings although he cannot be addressed as seer because he lacks this gift to see future things. He only hears what the spirit in him tells him and describes what he hears, what now also at the moment demands his faith to be able to be represented with conviction to the fellow human beings. He is therefore so to speak a prophet even if he lacks the gift as seer. Men who see visions are only from time to time in this state in which they then also speak - they will therefore have these visions mostly not until they are in the midst of men whom they can inform simultaneously. They are also afterwards still conscious of their vision and can relate it but the events then hang before them like a kind of memory that they however experienced before. But the announcements of seers and prophets always have to agree provided that both lead a life that agrees with my will, so that they apply my word. Because also false prophets can appear that announce future events of their own accord to men but have no connection with me at all, who achieve earthly advantages through it and want to make themselves a name. Do not believe them because they announce error even if they point to the end. Because also my opponent uses my words when he wants to blind men but then always my word applies: By their fruits you shall know them. I point out to you that still many false prophets will appear before the end but you can easily recognize them by them always trying to align themselves to the demands of worldly powers, that therefore their aim is not me but the prince of the world. Because who wants to speak for me will also always tell the truth and he will only then appear as prophet when he has the assignment from me through the inner word or through sudden work of my spirit, that then also always will be recognizable. Amen. B.D. NR. 5012.


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