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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 55

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Book 55 4804

Laborious way up. Earthly payment.

28. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4804.

What brings about your salvation that is your life fate. The upbringing of a man to the child of God will always be a way of suffering, which must be walked with a will turned towards me until the end, so that I can then receive it into my kingdom, so that I can draw it to my heart, to reward it its loyalty. And so also souls of light must go this way, if their embodiment is to produce success on earth, on account of which they have accepted the embodiment. An earth life without hardship and suffering also decreases the maturation possibilities and is only granted to those, who make no preparations for gathering spiritual wealth, who therefore only strive for earthly aims, devote themselves to my opponent, who grants them worldly support to no longer lose their souls. For that reason never envy men, who succeed in everything; who earthly feast on a life of pleasure and have to endure few tests. Know that their souls achieve almost no progress from the beginning of their embodiment to the end; that they certainly live, but have become slaves to spiritual death; that they therefore so to speak already on earth have already received the reward for actions, which did not have love as impulse, but which have helped fellowmen in their troubles. Nothing remains unrewarded to men; but woe, when just earthly reward is granted. Men will miserably enter after their death into the hereafter, and great will be there their trouble and darkness. Endure everything what is imposed on you, and increase your spiritual goods, when earthly trouble presses you, so that you will be rewarded in the spiritual kingdom and do not need to live in want there. And know that only a way full of thorns leads you to the aim that it is the right way, which leads laboriously and steeply upwards. And so the way is smooth, ask for a quick ascent and for power to be able to still go every way no matter how laboriously. And do not look full of envy on those, who can enjoy their earth life, because they are to be pitied in future, while the just reward is still in prospect for you, which I myself grant to you, so you have entered my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4804.


Book 55 4805

Pouring out of the spirit.

29. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4805.

What speaks to the soul, does not touch the senses of man, but the heart only. And because of that the voice of the spirit will also not be able to be heard and felt by the senses of the body, but ring out in the heart only, i.e. climb up out of the most inner of man and only then become aware to man. If it would touch the senses of man beneficially, then he would certainly listen to the voice in the heart more often, but the success of the soul would then only be little, because also the body is involved in it. But for that reason it is also far more commendable, to let the inner voice ring out without inner drive, because then the human will only alone strives for the connection with the spiritual world, with that kingdom, from which the voice, audible to the soul, rings out. And because of that it is only rarely that the inhabitants of the kingdom of light can express themselves to a man, although they constantly make an effort, to announce themselves to them. They are in a kingdom of which man as such can have no idea, and for that reason the existence of a spiritual kingdom is doubted. And consequently they also do not seek to win insight into this kingdom; they do not seek to get into contact with the inhabitants of it. But if a man is prepared for it, because he believes and wants to hear the beings of the light kingdom, then he will also never again be given up by these beings, because they win contact with men through him and can communicate with them, even so indirectly. And for that reason man will just need to want and never wait in vain for the expressions of the light beings, which are so to speak power stations for the outflowing power of God, for his spirit, which pours out to all sides; which just seeks an opened container, to pour itself into it. Obstacles therefore exist only on the side of man, by his willingness flagging, although that is only a temporary state, because a man, who has once been touched by spiritual currents in that way, that he was allowed to hear the expression of God through the light beings, never wants to miss this spiritual voice anymore and again and again opens the spiritual ear, because the soul drives him to it – or also the spirit. It wants to announce itself to the soul, and if it finds no resistance, then the soul constantly drives the body, to create opportunities for a quiet inner stock taking, for the receiving of spiritual goods through the inner word. Everything, what promotes the spiritual development of man, stands under the protection of God and will be supported, why also the most difficult living conditions cannot restrict spiritual striving, because the will of man adapts itself to the divine will, because God wants to speak to men through the voice of the spirit and therefore the receiving of spiritual goods is supported in every way. And so it is always pleasant to God, when an earth child desires to hear his voice, and he will always be accommodating towards it, because it is the soul, which desires food, and he never lets it live in want. Amen. B.D. NR. 4805.


Book 55 4806

God’s word gift of favour. Unbelief in connection with God.

30. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4806.

The gift of favour of a direct connection with me is of such inestimable value that men cannot be thankful enough hearing words of love from me, which otherwise could never touch their ear. Because this does not only apply to the direct receiver of my word, but also to fellowmen, who take note of it through him, although it first presupposes the will of men to hear me speaking, otherwise my word touches the individual as a word spoken by men. All of you can put yourselves into the possession of a gift of favour, when you just have the will for it – when you want it that your heavenly father bends to you and makes you happy with his word. But very few carry this pious wish in their heart. Innumerable men walk on this earth, to whom the thought is foreign, to connect themselves with their father and creator to hear his voice – and the few who certainly have the desire to hear me, they do not believe it that this is possible. And so there are only few whose faith allows a connection with me, because this faith became alive through love and only a living faith allows an audible expression from my side. It is now the duty of these few to enlighten men about their relationship to their creator and about his willingness to announce himself to his creatures. But faith they will again only find there, where love works, where therefore through unselfish love activity the spirit is awakened, so that it appears believable to man, what he is told through the living connection with me. And then the wish arises in him likewise, to hear me speaking. Whether he now hears me directly or my word is imparted to him through my servants, is the same in its effect, because he will recognize the word imparted to him and feel as spoken by me and accept it in him with the same love, as if he is deemed worthy of a direct address from me. So as his desire is for me, so is also the fulfilment of his desire. The love heat of his heart also determines the degree of happiness with the reception of my word, but which the soul feels more than the body. In this way I put you men into the position to take note of my will and to fulfil it, since with my word I also give you at the same time the power. The possibility exists in the highest degree of an approach to me, so my will is fulfilled. And for that reason I take care that you know about my will, and impart it to you through my word. For all who do not believe in a living connection with the word directly imparted, I send out my messengers to bring to them my word from the outside, to announce the Gospel to them, which expresses my will as love teaching. But the word received from outside only then becomes alive, when it penetrates into the inside of man and is enlivened there by the spirit spark – when therefore the spirit out of me can be active in man, so that the word coming from the outside is also recognizable to him as my word. Then it will have its effect; it will direct the will of man into the right direction; through love it will bear a living faith; man will establish the living connection with me and become able to hear my voice himself in the heart. But then he is already very close to me that only his earth life still stands separating between us. Then he will depart from this earth as my child and be received in the spiritual kingdom lovingly by the father, from whom he once went out and has found back again, to no longer separate from him for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4806.


Book 55 4807

Cleft and bridge. New banishment. Love circuit.

30. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4807.

The cleft between mankind and me is getting bigger and bigger, because constantly the number of those gets less, who convincingly believe in me. The power of my representatives on earth is getting weaker constantly, who certainly speak in my name, but are not spreaders of pure truth. More and more men desert the faith and turn towards him, who is my opponent – they turn towards the world, which is his kingdom, and so increase the distance from me, which they are to decrease during their earth life. They go away from me and widen the cleft, which separates them from me. But this goes to a certain limit only, because so the limit is exceeded, where my love power no longer touches them, the spiritual in men again hardens to solid substance. As long as the earth still exists also men apostate to me still stand in my love circuit, but the stepping out of this also means disintegration of forms, which hold the spiritual – it means the death of men as also of the animals; it means a dissolving of creation and new formation of it. No being can go away from me unpunished, because it loses life, so it loses me. And so must, who wants to stay alive and does eternally no longer want to lose it, also strive towards me and seek me; it must strive to get to me and therefore decrease the cleft from it to me. But where no faith is in me as father and creator from eternity, there is also no way over the cleft, because the bridge, which leads to me, is invisible. Faith alone also makes the bridge apparent, because faith in me also causes a call to me. Faith in me leads to prayer, which there is the surest bridge to me. Innumerable men walk past this bridge and also, who should be their leaders, often do not find the bridge themselves, because their words are without life, because they go ways, which cannot serve as bridge, ways, which again and again lead back to the start; because they are just words, which do not come from the heart in prayer and therefore also do not touch my ear, therefore the bridge is not set foot on, which is the only way, which leads over the cleft to me. But once also this bridge will no longer be, because so mine have crossed it, then it is too late for the others, then every way is cut off, and then there is no rescue anymore for those remaining behind; then the abyss will devour them, then the earth will receive them, then everything will be hardened and again become matter, because it did not strive up, but sought the deep itself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4807.


Book 55 4808

Who is he who reveals himself? - God the eternal light.

31. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4808.

You will always fulfil the will of him, who has created you, so you want to serve him and you recommend yourselves to his love and favour. Because I truly do not let you go into ruin, so you seek upwards, so you want to be subjugated to me. But who is he, who speaks to you? – Satan is truly not able to have an effect on you so, you who desire God, me, whom your soul strives for, to whom you want to belong and whose children you are through your will. Because it is the will, which decides, to which lord you belong. My creatures are so long in the hand of my opponent, as their will is aimed at him, who once turned away from me and as a result subjected to his influence. As soon as this your will, which is free, pushes towards me, you have also escaped the power of the opponent, and he will no longer be able to harm you, although he still besets you as constant tempter to bring about your downfall. But a will turned towards me I seize and tolerate no turn downwards anymore. If you are now even willing to listen to me, to hear my voice, then I fulfil your desire, because whose will turns to me, he belongs to me; he has passed the test of will on earth; he is candidate of the spiritual kingdom, in which the free spirits dwell near me. And if he now hears my voice, then he needs to fear no deception anymore, no error and no untruth; then he is in contact with me, who is eternal truth himself. But his will is always decisive. But the test, whether your will is aimed at me, you must make yourselves, because it is the desire of the heart, not the language of the mouth, what I assess. A man can use the same words, with which another expresses the desire of the heart, and his thinking and striving can still be turned towards the world, which there is the kingdom of my opponent. I myself certainly know about the will of man, but fellowman can get deceived through pious words, of which the heart knows nothing. The Satan can certainly intervene and influence the thoughts of man that he expresses what is not my will. But then it is not me, who speaks there in man, but man himself speaks, driven by Satan. He speaks his own words, which are not the work of the spirit. But who is of a humble heart, who offers his services to me, who asks me for help and favour, who renounces the world and strives to fulfil my will, he gives no target to the enemy of his soul; he is completely seized by me and protected from evil influence, because I know about his will. Who asks me in spirit and in truth, he also stands in love, otherwise he does not possess the living faith, which lets him pray in spirit and in truth. And my love is also aimed at him, which never lets him run into a fire that he burns himself. Who therefore prays in spirit and in truth, he hears me speaking, because Satan will not draw near him, because I am present and he shrinks from me and my nearness. Who wants to hear me, to him I will also reveal myself as God and creator, as father and eternal spirit of infinity, and my words will touch this heart, so that he recognizes, who speaks to him, and can never ever doubt, because the words of love are unmistakable, but as also the words of him can be recognized, who expresses himself under the mask, an in the robe of light, to those, who are submissively dependent on him through their wrong will. In the end of the days much error and lie will be, and truth will appear darkened everywhere; error and truth will go along next to each other, unrecognized by most, but the light of truth radiates brighter and will soon darken all wills o’ the wisp, because I myself chose men as bearers of truth, who have a strong will, which is totally aimed at me. And these will take the light everywhere and protect it that it does not go out; courageously they will face my opponent and blind him through the bright light, so that he flees back into darkness, that he avoids all, who stand in my service as light bearers, because he knows that I myself am the light, which illuminates darkness, which he can never ever go out. Amen. B.D. NR. 4808.


Book 55 4809

Acknowledging of Jesus Christ necessary.

New Year 1. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4809.

Jesus Christ must be acknowledged as God’s son and redeemer of the world, otherwise man falls back into darkness, out of which God’s great father love has already helped him up that he can easily reach light. But to the light of cognition also belongs the understanding for the work of redemption of Christ and consequently an acknowledgement of Christ as redeemer. The man Jesus has broken through the night of death; he has changed the dark state of the spirit of men through his death on the cross into one full of light, because through his death he has proven that there is a way to eternal life, to the way of love. Through his way of life, which his death on the cross crowned, he has shown to men a way, which leads out of the darkness of night into most shining light; he therefore has overcome this state of darkness, spiritual death, and also acquired the favour for men, to enter into light with his help, because no-one is alone able through the weakened will, which, without the help of the divine redeemer, is influenced by his opponent, who would like to again pull back the souls into deepest darkness, which already possess a faint idea of cognition. Jesus Christ helps these souls in the fight against the opponent; but alone they are too weak and succumb to the strong power of Satan. Man is the product of a creation power turned away from God, i.e., a being, which God supplied extremely richly with power, used this power again for the creation of beings, which bore in them his will turned away from God. These were spiritual beings, which, as products of the power going out from God, were also his share, which he does not give up in eternity. But the power of God, as if desecrated through the will of the opponent, had to again take on the original fashioning, i.e., the beings, having emerged out of that power, had to become truly divine beings, to also being able to enjoy in the spiritual world the happiness in accordance to their perfection. This change goes on in the creation, formed for this purpose, since time immemorial. However the opponent of God, therefore the producer of these beings, does not want to allow this change, and so a war is waged about these beings, but which the being itself must fight out in the short earth life time as man. But through the influence of the opponent on his creatures man is very weak-willed during his earth life, that the decision from his site would always aim at his producer, therefore the opponent of God, what however cannot be regarded as free decision of the will, since Satan as it were holds it bound. And for that reason God came to the rescue of the bound beings, by him sending a rescuer to them, who was to redeem them out of the bonds of Satan, but now also demanded free will. The will of man must now again decide for itself, whether it leans towards the divine redeemer or his producer. But now the will is really free and strong, so it makes use of the favours of the work of redemption, by it therefore acknowledging Jesus Christ as redeemer and asking him for help in its decision of the will. If the divine redeemer is however ignored, if his work of redemption is not acknowledged as also his mission, then man remains further in the power of him, who has put his will, turner away from God, into him, and he remains for ever in the night of death, in the state of deepest spiritual darkness, without cognition of himself and his relationship to God as creator and father, as ruler of the whole of infinity. For ever he remains as child of Satan in the state of unhappiness, bound and enslaved – in eternal imprisonment. He must absolutely claim the help of the redeemer, who alone can liberate him out of the power of Satan, who alone can rescue him from the state of death and awaken him to life, because he has died for him on the cross and has redeemed him with his blood from him, who was lord over him since the very beginning. Amen. B.D. NR. 4809.


Book 55 4810

Purpose – God’s proofs of his love, omnipotence and wisdom.

1. Janurary 1950. B.D. NR. 4810.

The divine omnipotence intervenes, where divine love wants to express and reveal itself to man in his trouble. Because with God no thing is impossible, and his will becomes act through his love. But man’s intellect does not grasp, what divine love is able to do, because it is power, which manifests his will, and so man can truly ask for everything, God can make it possible, although humanly it appears impossible. And for that reason no trouble is so great that it could not be removed by God, and no work is too difficult that it could not be carried out by God – nothing is impossible, what a man asks from him, so he just believes in God’s love and omnipotence. God does not refuse to give himself, and he does not close his heart to the child, which sees in him his father and comes to him in his trouble. Faith in the love and omnipotence of God is a sure means for the remedy of all trouble. The omnipotence of God knows no limits, and the love of God is without end and of a depth, which is incomprehensible for you men, but which you can feel, when you believingly entrust yourselves to him. That his love is meant for you, that proves to you creation and your own life, because it is a gift of favour of his love, that you are allowed to go the way through creation. (2.1.1950) Because his love wanted it, his will became powerful; love power developed and let everything come into being – an exceedingly exemplary creation and yourselves as crown of it – his love created man – he established a relationship to that, what he had created, like a right father to his child. He provided for and looks after the whole creation, and his special love he gives to man, whom he wants to bring up to a right child of God. And his love, his wisdom and his omnipotence will always work together to make happy what has gone forth from him. What he wants, that happens, but it will always be good for the being, which he wants to change to his child. But it will also always learn to recognize its creator and father from eternity through the work of God full of wisdom, through the visible proofs of his love and his omnipotence. It will love him again and long for him, and that it is what God aims to achieve through all proofs of his love, wisdom and omnipotence. He wants to win his children for ever; he wants to make everything happy, what he gone forth from his power; he wants that they enjoy looking at him as happy spirits; he wants that they are happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4810.


Book 55 4811

Divine revelations: Knowledge. Help. Creation. Word.

3. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4811.

What the spirit out of me reveals to you, is valid for all eternity. And so you will therefore recognize that only that can be assessed as divine revelation, what is to be mentioned as heavenly wisdom, therefore as knowledge, which informs you of the otherwise eternally unfathomable, of the entity of your creator and father, of his eternal plan of salvation, the knowledge about cause, purpose and aim of all that, what is. That is therefore the divine knowledge, what is imparted to you through my spirit in form of my word – as divine revelation. To that belongs everything, what explains cause, purpose and aim of the whole. Divine revelations are further the proofs of my existence, of my love, omnipotence and wisdom. And so also the whole creation is a revelation of me myself for him, who wants to recognize it as such, but as also every obvious help in earthly trouble is a revelation on my part. Because you men will always be able to recognize, so you want it, an expression proving me, a sign of love of the creator to his creatures. The greatest revelation however always remains my word, which is heard through the inner voice audibly or mentally. Because through this word I myself approach the receiver or through him also all men and express myself to them. I speak to men in a way that everyone can understand me. Through the word I therefore create a connection between the spiritual and the earthly world; I steer the thoughts of men out of the earthly world into the spiritual kingdom. I point them to their destination and offer all means, which are to fulfil the purpose, to lead men to the destination. I give to men direct revelations from above, so that they flee from the deep and are to strive up. Because these revelations, which therefore just have the purpose to guide men up, to me, are not passing; they remain in existence until all eternity, because my word is everlasting, because, what is once spoken by me, inevitably has eternity duration and also must have, otherwise I could not be called perfect. What goes out from me, what is announced to men through my spirit, must irrevocably be truth, and truth remains for ever what it is. And therefore I am the original source of truth, and out of this source the living water flows – divine revelations, which are gifts of favour awakening to life, which help the soul to perfection, to maturity, which it needs to connect with me for ever. A divine revelation is to be replaced through nothing, because could there perhaps be something better than to be deemed worthy of an address by me, which must always have a promoting effect for the soul? Is there something that makes the soul happier than to be instructed by the father, on which way the child reaches eternal life? Is there a greater guarantor for truth than eternal truth itself? But so I look after my children, so they are truly well cared for. For that reason I reveal myself to those, who are my right children, and I give them my word as the sign of my immeasurable love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4811.


Book 55 4812

Happiness of the soul only in joining together with God.

4. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4812.

Only in connection with me there is happiness. Indeed, on earth also a connection with Satan can trigger in man a feeling of happiness, but then it will always be bodily pleasures, which enthral man, but by which the soul has no share. Only in the joining together with me the soul finds its happiness and its peace, because it is spiritual, which took its start from me and therefore also never loses the feeling of belonging to me, is only not aware of it as man in the state of imperfection. The spiritual cannot rest content with worldly pleasures, and is the soul because of matter pushed back by the body, so the cover of the soul thickens, which is in itself spiritual and now sinks into a state of death or of sleep, as long as it is surrounded by matter and is ruled by it through the will of man. The soul could certainly defend itself, but is too weak and gives way to the desire of the body. But it will never ever be happy, as long as the body finds fulfilment of its desires. My nearness triggers the highest bliss in it. It strives to me, as soon as it has once felt my presence, as soon as it has once found the union with me through work in love, since I am present in every work of love and it then draws me to it, so it works in love. And this happiness it no longer wants to miss and just always strives more eagerly to me. What a soul finds in union with me, compensates it for all trouble during its long course of development on earth and for all suffering in earth life as man. Indeed, it is grateful to me for them, because they had earned it the union with me. It will also never need to give up the happiness of a union with me, because a relapse is never ever possible. It can certainly exchange the kingdom of light for the earth for the purpose of a mission on earth for a short time, but in comparison with eternity this is just a single moment, where the soul as it were is again dependent upon itself, but constantly longs up, for my kingdom, because it feels it unconsciously, what it has left there. Nevertheless it takes the embodiment on earth upon itself as a necessary work of love, because it is aware of its mission and serves men as far as it is concerned, to also help them to happiness. In the spirit such a soul constantly dwells with me, only for its own sake reminiscence is taken from it as long as it lives on earth. But Satan has no influence on such a soul, because much spiritual power is in it, in it is much love to God and to fellowmen. And this love lets it always seek the connection with me on earth, for whom it longs, until it is again united with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4812.


Book 55 4813

Measure of favour unlimited. No preferential treatment of the individual.

5. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4813.

Always that measure of favour will fall to your share, which you want to receive, i.e. let become effective in you. I am always prepared to pour out favours over every man, but not all are willing to receive them, to open themselves to the flow of favours and to bath in them. How often are you surged around by my favour; how often do I pour out the horn of plenty of my favour over earth, and everyone has the right to put himself into its possession. But my gift of favour is only rarely assessed as a gift of love from me of highest success. And for that reason the development of men on earth is so different, for that reason there are so many degrees of maturity, and for that reason many men remain down, while others climb up to the highest height, because more and more favour is in prospect for them, the higher they climb. But my love includes all my creatures, and because of that I give to nobody meagrely. They all can take from me, as much as they want, but they do not want much, i.e., only few have recognized the value of my favours and enrich themselves of it, because they are not getting restricted in the receiving of favours, because they constantly work on themselves and therefore also let the favours become effective on them. I however force the favour on nobody. I also give to those, who do not desire it by themselves; I offer it to them, but then the will of man must first be ready to accept my gift, otherwise it remains completely without effect, therefore they have in reality received no favour. That now the supply of favour is visible with few men, does not justify the conclusion, that I give to these men extraordinarily, that they are determined according to my choice, to do great things, and I pour out favour over them because of that. The will of these men was prepared to work with my favour to my honour. For that reason they could also draw immeasurably out of my source of favour, which my love has opened to every man. But who makes use of my favour, he can achieve everything on earth, what is set spiritually for him as aim. Because to receive my favour means to no longer do anything without me, to request and to achieve every help from me and to constantly stand under my special protection. He lives in my favour; I look at him with pleasure, because his thoughts seek me often in the awareness of that I am his most loyal friend and father, who presents him abundantly with gifts of favour. No man on earth needs to get by without favour, i.e., I am always ready to help, where my help is needed, because my compassion and my love is meant for all my creatures, whom I want to help to happiness; who accepts my favour, he will be happy, but who rejects it, he is hopelessly lost for eternal times, because without my help no-one can escape spiritual death. Amen. B.D. NR. 4813.


Book 55 4814

Spiritual marriage.

6. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4814.

Marry me in spirit, I who want to be everything for you, friend, brother, father and groom of the soul. The world has no share in me, and so I will have to avoid the children of the world, and their pleasure does not have me as companion. They stand in the world lonely, although they are surrounded by friends, because these are again children of the world and without connection to me. But I am everything for mine and leave no-one alone. Because I seek closest communion with my creatures, and what is still far from me, I seek to win. And therefore I am to everyone that, what he would like to see in me. Who needs a friend, I stand by him with moral and practical support; who sees the father in me, to him I also give my father love; brotherly is my care for all, who consider me their brother; but who give me their whole love, I also want to make them happy with my love, and for ever they are to desire nothing more than this my love. (8.1.1950) The spiritual marriage with me presupposes love from both sides. My love is unchangeable for ever; it will not let up or become less; it draws everything with its heat, what had its origin in it. My love wants to give up nothing, what it once possessed, and for that reason every being could feel loved by me. But only counter love enables the being to feel my love, and I constantly woe this counter love. Only when the love of my creatures and therefore particularly of man, has reached a degree, which can bear the weakest degree of my love, the union, the spiritual marriage with me, takes place, which truly is the highest happiness for the soul of man, because my love power can now continually flow over and the soul is in this way blissfully happy. In the spiritual kingdom such a union is indescribably solemn and makes happy, the union can also take place on earth, but man as such just feels a peace in himself and the feeling of security at the father heart, because through his love to me also his faith in my love, wisdom and omnipotence is alive and he knows no earthly worries any longer in this awareness. An increased measure of happiness would be unbearable for him on earth, as long as he still has to fulfil earthly duties and therefore stands actively in life. In the spiritual kingdom however every barrier falls between me and my creatures. Then a happy union takes place, accompanied by unimaginable light radiation, which puts the being again into the original state, in which it could freely create and fashion according to its will. And this state is the aim of every creature, to which I want to help it. You can only reach this aim through intimate connection with me in spirit and in truth, and this is the spiritual communion, which you are to strive for in your heart only, to which you need no outer signs and customs, because this act of union with me only calls for a union of the spirit spark in you with the father spirit from eternity and this union can only take place in the heart, at every place and at any time – wherever the heart desires me quite glowing with love, there I will also be and marry this heart. Amen. B.D. NR. 4814.


Book 55 4815

Teachers must be taught by God himself.

10. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4815.

Who has the gift to hear the word of God through the voice of the spirit, he wins a knowledge in this way, which enables him to be active as teacher of his fellowmen; because he is taught by God himself. He has indeed received no particular school wisdom, and will therefore rarely be acknowledged as teacher, he will nevertheless be able to enlighten fellowmen, what teachers, trained through study, often are not able to do, particularly then, when deeper problems are to be solved, which depend on an impartation of truth directly from God. Furthermore disputed questions are often to be resolved, which caused dissentions of the church and which will always remain a controversial matter. To give enlightenment about it is only possible to a man taught by God, and everyone seriously striving for truth must acknowledge the logic of the explanation of the one taught on the part of God and declare it as the only acceptable answer. And then the proof is given that the right answer is to be sought and found by God only. Through however much eager study man will not be able to get hold of wisdoms, which he receives through an instruction through the spirit. But they will be respected too little; too little truth is checked or truth striven for. Nevertheless a servant taught by God must use his ability; he also must seek to impart to his fellowmen the knowledge he has received; he again and again must compare the spiritual results with the teachings of the others; he must everywhere, where error is recognizable, step out with truth and point men to it and recommend to them, to get into contact with God through intimate prayer and to ask him himself for information in the disputed question. And he will always receive the answer, but it will be supplied to him appearing completely naturally, so that he now again must let his will become active himself, to carry out a check of the material offered as well as also that of the attacked knowledge. The servant taught by God is in possession of truth, what would also not be conceivable otherwise, and he will be able to give answer to every question; he will be able to work enlightening, where there is still darkness, because his thinking is illuminated by God, and like lightning he becomes aware of every wrong doctrine, every erroneous faith principle, and just as fast also of the correction of that what exerts poisoning influence as error on men. But who is in possession of pure truth through God’s great love and omnipotence, he does not hesitate, to also give it to fellowmen, and for that reason a seeking person will not have to seek long, so a bearer of truth will step into his way and instruct him, and happy those who listen to his voice, who accept what God himself sends to them through his messengers, through his disciples, whom he chooses himself to carry the Gospel into all the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 4815.


Book 55 4816

Justice of God. Guilt and atonement. Subjection – redemption.

11. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4816.

All creatures, which are in the state of free will, have reached a certain level of cognition, i.e., they are able to receive certain knowledge. But whether it is comprehensible to them, whether it is really putting them into the state of cognition, depends on how man uses his free will. Because the state of cognition is the sign of ascent development of man; it is a degree of maturity of the soul, which the free will of man is to strive for and which is therefore not allotted to him arbitrarily. But the ascent development is the result of a way of life according to the will of God, and God’s will is a life in love. Consequently only a man active in love can stand in cognition; therefore the higher knowledge can only be then acquired, when man devotes himself to a way of life in love. But then he will have understanding for everything; he will just need to deal mentally with a question, and also the right answer will be sent to him mentally – he will truthfully think and win rich knowledge. But there will also be problems, which solution depends on divine support, because the human intellect would actually not cope with it for ever, because they require the spiritual rebirth of man; they require a degree of maturity, which is not often found with men. But God never refuses the answer to such questions, when they are asked in all seriousness. He alone can also offer to men the incomprehensible so, that it becomes comprehensible to them, when they ask him intimately for it, but a certain faith is always necessary, which also accepts what appears incomprehensible, as long as man is still of a not awakened spirit, because everything is comprehensible to the awakened spirit. (13.1.1950) There is nothing, what would not let God’s love recognize, what would not have love as reason. But the justice of God cannot get eliminated, because the perfection of God causes it. And thus a great problem is already resolved: The redemption of mankind through Christ. On the one side stood an extremely great sin, on the other side the eternal divinity, at which the spiritual became guilty. But the sin was therefore so great, because the spiritual possessed the cognition, therefore did not sin as result of lack cognition. This sin also challenged the justice of God, because the perfection of God can never depart from his basic principle – atonement for every offence against the divine order, which took place with the defection of the spiritual from God. But the atonement was unspeakable severe, because the sin was endless severe. The distance from God resulted in the weakening of the spiritual. The spiritual lost all power; it no longer could go uphill a steep way out of own power, but constantly sank deeper, until a light being pitied these spiritual beings, until it helped this weak, sunken, before it completely got lost in the deep. The light being wanted to atone for the sin; it wanted to sacrifice itself for the unhappy beings, which now threatened to fail after the endless long course of development now in the stage as man, because they were powerless. And this light being descended to earth – a child of God embodied itself as man to help fellowmen. The light being stood in contact with God, and it knew about the unhappy state of the beings, which walked on earth and forgot their actual purpose. But the light being also knew a way, which led out of this unhappy state. It knew about everything, what took place in the spiritual kingdom, on earth and under the earth, i.e. about the lot of those, who dwelled in the deep. And as itself coming from the kingdom of light, it wanted to get men the same enviable state. But it came across a great resistance. A being from darkness worked against the being of light with word and act. It bound there where the light being wanted to lose, i.e., the being of darkness had great influence on men and urged them to their thinking, wanting and acting. But latter did not comply with the will of God, therefore the being of darkness worked in God-opposing mind, and man would have to resist its influence, when he wanted to make good his former wrong against God. But man was too weak for it; he was so to speak bound through the will of the opponent of God. If now redemption from his power was to come into existence for men, then a being had to face him, which had strong willpower at its disposal, which consciously stood by God and took up his power and might in the fight against him. And this being was Jesus Christ; he was that light being embodied as man, which was extremely strong in will and placed a weapon in opposition to the opponent, against which he was powerless. Love, which connected Jesus with God, and made him to the receiver of power out of God. And so he was superior to the opponent, and he liberated innumerable men out of the yoke of the dark power. (14.1.1950) But the yoke existed in that respect that man, being able to decide up or down, felt the greatest incentive down through the influence of him, to whom he owed his state of imperfection, that he therefore derived pleasure from everything, what was God-adverse, that he strove for everything, what pleases the body and pulls the soul down. The thinking, feeling and wanting of man the opponent of God sought to win for himself, and he then came across little resistance, because in man all urges found themselves again, which were the principle of the opponent. Man was so to speak in bondage to that power, which did not release him, but always besieged him more and more, so that he always carried out its wishes and always went more and more away from God. Man was a weak creature, whose will was bound, why he could not defend himself – what well could have very easily be possible, so he had used love as counter power, against which the opponent of God is powerless. For that reason one had to come as rescuer, who proved to men for the first time, that a breaking away from the opponent is well possible, but only through love, which earns man power for resistance, therefore results in will power. He further had to enlighten men about their life assignment, because through the influence of the opponent of God they lacked all knowledge. The redeemer out of spiritual trouble therefore had to bring the light and impart power to men. He had to help them to freedom; he had to remove the chains from the bound, from which they alone could not extricate themselves. The work of redemption of Christ only affects the spiritual state of men, which was so indescribable low, that a rising out of own power was impossible – exactly through the lack of love. And for that reason Jesus Christ instructed first men, and gave them as the most important the love command, so that men could bring themselves into the possession of power and light. But then he acquired through his death on the cross a spiritual base, i.e. a treasure of favour, which every man can raise, who believes in him and his work of redemption. He acquired reinforcement of the will for the weak in will and forgiveness of their sin. With pleasure God saw the work of love of a man, and he granted him fulfilment of the request, which the man Jesus presented to him for his fellowmen. He was satisfied with the death of a man, who wanted to rescue fellowmen from spiritual death. The love of the God-man Jesus was so strong, that it was satisfaction to the eternal divinity, which longed for the love of all men. He gave his blood for the sins of mankind; he extinguished the sin with his blood, but please note – only of those, who acknowledge him and his work of redemption and want to belong to the crowd of the redeemed, otherwise all spiritual would already be redeemed, but could then not reach the state of perfection, which depends on the free test of will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4816.


Book 55 4817

Disfigurement of the pure teaching of Christ. Free will.

15. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4817.

What I have spoken to you men on earth that should remain preserved in all pureness. So it was my will, and for that reason I gave you the promise at the same time that I remain with you in the spirit and therefore wanted to watch over, what is announced on earth as my word. But this promise was directed only at those, whose will was turned fully towards me; it was directed at those, who longed for me in the heart and saw in me the father from eternity. But I never could and wanted to bind the will of men, and so it was also not to be prevented that the will of men disfigured my pure teaching, that things were added to and omitted, what was right to these men, and thereby my word lost its pureness, that it was intermingled with additional work of men and therefore also lost power and effect, which originally adhered to my word and so long, as the teaching was divine, therefore free from the work of men. The human will I do not make unfree. But it is understandable, that this will was influenced by my opponent, as soon as a man made himself a slave to him through thinking, wanting and acting. It is understandable, that no truth can flow any longer out of the mouth of an evil man, as also the thinking of him must be opposed to truth, so he harmonizes more with my opponent than with me. The power of my opponent is great, but again not so great, that men must become slaves to him. Their will alone determines the influence on the soul of man. And therefore pure truth soon had become illusory, where men did not let me myself be present through their will, their love and their way of life. But I remain with you in spirit. I was and am always present, where the door of the heart is opened to me and residence prepared. And there I will also always speak words of love and truth, and who therefore hears me in the heart, who lets me speak to him through the spirit, he will always stand in pure truth and does not need to fear, that he receives untruth. And so a constant purification of the teaching takes place, which is announced on earth as teaching of Christ and is no longer in accordance with pure truth, which is no longer that, what it was at the time of my earth walk. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away in eternity." But only the pure word out of me lasts; but the word changed through man declines, even so it has a long existence through the will of man, but it will never be able to withstand truth, when it starts to shine in the brightest light. Because pure truth is like a sharp sword, which defeats everything, what does not submit to it. Truth will win, because it is from me, I who am eternal truth myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4817.


Book 55 4818

Announcement of judgement. Forbearance of God.

17. January 1950 B.D. NR. 4818.

For the sake of the few, who are still undecided, I still hesitate with my obvious appearance, and that causes you to doubt my word or to deny the divine origin of the word sent to earth. I certainly have a great forbearance; I take into account the weak, undecided; I seek to still rescue many before the ruin and therefore apply all means, to win them round, and so I still refrain from my project. But once the time has expired, and you men will no longer have to wait long, then word for word will be fulfilled to the regret of unspeakable many men, but for you to the confirmation of that, what I have announced to you. You are not to doubt; even so one day passes after the other, without bringing the announced judgement. Today you can still live in the midst of the bustle of the world in pleasure and joy, and tomorrow already a horror can fill you in the face of the destruction around you, you who stay alive. Still today peace can be everywhere and tomorrow already the strongest storm, to which everything falls victim. Just believe, that I myself speak to you, your God and creator, your father from eternity, so the revelations from above are sent to you; believe, that this only happens, because you stand close to the end and I want to rescue you, by me sending my word to you. Understand it, that I had to choose servants on earth for me, because you are lacking in truth and without truth you cannot be happy. Take every word of this my revelation seriously and believe it, that the end is near, although the world would like to instruct you otherwise. I certainly leave everything go its course and do not hinder my opponent, so he wants to pull you into his nets, by him enticing you with the joys of the world, exactly for that reason I send my messengers to you, who are to warn and admonish you, not to become a slave to the world; listen to them, do not unwillingly turn away from them, consider every word of them and prepare yourselves, because the day is already alarmingly close, which disturbs you out of the life of peace and comfortableness, which you strive for and know to get hold of. It is not the right life, which you lead, because the world pulls you down. Do not seek to daze or to deceive yourselves; truth will become visible alarmingly, because there is no existence of the lie and consequently also no continued existence of that, what belongs to the kingdom of the opponent, who shrinks from truth and seeks to suppress it. For that reason I warn you once again to reject my word carelessly or to have a low opinion of it. Very soon you will think of my word and recognize in me him, who rules the world and steers the fate of all of you, who has spoken words of love to you, and which you did not receive as words of the father, because the voice of the world was preferred to be heard by you. Wake up, you who still sleep, and prepare yourselves for the day, which comes so certain, as my word fulfils itself, because it is eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4818.


Book 55 4819

Spiritual change. Last Judgement.

18. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4819.

The world stands before a change, i.e., everything what is worldly on earth, experiences a total change in material sense through a process of destruction, and only the spiritual is of continued existence and survives the process of the work of destruction and works on in another formation on a new work of creation. The earth therefore renews itself; it emerges from the work of destruction in a completely new fashioning and is again inhabited by men, who partly come from the old earth and partly also emerge out of this old race in high spiritual maturity. It is a conclusion of a development period, which will take place in a short time. A redemption period comes to an end, and a new begins, but so basically different from the old one, that exactly of a change can be spoken of, before mankind stands, which is to be understood pure spiritually and also earthly. The spiritual low of men causes a dissolving and new forming of all that, what holds spiritual, so that no standstill or retrogression occurs in the ascent development of the spiritual. The will of man is always taken into account, i.e., that lot is allotted to him, what his will strives for. And since men in the last time are just only hunters of matter, they themselves become what they desire – the hardest matter encloses their soul and does no longer release it until the spiritual is again redeemed through the will of God out of hardest form, until it is mature to dwell in less hard formation, and now slowly develops up in the mandatory state, until it again steps into the stage as man, in which it can redeem itself finally, when it wants. But the time period of such development period is so great, that man in the short earth life time can perceive no obvious end of creation and he consequently does not want to acknowledge an end of a period, a spiritual point of change, and he therefore also does not take his spiritual development seriously. And so mankind also now does not want to believe, that it stands shortly before the ending of an earth period, and it does not recognize the great danger, which lies in wait for it – it does not know it or does not want to believe it, that the earth devours all of them, who are still closely connected with matter, so that they completely forget God about it. They do not want to believe it and will therefore be surprised, when all signs point to it, that the day is approaching, that the earth experiences its last days. Because God will still appear obviously before, and who is not completely stubborn, will also recognize him. But most of them have to expect the fate, which is announced to them, that the earth opens itself and devours, what cannot pass before God’s eyes. And a new earth emerges, which is inhabited by those, who remain loyal to God and persevere in greatest trouble until the end, because they believe in him and in his word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4819.


Book 55 4820

State in the hereafter.

19. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4820.

Have you once stridden through the gates of death, so you will no longer feel the bodily cover, but you can move around easily and freely; you will not be prevented from staying where you want; force of no sort will be exerted on you. And nevertheless also this state can be agonizing for you, and indeed, when you are in darkness, when it is lightless around you and you are able to see nothing. This spiritual blindness is connected to complete powerlessness and with a weakness of will, which cannot arise from its lethargy. There is therefore nothing perceptible from the outside, what influences you, but a fetter can still be in yourselves, which prevents you from life, i.e. from an activity according to God’s will, which however all those souls are allowed to carry out, who are sensitive to light at the vacating of earth and are therefore transferred to a kingdom, where they are allowed to always see more beautiful things. (20.1.1950) To inhabit this kingdom with all splendours is an immeasurable happiness for the souls departed from life, because they leave behind every earthly, heavy, full of grief, and imperfect and are now in association with the souls of spirit beings, which are full of love, wisdom and power. And from now on the soul takes part thereby and always sees new things and things fascinating its spiritual senses; it sees creations, which are extremely marvellous to see in its form and cannot be compared with earthly creations. Moreover it is no longer bound to time and space; it can stay where it wants and put itself both in past and future. There is no space and time law for it, as soon as the soul has become perfect, therefore has found entrance into the kingdom of light. Nevertheless also there the degrees of light are different, what stimulates to always more eager striving and also unites the beings with each other, to be able to create and shape with united power. The work in love is also in this kingdom highest law, why the light beings are active for each other in perfect harmony, giving happiness and receiving happiness. But their constant work is meant for the souls of darkness, which they know in extreme trouble, and would like to instruct helpingly. Where spiritual darkness is, there is also no life urge; the beings are completely apathetic, when they are not glowing with anger and revengeful and are in constant fight with each other. Latter need endless time until they come to rest and fall into the apathetic state. But only then they can be helped on the part of the light beings. In opposition to these the imperfect beings are mostly full of self-love and therefore scarcely accessible to instructions, which have the law of love as content. But the light beings are full of patience and never get tired to help them, so that almost always it is to reckon with a spiritual ascent, where the beings have given up their bad habits and no longer seek to tear each other to pieces. The state of apathy is always a pre-stage of the awakening out of sleep, and only a loving support is needed, that also these souls get an idea of light and become seeing. But it often lasts a long time, because also in the spiritual kingdom free will is put first, which must remain untouched, if the being is to be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4820.


Book 55 4821

Favour of inner enlightenment.

21. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4821.

The favour of inner enlightenment proves the right relationship to me, otherwise my spirit could not express itself in man, because only where a child has entered the right connection with the father can the child hear the voice of the father. As spiritual living beings with awareness and free will you men bear a little spark of my God spirit in you, but as long as isolated from me, as your will is not yet directed to me. But so long also this spirit spark is inactive; it slumbers in a cover, which makes its work impossible, because the divine power does not assert itself by force, but only then becomes effective, when it no longer finds resistance. And whether I now also so to speak am in you, because this spirit spark is after all my share, so you can still feel nothing of me, as long as you want to feel nothing. Your will alone creates the right state; your will alone must establish the right child relationship to the father, then also the union of the spirit spark with the father spirit is established, and then the child hears every expression of the father through the spirit in it. But who faces the father as child, he also does his will, and so the way of life of a man, who wants to hear my voice in him, must also be in accordance of my will, and who does the will of the father, to him also belongs his love, which again as power has an effect on his soul and helps it to perfection. The power is now expressed in form of my word, in enlightened thinking and speaking – in the ability to accept my word and to be again announcer of my word to fellowmen. Everything therefore what man does for the kingdom of God, every spiritual work, is the proof of power flowing to him out of me, which therefore is utilized in the work for me and my kingdom and earns man himself increased soul maturity. You are therefore not allowed to expect a bodily feeling of power, so the talk is of power supply, but you must see your spiritual development, the progress in knowledge, the gift to teach or to enlighten fellowmen, as effect of the power transmission from me, and then you will also recognize the truth of my word and withdraw the power out of the word itself, because then it secures for you increased knowledge, with which you can again be eagerly active for my kingdom. But also bodily the power supply is noticeable, because I increase the earthly power of every child, so it wants to use this power for the father. Even so the faith tests of my servants on earth are not been spared, so I do not let them really become unable to the work, by me diminishing the life power for them. Because their tasks are important and their help to fellowmen urgently necessary, for that reason I provide my servants on earth also with earthly power, so that they can also carry out the work in my vineyard. Because the last time requires active and loyal workers, who are so intimately connected to me, that I can work in them through the spirit; because they are to serve as model to all, who are willing to establish the right relationship with me, to all, who want to come to the father as children and speak to him. They are to give the proof that the father leans towards each one child, which comes to him in love and lives in his will. Because my love longs for the creatures, which have come forth of me and I do not want to lose for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4821.


Book 55 4822

God's plan of salvation.

21. January 1950. B.D. NR 4822.

What is decided in my plan of salvation takes irrevocably place because my wisdom recognized the necessity of this to bring that what once had become apostate to perfection. The time for every single event is fixed since eternity because the will of the spiritual was also apparent to me since eternity so that I also recognized in what length of time a process of development is to be regarded as ended or failed, which is why always new phases of development begin when no results are getting attained. Since it is now evident to me that and when men fail, it is fixed since eternity when a new earth period begins and the old is ended. And this time will be kept because a giving up of the plan would only have a bad effect on the spiritual and my constant concern is meant for only these beings that are in great trouble due to their imperfection. The conclusion of an earth period is therefore timed and cannot be put off by human will, but human will can shape the way of the end of a development phase to a less painful one when he would be willing to submit to my will so that a destruction of the old earth would more befall the spiritual that is still bound in the creation while the man who tries to live according to my will could earn the reward for this in a painless going over to the spiritual kingdom or also in the sudden transfer onto a newly born creation. A will submitting to me does not need such strong means of upbringing and the time of the end of the earth could come up to men without a trace of fright. But that it comes, men can no longer stop in spite of a possible change of will. For this is determined since eternity. Men can well shake off the belief in it, but then only to their own detriment. But when man believes, then he can decrease the dreads for himself even if he cannot completely avert them for the sake of the fellow human beings. But as he as an individual submits to my will, he is specially protected by me and that, that is completely insubordinate to me along with its lord cannot cause harm to his soul although he will be also harassed earthly. But on his own such a believing man is strong because my power flows through him and he feels safe and secure under my protection. I inform the ones that are mine about my eternal plan of salvation; I announce the near end to them; I point out its signs to them and give them the promises of my help, my presence and my coming in greatest trouble. And he who believes these my words, he will survive the times of the end without his soul coming to harm; he will have no need to be worried, because his faith gives him the right to my help; his faith gives him power and favour that he remains loyal to me and holds out until the end. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4822.


Book 55 4823

Purpose of creation. Re-engendering into matter.

25. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4823.

An extremely wise creator was at work, when the fallen spiritual was in farthest God-distance and had cut off for itself every way back through the most severe sin, through the spurning of his love power in arrogance and thirst for power. The infinite love of God thought of means and ways to guide this spiritual, having become sinful, again back, and his wisdom recognized a way for successful – the course through the whole creation, through forms, which had to serve each other and so fulfilled the purpose, which was set for them. His love and wisdom therefore formed out of his power outer covers for the fallen spiritual, which were to stimulate it to serving activity, and these works of creation were destined to achieve an ascent development in stages, by which the spiritual in it so to speak could serve in the mandatory state and in this way decrease the distance from God more and more. These forms, therefore divine works of creation, are so varied, that they can hold all immature spiritual, therefore can also take in and again release, through their natural growing and passing, the most different spiritual entities, until these entities have reached a certain degree of maturity. The divine creator saw all possibilities of a maturation process, and for that reason the creation is also so varied and comprises works of creation in all degrees of maturity, but for him alone it is apparent, which success the spiritual can record; he alone knows about the many stations, which it must walk through, until it arrives at the stage of free will as man. He determines the time period of all creations; he determines the activity of each one of the works, and he alone recognizes the degree of maturity, which then makes the embodiment as man possible. But he saw also the negative successes; he saw the spiritual, which was already almost in his nearness, again sinking back into the deep, because it had free will at its disposal, which God respects and which the being however once again abuses. His creations testify to superb wisdom, therefore ways of development are to be taken, which could guarantee a secure success, but he leaves fullest freedom to man; he does not force him, to acknowledge him and to subordinate himself to him, but as he also does not abandon the being completely to his opponent, but constantly makes an effort, to help it up, so that it is happy. God’s infinite love and superb wisdom certainly recognizes and creates all possibilities to the perfection of the spiritual, but free will is decisive, whether the ascent development occurs in the stage as man or the spiritual remains in resistance and sinks again into the deep and must again start the course of development. (26.1.1950) The re-engendering into solid matter only occurs then, when a creation period has found its conclusion, when therefore all creations release the spiritual, they are dissolved through God’s will for this purpose, what means destruction of the work of creation, where the ascent development has started. God’s wisdom and love lets again new creations come into being, which are again suitable through the purpose assigned to them, to help the spiritual bound in it to the ascent development. Then the interrupted course of development is continued, again with the same aim, the stage of free will as man, where the perfection or the renewed defection can take place, because the love of God again approaches the being and can be accepted or also rejected. Before God thousand years are like one day. And with infinite forbearances and patience he looks after the beings, and when innumerable development phases are necessary, so a being remains particularly stubborn in the resistance to him - he again and again gives new possibilities to it, until it finally has reached its destination, until it has found back to him, from whom it once took its start. Amen. B.D. NR. 4823.


Book 55 4824

Who does not forsake God, him also he does not forsake.

28. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4824.

Do not forsake me, so you do not want to be forsaken by me, because who walks from me, him I do not keep back, but his way is then no longer mine; it leads away from me and ends in loneliness. Only who stays with me, his aim is secure – it is eternal life. But of what use is life on earth, so you walk along without me. It certainly can offer you earthly joys, it can be life completely according to your wish, you can possess everything what you desire, but if you live it without me, then some-one else stands in my place, then some-one walks constantly at your side, who never leaves you out and who pushes you on a way, which indeed appears extremely attractive to you, however leads into darkness. And darkness is your award, so you leave me. I certainly love you, but I do not keep you, so you want to part from me, because what I require from you is just your love, which you are to give to me out of free will. But then you will truly find deepest counter love, and it will make you happy also on earth. But if you part from me, so that is also your free will, and you are not hindered by me, although I know that it is not beneficial for you. True life can only be with me; only my love can give you true life. So you therefore live on earth without me, so you are truly dead; it is just a pretence life which you lead, to which my opponent helps you; he feigns a life to you, but you are truly dead, because I alone am life, and only I alone can give you life, because I alone hand out true life power, which only depends on love to me to be able to be received. But who loves me, he does not forsake me, and also I will not forsake him for ever. Who chooses me as his companion, his power will truly not flag, because life flows out from me and to him, who walks with me, because he loves me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4824.


Book 55 4825

Lack of Faith and Devils of the End-Time. Faith Struggle. The Coming of the Lord.

29. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4825.

The lack of faith will have an alarming effect in the last times before the end where people will just chase after earthly profit and never think of a God. Men will cheat and try to defraud one another, for the sake of matter they will display all bad desires, they will have no scruples about to harm the neighbour when they themselves only benefit from it. They will strive for increasing their goods and all their thinking will be only aimed at it. But they forget God, they do not believe in him and do not fear him, they do not believe in a future responsibility and punishment for their sins and therefore sin without thinking and fear of a judge. Earthly things are looking good for them because they are supported by the opponent of God who urges them on to greater and greater desire for material goods. Where the belief in God is lacking there he has great power, that is why the lack of faith is exceedingly alarming for men because they walk towards their ruin. Where faith is lacking there is also no love that alone could revive faith. Where love is lacking there men are blind in spirit, they know nothing, and what they know is wrong. Darkness is spread over mankind and earth is heading for the end. From the earthly point of view there is no trouble, men live in prosperity except a few that are still firm in faith and are antagonized by those. They are destined to a hard lot for a short time but they recognize by the prosperity of the fellow human beings that are without faith the most unmistakable sign of the end because it was predicted to them so that they stand firm in this trouble that earns them the belief in God. When the time has come where Satan is ruling visibly then also the end is no longer far because also this has been announced that the world is full of devils at the end and men will also behave like devils that do not believe and therefore bitterly challenge the believers. But then also the coming of the Lord is no longer far, then any day can bring the end because the Lord will come when the trouble is so great that the believers think to lose heart - when Satan believes he has won the game, when unbelief increases so uncontrollably that the believers have to fear for their life. Then the rescuer comes from above as it has been announced. He will come in the clouds and fetch home the ones that are his into the kingdom of peace and sit in a last judgement. Then the end has come where Satan is put in fetters and with him all who were in bondage to him. And a new earth will emerge that is inhabited by only strong believing men, men that remain loyal to God in the last faith struggle and now receive their reward - a life in paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4825.


Book 55 4826

God’s extraordinary gift of favour.

30. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4826.

You may always be certain that you receive an extraordinary gift of favour, so the proof of my love for you is sent to you from above, and that you therefore can already on earth reach a high degree of maturity of the soul, so you just use the gift of favour right. I establish a relationship with you, that is certainly the right one from eternity, but it is not caused by your love to me, as it should be, but my extremely great love seizes you, you who do find to me out of own drive. And my word is the proof for it, because I speak, as a father speaks to his children; I present your spiritual trouble to you in all love; and warn and admonish you; I give you advice, what you are to do and what to leave; I announce my will to you so openly that you just need to live in accordance to it, to acquire my love for you. I therefore also come to the unworthy and approach him through the word - I help him that he becomes worthy of my love. I offer you a gift of immeasurable value, because you do nothing yourselves to acquire this gift for you. But without your will to work with my gift of favour, you will hardly feel a blessing from it, and so it is always still up to you, to experience the effect of my proof of love. Each one must himself become active, if my word is to bring him the blessing, which helps him up. I let much favour flow down to you, but you are not allowed to withdraw from this flow of favour; you must open yourselves that the favour may flow in the midst of your heart, then you will feel my love; you will give full expression to my word; the soul will have the advantage; it will mature in a short time; it will love me again with all power and as a result be filled with power itself. Because I aim to achieve that, that you recognize, through my proof of love from above, that I am your father from eternity, who loves his children and also wants to win their love – that he gives you a gift of favour, which is to lead you back to him, so that you remain with him until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4826.


Book 55 4827

Strong faith result of love.

31. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4827.

The power for faith you draw from love to me, or also, love makes faith alive. Everything will appear to you close to nature, therefore no longer unreal, as soon as love fills you, but you can only understand this then, so you have love in you; otherwise it is just words, which bear no life in them. I can only again and again point out to you that power emerges out of love; that you are able to do everything, so you stand in love and therefore can also then believe deeply, that you then call a living faith your own. Every prayer to me for power of faith I can only answer with the words: Love me, then you will also be able to believe – and love to me includes love to the neighbour. Consequently you just need to be good and helpful to the neighbour, and your faith will grow to that strength, which is unshakeable and withstands every onslaught. But if you have a deep, unshakeable faith, then you also feel me near you, then I am always present to you, and you are aware of it. As soon as you can talk to me, like a child speaks to the father, your faith is also strong and alive, because you will only speak to him, whom you acknowledge, and through prayer in spirit and in truth you prove your faith in me, and so you now practise long the intimate dialogue with me, you will also no longer be able to doubt, neither my word nor my love, nor all that what otherwise appears inacceptable to you. You then believe everything, because you feel it that your father only speaks truth and he loves his children. And because you believe in me, you will also do everything, what I request from you; you will live so, as it is pleasant to me. Love will fill all your whole being. Then the union with me takes place; then the spiritual life has become reality for you, while the earthly life passes you by like a state of dreaming, then you are so firmly connected to me, that a separation from me is no longer possible, then you can no longer speak of faith, but everything is knowledge for you, cognition, light. Every doubt, every unbelief is eliminated; you are completely penetrated by me and returned to the original state, which means light and happiness until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4827.


Book 55 4828

Need of reapers at the time of harvest.

2. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4828.

At the time of harvest many workers are needed, and for that reason each one is welcome for me, who offers his service to me. And each one is put into that place according to his ability, where he can work and do his duty according to his power. I reject no-one, because the work before the end is urgent and I also cannot have enough reapers, when the time of harvest has come. But their will and their loyalty they must give me; they must stand up as suitable servants for their Lord and receive his instructions, always in the firm will, to act accordingly and therefore do loyal services for me. But they are not to just carry out my will, but also make this their will to their own, i.e., they are to be themselves convinced by it that only through their work fellowmen can be helped, that therefore their spiritual work is not only carried out mechanically or on my behalf, but gives them themselves great pleasure, because they recognize this work as alone bringing in success for their soul. Everything, what my servants do for me and my kingdom must be carried out in fullest conviction, with eager devotion and in love, then only they are right servants, who I have chosen for me, to be active for me. Who only carries out his task forced, he will harvest no blessing; he will not be able to be the right guide of the blind, because he himself is not seeing. To serve me, means being active in love for fellowmen, to help them spiritually and bodily in their trouble. Because I do that out of my love, but my servants are to do it in my place; they are to represent me, therefore fulfil the will of their Lord, so he himself cannot express himself because of men, who could not bear me myself near them, because of the immature state of their soul. And to them I must speak through the mouth of man, and for it eager servants are to lend me their mouth, so that I can speak to those, so they need my word. There is much work in my vineyard; there are many uncultivated fields; that are the hearts of man, which are to be made receptive for a sowing, for the Gospel, which starts with me and is to lead men back to me. And who therefore spreads my Gospel, who enlightens fellowmen and makes them able to receive my word, who prepares their hearts to love and makes them therefore receptive for me myself, he is my servant and does the right services for me and will be blessed already on earth and in future in the spiritual kingdom, because he helps rescuing many souls from eternal death. He spreads light and illuminates so the way to me, the way to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4828.


Book 55 4829

Devoting time sacrificingly to God and spiritual work.

4. Febuary 1950. B.D. NR. 4829.

Make your time a sacrifice for me; think about that it is me, who gives it to you and who demands from you that you not only think of the world, but also of him. Who wants to serve me, he must be prepared to give up everything for me, and so he must also always be prepared for me, i.e., at any time wanting to be active for me as my servant, so I need his services. Therefore he must put aside everything else, when it is essential to work for me, when he feels it that I want to talk to him or send men into his way, to whom I want to announce myself. Before every work for the world, before every earthly activity he is to direct his thoughts to me, and if his striving to me is serious, then he feels in himself the inner urge for a work, which to do is my will. But he must want to hear my instructions; before every earthly activity he must come to me, so that I bless it for him. If I now need him for a work for me and my kingdom, then I allocate it to him, and he willingly complies with this instruction, i.e., he does that to which he feels urged inwardly. So first condition is that a man wants to serve me. Who pretends lack of time, he has no serious will for the work for me, because what makes him happy, for that he will also always find time, so he seriously wants it. Who desires to hear me, to him nothing is allowed to be beyond this gift of favour, and as soon as I recognize his desire for my word, I also always find means and ways to express myself to him. I give him the time, as soon as I recognize his serious desire for the dialogue with me. Men of the world cannot and do not want to understand it that I am the Lord over time and that I hand it out, as I want it – that I can shorten or extent the time, that I can make man capable, but as I also let the time pass uselessly through obstacles or failures of all work, when it is my will. How can you men then complain about lack of time, so you yourself shorten it for you, because you do not beg my blessing? What you sacrifice to me, I give you back hundredfold, and I say it to you again and again that I bless spiritual and earthly every sacrifice, which is made to me, by me blessing his work and he will truly do more and also gather spiritual treasures for himself, which are unattainable for the one working only earthly. But who sees the world only, who devotes all power and time only to it, he will in the end have worked only little, because he loses, what he possesses on earth, and nothing can replace the lost time for him, which he certainly believes having utilized, why he withheld it from me and acquired nothing for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4829.


Book 55 4830

Fight between light and darkness.

5. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4830.

A constant fight rages between light and darkness, and there is no being on earth, which does not feel this fight, because no being is free, but besieged by some power, which it must fend off. Man feels this fight the most, because he becomes aware that he is in slavery, because that, what he strives for, is something else than he experiences. Only that he as man can also kill this awareness, or he can strive for the same, what grants him life. Then he stands on the side of darkness, because the power of light grants something else, than what gives earth life. Man must fight against the earthly, because it belongs to the kingdom of darkness; man must fight for the kingdom of light; he must put himself on the side of that power, which is light itself. The fight between light and darkness is therefore synonymous with the wresting of the spiritual out of the deep up; it is synonymous with the overcoming of earthly matter on the side of man, to attain spiritual goods. It is further synonymous with the reshaping of the being, which is initially full of carnality and desires, to love with all its virtues. It means so to speak the change of the spiritual, which acknowledged the opponent of God as lord and now breaks away from him, to belong to God. It means therefore, that God himself faces his opponent to extract the spiritual from him, which he wants to misappropriate. And the light will win. God will defeat his opponent; with his help he will assist all entity, that it breaks away from his power; he and with him all the spiritual full light stands on the side of the helpless, spiritual oppressed by the opponent of God, to redeem it. The power of God and of light would alone be enough, to render harmless the opponent and to lead the spiritual to the light, but the free will of it stands against it, and for that reason a fight must be waged, not to break the will, but to change it. But such a fight is only to be won through love – otherwise it would have been brought to an end with success a long time ago. But not power decides in this fight between light and darkness, but love only, which must be so strong that it bends the will, that the will lets love defeat it. Love extracts from the opponent, what he keeps bound; love is that weapon of the fight, to which the opponent is not equal to. Love is God himself, to whom he must subjugate himself. Where love is weak, there the opponent of God has the upper hand; there rages darkness and seeks to drive out the light. Earth life is a walk through dark terrain, which must be illuminated by man himself, who must shape himself to love to chase away darkness around him. He himself must wage the fight against darkness, against everything, what, as connected with earth, is share of the opponent of God. He must let love flare up in himself, and since it means the presence of God himself, he will pass every fight against darkness triumphantly. Man himself determines the fight of light against darkness, but always only with the help of God and of the light beings, which he makes himself through love to co-fighters, which win every fight against darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4830.


Book 55 4831

Confessing before the world. Declaring the name of Jesus.

6. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4831.

Declare yourselves for me and do not hesitate to speak out my name openly, so your comment to the faith and to me is demanded. Because the confessing with the heart draws me myself to your side, and then all fear falls from you, and you speak openly and without fear about things of faith, about my teaching, about my work at and in you yourselves and also about the future. You then tear down a wall; the wall of silence, behind which much can hide and which is therefore suitable for the veiling of truth. Speak fearlessly, wherever it may be, because I myself lead you there, where you are called upon to confess me. No long time passes anymore, until the world will mock you, you who still believe in God, in a life after death, because the world people defect more and more, and everything is unreal for them, what is not visible or tangible to them. An open hostility develops from these world people to the believers, who, as constant target, can hardly protect themselves against the hostilities. But this should not make you fearful; it must come so, because the time is fulfilled, where a separation takes place from mine and the followers of my opponent, who seeks to suffocate all faith in me and to whom they are enslaved. But know that I myself am with you, in the spirit as well as also visibly, where it is necessary. Know that you are far stronger than those, and may they also numerically be superior to you. Because so I fight at your side, you will never be able to be defeated. But openly and without fear you must stand up for me, so that the enemy recognizes, who gives you power, because it will be obvious, that you experience extraordinary help. Just speak out my name full of faith, so you are besieged; hold my name towards your attackers; call me with heart and mouth and fear no earthly power – and to all, who are of good will, who want to be mine, I will give power, as I have promised. In the name of your divine redeemer you have a weapon, which truly cannot be surpassed, because, who musters faith in me in the time of the end, possessed my whole love. And who confesses me before the world, he also proves to me his unshakable faith, and I look after him very particularly. Very soon you will be forced to confess yourselves or to reject, then do not become fearful before the worldly power, but just think of my words: Who confesses me before the world, him I will also confess before my father. You will be forced to the decision for Jesus Christ or against him. Then joyfully confess him before the world, because only through Jesus you can reach me; only through faith in his work of redemption and his help you can approach me, the father, whose love wants to unite itself with everybody, as it has united itself with Jesus, who has redeemed the world from sin though his great love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4831.


Book 55 4832

Test of the power of faith. Miracle healings.

7. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4832.

You must test the power of faith, so that you can also support the truth of my word to the world. As soon as you yourselves stand in living faith, as soon as you know that I grant every prayer, which is sent up to me full of trust, you can ask me for what you want; your faith itself guarantees you the fulfilment. The request must only rise up out of a loving heart, therefore that, what you ask, must serve the well-being of the neighbour; it must be based on love towards him and is never allowed to spring from self-love. Do every faith test. Where your help is necessary, there grant it, and what you are not able to do out of own power, that present to me and ask for the power necessary for it. Know, that I never withhold it for you, so you just believe and want to work in love. Pure, selfless love must cause you to help, which you want to do, then you will be filled with power and no longer doubt the success of that, what would otherwise be impossible for you as man only. Every doubt, every timidity, every inhibition is the result of too weak faith. Then I cannot fulfil the prayer for you, otherwise I would become disloyal to myself, I who have made the fulfilment depending on a strong faith. The power is to come from you yourselves, so that fellowmen recognize, what a strong faith is able to do. Faith can move mountains. But such faith is no longer found with you men, and because of that these words appear to you as meaningless words. But you can do the test at any time, so you just let me be present in you through love, which then also makes faith strong and unshakable through its power. So you feel me myself in you, not the slightest doubt of success will befall you, and then you work with me, and nothing can fail you. Every act will then certainly be regarded as miracle before the eye of the world, but it is just the natural result of an intimate union with me, which now also makes you to receivers of power in unlimited measure. Believe and pass a faith test, and prove to fellowmen the power of faith – not, to work miracles, but in compassionate neighbourly love you are to use this power of faith, which lets you truly be powerful, because it is I, whom you now cause to the expression of power and who never ever lets a strong faith be wrecked. Help demanding people will approach you, do not refuse them the requests; help them, by you laying the hands on them in my name. Help them in this way also to firm faith, and instruct them that faith only becomes alive through love. I put the great hopes in you, my disciples of the time of the end, to still win souls, which find back to faith for the sake of faith, which you possess and which proves my existence to them. Help these souls, because you can do it, so you just connect intimately with me, to receive power from me, which enables you to every achievement. Test yourselves the power of faith, and you will be able to work to the blessing of fellowmen for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4832.


Book 55 4833

Voice of the conscience. Love command. Knowledge.

8. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4833.

What is necessary for you on earth for the reaching of the aim, that I send to you in richest measure, so that the maturation of the soul is not impossible for you. But I also know for eternity for each one the measure of favour, which he uses. Consequently I also know, which means serve him and how he gets ready for them. For that reason also the different life fates, but which are all ways to the aim, to the last completion, when man walks on them and strives up. Life on earth consists for each one in another activity, which earns his successes or failures. The most different occupations produce ambitious men, who are intent on earthly successes, who therefore also make different demands on life according to their successes, which however are mostly meant for the sense of well-being of the body. But this earthly striving brings in no spiritual ascent development for them, why this is therefore completely independent of the living conditions and of the efficiency of a man. To progress spiritually, just a way of life according to my will is necessary, and this way of life every man can lead, whether poor or rich, whether high or low, whether young or old, whether clever or limited in his knowledge. I have laid into the heart an admonished for men, so that each one also knows by himself, what is good and evil, because he knows exactly, how each act has an effect for himself. Who pays attention to this admonisher, who therefore listens to the voice of his conscience, he also walks the right way, which leads to the aim. But the voice of conscience is only trained through up-bringing, through instructions, through receiving of my word, in short, through a knowledge, which is imparted to each one of you through the Gospel, which is announced to you in word and script. This Gospel announces my will to you, which unites itself in one command: Love God above everything and the neighbour as yourselves. Who fulfils this command, he lives in my order, and his spiritual ascent is certain for him. He can also be without deeper knowledge, so his soul still matures. But he can also receive knowledge from me. Men are so given, as they want to utilize the favour sent to them. Who wants to hand out much, will receive much; but who only lives for himself, but this in my eternal order, he will also be able to be ignorant on earth, but not be empty in spiritual goods, because he will stand in brightest light, therefore be knowing and full of power, as soon as he lays down his bodily cover. To become perfect on earth, for that no particular knowledge belongs, but only the will to unselfish neighbourly love, and every man can muster this, who strives to me, who listens to the admonisher in the heart, who fulfils my will, because he feels that I only then like him, when he is good to fellowmen out of own drive, when he offers that love to me and the neighbour, which I demand of him, and for that reason have given to men the love command as most important command. Amen. B.D. NR. 4833.


Book 55 4836

Spiritual Death - New Banishment in Matter.

12. February 1950. B.D. NR 4836.

It is indeed better for you to endure bodily death than to go to ruin at the end by dying spiritually from which only after endless long time an awakening happens. You can exchange the bodily life for a life in the spiritual kingdom and even when you have not yet reached the degree of light you still have the possibility to enter from darkness into the kingdom of light, whereas the spiritual death means that every possibility has been taken from you to still mature in another world. To go to ruin in spiritual death means a new banishment in hard matter, a transfer back into that state that was your fate before eternities and that you had overcome long ago when you were allowed to embody yourself as man on earth. Let them take the earthly life from you and do not be afraid because it is just the body that your enemies can kill, but the soul remains alive because it is something spiritual that men cannot kill, especially when men are after your life because you believe and do not want to give up your faith. Then all fear is to fall off from you, then you are only to think that he who gave you life is Lord over life and death - that he therefore lets nothing happen than what is good for your soul. He who loses his life for the sake of his faith he can calmly give it away since his soul will be received into the kingdom of light where it will live forever in happiness. But they will be sorry that try to keep their life and disown God. A short time is still granted to them where they pay tribute to the world and prove their affiliation to Satan. But then death overtakes them twofold - they lose their bodily life and go to ruin by spiritual death, the bitterest fate that is too dreadful for men to think about. But all the time warnings and admonitions are sent to you, the end is pointed out to you, your attention is drawn to the workings of God in unusual ways. The responsibility towards your soul is held up in front of you, you are perplexed by world affairs by seeing the going to ruin of earthly goods, thus the transience of matter and you will still experience things at the end that God will set in front of you in his exceedingly great love and mercy to still change you in the last hour. But the end comes irrevocably and with it the fulfilment of what is announced to you continuously. Take care that your souls lives, do not let them get to ruin in spiritual death from which there is no salvation for endless long times. Amen. B.D. NR. 4836.


Book 55 4847

Proceedings at the Second Coming of Christ. Ascension.

26. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4847.

My second coming, my coming at the end of the world, will be doubted by men that do not really totally believe. And still they could recognize the individual phases of the end-times and also perceive my presence should they only be careful. I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. These words alone should already be enough that you visualize my second coming. That I am not staying bodily visible among you should therefore cause you to spiritually understand the meaning of my words. I am staying spiritually with the ones that are mine until the world's end. For I am with them at every hour and at every place and that since my ascension to heaven. Because I told you: I remain with you. Thus I always was spiritually near the ones that are mine and remain with them until the world's end. But at that time I announced to men my return, my coming in the clouds. Therefore this return had to be understood in such a way that men can see me just as my disciples saw me ascending to heaven. But spiritually I am always with you men when you prove yourself worthy of my presence. But bodily I come again, although not in the earthly body but visible to those to whom I want to return. But I have announced the return therefore you men also can definitely expect it when you believe my word and belong to those that experience the last end. Not without reason I gave this promise before my ascension into heaven. I saw the spiritual condition on men in the end-times, I also saw the enormous plight of the believers that want to keep their loyalty to me and are severely harassed and I saw their struggle, the heaviest battle that men have to fight out for the sake of my name. I saw their will and the great danger to stand firm in the midst of devils. And therefore I promised them my personal help that I also will perform when it is time. I myself want to come to the ones that are mine and give them my support in the last struggle. And so many are allowed to see me because I will always be there where the distress is great and where the ones that are mine need me. They will see me as man of flesh and blood but not born of a woman but I come from above and surround me with a form visible to you so that you can bear me. And everyone who sees me will be flooded with power and get through the last fight on earth. But then I come in the clouds to fetch home the ones that are mine into the kingdom of peace. This coming will take place exactly the same way in reverse as my ascension to heaven. Radiating in light I will come down to earth - but covered by clouds to be able to be visible to you - and gather the ones that are mine to save them from greatest tribulation and distress on the part of the demons of the underworld as well as from the last work of destruction that destroys all life in, on and above earth. But this coming in the clouds will also only be seen by those that belong to ones that are mine because the followers of my opponent are not able to see me. It is a spiritual return and still earthly perceptible but just only by those that are spiritually born again, that have a deep, living faith and therefore accept without doubt both my continuous presence until the world's end and also my visible coming again because the heart, the spark of the spirit in man, teaches them and so they therefore belong to them with whom I remain until the world's end. They believe that I come again and their faith I do not let come to naught. Amen. B.D. NR. 4847.


Book 55 4860


12. March 1950. B.D. NR. 4860.

Excerpt only:

And in this time both sides will apply the strongest means. Each of the power wants to own you; the means of my opponent are worldly promises, earthly goods and bodily pleasures. But I present myself to you and my nearness lets you give up all worldliness. When I reveal myself all earthliness loses its value, your soul feels the bliss of the spiritual kingdom and never again wants to miss it.


Book 55 4878

Forerunner of Jesus at the End.

13. April 1950. B.D. NR. 4878.

From among you one will emerge who is to testify for me before my coming in the clouds. And when you will hear him you know that the end is nearby. He is one of the purest, he is full of love and goodness and therefore closely united with me, he is a comforter and friend for you men, a liberator from the trouble of the soul. He is of a bright spirit and knows about the judgement at the end and therefore he warns and admonishes men in my name. He is a fighter for me and my kingdom and has fullest knowledge. And so he also knows where pure truth is represented and therefore he will come from among those who receive my teaching from above, and through his life, through his love for the neighbour will also be taught from above himself because he still has to carry out his duties last to be my forerunner before my coming again. Because the time comes true, the predictions of the prophets come true, and so also he must come who descended from the kingdom of light to earth for my sake to announce me to men that are in greatest trouble and distress. He will give evidence of me because his voice is my voice and who hears him he hears me. But he will not stay long with you men - before you recognize him because he well stays among you but my opponent will persecute him and men stir up hatred against him. He will preach about love but men will listen to him in hate. They persecute him and are out to kill him. But I will know to protect him until his hour has come because he has to complete his mission, he has to pave the way for me, he has to set up the flock of the ones that are mine and instruct them of the speedy coming of the Lord. And when he appears there will be little time left. His words will arouse enthusiasm and wake from sleep the ones that are sluggish and undecided because he is just the mouthpiece of me, through him I want to express myself once again. And again he will be a voice of one crying in the wilderness, the reason he comes again is because I need a strong power, a power that comes from above to help you men. But the world will hate him and use all means to put him out of action though he only does and speaks well. But the world has sunken into night and all light has gone out. That is why a bright light lights up on earth and all light bearers will get oil so that also their light again burns brighter that the people of the world try to quench. And all who have the right kind of faith will recognize him as the forerunner of my renewed descent and they will know that the time is fulfilled, that I am to be expected and with me the last judgement. And they will take his words to heart because they feel that it is me who speaks through him and that I myself announce myself through him who is my messenger as it is determined since eternity. But he will have a hard time with men that pay tribute to the world and do not want to hear about his warnings and admonitions but who are not afraid to be out to kill him even so he proves to be helpful towards men and many also call on his help. They want to hinder him to finish his mission but not earlier do I take him to me into my kingdom until he has prepared the way for me, until he has announced my coming to all who desire to see me and whose faith he strengthens because he only voices that what he receives from me through the inner word, through the spirit that works unusually in him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4878.


Book 55 4897

The Kingdom of God Approaches. Appearance of the Lord.

15. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4897.

The kingdom of God approaches you, my children on earth; do acquaint yourself with all that my love reveals to you. And so you will be initiated into the knowledge of my plan from eternity, of my rule and work in the universe, of my perpetually applied means through which I want to win my creatures for me for ever. I let you gain insight into my kingdom insofar as I let you know about the activity of the blessed creatures; about the connection of all spiritual with its creator and about the great plan of redemption that underlies all what you men experience and see on earth. So you win spiritual knowledge that already makes you candidates for the spiritual kingdom whose lord I am since eternity. You can believe that my love has seized you now because my love is a ray of brightest light and light is wisdom. My love is of unimaginable power and who experiences it his soul is happy, because it feels the comfort of the light and the power even though initially the body is still uninvolved in it. But a visible sign of my inflow of love is the increasing cognition because it proves the ascent of the soul, which by its will can now transport itself from the earthly kingdom to the spiritual kingdom, which has sought me and found me because its love unites it with me. And so I can now approach you and you will recognize me when my foot again steps on earth, also in the flesh but not as once born. Because I will get in the way of a number of my people where necessity calls for it, where the ones that are mine are troubled and I want to bring help to them. My kingdom has come close to you and therefore I myself also come close to you. I always stay spiritually among you but your love can also cause me to approach you visibly and you prove to me your love that you believe in me. I know how difficult it will be made for you to believe in me and therefore I come so obviously close to you with my kingdom that you can recognize me because I want to prove your faith and also want to reward it. He who believes in me has love in him, but love is mine. And so every men is mine who lives in love and he is to be allowed to own me as I own him, and he is to be my child as I am his father. He is included in my kingdom even though his body still remains on earth and I give proof to him for this - that he can see me. Time ends and that is why you men will still experience many things that appear to be impossible - that the father comes to his children and obviously helps them and that his children will recognize him because he reveals himself to them. Because my love knows no bounds and the earthly fate of my children is difficult in the end of the days and so they need a full measure of my love that flows towards them as power and light so that they remain steadfast in the last fight on this earth and hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4897.


Book 55 4899

Embodiment of light beings. Forerunner.

18. and 19. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4899.

I pass the Gospel on to earth, and as you receive it from above, it is pure and unadulterated through human will. I know that it is necessary as innumerable men cannot find me because they are no longer taught in truth. And that is why I embody myself in the spirit of those who want to serve me. That these are now supplied with the truth in purest form, is a necessity recognized long ago by my love and wisdom, which alone already will cause me to protect the receiver of truth from above against the influence of impure spirits which would like to confuse his thinking and prevent the supply of truth. Who therefore is receiver of my Gospel which I taught on earth myself and which to spread I ask now again my servants on earth, he can be in fullest assurance that he stands in truth, that he as my apostle of the end times can teach fellow men without having to fear that error could mix itself to his instructions. And in this assurance he is to have an effect on all who step in his way; he is to feel as speaker for me and always represent on my behalf that which he has received from me myself and expresses itself in him as perception, because this is the pure truth. Many light beings are at the moment embodied on earth because the great spiritual want requires extra ordinary help, which can only be done by beings of light. Such light beings are mostly spiritual leaders, i.e., they stand in close union with me through leading a life according to my will and can therefore accept my instructions directly and impart them to men. Such light beings are standing in a degree of maturity which makes a sinking into the deep impossible, which is why they also always go through earth life in greatest humility and selflessness and only seek to bring my kingdom to men, without them wanting to draw any other use than to serve me and to help men. That is why such a light being, sent by me to earth, can also embody itself several times when the spiritual low of men necessitates it. But these embodiments are then always complete services until the end because my will is predominant in these beings, because they have already voluntarily subordinated themselves to me and can also no longer lose this degree of maturity on earth. Low spirits will never have power over such being embodied as man, and it will never succumb to their bad influence. Therefore an already completed spirit can never fall on earth, i.e. not fulfil his mission. Such a mission can only seem to break off before the eyes of men through sudden recall into the spiritual kingdom or human hostile measures, which end the earthly life prematurely. But I also know about this since eternities and do not intervene with my power to not make the will of men unfree. But the work of redemption will still be finished, and everything will come so as it is determined in my eternal plan of salvation. Also the most completed spirits out of the heavens will temporarily embody themselves to achieve a spiritual ascent among men because without such help the latter are too weak to resist. And then also the dead will arise out of their graves, i.e., those completely blind in spirit can through a brightly shining streak of lightning from above become awakened and seeing. But then it will be the time before the end where my coming again is also to be expected, which was announced through seers and prophets always and constantly. And before me the greatest light on earth will shine in plainest garment. He will once again bear witness to me as he has done it before my appearance in the flesh on this earth, before my course to men to whom I wanted to bring the Gospel. He was my forerunner and will also be it again. And you men will then recognize him by his speeches, as he yet chooses the same words and testifies to me as he has done once. His spirit only comes to earth to fulfil the law, according to which he must precede me in fullest knowledge of his origin and his assignment. He sees through everything and also knows about his earthly lot, but which he does not avoid because also this belongs to the work of redemption in which he takes part out of love for the unredeemed. He knows it that only with his death the mission is fulfilled, and he has no other desire any more than the final union with me, his Lord and master, his friend and brother, his father from eternity. And the end is close when he appears because I follow him soon and make my announcement come true. But my coming again is the last act before the complete destruction of earth with all what is alive. Then comes true, as it is written. A new heaven and a new earth will arise where I will be in the middle of mine, where only one shepherd and one herd will be, because all who live are connected to me and allow my stay among them, because all men on the new earth are my children, to whom I come myself as father to give them what makes them happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4899.


Book 55 4900

Work of Retaliation and Salvation. Spiritual Trouble.

20. May 1950. B.D. NR 4900.

It is a time of extreme confusion, a time of deepest spiritual darkness; a state is among men that is not at all like it should be. Men are only connected with matter and live accordingly, because they do not abide by my commandments when they can obtain earthly possessions. They let themselves control by desires that are visibly the effect from below; they no longer strive upwards but are rather turned towards the forces of the underworld from which they obtain the fulfilment of earthly desires and lusts. The spiritual want is great - so great that it has to be broken off by force so that a still deeper degeneration of men becomes impossible. This is the actual cause of the forthcoming work of destruction of the earth - to strip of the present form of the spiritual that is at the moment embodied as man and to give it a new cover where no longer a descent can take place but where an ascent has to be attained. The last end of this earth, that is simultaneously a work of retaliation as well as of salvation, is incomprehensible to him whose spiritual state eliminates a deep knowledge of my plan of salvation. But the end is - also considered as work of salvation - exceedingly important for men who experience it. Because the new banishment into hard matter is an agonizing state that I would like to save all men from to have to once again walk the course through the entire creation. What is still free will be bound again, what is powerful will be completely powerless, what can think and want freely will then have to carry out in the mandatory state what I will; there will be darkness around the beingness, for endless times, until it again climbs up to the state of free will to now again be able to decide freely. The new banishment will be an unspeakable agony for the spiritual that still walks free on this earth. Would men know about the state worthy of pity that they are approaching they certainly would change their life out of fear but that would be a change of the being under compulsion but without value for eternity. Men have to go their way out of their own will. They well can be admonished and warned, the coming judgement can be presented to them, but always in form of predictions that they can believe or not. But what now takes place at the end of this earth is unimaginable to man but it is so powerful that the intellect of man could not give himself an explanation for events that are completely adverse to nature. But it is a spectacle that can only be observed by the ones who are mine, who are awakened by my spirit, who because of that cannot come to any harm of their souls. But the rest of mankind in their horror is unable to digest intellectually the impressions because it only sees death in front of it, that is also their fate - spiritually and earthly. The greatest contrasts appear at the end of this earth - highest happiness, rejoicing and delight at my coming to earth for the ones who are mine, who just see bright light and are free of all trouble - and greatest horror, fear of death, darkness and dreadful proceedings with the undeniable prospect of complete destruction. A deadline is still fixed for you men in which you yourself can determine the outcome for you men; all the time gifts of grace are given to you through which you can become seeing, you who are willing for it. From all sides it is pointed out to you that something unusual is under way, you are reminded of the end through all kinds of phenomena; I reveal myself in many ways so that you think and get down to work on your soul; I stretch out my hands to you all the time to help you up. But I leave free will to you. Make the right kind of use of it and pay attention to the announcements of seers and prophets. Irrevocably the time comes where everything comes true. Therefore ensure that you belong to those who do not have to fear the day, for whom it will be a day of rejoicing and happiness as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 4900.


Book 55 4905

I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.

Pentecost 28. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4905.

I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and servants and maidens shall prophesy. I want to call your attention to the time of the end so that these my words come true. The horn of plenty of my favour will be poured out because my spirit is revealed to all that allow it that I work in them. Upon servants and maidens I will pour out my spirit - all who are willing to serve me are to be directly taught by me, they are to hear my words and tell of the coming time. The prophecies of old seers and prophets will be repeated through seers and prophets of the latter times because also these are seeing in the spirit how it will come, they see the approaching end, the great spiritual want of mankind and they devote themselves to be for me a mouthpiece, they prepare themselves to be vessels into which my spirit can flow that they see brightly and clearly what is determined since eternity. So my spirit is working in those men. When I ascended to heaven the work was accomplished - death was conquered, darkness of the spirit was broken through, the ray of light from above could get through and my spirit could fill men that believe in me. The connection was made between heaven and earth, between the spiritual and the earthly kingdom, there was a bridge from one to the other that infallibly led to me because who allows my spirit to work has a right to my eternal fatherly love, as my child he is heir of the father. But the outpouring of the spirit is little recognized by men, it was considered to be a unique Pentecost phenomenon, a visible reinforcement of the mission of my apostles, who talked in all tongues, therefore were filled with my spirit. But the working of the spirit is not a unique matter because my promise says: He that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. With these words I announced the outpouring of the spirit upon every man who believes in me and lives out of this faith so that it is my will. I pour out my spirit into every heart that is able and willing to receive, that has got itself ready as a vessel that is well suitable to let my spirit flow into it. Only few men have experienced this process themselves, only few men believe so much that I can directly work at and in them. And that is why mankind knows nothing about the meaning of these words, about the meaning of the outpouring of the spirit. But in the times of the end its attention is called to it by the obviously taking place of the outpouring of the spirit that is recognizable by prophetic evidence to the end, by evidence that only confirms what old seers and prophets have prophesied. Servants and maidens will be awakened, i.e. they voluntarily will offer their service to me and will now be filled by me with my spirit; they will make my work in them possible through their will that is for me and so they will be able to be active as my apostles of the end-time and announce the Gospel, the last end and my coming in the clouds. I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Many will be able to hear my voice when the last end is close. But for the time being there are only some that connect so closely with me that they can hear me. But to all of these a mission is assigned by me: to be active for me and my kingdom on behalf of me. These few will feel in them the calling and that is why they are not afraid to speak out what my spirit tells them - they are not afraid to announce the last judgement and to repeat the prophecies of the old seers and prophets to a certain extent. So they talk influenced by my will; their spirit sees in the future and the mouth speaks out what the spirit sees and imparts it to the soul of man. It is filled with my spirit, what is otherwise hidden is revealed to it, it foresees what comes over mankind and in its urge to help the fellow human beings it announces that what is has seen in the spirit - and servants and maidens will prophesy. Indiscriminately of gender I pour out my spirit upon all flesh because everyone who wants to serve me and consciously aims at me can be sure of the awakening of his spirit, the flowing through of my love power, and this obviously makes itself felt before the end. That what my disciples spoke of at the outpouring of the spirit that also will now be announced by the ones who are awakened by the spirit because my spirit is the same, my spirit guides you men into understanding, my spirit leads you into knowledge that you are to pass on to those that are not enlightened by my spirit. The festival of the outpouring of the spirit is not supposed to be only a recollection that my disciples spoke in foreign tongues but it is to be a continual admonition for you to also form your heart in such a way that I can pour out my spirit upon all flesh. You are also to bear in mind my promise from which you can see that not only my disciples were vessels of my spirit but that all men can do so; that all men, driven by my spirit, can speak when they truly want to be servants and maidens for me because the spiritual want of men requires serving help. To these my spirit will announce what they are to speak and these you can believe even if they announce the near judgement and therefore appear as seers and prophets to save you men from eternal ruin. Because now comes true what is written: I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and servants and maidens will prophesy and young men will have bright dreams. I myself will appear unusually because unusual great spiritual want threatens men and because every man can experience the work of my spirit in himself who offers serving help to me, so that the great spiritual want can get redressed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4905.


Book 55 4906

Embodiment of Immature Beings in the End-time. (Hitler - Hausser?).

30. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4906.

Let yourself be taught by me where you are seized by doubts or where you are without knowledge because only I can inform you according to truth, what I also will do where truth is desired. I will always clear up error; I will inform you where you are ignorant; I will give you a light where it is still dark because I myself as the eternal light want to chase darkness away; I want that it is getting light inside of you, that you lose every doubt and you entrust me with every question, which I will always answer: Understand it that the world is full of immature spirit beings, which are admitted to embodiment because they themselves wanted it, to find their ending on this earth; which therefore certainly possessed that degree of maturity, which allows an embodiment as man on earth but due to their animal instinct stand completely under the influence of bad forces, the reason they can influence them is because the spiritual beings in them have not yet given up the resistance against me, which therefore consciously turn themselves downwards in total free will. They could develop upward in their earthly career because allowance is certainly made for their weak will and many means of favour are available to them, which make a way up possible but they oppose me anew and therefore sink down - they become devils and the end-time has innumerable such devils. My opponent takes special advantage of this time by trying to bring about spiritual blindness where truth is to be represented - by him therefore urging the ones that are in bondage to him to appear as representatives of truth and therefore lulls men for the time being into a false sense of security so that they blindly believe what is submitted to them. So men appear as angels of light in pious garment and they are still devils in human form - but unrecognized by fellow men because they know how to disguise themselves well and also find support through the forces of the underworld. I will not prevent men from doing what they want to do on earth and no being is forced to be good, which wants to be evil, but as also no violence can be done to the good by bad forces. But he who succumbs to bad influences he does not want it differently and must therefore be counted with those, which openly offer resistance against me because he recognizes the evil at the bottom of his soul. And because he recognizes it he often tries to disguise it, he hides behind a mask, in the garment of light he tries to blind fellow men, always driven by those spiritual forces, which still offer greatest resistance against me, which defy me and therefore fight against everything which could lead to me. During the end-time they fight with all means and not least they use my words to lead men astray. He who is in bondage to these forces, he is already on earth a devil although he hides under the cloak of piety. Now everything which is used from my side to redeem men, to not let them be smitten by the judgement, that will also be used in the opposing sense, i.e., every unusual occurrence, every unusual work for my part, will find a parallel in the negative sense. And so also the light beings which embody themselves on earth in the latter times have their partners, which are indwelled by demons, but always work in a similar way as it happens on the part of the light beings. And through this many men can be deceived, especially then when they neglect to ask me in childlike humility for clarity and instead want to check on the strength of their intellect. Then great caution is called for because the errors and the confusions are getting out of hand the more the end is approaching. My opponent has thousand traps into which he tries to lure the souls and when he fails in something he always uses new means and he wins the weak in faith and the spiritual arrogant, which have left the way of humility and therefore often stumble even if they seek the way up. That is why you men have to be especially careful during the end-times where many dangers lurk for you, where devils embodied as men give themselves the appearance of a God seeker and want to beguile you. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them, by their life that is different than their talk. My opponent has much power at the end but he never can force you into his camp as long as you head for me and my kingdom. Only protect yourself from arrogance, remain deeply humble and do not rise above the fellow human beings whom you are to help. Then also your thinking will be right, then the light of cognition will shine brightly in you and it will let you recognize every error, which the adversary wants to plant in you for his benefit. Who is mine, he recognizes his play of intrigues and he who does not recognize him has alienated himself from me through arrogance. Because he is recognizable by everyone who is of good will and longs for me as the eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4906.


Book 55 4912

Faithful Servant. Devils of the End-time.

7. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4912.

You are to testify to me and my working at and in you. And that is why you are to know about things that only I can explain to you; your knowledge is to surpass the earthly knowledge so that your fellow human beings can recognize me when they want to. The knowledge that is passed on from me to you can neither be proved nor given reasons for with human intellect and still I inform you of much so that you recognize me in my wisdom, love and omnipotence and bear witness to me. It therefore can only be believed and so that you learn to believe it you men have to first lead a life in love. Then you are so closely connected to me that there is nothing impossible to you because you feel myself and are no longer only earth inhabitants but spirit men that can get an insight into the spiritual kingdom. I know it what is beneficial to every man and accordingly I initiate him into knowledge; as also the assignment of the individual man is the deciding factor what knowledge he needs. But you can enrich yourself on knowledge when you ask me for it, but always spiritual motives are to prompt you to make a request of which information is important for the own development as well as for your mission. What therefore is unclear about that to you, desire insights and you will not meet with a refusal. Your mission is to teach your fellow human beings and each instruction has to testify to me, i.e. has to let me be recognized as a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom. To it understandably also belongs the correction of false doctrine and everything that makes myself out to be a distortion, what therefore lacks love, wisdom or omnipotence. That is why you are to feel free to ask for insight when you yourself get into doubts or think you do no longer understand me. And I will be glad to teach you so that it is understandable to you. To be a steward of the Lord, therefore to be a servant on earth authorized by me, requires certain conditions. Samples of will and faith have to be given through which he proves his suitability. To be a servant for me requires furthermore his initiation into my plan of salvation, so an enlightened spirit that can hear me any time. Furthermore it requires to be totally placed under my will. He is not allowed to want himself but as servant to carry out only the will of the Lord. Spiritually therefore he is my representative on earth who through submission of his will has already completely accepted my will, so as it were carries my will in himself. He must detest evil for the sake of evil, strive for the good for the sake of good, and desire truth because otherwise he does not desire me. So it is impossible that he lives against my will on earth but still is my servant. Pay attention to this that you can know by their fruits where they are from. So out of such a man's mouth can also come no truth because his thinking is blinded when my will is not respected. Then therefore also every judgement is wrong that he passes whether it is in the good or in the bad sense. Then he can never in a lifetime be my servant. The will alone is not enough for it when it is not put into action and my favour alone is also not enough when man is not letting it become effective in him through his will. A faithful servant therefore receives my instructions and he carries them out. But an unfaithful servant, once he has refused to serve me, will never again receive instructions from me - he has therefore left my service. And straightaway he is seized by the opposite force that will serve him in a similar manner however with the aim of eternal alienation from me. My opponent has great power; but never over a man who seriously aims at me. But my opponent can also disguise himself and let man think that he receives words from me but only then when he himself is arrogant; because as soon as he is deeply humble he recognizes his mistakes himself and tries to remedy them. So spiritual arrogance is a fundamental evil to which man will inevitably fall a victim. The spiritual arrogant is not able to distinguish between my working and the working of my opponent because he himself has already become a slave to the opponent who now blinds him in every way. Spiritual arrogance irrevocably separates man from me because he who is spiritually arrogant establishes an odd relationship to me, that of a superior being, that loses every respect towards the creator and is also without love towards him. And this relationship has an effect in a challenging way of speaking, in arrogant speeches, in accusations full of hatred and apparent noble-mindedness, in a lifestyle that is not according to my will, and in continued tyranny towards his fellow human beings whom he wants to control where free will alone is to decide. All these are signs of a relationship that is adverse to God that every man can recognize who himself aims at me and also remains humble towards me. Forces are active in that one, that try to assert themselves to mislead men and that do it in a different way than usual; that seemingly accept me and think they can overthrow me later on, that therefore help themselves at times of light, however illegally, but always with my permission. I will prove it to the opponent that he is not reaching the goal even by applying all means, because he acts against me. And that is why my opponent obviously is active in men of the end-times and who devotes himself to him will be able to have all powers at his disposal, exceptional talents, unusual knowledge and also remarkable strength insofar as he suggests many of his fellow human beings and they follow him in blindness. Those men are ambassadors from hell that appear just as my messengers of light in a negative sense to tempt men. They are considered at first to be acting in good faith but do not do so because the devil of arrogance is predominant in them and they want to recognize nobody above themselves which proves the origin from below as surest sign. But he who lets himself be blinded by them does not walk on the paths of love that ensures him the recognition of truth and therefore is easily endangered to become himself a slave to the insinuations of the opponent although he can apply his strength only in a limited way there where the will of man is turned towards me. Spiritual arrogance is always a danger, surely then man loses his confident feeling for truth and error because he then lacks my favour that is only part of the humble. You are not allowed to become arrogant when you do not want to fall. You must come to the father as humble as a little child so that he showers you with his favours. And that is why my servants on earth have to be my serfs in the true sense of the word and want to serve me in deepest humility, then they will always clearly recognize of what kind of spirit men are that surround them and that are in the world. Because everything is allowed for their test and about everything a right answer can give to you he who in himself is the light, truth and love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4912.


Book 55 4913

Retrogression never the will of God. Re-embodiment. Reverse process. New banishment. Light beings.

11. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4913.

Now a reverse process takes place, certainly implemented through my will, but determined through human will itself. It can be regarded as an act of retrogression when already as man embodied spiritual is again bound in hard matter, therefore as an act, which my will brings about, I who really only favour progressing development according to my order from eternity. But also this act has to show the same principle founded in my order. Because the spiritual is already fallen into the deep through human will, out of which I guide it again on a slow way up. Retrogression has therefore happened, however not through my but through man’s will, while my will makes the ascending development again possible and therefore now a new healing process begins after the end of this earth, a healing process, which is unspeakably painful and seems to just go on and on and still is the only means to again help the fallen up. So what my work of redemption has not achieved this process has to bring about: what was easily possible must, because not aimed at, be gained extremely hard – the redemption from form, the release of the spiritual and the awakening out of night to light. Through my death on the cross I have made it easy for men, but men did not accept my gift of favour; I have taken suffering upon my shoulders, but they rejected my help, and that is why they have to take it upon themselves and bear it endless long time. They already were high up and threw themselves deep down. And my love and mercy creates new possibilities for them to again reach up. In gigantic speed the ascent development process has again taken place backwards; after all preceding stages of development man has gone back in free will in the short earth time and arrived there again where he was before inconceivable long time – at matter for which he strives with all senses and which therefore will also be his lot. But something must always got straight that this decline was never caused by my will but human will itself, and that only now my will intervenes by stopping it and now assigns a serving purpose to hard matter, which contains this fallen spiritual, so that the spiritual again ascends up step by step, however in bound will, because it would not be possible otherwise. And thus my will is again expressed, and therefore also that, as far as I am concerned, only an ascent development is favoured, but any retrogression has human will as cause. But that is why the thought is absurd that something already matured experiences a retrogression through my will – so that a being, which has already freed itself from material cover and has entered spiritual spheres, receives again a bodily cover through my will, which at the same time takes the recalling from the being, and it has to take again a test of will – which it therefore already has passed once, but now could just as well fail in free will. For the purpose of ascent development such a soul, which already has passed the test of will, does not need a new embodiment as man, as there are many opportunities in the spiritual kingdom to become more and more perfect. But when a soul has not passed the test of will then it will be much less transferred back to earth because this transferring back would then have to take place through my will, but would now be an act against my order, because as far as I am concerned only constant progress is favoured but not stand still or retrogression. If on the other hand the act of embodiment of a soul on earth out of my will is allowed, then it does not have as its object the attainment of a neglected degree of maturity but merely the fulfilment of a mission for mankind in spiritual need, which certainly can bring in a higher degree of maturity for the being, however does not have this as such a cause. Souls which embody themselves on earth can certainly already have a certain degree of maturity when they come from other stars to reach highest maturity on earth. But for these souls it does not mean a transferring back into a stage already overcome, but which would be the case when a soul out of the spiritual kingdom, which once has already been an inhabitant of the earth, would again be transferred back to earth for the purpose of ascent development. Moreover for such a soul it could not be beneficial as recollection would be taken from it and thus could not make use of the earlier won knowledge, but would have to decide in free will exactly as at the first time, which however could also lead to a complete fall down. Who strives up also finds enough opportunities in the spiritual kingdom to reach up – who strives to earth, he is still in its spell and as far as I am concerned will never be transferred back. But who stands in the light and wants to descend to earth out of love to the unredeemed, to him this re-embodiment will be granted, but it can never ever have a sinking to the deep as a result because the soul comes from above and in spite of ignorance of its origin possesses enough power to offer resistance against all temptations on earth. For I never let a being of light fall. It will always fulfil its mission although it also always acts and lives on earth in free will. But its will is and remains turned towards me because it also has love inside of it, which recognizes and forever no longer wants to lose me. And so will that which wants up, forever be supported by me - it will, what desires the deep, not be hindered by me. But my basic principle is always the ascent development, which will also always be recognized by those who strive up. What therefore leads up is my will, but every decline the will of man who will not be infringed on by me in his freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4913.


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