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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 54

B.D. NR. 4680 - B.D. NR. 4803
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Book 54 4680

Value of divine revelations.

30. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4680.

The value of divine revelations is recognized only by few and also cannot be proven school wise to men, but it will make exceedingly happy all, who awaken the spirit in themselves and are now recognized to receive divine revelations. Only to fellowmen it can be mentioned, but only to the spiritual awakened the extraordinary supply of favour becomes comprehensible. And still the attention of fellowmen is to be drawn to it, because every divine revelation holds power in itself and can therefore still have an effect on the heart that it feels the favour and the truth of that, what is brought to it as divine revelation and now desires it again and always again, what can also lead to the awakening of the spirit. What comes from God will never be without favourable effect – this effect only requires a certain attitude towards God – man must acknowledge God and be of a will turned towards him. Then he also feels his word, his revelation as favour; he feels the power, which flows from the word of God, and he seeks to often turn towards this favour; he desires the word of God; receives it gratefully and is aware that he approaches God himself in this way, because God is present to him, as soon as he knows the desire and the will of man is directed towards him. A divine revelation is therefore always a proof of the presence of God, even so when it is not passed on directly, but through the mouth of man. The listener will always be able to feel the power of the word in the form of increased desire for the divine gift. Many men can put themselves in the blessing of divine revelations, but most lack the recognition, and therefore they do not know about the extraordinary gift of favour, about that love, which announces itself through a revelation to those, who want to recognize God. And without recognition they do not strive for it; but without striving and desire also no gift of favour can be supplied to them, because it would then remain completely unnoticed. That God reveals himself proves the intimate relationship of the creator from eternity with his creatures whom he wants to have taken part in his love radiation; whom he wants to put in the possession of light and power. (2.7.1949). Because he knows about the weak state of man in need of help, who are certainly his creatures from eternity, however still have started their earth life through their wrong will as spiritual beings turned away from him and are to turn again to him in free will. But without help they are not able to do it, for that reason God’s love co-operates with them and wants to strengthen them and move them to change their will. But so that they recognize him, he reveals himself to them in the most different way, so that it is now possible for them to put themselves in a state full of light right from the beginning, when they just want to. For that reason divine revelations are of such immense value, because they can fashion the lot of the spiritual for the whole eternity to that of happiness, however always depending on the free will of man during his earth existence. God has constantly revealed himself since the beginning of creation; the connection from God to men has never stopped; his revelations always were the light, which broke through the darkness of night – the ignorance of the fallen creatures -, and the possibility was always given thereby to reach the original source of light, God. But again and again the light was marred, i.e. what started from God bright and radiating, was darkened through the will of man or completely extinguished. Pure truth was infiltrated by error or displaced by the lie. Divine revelations were disfigured and still represented in this state to men as divine. In this way mankind became more and more a slave of darkness except for a few, who opened themselves in free will to the divine revelations and could now again receive radiating light. Occasionally such rays of light shine in the middle of the darkness of night, and its effect is indescribably fostering for the completion of the souls, which stand in the ascent development process and need help from God, but as the other way round the disfigured revelations influence this process unfavourably, indeed for the most part prevent it. For this reason God will again and again reveal himself to those, who are of good will and put themselves in the state, which allows direct or indirect revelations. Because God is eternal truth, and he also wants to guide men into truth, because truth alone is light and guides men to the right cognition of the nature of God, which there is love, omnipotence and wisdom, and therefore also awakens in them right love towards God. Amen. B.D. NR. 4680.


Book 54 4681

Pouring out of the spirit. Task of the servant of God.

2. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4681.

Who mentions my work through the spirit, he describes the relationship of me to my creatures, as it is, and in which man mostly does not believe, because he imagines the divinity endless far from him and for that reason also does not recognize its love. But I want to win men for me; I want that they know me near to them; I want they establish an intimate relationship to me and for that reason I want to reveal myself to them through you, you who let my spirit have an effect in you. Faith in such an intimate connection between me and men, which results in the hearing of my voice, men have completely lost, and when they speak of me, they just speak of a power, which they acknowledge; they certainly speak of me as of their and the universe’s creator, but not of their father, who I am and also want to be for them in their awareness, because before they do not recognize me as father, they will also not love me and desire me. For that reason you are to announce it again and again to your fellowmen that you hear my voice, that I speak to you and constantly instruct you, that I supply knowledge to you in an unusual way, which eliminates human help, therefore can demonstrably not come from the outside, but emerges from you yourselves, which has just to be seen as proof of that, that I myself announce myself through my spirit in man. The enlightenment through the spirit is certainly a concept for men from hearing, however not differently imaginable as existing in right thinking – but that knowledge is imparted to man dictation wise, only corrects this concept, and you are to testify of this as living proof. You are to enlighten men about the prerequisite of my presence; you are to present to them above all the power of love and the results of a love life, which is prerequisite for my work, for my presence in the heart of man and for the ability of the soul, to hear my voice in him. You are to hold me up as a fatherly being caring for his creatures, which wants nothing else than being connected to them, who have emerged out of my love. Only the awareness of being able to call upon the eternal creator also as father awakens in man the trust and love in man towards him, and I incessantly court this love and therefore need you, my servants on earth, as mediators. Because through you I want to speak words of love to my creatures, and so that they believe it that it is I myself, who announces himself through you, you must constantly communicate to fellowmen and mention my work in you. You must point out my visible help in you, when you are in trouble, the excessive amount of knowledge, which was offered to you and with which you can prove to fellowmen my effect. You must call to them my words into memory: "I remain with you until the end of the world – I will send unto you the comforter, the spirit of truth." When men can find no the right explanation for these my words, they will also accept this my work at you as sufficient explanation and start to think about the right relationship of the creator to his creatures – and, when they are of good will, acknowledge me as father and likewise strive towards me. And then you have fulfilled a nice task, and your reward in eternity will not be low. Amen. B.D. NR. 4681.


Book 54 4682

Assessment of supernatural work. (Gröning ?)

4. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4682.

Do not burden yourselves with thoughts of supernatural seeming occurrences, which value and kind you cannot assess, as long as you cannot convince yourselves of the spiritual foundations of such events. Where a connection with me is established that the most intimate joining together between me and man takes place, there the power of man is also unlimited, and what he works, he accomplishes under use of my power, therefore in union with me. And then it is also my will that this expression of power becomes obvious to mankind. I myself therefore stand then behind every supernatural act, and it is the power of faith, which brings about every success. But I reserve myself this transmission of power for me, i.e., where I know a man as representative of my teaching and about his will, which is fully turned towards me, and who is therefore now active on earth in my name, there I also work in coexistence with him, but also only there. So you will therefore be yourselves able to recognize my or my opponent’s help with every extra ordinary power performance, which is therefore to be mentioned as miracle. Faith and love are the marks of my presence and my assistance. Where deep faith and true neighbourly love determine a man to help, there I cannot be eliminated, because I myself am love and therefore will always be there present, where love work takes place. But I also do not hinder my opponent at the supply of power, if he finds in a man the will turned towards him, but also his work will be able to be recognized at the one carrying it out himself. He will be no announcer of my teaching – therefore not active in my name, because then he must only stand up for me and my name. He will not spread my word, although he utters the name "God". And by this the right and the wrong servants of God are to be recognized and also every miracle act that my word must be preached, where I myself give my power for the wellbeing of suffering mankind. Because I work to reinforce my word, because my word is the most necessary what men need. And so assess yourselves, when opportunity is given to you judge, i.e., seek information about it, whether and how far my Gospel is announced. Where my opponent is at work, my word is hardly supplied to men, otherwise my opponent would have to preach love and would from now on no longer be my opponent. But I leave the checking up to you yourselves, so that you pay attention to that, what touches you wonderfully, so that you think and ask me for my help, so that you judge right – acknowledge, where my spirit works and reject, where my opponent is active. And I will direct your thinking right, if you want to recognize the right, because truth is to become yours, you who you desire it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4682.


Book 54 4683

Right emissaries of the Lord. Gift of speech.

6. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4683.

I give my messengers the task to bring to men the Gospel in my name; I send them therefore in my place into the world, i.e. to fellowmen, who still stand in the middle of the world, therefore have their senses still not directed spiritually. To them my Gospel, the divine love teaching, is to be presented, so that they adjust their conduct accordingly to it, are therefore always active in love. This task is now spiritually of greatest importance, earthly however it is considered as completely useless work, and for that reason only few are prepared to enter my service, i.e., to carry out the will of their Lord as my servants. Therefore the messengers do not often step into your way, who are my emissaries, therefore preach in my name. But many there are, who appear teaching, without however having the task from me for this and having themselves been instructed by me. They certainly also pretend to be my messengers, but have not received the task from me and are consequently also not trained by me for their teaching activity. And so their knowledge will not be sufficient for this; their instructions will only be piece work, but if they are of good will and want to serve me seriously, I will enlighten their spirit, if they themselves allow this through love, which must arouse in them, if I am to be with them myself. For this reason all can feel taught by me, who just want to be my servants seriously. But this serious will is not characteristic to all, who call themselves my servants, and for this reason only rarely the right Gospel is imparted to men; only rarely the listeners stand under the impression, to hear myself speaking, and the word therefore does not really go to their heart; they think more intellectually; they grasp literally, what is to be understood spiritually and reject easily everything, what is best for men and the most successful, what is offered to them from above. But the few, who are in possession of pure truth, because they receive the Gospel directly from me and have the will to pass it on into the world, (7.7.1049) those I call my messengers, because they impart my will to the earth children, who open to them ear and heart and therefore let me speak to themselves through them. The serious will to be active for me and my name and therefore also the right conduct springing from it, makes man to my messenger, to my emissary, who now works with the goods of his Lord, who imparts my word to fellowmen. Who has received from me this task, can be assured of my support in every way; I will give him the ability for the teaching office; I will give him the possibility to appear teaching; I will lead those men into the way, who need my instructions and are worthy of my address; I will also guide him to those, who stand far away from me and to whom the last rescue anchor is to be thrown; I will bless his activity for me earthly and spiritually; I will keep him that he does not fall and always put him out as my apostle, by me giving him the gift of speech and a clear mind, which emerges particularly in spiritual conversations, because I want that men have a sign, who is the Lord of that apostle, in whose service he stands. And they will be able to recognize it at any time, if they call my word, which I have spoken on earth to men, into memory. Because my promises will visibly fulfil themselves at those. I want that my word is carried out into the world. I therefore want that my apostles, my disciples of the time of the end, my messengers, speak for me and my name; I want that they announce my love teaching everywhere and point men to the end, to the last judgment, to their spiritual trouble – that they admonish and warn them, so that men commune with themselves and think of their soul. And I will bless everyone who is active as worker in my vineyard, who does the work as my servant which I demand. Amen. B.D. NR. 4683.


Book 54 4684

Power of Satan. Watch and pray.

8. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4684.

Great is the power of him who wants to ruin you. He shrinks from no means and drapes the coat of righteousness round himself; he seeks to confuse your thoughts, so that you are no longer able to differentiate the right from the wrong. He wants to overthrow you; he wants to bring about your downfall, so that you remain lying on the ground and are no longer able to rise. And he will besiege you in every way, but mostly then, when you choose me as aim and have gone the way, which leads to me. Then he lurks at every crossroads and wants to mislead you. He approaches you under the mask of a friend, behind whom you see no wrong, and he seeks to win you through words and actions, but which do not spring from love, but are just appearance, to which you are to become a slave. Pay attention to it and always just keep to me, then you I will not miss to warn you and to walk next to you invisibly; I will pull you to the right way and put the feeling of detestation into the heart, so the seducer approaches you under the cover of love. Break away from the world, and you are only little exposed to temptations, but with the world and its pleasures he entices you and not rarely has success. Give up everything, what the world offers you and seek me, me who can truly give you goods, which are incomparable with earthly goods. Know that behind every earthly pleasure the seducer lurks, who wants to displace you from me and turn you to him and who uses the pleasures of the world to win you. His power is great, because many means are at his disposal, which are successful with men. But I only offer you one thing – my love, which wants to help you to happiness. And this love expresses itself in the sending of my word, why you therefore have to see my word as a gift of love, which you are never ever allowed to assess as little and which you therefore are to request and receive at any time, so you want to increase your spiritual wealth and are then also strong in resistance against the enemy of your soul. My word is a sure weapon against the attacker, because when you oppose him with my word, then he loses all power over you and gives up his project to win you for hell. But he will approach you again and always again and try his skills with you and for that reason watch and pray, so that you do not fall in temptation. Amen. B.D. NR. 4684.


Book 54 4685

Light beings embodied. Mission. God’s adoption.

9. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4685.

Consider that you are not of this earth, when I give you a mission, which aims at the redemption of mistaken souls. Consider that it is my will that everything returns to its start, that all my creatures must find to me, to become happy, and further consider that the will of the imperfect spiritual is so weakened that it itself would never turn to the way up, when it would not be helped with advice and action through light beings, which help them insofar as that they seek to determine their will to return up. And these beings full of light now work partly spiritually, partly earthly, i.e., for the purpose of the announcing of my will light beings are embodied in the flesh, to now fulfil their mission, my will, which is announced through my word, to impart to men and so to be therefore active for their redemption out of form. And when you consider this, you will also understand that you again long back to home and that this earth is not the right place of residence for you. But you will also understand, why you must lower yourselves, why you must lay down everything, what reminds of the world, if you want to carry out your mission and still make spiritual progresses yourselves, which can certainly be reached on this earth also for beings, which come from the kingdom of light. Because earth is the lowest work of creation in its kind, but which enables the highest degrees of light, which shape a being to the child of God. For that reason I also allow the embodiment of light beings on earth, but the conditions are often difficult and require great love towards me and strong will to be fulfilled. But the comforting encouragement I give you again and again that I do not let you fall, although you yourselves must also let your will become active to reach the highest, because the will I do not make unfree – I certainly help, but I do not force. And for that reason also you must go the way of the cross; you must reach that degree of perfection through suffering and love, which fashions you to true children of God; you must arouse love towards me to highest passion and now out of this love work for me; you must be active on this earth in the redeeming meaning; you must finish your mission until I come to fetch you into my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4685.


Book 54 4686

Right leaders. Messengers of God.

9. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4686.

Also the leading ones lack cognition, if they have not won it from me, if they do not fulfil the conditions, which earn them the recognizing, the knowledge about truth. Then they have brought themselves to a leading place, without being called by me, and then they can only be blind leaders, who go a wrong way and who can also not lead the people right, who have entrusted themselves to them. And I again and again repeat it that I myself appoint my servants on earth for me and give them the right training, so that they now administer their office right and are reliable supports and companions for their fellowmen. I need men in the time of the end, who stand in knowledge about pure truth, because many want to break away from those, who cannot give them right information about meaning and purpose of earth life. And a messenger from me must step into the way for them and gently push them on the right way, which is indeed often uneven and full of obstacles, but still leads to the destination. These messengers will, so they work informatively, gain the trust, and their teachings will be listened to, because they let divine origin be recognized and because truth will pave the way, if it is supplied the right way to men. Blind leaders will lead men astray, my messengers however bear the light, and so they illuminate the darkest way – because my messengers have my word. Powerful is this statement that I associate myself so closely to the messengers that they can hear my word. But you also recognize by this my messengers and know to differentiate them from the opposing forces; that they are representatives of my word, which they receive from me myself. Consequently these must also stand in the right knowledge, because I myself instruct them. (10.7.1949) And you are to join these leaders; you are to entrust yourselves to them, if you want to reach the destination, me, he who is to be reached on only one way – on the way of truth. But only in my word is pure truth contained; only through my word can pure truth be supplied to you men, why I charge my messengers to bring my word to you and therefore to be reliable leaders for you on your earth life way. Right leaders I send to you, and if you pay attention to them, you will win much, because they possess much and therefore can hand over much to those, who possess nothing. But their possession, their wealth they have from me and receive it constantly from me, therefore also you can come into the possession of a gift, which has started from me; you can participate in the use of that, what I can only impart to earth children turned towards me and willing to love. You can come into its blessing, and then you will automatically turn to the right way, because you then only follow those leaders, who know the right way as my messengers, which leads to me. And for that reason pay attention that you do not let yourselves be wrongly led; demand information from your leaders, and if they cannot give you such, so do not choose them as leaders, but seek, until you have found the right leader; and truly I say to you, who seeks, he will also find, because to the willing I myself come to meet him and reveal my identity to him. I approach him in a man, through whom I myself can express myself, to whom I therefore bring the Gospel, unaltered and pure, and who for that reason – taught through my spirit – can impart full truth to him, which alone leads to me and to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4686.


Book 54 4687

Subordinating the will under the divine will.

10. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4687.

The going into my will inevitably results in the joining together with me. Because then man strives for perfection; he becomes like my original being and becomes now my image, so that every cleft between me and him is bridged and as spirit being full of light he can constantly stay near me. The going into my will means giving up of the former resistance; acknowledging of me myself as highest and most perfect being, adapting to the divine order and fashioning to love, because I make love the first condition, to join me together with my creatures. The going into my will means further complete breaking away from my opponent, since he seeks to transmit a complete opposite will on man and man has now decided by himself to subjugate his will under mine. Therefore the opponent has lost the right of ruler over man, and he has freed himself out of his fetters. But the going into my will also requires knowledge of my will, and again the reason is given by this, that I must supply my word to earth, which imparts to man the knowledge of me and my will. It is therefore an act of love and mercy that I do not abandon men to their self-chosen fate, but present their life task to them, that I show them the way, which they must go and that I therefore announce my will to them, although I leave it to them, to fulfil or to reject it. (11.7.1949) And now it is decisive how far man still opens himself to the influence of the opponent of mine. He himself has free will, is therefore not forced to accept mine or also my opponent’s will, which seeks to obtain a hearing with men through bodily impressions and feelings. His means are entertainment and pleasures of the world; but my way is a radiation out of the spiritual kingdom, which, if it is used, also pulls the soul of man into the spiritual kingdom, because the obeying of my word is already a submitting of the will in mine and therefore approach to me, which ends in complete joining together. Submitting of the will therefore means fulfilling of my will, my commands, which I announce through the word to men. But my first command is called: Love God above all and the neighbour as yourself. Who fulfils this command, he has done everything; he no longer rebels against me, but acknowledges me with loving heart – not by force; he has returned to me for ever, from whom he has taken his start; he completely moves in my will, which is also his will, and he is appointed as my child and heir into all rights of a child and can therefore create and fashion in fullness of power and be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4687.


Book 54 4688

Devils of the time of the end. Hereafter closed. New banishment.

12. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4688.

You continue the uninterrupted development in the hereafter, if you do not depart as perfect devils from this earth, therefore the possibility still exists that you develop upwards. But devilish is your cast of mind, so you are full of hate and vengefulness against your fellowmen, who strive towards God, who are therefore of good will, acknowledge God and seek to fulfil his will. If these men are persecuted, merely because of their fundamental beliefs, then truly devilish convictions can be attributed to the persecutors, and then all mercy stops, because the spiritual in that man hardens and must get into that state through his God-farness, which causes the banishment in most solid matter. The souls of these men cannot enter the opposite kingdom, because no possibilities to improve exist for them, only an always deeper sinking to hell, to God-farness. And it is consequently still an act of mercy that the spiritual is again bound in matter, because in the mandatory state it still proceeds again slowly up, even so in endless long time. The hereafter, the spiritual kingdom, can certainly also receive numerous souls, which remain eternities in a completely inactive state, but which are still adaptable, which therefore have not yet reached the degree, which causes a banishment in matter. They certainly can still sink to that degree, but as long as still a possibility to the opposite exists, the soul will also not be moved into the mandatory state, but which will inevitably be the lot of men having become devils after the end of the old earth. For that reason that, what is still adaptable, will still be recalled before the end of the earth, and these souls can increase their poor maturity after their death, if they are willing to this. And so mankind will in the end just still exists of good and evil men, and the separation of spirits has so to speak already taken place, before the last judgement will be. Because the few men, who are loyal to God, will give cause to the giving up of the true fundamental belief of men. They will be treated with hostility and persecuted and truly have to live among devils. And it will be hell on earth. The most brutal means will be applied, to move the God-loyal to defection; Satan will develop his whole power and cunning to oust God from the throne and to elevate himself. And it will appear as if Satan gains the victory. The believers will be anxious and hope and in their deep trouble find the power to hold out. They hope for the coming of the Lord and the miraculous rescue out of greatest trouble. And God will not let their faith be wrecked; he will come in the clouds, so Satan believes having already gained the victory. Then the spiritual kingdom has closed its gates, because then there will only still be the living and the dead, men, who are destined to life on the new earth, who also in truth have an eternal life, and men, who are banished into most solid matter, who endure death, out of which they will only after endless long time awaken to life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4688.


Book 54 4689

Pure Gospel. My word remains until.

14. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4689.

I want to be understood right by you and will for that reason always seek to explain right to you my word spoken to you on earth, provided that it is convenient to you, i.e., that you strive for truth and the right knowledge. To explain right knowledge, to give to you men the right cognition, is alone my right and my power, because truth must start from me myself, can however be supplied over many stations and for that reason also be brought to you by men. But always are then these men, who bring truth to you, charged by me for this and instructed accordingly, so that they have first received the knowledge from me, before they instruct you. If therefore the origin of knowledge of a man is proven from me, then you can quite safely accept his knowledge as truth, but if the knowledge is of human origin, therefore own activity of the intellect, then his truth is doubtful, and so that you men can now constantly carry out an investigation of it, what is offered to you as truth, I will again and again supply pure truth to earth, therefore exactly so preach the Gospel in the spirit, as I have done it on earth, and receiver of the Gospel, therefor listeners of my word, will be those, who show me their love in the heart, so that I can put the knowledge about pure truth into their heart. I again and again give explanations of my word; I again and again seek to impart my love teaching to them, and the work of my spirit will take no end to the end of the world. Because without this there is no truth, because imperfection of men always pollutes the pure, disfigures the well-shaped, because the divine, which gets into touch with men, will suffer a human colouring with time, because the divine never remains so pure among men, as it has started originally at the beginning. But as long as my spirit works, the divine radiates down to earth, as long as my spirit works, the radiations will also be caught by pure, love willing men, and so again and again the pure word of God comes to earth; my word remains existing until all eternity. Consequently earth will never be able to sink in darkness, never will my word, as I have announced it on earth, remain not understood, because where an explanation is necessary, I am always prepared, to bring a light to knowledge hungry men through my spirit, and I also always find the right means and ways to supply truth to those, who desire it. But in the time of the end men feel well in darkness; in the time of the end men are satisfied with earthly knowledge; they do not want to hear my language and thoughtlessly they accept, what is offered to them as my word. And for that reason they also no longer understand my word, because it has not remained pure, but also do not strive for themselves after pure truth. And for that reason I let their attention be drawn to error and lies; I send light bearers in the midst of them, who through flashes of brightest light let men recognize darkness, in which they stay. Because I want that they come to cognition; I want that they hear my word pure and unspoiled and for that reason speak to them through my spirit. I send my disciples of the time of the end out into the world that they spread my teaching, that they again teach men love, because without love also knowledge cannot be received by them. And so I will speak through their mouth, my spirit will become effective in men, who are devoted to me and work for me and my kingdom. And light will be for all, who desire light, truth will hear and understand all, who demand it and therefore also me, me who I am eternal truth myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4689.


Book 54 4690

Small community at the end. Affliction. Loyalty.

15. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4690.

My small community will remain loyal to me until the end, because it comprises the right children of the father; they are mine, who constantly receive power through their intimate connection with me, to hold out also in greatest earthly trouble. Those who are mine are certainly badly besieged by the children of the world, who belong to my opponent and fight for him against mine, but as I also always walk along as fighter next to mine and bestow extraordinary power on them, so that they cannot be defeated, although the fight is exceedingly difficult. They have an indestructible shield, which is most secure protection for them – the shield of faith, against which all attacks are unsuccessful. The harder the earthly trouble becomes the more confidently they expect my help, my coming from above and the rescue out of earthly trouble through me – earthly they have no protection any longer and depend alone on me only and on their faith, otherwise they would have to give me up completely and surrender to the earthly enemies. But now it will be recognizable, what a strong faith is able to do. In the greatest trouble I will obviously bring help, because mine firmly believe in it that I help them. And this faith I never ever let be wrecked. And although the opponents stand earthly in high reputation, have fullness of material goods and seem to be full of power and strength, mine will not desire their goods; they only strive up; they long for me and for spiritual goods; they have overcome matter completely and are therefore also ripe for the stay in paradise on the new earth, which will compensate them for all suffering in the last time before the end. They truly have to pass a test, which is to bring in rich award for them, because not only for their own sake they must experience the difficult suffering and affliction at the end, but for the sake of fellowmen, who are to recognize at the power of faith, which attitude is the alone right one, and who still have a last opportunity, to stand up for me in the face of the obvious work on my part, which makes them think. Therefore also the great affliction before the end is to be seen as means of redemption of the erroneous souls, and for that reason my special love is meant for those, who take up a cross for the sake of their fellowmen and nevertheless firmly stand by me. But that it is bearable for mine, of that they may firmly be assured; they will hold out and remain loyal to me, until I myself come in the clouds and fetch them home into my kingdom – and all trouble will have ended. Amen. B.D. NR. 4690.


Book 54 4691

Life task of man.

17. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4691.

What can help you to happiness, I use, because the spiritual trouble is great, which has its cause in your unbelief. But I want that you learn to believe; I want that you drop all doubt; I want that it becomes light in you, that you recognize me, that you perceive my guidance, that you join me, that you see your father in me, who looks after you and wants to promote your spiritual well-being. It is your life task, to arrive at the cognition of your original beginning-nature, your destination and your purpose. But this cognition you can only win through faith, otherwise you remain lightless for ever, therefore ignorant. And the right knowledge is to be won through a faith, which becomes alive through love, i.e., if you believe in me as a most highly perfect being, then also love awakens in you towards me, and you seek, to become like me in my original being, therefore you strive for perfection. But only that man can become perfect, who strives to be good. Therefore he must have love in him. By this faith becomes alive, i.e. most inner conviction. Only a living faith strives for the connection with me, which means so much, as that the spirit spark, which rests as my share in the soul of every man, connects with the father spirit from eternity, therefore the thinking of man is meant for me, and he now speaks with me – that he prays in the spirit and in truth to me. Then it becomes light in him, because with the mental connection he is love active at the same time, driven from the inside out through my spirit, which, because it is my share, tells men that to do, what I myself do – work in love. And love is the key to wisdom, the light of cognition, which is ignited in him, increases in brightness; the thoughts move in truth, from the inside out he is now taught by my spirit, which is to say so much, that every thought in him becomes most inner conviction, that he thinks logically and can and will represent his now mentally won knowledge also to fellowman as truth. You men are to come to this cognition, to truth out of me, in the time of your earth life, because this knowledge will determine you to a walk of life, which is good, therefore pleasing to me. Then you have fulfilled your life task, and you have stepped out of the stage of ignorance at the beginning of the embodiment as man into the stage of cognition, always in connection with me, me who is never allowed to be eliminated, must therefore work together with you, if spiritual success is to be secured for you. You men can reach this destination, if you just seriously want. And I help each one of you, because alone he is too weak-willed to strive for this aim. I guide men into his way, who are to give him an impetus to inner self-contemplation, so that the process can now start out of free will, which makes out of a still dead, powerless spirit being a creature, striving for perfection, which can reach the highest destination in connection with me – to become a child of God, as it is his purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4691.


Book 54 4692

Reshaping of the Earth in a Moment. Miracle of Creation.

18. July 1949. B.D. Nr. 4692.

The act of the reshaping of the earth is unfathomable for you men because it does not happen within the scope of legality as up to now every earthly work of creation came into being by way of slow upward development, but it will be the work of a moment, apart from the work of destruction before, that concerns all creations on the old earth and that, because it happens in front of the raptured and it also initially still can be observed by men that fall prey to destruction, that requires its time as it is the law of nature. So men can observe the course of the work of destruction and that is why God does not work contrary to law, while the reshaping of the earth is a work of God in the universe that will be visible to no eye of man and that is why God does not require time, but he can let everything, that his power of love and his wisdom wants to carry out, come into being in a moment. So men that are brought to the new earth find a finished creation of enormous interesting versatility - creations that their eyes have never seen will amaze them particularly as they still have memories of the creations of the old earth and constantly draw comparisons. They really find themselves in paradise, standing in fullest harmony with their divine creator and father, looked after and led by his love and instructed in everything that is foreign to them. The relationship of men to one another will be like a great family and all will be endeavouring to win the love of the heavenly father for themselves, to live to please him and to actively serve in neighbourly love. They cannot estimate the length of time of their absence from the old earth and the stay after the rapture, because the sense of time is taken from them until the transfer back to the earth, which is why they also have no indication in which period of time the new earth has come into being. But they also know that no thing is impossible with God and therefore consider a sudden creation to be probable which is why their love and admiration for God continually increases and their bliss grows by viewing the works of miracles that testify to God's love, wisdom and omnipotence and offer thousand-fold compensation to men for the misery and the suffering during the last times of the existence of the old earth. God well tries men severely but he also awards their loyalty and blessed is who belongs to those who experience the end on this earth as sheep of his flock - blessed are they that have to bear and survive the worst and exchange it for the best, paradise on the new earth with the permanent presence of the father among his children - blessed are those who hold out until the end when God himself will come in the clouds to fetch them into his kingdom, into the kingdom of peace, until he takes them back to the earth that really will unveil miracles that man never dreamed they were possible, because there is nothing on the old earth that could be cited in comparison. But God's love knows no bounds and his creative will is inexhaustible and again and again brings about new works that excel all past ones, to make his children happy and to award their loyalty. Amen. B.D. NR. 4692.


Book 54 4693

Good shepherd. Leader. Carefree life.

19. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4693.

Believe that I walk next to you on your course of life, if you are just of good will. I am the good shepherd, who really looks after his sheep, and therefore I leave none of my creatures to its own devices, but I look loyally after each individual and guide it towards the destination. I lead it the right way home, into my father’s house. But if you now have a reliable guide, why do you then still worry yourselves about your earthly well-being? Nothing is to worry you, if you know that I am with you and know about everything, what presses and moves you. Only one thing is to be your constant worry – that you can pass before me, when I demand responsibility from you, how you have used your earth life for the well-being of the soul. Seek to gain alone in this my pleasure; consider your soul, to which I cannot give without your consent. I am constantly with you, if you do not fight me yourselves, and I will always guide you so that body and soul find what they need – I will give to the body if you turn your attention to the well-being of the soul. But what you want to give to the soul in free will, that I also supply to you, because all gifts come from me, and as your father from eternity I care for my children bodily and spiritually. And for that reason you are to cultivate intimate communion with me and choose me as your leader; then I will never ever leave you and walk the earth way with you to the end, and then you are responsible for no step, because it is my will, and every event of your life way is foreseen by me and determined according your attitude towards me, so that your soul matures. But the awareness having me as leader is to let you cover your earth way calmly and carefree, and in every trouble of the body and of the soul you are to only come trustingly to me, so that I help you and you become free of all worry. Amen. B.D. NR. 4693.


Book 54 4694

Expression of the spirit depending on soul maturity and receptivity.

20. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4694.

A certain soul maturity is necessary to hear my voice, because the spirit in man expresses itself through the soul, i.e. announces itself to the soul, and it must therefore be so prepared that it is receptive for every expression of the spirit. Because man does not hear with bodily ears, but it is the soul, which receives the expression of the spirit and passes it on to the bodily man, the mind. For that reason the soul must be turned towards the spirit in it; because a soul, turned more towards the body, directs the ear towards the world and for that reason does not hear the quiet voice of the spirit, therefore man must first isolate himself from the world, from the earthly, before he is capable for spiritual announcements, which are imparted to him through the spirit. Then man has reached a certain soul maturity, because the spirit spark in man exercised its influence already before on the soul of man, which stimulates the thinking, feeling and wanting to love activity. Is this degree of maturity reached, which is condition for the receiving of my word, but then also every question can be directed at me, and I will answer it that it is comprehensible to all. The receiver of the announcements does not therefore then need to fear that he is then himself mentally active and writes own thought material down as my word. Man is certainly mentally active, but just in that way, that he digests the thoughts, which I want and have transmitted to him through my light beings. For the duration of the receiving of my word the receiver is unable to a thought activity opposed to me; on the contrary this thought activity is now a radiation out of the spiritual kingdom, which strikes the receiver with my will and is supplied to the soul by his spirit. For that reason man can also represent that knowledge convincingly, which he has received in this way, because it is purest spirit good out of heavens; it is my voice, but which only that man can hear, who allows the spirit the expression. But to an earth child devoted to me I will always give that knowledge, which he requires, and he could now use this assurance by him consulting with me in thoughts about that, what is unclear for him and where he asks for enlightenment about it. Then it will become his in a detailed way, because I want to communicate constantly with those, who let me speak to them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4694.


Book 54 4695

The word of God proof of his love.

22. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4695.

Nothing can prove to you my love towards you more than my word. And for that reason you can also do nothing more reprehensible than to reject my word, because with it you also reject my love. What the latter means, you men still do not grasp, but your powerlessness, your spiritual low, is a proof of that, that without my love, without my word you cannot ascend in your development. Where my word is received through hearing or reading or also directly from me, there men will also draw power from it, because I myself speak to them und exude my power to the receiver, and it expresses itself in increased desire for me and my presence; it expresses itself in spiritual striving, in love activity, in turning away from the world; is expresses itself further in increased cognition, therefore in right, truthful thinking and knowing about beginning and purpose and therefore in a way of life according to my will. All this achieves my power, which you receive with my word. Therefore the supply of my word is also a proof of my love, which wants to make you happy in every way and help, that you gain perfection. Because through my word the striving up is to be made easy for you; through my word you are to win insight in my rule and work and come closer to me will wise and through work in love. And since you yourselves are unworthy through your imperfection, to be spoken to by me, but I do it nevertheless, you have again a proof of my love towards you, because I give you with my word a gift of favour of inestimable value und undeserved. But your will is too weak to desire my word, and for that reason I communicate with you in the word without being asked, but effective it can only become in you, when you receive it in free will, i.e., the power of the word you will only then feel, when the will is prepared to receive it. And so my word can also remain completely without success with men, who indeed hear it, but make no use of it; for whom it is just an empty sound, because they do not receive it in the heart, but only hear it with the bodily ears. These feel no power effect and can consequently also not recognize my love from it, because they themselves have a hardened heart, which is not able to love. These do not know me and do not desire me, because their love is still meant for the world and matter, and they disregard, what comes to them out of the spiritual kingdom. But it is then never ever up to my word that they come away empty-handed, but it is their responsibility, because my gift of favour must be received with desire and thankfully to be effective and to testify my love to men. Amen. B.D. NR. 4695.


Book 54 4696

Cognition. Love - Truth - God.

23. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4696.

The clear cognition of that what lasts, therefore can be called spiritual knowledge, is just a share of the perfect and will therefore never be able to be achieved intellectually, but only through a will completely subordinated to the will of God, which results in a way of life absorbed in love, which again puts the being in its original condition, in the state of freedom, of light and of power. Then there is no ignorance of things anymore for the being, may it be on earth or in the hereafter; then it knows about everything, about the rule and work of God, about the connection of all created things with the creator; it knows about the original beginning and the final destination, about meaning and purpose of divine work and about its cause and effect. Then the being has therefore become knowing; it stands in the light and can itself radiate light out and again drive out darkness there, where good will is again existing. To win the deep cognition alone through thinking is not possible, because the intellect of man indeed carries out a spiritual activity, therefore seeks to order the thoughts, however as long without spiritual support as it is done without love work, therefore the intellect alone without the heart seeks to reach cognition. Man must be good from the inside out, therefore feel driven to love work, only then the spirit of God goes into action, which now orders and directs the thinking of man, his intellectual activity, and only then the result of intellectual thinking will be in accordance with truth; but which the intellect has then not won, but the heart, which so to speak influences the intellect, to receive and to digest the thoughts flowing from the spiritual kingdom. The complete subjugating of the will to the divine will is first condition and this requires deep love and humility love towards God, which finds its expression in serving neighbourly love. For that reason only that man can truly be wise, who fulfils the divine commands and therefore through a (24.7.1949) life in love joins together with him, who is himself eternal love, but who is also eternal truth and consequently all knowledge, pure truth, must come from him, but can never be moved on to those men, who are certainly exceedingly active intellectually, however devoid of all love. Because they have no connection with the original source of love and of truth and can consequently also not possess or achieve something, what God reserves for himself for those, who love him and keep his commands. What is not possible to the sharpest intellect, to penetrate into the all-including knowledge, to penetrate into the nature of the eternal divinity, that is easily possible for a loving heart and again also the sharpest intellect will find an event incomprehensible, which however demonstrably brings successes. Because that a man without basic education can give most far-reaching information and enlightenment, requires a knowledge, which can therefore only have been supplied to him on spiritual ways and which for that reason must be regarded as proof, that the deepest wisdom, the eternal truth, can only be won through love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4696.


Book 54 4697

Help for mistaken souls greatest work of love and mercy.

25. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4697.

Manifold blessings will be granted to you, so you seek to help mistaken souls, which cannot find the right way, because they are blind in spirit. To bring a light to them, to show them the right way and to make it so possible for them to reach the destination, is a work of mercy and neighbourly love, which is significant for eternity and which for that reason will be highly valued by me, me who loves all my creatures and wants to bring rescue to them through you. To help the neighbour bodily is certainly also a work of love, which will be rewarding for you; however to put a soul in a state to recognize its situation and as a result following to change, therefore to walk on the right way, which leads to my kingdom and is the alone aim worth striving for, is far more commendable, because it is at the same time a proof of deepest faith, so a man imparts his knowledge to the other, which has been acquired spiritually only, therefore not provably. Moreover such a work of love has an effect for the whole eternity. So you imagine that your efforts, to enlighten an ignorant man, can win his soul a state full of light, which it no longer loses for ever, so this awareness must already be the greatest reward for you, having spared this soul untold suffering, but which would have been its lot in the hereafter, so it would have entered it in darkness. To have brought light to a man is the greatest work of love, because it proves sincere unselfish neighbourly love. The efforts about an ignorant soul are indeed often apparently without success, but what a soul has once received, reappears in cases of greatest earthly trouble, and then it is always still possible that man admits to it, and this will always be and remain your merit, because a rescued soul thanks its rescuer for ever, so it once stands in the light – so it has recognized, which lot it has escaped through his help. Amen. B.D. NR. 4697.


Book 54 4698

Coming trouble. Living faith. Faith test.

26. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4698.

You have to expect exceedingly great trouble, in which only faith in me can keep you up, because earthly little help will be able to be brought to you, and you will, thrown back on your own resources, have to ask all help from me. And then you will visibly be able to establish the success of deep faith, because my love will always know means and ways that you get rid of the most pressing trouble. It will be a time, where man’s wisdom and man’s will are able to do nothing, because you lack that power, which you must request from me. And still one will be able to help the other, and so he does it, also the own trouble will become less, but the whole living conditions will experience a change through my natural intervention, which is however planned, to show worldly men the changeability and worthlessness of that, what for them alone is worth striving for. Again and again I draw your attention to this time, but in the hustle and bustle of the world it appears impossible for you that such a time still lies ahead of you. But how do you then want to survive, so you do not already prepare yourselves for it, so no help can be brought to you on the part of the world, because I myself stop it? – How do you then want to expect help, so you do not believe in me and resort to me? Faith in me is still very weak in you, even so you confess it with the mouth and you also express my name as proof of your faith in me. But right faith wants to be won, and a right faith I only call a living faith, the firm inner conviction of that, in what you pretend to believe. But you will fail, so this difficult faith test is set to you. Only then you will recognize how much more you have to occupy yourselves with the thought of me, of your creator and father from eternity, who is in himself love, wisdom and omnipotence, therefore wants and can help you and will also do it, so you muster exactly this firm faith in me. It is that faith, which I want to form to a living one through my word, which I again and again supply to you, and through the trouble and faith tests, to which I already now subjugate you, so that you mature and become strong in faith, before the great trouble starts. Consider every day still as a gift and use it; let your thoughts roam up, i.e., occupy yourselves often in thoughts with the purpose and aim of your existence, with life in eternity and with me, me who is the director and shaper of all that, what is and in whom to believe will be easy for you, when you just seriously want to and occupy yourselves mentally with him. Because I truly help each one to recognize me, who just has the will for it. And so he calls upon me, I will hear him, because I want that he believes in me. Do not let the great trouble approach you before you have won this faith in me. I alone will be able to help you, so every other help fails, because with God no thing is impossible. And I want to supply the proof to you in the coming time that a deep faith is capable to do everything and also wards off the greatest trouble. For that reason you can also look forward to that time without fear, you who livingly believe in me, in my love, wisdom and omnipotence. Amen. B.D. NR. 4698.


Book 54 4699

Right knowledge - right life. Truth.

26. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4699.

Everything, what is necessary for you to know, will be supplied to you, as soon as you want to become knowing. Because according to the desire for truth you are given, but in different form, because also the thirst for knowledge of the individual is different and I also know, what is helpful for everybody for the maturation of the soul. And so different teachings are therefore sent to you; into all fields you can see, but your will must always be good, otherwise the knowledge about truth is withheld from you. But after that you can also judge, which value or claim for truth the knowledge supplied to you by fellowmen has, because he who presents it to you, must have fulfilled the conditions, which I have attached to the supply of pure truth; he therefore must, to think and speak right, also act right and carry a right directed will in him. He must be turned towards me, then he can also think to be in the possession of truth and convincingly stand up for it, therefore his thought material will be able to be acknowledged as being in accordance with pure truth. For that reason every debate with good men, with men, who take my commands as guideline for their walk of life, is of value und useful, because it just lets truth become evident, while it is completely useless, to debate with men of obvious inferior beliefs, although also to them the Gospel is to be preached. But truthful enlightenment you can never expect from such a man, and wisdom will never look out of his speech, because it is denied him as long as he does not fulfil, what is demanded of him – as long as he does not cultivate a life pleasing to God, which allows the work of my spirit. For that reason first seek to fathom the cast of mind of him, who wants to teach you, before you impart your spiritual material to him; do not be deceived through pious speeches; check their acts and their will, as far as you are able to do this, and then check the thought material, which he tries to impart to you, and you recognize the contributor of that, what is offered to you. Because everything what is good starts from me, and so also a good man stands constantly under my influence; a good man is guided mentally by me and for that reason can only receive and also hand out truth, and he will find faith with all, who strive for truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4699.


Book 54 4700

The hearing of the divine word. Thoughts.

28. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4700.

Only through the inner word can you be enlightened in questions, which earthly scientists cannot answer. There is certainly an authority, which is responsible for spiritual questions; however the way to it men rarely go. For that reason the answer according to truth will also only rarely be received, which can exactly only give the one, to who nothing is foreign, who knows about everything, who also wants to supply to you men the knowledge, so that he is recognized by men. Through the word therefore God expresses Himself and who wants to hear it, must gain God’s love; he must make Him well-disposed to him, by him doing himself everything, what God requires of him – then God approaches you so, that you can hear his voice, because he expresses Himself through his word; he announces Himself to you; He speaks with you men in easily understandable language; He speaks through your heart to your intellect and goes into every question, which you express or move in your thoughts. He answers you. His word is therefore a sign of closeness of Him towards you, because only then can you hear His voice, so you unite with Him mentally or through love work. And so has God always spoken to men, as long as the earth exists; only He has been easier understood up to now, while only very rarely his language is understood. But to these few men He gives in a measure, which is unlimited. To them He wants to explain and give reasons for everything, so that they can impart the knowledge won so to their fellowmen for the salvation of their soul. And so that they no further fall in doubts, He lets them see into his eternal plan of salvation; and He so lights a light in them, that they no longer sink back into darkness for ever. He approaches men in the word, who want to let themselves be instructed. And so the word always and constantly remains the bridge between God and men, but onto which man can only walk, so he withdraws from the world, so he avoids the broad ways, which appear more attractive to his eyes and lure him to follow. (29.7.1949) Only in solitude he hears the voice of God, i.e., he must avoid the world and let his thoughts roam over the spiritual kingdom. Then he does that, what he must do before: In thoughts he connects to God; he holds dialogue with him; he presents questions to him, which move him, by him allowing the thoughts to take their own course. And these thoughts are already radiations out of the spiritual kingdom. Because man can utter nothing as far as he is concerned. The intellect is certainly able to receive and to process the thoughts flowing towards him, but the thought itself does not originate in man, but it touches his heart, but flows out of the kingdom, which lies outside of earthly spheres. The thought is spiritual product, therefore a power, which takes a certain form, as soon as it is received by the intellect, in which therefore the intellect is influenced by the heart, to become active, by it now forming the thoughts sent to it and gives them a certain order. The activity of the intellect is the holding on to the thoughts, which wavelike touch the heart and can also find no echo, when the will of man just uses the thought activity for worldly things through the hustle and bustle of the world and pays no attention to spiritual currents. But if man goes into quietness and turns the back to the world, then spiritual currents touch his heart, which it feels beneficently and which man then receives eagerly. Then the word is formed through this willingness to receive, i.e., man realizes it to be meaningful and comprehensible what God himself wants to say to him. He therefore hears His voice in the heart; the thought waves are received by the heart and sent to the intellect, and man as such is able to appropriate the received spirit material also intellectually and to also explain it comprehensibly to fellowman. This is a process, which is actually simple and uncomplicated, only not grasped by worldly men, because he has no understanding for feelings of the soul and for that reason also tries to explain thought activity purely organically. But where the thought basically starts, that is foreign to him, and an explanation about it is unacceptable to him, because he does not acknowledge spiritual things at all, because he only acknowledges that, what he can see or take hold of. But God gives again and again a proof of powers, which human intellect is not able to explain, and He gives information about everything through His word. Who lets God’s word speak to him, he will have a comprehensible knowledge at his disposal, because there is nothing, what remains foreign to that man, who lets Him instruct him through the word, and so man can broaden his knowledge; he can penetrate into everything and fetch information, about which he desires information. Because as far as God is concerned no limits are set to man, as soon as he gets into contact with the giver of knowledge and of truth and lets Him instruct him – as soon as he believes that God Himself speaks to him through the heart. Amen. B.D. NR. 4700.


Book 54 4708

Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.

9. August 1949. B.D. NR 4708.

The divine order of the world cannot be overruled; still human will can fight against it, but only to its own harm. Laws exist that human intellect will never be able to find out because they intervene not only in the state of nature of the earth but they also underlie the existence of other creations, they however must be accepted, i.e. are not allowed to remain ignored, if counter laws are not to have an effect that likewise have been given in divine wisdom, so have as their object the eternal order. Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect, which are connected with those powers and so are affected. Men can no longer take note of these effects because they are without exception the victims of such destructions, except those who are already in possession of spiritual power and will be raptured from the whole endangered world through divine will. Such a process will take place and so will mean the end of this earth. The will of man will take it upon itself to want to investigate powers and will so release powers through experiments that have an enormous effect in just that destructive way. Because there are no noble motives out of which research is undertaken that have this incredible outcome. And that is why God will keep the blessing from them that rests on works that aim at the welfare of the fellow human beings. Moreover they violate the divine law of nature insofar as they undertake research by using the life of men so that they use men as test objects that have to sacrifice their life. This is a sin against the divine order, against the love of God and the neighbour and moreover a sin against the whole of mankind that is doomed because of that. Because the knowledge of those that undertake such tests is not nearly adequate and so those are premature, but on which there is also absolutely no doubt. And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it. So men will carry out this last act of destruction on earth and the whole of mankind will perish due to men being made to risky speculators by craving for fame, exceeding craving for recognition and craving for material goods, who are however not without knowledge that they endanger the fellow human beings but still undertake their tests. The previously made experiences are enough warning and admonition to refrain from it and that is why their action is a crime that God does not leave unpunished. Amen. B.D. NR. 4708.


Book 54 4719

Dissolving of the Old Earth and New Emergence in a Moment.

21. August 1949. B.D. Nr. 4719.

To dissolve the earth into its primeval components means a putting back of the spiritual into the former lowest and most imperfect state should the dissolving take place in the same rear sequence. But a sudden dissolving means a liberation of the bound spiritual from form, so an unfettered state for the spiritual that is however not yet mature enough for a free activity. Therefore the spiritual would misuse its freedom, it would have its fling and be active in a way that is insubordinate to God because it has not yet recognized God but is still subject to his enemy to whom the destructive principle is inherent, who favours no building up and no meaningful upward development. Therefore the imperfect spiritual that has become free must soon again be bound into a form when the divine order is to be maintained and a chaotic state is also to be avoided in the spiritual kingdom. A transfer back of the spiritual in the form of a downhill going development of the earth is impossible by God because his principle is always building up and progress, as love determines all his ruling and acting. If now through the will of man an illegal dissolving of matter takes place then God also soon again gives a different form to the spiritual that has become free, in which the upward development progresses. When God acts destructive through his will and might then this is not to be considered to be a decline of works of creation but a violent act of liberation again for the purpose of a new forming of the bound spiritual whose will of service is apparent to God and that he also takes into account. Also the last work of destruction on this earth that will be staged by human will gives in God's eternal council rise to a powerful process of reshaping for all spiritual that is bound in the creations of the earth. The cause of the work of destruction is human will, but its effect is God's will, which is why the downfall of the old earth is therefore also fixed in God's eternal plan of salvation because all spirits, also all devils, are subservient to him even if against their will. Because the enemy of God tries to prevent all upward development, he tries to again snatch that what has come already closer to God and cause it to fall away from God and to throw it into the abyss. But God's plans and his might prevent what that one strives for. It now follows from all of this that the new earth with all its creations does not need a time of development because the spiritual becomes free in every stage, in every degree of maturity, through the downfall of the old earth, and this spiritual that has become free can therefore also soon move into the new forms that God assigns to it and that it also has to occupy should not a fight break out between the spiritual, that would set it far back because it pushes itself towards him whose will gave him life. Therefore the new arising of the earth will not take long, a backward development of the earth will not as often wrongly assumed give rise to the end, as also no slow development of the new creation is necessary. In a moment God will let a new earth come into being with all imaginable creations that testify to his creative will, his wisdom and his exceedingly great love and bear witness to his might and glory. And that is why men of this earth will be allowed to see the new miracle of creation when they keep being loyal to God at the end of this earth period and are being raptured with living bodies as the flock of the chosen. They will be brought to the new earth and form the stock of the new generation and are allowed to experience miracle beyond miracle because they stay in paradise in blessed community with the light bearing spiritual and still own the recollection of the old earth and the downfall. Amen. B.D. NR. 4719.


Book 54 4722

Lack of Faith. Assurance of God's Help.

24. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4722.

Excerpt only:

Prepare yourself for the great events that I again and again announce. But know that all suffering passes even if you believe to collapse under it. Everything will follow each other quickly, there will be a rashness of incidents, and shortly that will happen what I again and again point out to you.


Book 54 4724

Disaster and its Effects. Neighbourly Love.

27. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4724.

You all will return to the state of most primitive life style because only that way it is possible to get you to serve in neighbourly love that alone can redeem you. To all men the opportunity is now given to an activity in love but free will is decisive how far the opportunity is used. And so mankind very soon wants to create again improved living conditions and according to the will of the individual with right or wrong means because only few will serve, but most of them let others serve them and come again into the possession of prosperity at the expense of the fellow human beings even if only for a short time because very soon the end follows. But what precedes the end is determined since eternity. A partial destruction of unimaginable extent that concerns large stretches of land and claims innumerable lives. For these people therefore the end has come but their death still results in an entrance of their soul into the hereafter. The last hour for this world has not yet arrived when also the gates of the spiritual kingdom will be closed. But a last reprieve is still granted to the survivors, an exceedingly difficult earthly life that yet can be called a time of grace that earns many that are still of good will increased maturity. The great events ought to set all men thinking and make them contacting God but only few derive an advantage for their soul from it by recommending themselves to their creator and father from eternity and asking him for favour and help. And these will also be helped. Because the misery will be great and so general that help from outside cannot be expected. People can only help one another and in this neighbourly love they will be powerfully supported from above, they will be able to do work that as such exceeds their strength. But the will to help earns them exceptional supply of power, the will to help will also affect them and bless them so that the helpful man will receive spiritually and earthly what he wants to give away and also one's own troubles are remedied because of that. The power of faith and love will visibly make itself felt and every man can ease his burden when he thinks of the neighbour and not only of his own trouble. To revive love this great tribulation overcomes you because only love can redeem you and it continually cools off more and more the more the end approaches. And he who is still able and willing to love him the trouble will not depress but he himself will conquer by virtue of his love towards the neighbour. Still great suffering will prevail everywhere. People will be torn apart, they will have no knowledge any more from each other and to everybody the opportunity is given to apply all power to bring relief to the plight that surrounds him. And man can accomplish much when he only calls on God for support and desires help for others. But he who takes advantage of fellow man and wants to profit from his misery he will be counted to the ones at the end that will be devoured by earth on the last day - he will belong to those that will be damned because they have become true devils and have to share the wages of him who will be bound in fetters and banished again in the new earth for endless long time, Amen. B.D. NR. 4724.


Book 54 4728

Scourge of Antichrist.

29. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4728.

The scourge of Antichrist will sharply be brandished over all who stand by me as it was once brandished over me before my death on the cross as man. But I will beat it back from the ones who are mine; I myself will parry it and let it have an effect on all that are in bondage to Satan. His rage will be felt very much in the ranks of the ones that are mine but as long as the shield of faith is covering them he will not be able to harm them much because again I stand as protection in front of them whatever is undertaken against them. But they recognize the rule of Antichrist and know that soon the end has come and with it the hour of their salvation and this knowledge gives them power that lets them endure everything. You will not have any more a long peaceful time, hour after hour and day after day pass by and the time draws near that my spirit has announced to you. The world stands before a powerful shockwave whose effects are indescribable. And whether you doubt - you are not going to delay it and you very soon have to decide for or against me. This decision will be demanded by him who is against me and will remain so for endless times. He will come before me and appear on this earth and he who is completely in bondage to him, he will take hold of, i.e., through him he will express himself in all his might and power. In droves men will follow him, they will pay tribute to him and submit to him voluntarily - they will be in bondage to him because he will have an effect on them as man and blinds them through his words and deeds. He will win because all will surrender voluntarily to him and so he will have great might and use this against me - against all who believe in me and stand by me. He will fight against me and therefore also wage war on those who are mine but who still remain loyal to me until the end. The time of Antichrist has come and so he will soon appear and then you know that the end is near. Because he will reign only a short time and as he knows that he has not got much time he will open hell and release all evil and it will work with him in an outrageous way. But the hour of his downfall into the abyss is determined since eternity and it comes true what has been announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4728.


Book 54 4731

Experiments to the End of the Earth. Release of powers.

1. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4731.

A limit has been set to men in their conduct towards what my spirit of creation has let come into being. As soon as they take it upon themselves to want to change natural creations of which each has been given a purpose by me then also the attitude towards me is irrational, they underestimate my wisdom and my might, believing they can eliminate them, and therefore sin against me and also against that what I have created. And then the boundary I have set will be violated and thus mankind destroys itself because their wise men draw wrong conclusions and the effect of their experiments is disastrous. Men believe they can inquire into everything what I have concealed from them in the knowledge of their immaturity for such kind of knowledge. The earth in its core is unfathomable for men and will remain so until the end. Moreover powers are bound in the core of the earth of enormous strength that I keep bound to not endanger the earth in its existence, only that from time to time eruptions happen where these powers are allowed to explode for a short time to give the opportunity to the spiritual that is capable of development to deform itself above the earth and therefore to begin an upward development. These powers unleash themselves with my consent and therefore the consequences are intended in my eternal plan of salvation. An eruption that therefore takes place according to my will, will always be limited in its extent, but human will can never put a stop to it, never can human will give rise to it because no man can investigate cause and effect. Still men claim in the last times to penetrate into the earth in their research so far to trigger off powers that are unknown to them that they want to use profitably and they do not take into account that their knowledge and their intelligence are not sufficient for such experiments. They therefore do not respect my works of creation; they penetrate an area that is closed to them by sheer nature and it can be called a presumption from an earthly standpoint to want to do research on it. Considered from a spiritual standpoint however it means a penetration into the kingdom of the lowest spirits whose banishment was recognized by me as being necessary and men now abolish it illegally which is why it also has an unimaginable effect when my eternal order is upset. The manipulations are after exploiting the powers of the earth that yield to every resistance and that is why they can be used for all experiments. But men do not consider that these powers are capable of dissolving everything that comes into their sphere - they do not reckon on its power against which the will and intellect of man can achieve nothing. They open floodgates that can never be closed again once they have been burst because the field that men now want to enter is foreign to them and they do not know its laws. The core of the earth cannot be investigated in this way and inevitably every such attempt has repercussions and not only for the experimenters but for the whole of mankind. Because the limits that I have set are not allowed to be crossed as per my eternal order that always favours building up but never destruction and its violation must therefore have an opposing effect! Satan himself puts these thoughts into men of the last times; he urges them on to this plan because he knows that the destruction of the creation breaks off the upward development of the spiritual what he strives for in his blind hate against me and everything spiritual that heads for me. But this plan is, though devilish, an unintended serving - it joins my plan of salvation from eternity. A new earth comes into being where the development progresses whereas everything that is devilish is banished anew in its creations. Amen. B.D. NR. 4731.


Book 54 4758

Re-embodiment. Light beings - mission.

11. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4758.

I will never abandon you to error when you desire truth. And when you lack right knowledge, where you have a wrong idea, there I enlighten you myself because I do not want that your thinking is wrong. It is true you just walk a short time as man on earth but this time is not timed too short to be able to become happy. During your earth life you can completely change the being; you can completely give up the I-love, which is strongly developed in you at the beginning of earth life, and change into unselfish neighbourly love, and through this you acquire a state of maturity, which allows you entrance into the spheres of light, so that you are therefore happy. But the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom is very different, according to the condition of the soul, in what measure it is receptive for the light radiations, which touch it directly, which start from me and therefore require my presence, what therefore means union with me, which can only take place with a being, which has formed itself to love. And therefore the degree of love will also determine the degree of happiness. Man very well can reach this degree of love still on earth and depart from this earth as my right child. Then unlimited happiness is his lot. But he can also not bring it to this perfection and still make his soul receptive to light through having a loving effect. He then therefore has passed the earth life test, by his will having turned towards me, which he has proved to me by being effective in love. The world of light now receives his soul, where it now can further develop up, but will never reach that degree, which a man can reach who earnestly strives for perfection on earth, because his soul is seized by me and my light radiation no longer finds resistance, because the soul is crystallized through love and my light can now completely radiate through it. And now you will understand that this degree of happiness can exactly only have an earth life as prerequisite, otherwise the merit would be reduced, therefore also the wages would have to be curtailed. You will understand that the union with me on earth must have already been found in complete free will and with all one’s might and that exactly this happiness is the counter gift for the restless devotion to me, which I also reward with my undivided love. And it follows from this that it would be an act of injustice of me when I also give the same pay to those souls which did not utilize the earth life the same way. Every man is entitled to the same amount of possibilities to mature; all aids are available to him; he can request favours, or use them to every degree, and with right utilization of his will every man can reach the goal to become perfect because only a forming into love is demanded and every man can practise love when he only wants to. I certainly demand from you men nothing unrealizable because one thing is available to you: the help through Jesus Christ, which consists in that the rightly directed will receives the strengthening to be enabled to be put into action. All you men can become happy when you only want to. Therefore the rightly directed will has to be rewarded accordingly, to that soul must be given differently in the spiritual kingdom than to such a one which was negligent in earth life in the self-education, which took the striving for perfection less seriously. And such a soul must understandably stand in a different degree of light, although also it can be called happy because it has swung itself up out of darkness, out of the state of ignorance, because it has become a receiver of light, even if in a weaker degree. The soul can rise in the spiritual kingdom to ever greater happiness because the light radiation, which it receives all the time, increases its degree of light and so it is explainable from this that the re-embodiment on to earth for the purpose of maturing is unnecessary and would also be pointless insofar as that the recollection has to be taken from the soul and again only the free will would be decisive which could just as well turn downwards and then the already reached degree of light is endangered; whereas in the spiritual kingdom the soul keeps what it once possesses, and can work with it with surest success. The return of a light being to earth for the purpose of a mission is an act of greatest love and mercy because life in the flesh seems to be unbearable to every soul which has become free, when it only possesses a glimmer of knowledge. A being which leaves earth so uncompleted, that it is in deepest darkness, is certainly in earth nearness, but mostly unaware of its lost body life. Its desire for material goods of the earth is extremely great but to transfer such a being back to earth would certainly be neither wise nor loving because its will would never strive for a higher development because its craving for matter has to be overcome, which is far more difficult on earth than in the spiritual kingdom, where the being can recognize the unreality of matter, and a breaking off from it already means the beginning of the upward ascent. A being with a weak glimmer of knowledge feels exceedingly well in its spiritual state and never demands back the fetters of earth life. But to have a weak glimmer of knowledge means to possess a little knowledge which corresponds to truth, and this possession already makes the being happy, because it can work with its spiritual riches – therefore love drives it to share its possessions with those souls, which are in want. But every work of loves increases the supply of light; it increases knowledge and raises happiness. Such a being never gives up the free spiritual state to return to earth as it recognizes that it can ascend in the spiritual kingdom and its activity is needed. If a being on the other hand embodies itself on earth, then this is an act of greatest love and mercy to which already a high degree of love belongs because it counts as a help for the erring and in greatest darkness walking men, which need a unusual help to not sink into the deep. Such a transfer back can earn the light being the adoption as a child of God – the highest degree of perfection, but which can only be won in earth life; because the soul walks the same way in the flesh with all temptations on the part of darkness. It has no privileges at all due to its previous maturity, only a complete sinking into the deep is impossible because it stands in the protection of spiritual perfect souls, which certainly help it, but still do not force its will. As man it must wrestle and fight and is without recollection. It must lead a love life to now serve as leader for fellow men. The lot on earth of such a soul will be far more difficult, but it reaches the goal, because love moved it to the course on earth and love is a power which conquers all, which reaches all, and as it means the union with eternal love itself, will also always find support from my side. Amen. B.D. NR. 4758.


Book 54 4760

Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.

17. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4760.

Time will bring you the evidence that you can believe my words that announce what is coming and that you therefore also can accept as truth what I teach you through the transmission of my word. Furthermore time will confirm that the mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented because it will be obvious that I am giving you a sign. My work will appear so distinct that there can be no doubt what I condemn and what I bless. Very visibly will I protect those who are mine whereas I will destroy that what is opposed to me. Only a short time will remain until the world will experience a spectacle that proves me and my work, because it directs the attention of all to me, because the eyes of the world are turned to where I will be speaking to the horror of men and to the visible protection of the ones that are mine. You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. I will speak to men that otherwise do not listen to reason; I will make my will known to them, in a sorrowful way in fact, because it will strongly shake their faith but it can be exceedingly good for their souls because they can reach the truth that way that they need for the maturity of the soul. But it will not earn them splendour and pomp, splendour and pomp will vanish because what I send to men destroys the outward appearance and only he who has the core him will nothing be able to rob the faith. He will well see all outward appearances go to ruin but in the heart he will only call me and him I will help any time so that men are to recognize how I bless the good will of those who see in me their father and therefore only fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4760.


Book 54 4768

Collapse of Church Organizations. True Church.

28. October 1949. B.D. NR 4768.

The last end is preceded by a time where my word will be attacked and also everything that points to me as creator and preserver. They will want to destroy all faith in a God; this therefore means open warfare against everything spiritual. And now the church organizations and their followers will be affected most because they take action against everything that is outwardly recognizable as representatives of my kingdom and my teaching. And that is why I let arise representatives of my word outside of these organisations that are now appointed by me to spread my teaching because they are in possession of the fullest truth and therefore suitable to teach the fellow human beings in the last times. For it will be necessary during the last times before the end to strengthen the faith of men or to awaken it, because only now they will start to think about the lasting nature of the teaching that has been imparted to them in keeping with tradition. And they will recognize that I am not with those who only associate with me through the church, who believe to have a privilege through the membership in a certain church. I well love every of my children but the moment a child does not fulfil the will of the father insofar as it does not use the gift of the intellect that was given to him and therefore stimulates intellect and heart into activity to recognize when he moves in my will, to recognize when false prophets pose as my messengers, then this child goes away from me and hardly finds its way back to me. Constantly I have my word also sent to them, constantly I walk up close to them and try to give them knowledge directly, i.e., I send my messengers to them so that they give them insight but they accept no instructions and are thus no longer excusable, so they get lost on a wrong road. But when their church is now taken away from men on the instigation of my enemy, only those men will not be shaken that really believe and are closely united with me so that I can always be close to them. These will not be affected by the hard measures and brutal decrees because they know where to look for the true church of Christ and will just more eagerly support my word, as they however are also not safe from the persecution of those that fight everything that belongs to the faith. But you all still have before you that you have to decide and then only the inner conviction gives you strength to resist, that you have the truth and my word as evidence that I myself have imparted to you. You and all who listen to you and want to serve me will now speak with tongues of angels and everything will bounce off them because now they also know that they have to hold out only a short time to be blessed; they know that well all formalities can stagger but never the church that Jesus Christ founded on earth - the true church, that cannot be conquered by the gates of hell. But countless men will fall away from the faith, they will find it incomprehensible that I do not protect the church that they consider to be founded by God and they do not account to themselves if they are members of the church that was founded by me because they are prohibited to think about it. And so something will collapse that according to the opinion of men was to be invincible. It will collapse like a house of cards because it is the work of men that will not last. But those who are mine will not be overcome; they will have that strength of faith that offers resistance because they find my support. They will draw the power from me because they firmly believe in me and therefore belong to my church that cannot be overpowered by the gates of hell. But I again and again point out that it will be a hard time, to constantly admonish you, who belong to me, to prepare yourself, to again and again take power through the taking in of my word and work in love. The time is close when that fight starts and then you have to be armed - you must hold out when all fail who follow an apparent faith, who assume to have the truth without ever having thought about what kind of faith is demanded of them. They will stagger and fall away, but you are to stand firm and provide evidence that the close, living union also results in the living faith that gives you power to hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4768.


Book 54 4777

New Banishment of the Spiritual. Redemption in a Period.

10. November 1949. B.D. Nr. 4777.

To be created into hardest matter is the hardest punishment for a spiritual being that already had been embodied as man on earth. The countless creations are now the proof that countless entities again have to start their course of development because as long as there is spiritual in need of development there will be earthly material creations that serve as carriers of the spiritual and make the development possible for it through their many-sidedness and dissimilarity of their outer form according to shape and harder or softer substance. As long as these creations do not come to an end the spiritual is also not redeemed. In the period of a redemption period the spiritual can now have developed itself out of hardest matter upward to man. This possibility exists. But the giving up of the resistance in a prescribed time is necessary for this, what is also possible but very often fails because of the stubbornness of the spiritual that is initially so insubordinate to God that eternities can pass until the resistance is broken or has become weaker. And this resistance is proved by the creations that appear to remain unchanged to the human eye for often endless long times. To the spiritual of creations, that so to speak form the crust of the earth, that also experience the dissolving through divine will by force, the possibility of an upward development are to be given. For this spiritual therefore one redemption epoch is not enough; however it feels the commotion in the universe at the end of this epoch and now pushes itself toward a new forming. The resistance against God slackens because it finds out what his enormous strength and power is like and God takes its desire into account and dissolves at the end of the epoch all creations what now therefore means a turning point to the spiritual that was inactively bound for eternities in the interior of the earth. Now the spiritual is prepared to serve and will now be created into the outer form that allows even if at first only a minimal activity and the course of development above the earth begins and also leads guaranteed toward the embodiment as man even if only again after a long time. This is a further explanation for the destruction of the earth that takes place in the coming time, that is included in the eternal plan of salvation, and even though it takes a heavy toll on human life, it still is redemption for the spiritual that eagerly awaits a new forming. Amen. B.D. NR. 4777.


Book 54 4778

Knowledge about God’s Plan of Salvation.

11. November 1949. B.D. Nr. 4778.

You can examine my plan of salvation from eternity, I do not keep the knowledge about it from you, you only have to have a certain degree of maturity of your soul so that you also can grasp what my plan of salvation reveals to you. Faith and love in your being have to be predominant otherwise you would be unable to accept the knowledge of my plan of salvation as truth because only through love can you recognize my love as motive of my work; only faith finds an explanation for everything. That is why this knowledge cannot be passed on to all men and still it is the only explanation for all events, for creation in the making, for life of men on earth. Only after men have recognized the whole purpose of life on earth, the whole purpose of creation, will they also acknowledge my plan of salvation that makes the connection of it all clear to them that otherwise appears to be incomprehensible. But the knowledge of my plan of salvation will now be imparted as proof of my spiritual working to those who make it their concern to discover the truth. But this knowledge cannot be taken from the book of the fathers, but this is no reason to rejected it, because there is still much that is not recorded in this book – that I keep from those that do not bring their spirit to an awakening in them and on the other hand give it to those who own the key to wisdom – that have formed themselves to love. These thus I inform of all what has been, is and will be into all eternity. I also want that this knowledge will be spread so that men become aware of their great responsibility for their soul. I want that they purely rationally seek an explanation for the whole purpose of life that seems to be acceptable to them. Through knowledge I want to give them instructions to a direction they are to go. And he who is of good will him the knowledge will give insight that he desired for a long time and did not find. The heart will reveal to him what the intellect could not give to him. Only then the whole life will be understandable to him, only then will he learn to recognize me and seek the connection with me, whom he recognizes as desirable and as the only aim for the spiritual that is embodied as man on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4778.


Book 54 4783

Visible Appearance of the Lord.

19. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4783.

You, who are mine, to you I will give a sign before I intervene in world affairs for the sake of mistaken souls. I will furnish proof to you that I fulfil all my announcements and I will come out into the open to you, to each one in a different way. But he who pays attention knows that it is I who approaches him even though I choose a form that adapts to the surroundings, that does not appear to be unusual. I want to come to each one of you that want to serve me and care for the spreading of my word. I want to come myself to you as strengthener of your faith so that you can calmly bear that what comes after that and can helpfully stand by your fellow human beings. Because during the general commotion you, my servants, are to be calm and sensible to be able to offer consolation and help everywhere where misery is great and help is required. He who recognizes me straightaway will be blessed by my presence and consciously he will register every statement of mine as a gift of exceeding great love and his heart will be flushed with love, my power will overflow him so that he is able to accomplish everything when he just wanted it. But not all will immediately recognize me, but some will feel it that they are facing an exceptional person whose words they accept as absolute truth. And only in the end they recognize me like a flash and rejoice and praise me when I have left them, to still remain in the heart as indelible picture with all whom I made happy with my presence. And so they will find me again in their heart even if I am no longer bodily visible to them and they will be able to constantly draw power and eagerly do the work for my kingdom when I have spoken from above and men have run into extreme difficulties because of that. Then those who are mine will find much work and I myself will help them, I myself will speak through those who are mine to all who want to hear me and believe the words of the ones who are mine. I will talk to them and you will testify to me, you will make reference to my appearance and relate to them with vivid words what you feel for me in the heart. And you will win many because the misery is great and men are thankful for every explanation, for every consolation and every help. You will work for me and my kingdom because you feel being driven by me who is in your heart and whom you will never lose once you have seen him. That what has become mine I never let go forever and that is why I come to the ones that are mine at the latter times before the end and they will recognize me because love tells them who I am. And according to the degree of their love is their happiness at my sight. He who sees my eye a blissful sensation of an unrivalled kind covers him so that he recognizes in me more than just a man. He who is still weak in faith and in love and still aims at me out of his will he will not immediately recognize me but he will be quite taken by my words and they will kindle the fire of love in him. Then he recognizes me, sometimes only after I have left him, after I am no longer bodily close to him. I am as man right among you but only in front of your eyes I choose a cover that I just as quickly again dissolve to be invisible to you. And so I want to give to all of you power to that you remain loyal to me and hold out until the end. Because great power will be required that you alone cannot raise. But I know those who are mine and do no longer leave them to my opponent. And that is why you are always to believe and hope in my help. The greater the trouble the closer I am to you who will see me bodily. But then you know that soon the hour will come when I reveal myself to all those who do not want to believe and who are not without knowledge that the end is nearby. And then also soon the time has run out that I have allotted to men for redemption. And the day of the end is coming and with it the last judgement as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4783.


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