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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 33

B.D. NR. 2420 - B.D. NR. 2576
2440 2441 2459 2474 2479b  2494 2495 2513 2575


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Book 33 2440

Idea for time and space as free or unfree being.

7. August 1942. B.D. NR. 2440.

Excerpts only.

In the period of eternity it is without importance in which phase of development, i.e., in which redemption period the spiritual covers the walk on earth because time before and also afterwards is so infinitely long that the time of being bound in form can only be assessed as a moment. Still it is not unimportant for the spiritual itself because the sooner it gets liberated from the oppressive outer form, the sooner the wonderful things of the spiritual kingdom are made accessible to it; therefore while it before belonged to the negative powers, it has now become a positive power, which is why the time of liberation cannot be striven after earnestly enough. Inconceivable long time it has counteracted God, but eternities long it is now active for God and with God. But as long as the spiritual is bound, it feels as unfree being and suffers, and besides it has in this time another idea of time and space than afterwards in eternity as free being. And so this time of not being free appears unbearably long to it, and this feeling of time is likewise divine permission to increase in the spiritual the longing for freedom. When the beingness embodies on earth is therefore unimportant; it will always feel this time as being extremely long lasting and suffer under it; but afterwards as light being it appears to it as fleeting moment. But as imperfect being in the hereafter it still suffers under the same estimate of time - often the time of suffering even appears to it as never ending when the being is condemned to complete inactivity. For the greater is its agony, because the prospect of change of its state would decrease the agonies of the beingness. So only the imperfect being will always have the awareness of time, on earth as well as in the hereafter, while the perfect being is neither under time nor space law.

Everything is at all times present to it; so the perfect spiritual does not know past, present and future, but all this is just an idea.

The being can experience everything at the same time, what is incomprehensible to all men on earth. But the time of suffering before, it will no longer be able to look upon as time of suffering, but only as course of purification, which was essential and therefore inevitable, but which it no longer feels as excruciating, because sufferings and agonies are eliminated for the light being. In the state of freedom the being is so happy that it considers the time of testing on earth only as necessary in-between station, which has earned it this unspeakable great happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 2440


Book 33 2441

From God stipulated way of life. Free will. Act and effect.

8. August 1942. B.D. NR. 2441.

The smallest happening in Earth life has its purpose, even though this is not apparent to man. There are no coincidences, but only providences of God because the walk of life of every man is prescribed up to the smallest, but this always corresponding to the will of man, which God foresaw from eternity. This is of such enormous importance that men should know about it, but often exactly this teaching gives cause for erring thinking Ė that man now believes being relieved of every responsibility for all what happens, because it has to come so, as God had wanted it for eternity. The favour of embodiment also earns man free will, and now he can act and think exactly according to this will. He therefore now lives life as he wants it; but possibilities must also be given to him to put this his will to the test, i.e., to decide for good or evil. Therefore merely the will for the spiritual reshaping of his soul is completely free, while the will of man in earthly relationship is still bound so to speak Ė that he indeed can also determine earthly events due to his will, but can always only himself stimulate its execution, but the effect never depends on him alone. God steers the effect of every expression of the will of man, and indeed always so according to wisest plan, that the shaping of the soul can be promoted when the will of man is again inclined to it. Therefore every plan of a man can be prevented through Godís will, or else he must first have the approval of God before it can be executed. But God will also give this approval when an act does not correspond to the divine will to not restrict the freedom of will, but if the success is so as the executing person hopes, that man does not have in the hand. Everything comes as God wants; and no matter what is allotted to man as way of life, it is Godís will, which offers to man the possibilities of maturation so that he can draw advantages for his soul out of it. But on the other hand man must answer for his will when he wants to carry out something bad, also when the execution is prevented through Godís care. Events approach man, as God has determined, in accordance to the will of man, which is known by God for eternity. He so to speak took the will of men recognizable to him as guiding principle for their life on Earth and now gives free reign to it to some extent, however protecting men, who are devoted to him, from all severe effects of that what the evil will of men causes. Amen. B.D. NR. 2441.


Book 33 2459

Short guiding principle for life.

28. August 1942. B.D. NR. 2459.

Your life is to be a work in love, and no matter what you start, always love is to be the driving force, and you are to stand in inner connection with God. And you are connected with God when you are active in love. And for this you have opportunity always and all the time, you will always be able to turn your help to fellowmen in need, may it be bodily or spiritually. Every good word, every helpful action is love work when it comes from the heart, i.e. is done voluntarily in the urge to help. And God sees the will of your heart; he knows about your convictions and also assesses your love action accordingly. And therefore you fulfil the greatest commandment, to love God above everything and the neighbour as yourself. Because when you do good to fellowmen, when you stand like brothers to each other and serve each other, you also prove to God your love towards him, because loving your neighbour you also love him who created him; you love the father, out of whom all of you have been produced as his creatures. And you always come closer and closer to your going out from eternity; you come closer to God, from whom you once separated. You return back to him through love, who in himself is love, and therefore you now also fulfil you task on Earth by forming yourselves so as it is Godís will, by forming your heart through works of love to the worthy reception of the divine love spirit. To grasp that, you must know that your soul is to be united with the spirit in you, which, as divine spirit spark, waits for its arousal through love work. Only when this spirit spark in you has been brought to the awakening, it can become effective, i.e., it can instruct you from out of the inside, and when you remain in love, you draw the divine spirit to you, which connects itself with the spirit spark in you. And so your soul can hold in all fullness the eternal divinity, the divine spirit, when you make an effort to form it in accordance with the will of God Ė by you working on your soul, i.e. fight against bad thoughts and desires and strive for a just, pure, walk of life being active in love. That is all what God demands of you during your Earth life. And so that you are also able to do this, he makes his boundless favour available for you, his help, his power Ė but which you have to demand in prayer, which you must request, so that it can be supplied to you, because only through conscious desire of it does it flow towards you, because through this you announce to God your will that you long for him. Then his love seizes you, and he never ever drops you. He teaches you through his spirit in you and initiates you into truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 2459.


Book 33 2474

Lie. Truth. Fighting of error.

15. September 1942. B.D. NR. 2474.

The error must be fought, because it has been put into the world by him, who wants to drive out truth. But truth is God, and who is for God, he must also stand in truth and detest the lie. Lie is everything, what is directed against truth; lie is the work of him, who stands in furthest God-distance and who also wants to remove men from God. The lie is the product of darkness; it shrinks from the light, because it cannot last, where truth, the brightest light out of heavens, shines. And because of that the lie must be fought, because the lie is deliberate error, which cannot be detested enough. Who walks in truth, will also recognize the error and crusade against it, because truth does not tolerate, that the error is accompanied next to it. But the prince of the lie applies every means to prevent that truth paves the way. He puts the lie into such form, that it is hardly recognizable by those, who do not strive for truth exclusively. Because to them the lie presents itself as truth. And man does not recognize it as that, what it is, because he still does not stand in the deep desire for truth. And so the error paves the way and it asserts itself so long, until a truth fanatic declares war on it. Because he recognizes the error as work of the adversary, and detests it. And since he fights for God, he also has to expect the support from the side of God, since God wants that truth is spread in the world. Because where untruth is, there is darkness, and darkness is ignorance, and darkness is to be driven out by light; the knowledge about pure truth is to be spread. Everything, what has been scattered by the adversary among men as error, is to give way to pure truth, and truth is to lead to God, who is truth in himself. And every man, who serves God, is to stand up for truth; he is to work enlightening; he is to uncover error and instruct men, where pure truth alone is to be sought and to be found. Because only through truth man can come to cognition; only through truth he comes to right faith, and only through truth can the soul develop up. But where the lie controls the thinking of man, there men himself is also led astray, because the lie never points to God, but it removes man more and more from him, to whom he is to return. And so the error prevents man from his purpose; he can never reach the destination, which is set for him on earth, because he will never strive for that, what is purpose and aim of earth life, since he lacks knowledge about it. Where the lie is, there the adversary has the upper hand, and the soul is endangered. And because of that, God trains his fighters, so that they crusade against the lie, so that they stand up for truth and ruthlessly denounce the error as product of the adversary. Because only so truth can be spread, by the lie being driven out through truth. But who stands in truth, he is not to be afraid to act against the lie, because it is his task, to also introduce fellowmen out of darkness of the spirit into the bright light. And to stand in the light means, to know about pure truth, because only truth alone can lead men to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2474.


Book 33 2479b

Spiritual instructions. Purest truth.

20. September 1942. B.D. NR. 2479b.

Extract only:

Everything in the spiritual kingdom just strives for the spreading of truth because the spiritual kingdom is a kingdom of light. But Earth and also the still earth-bound spheres, are places of darkness, into which light must be carried, i.e., truth must be spread because error and lie, therefore unconscious and conscious untruth, has the upper hand.


Book 33 2494

Matter and spirit.

4. October 1942. B.D. NR. 2494.

What is the world and its matter Ė this question occupies many people, and they are still not able to solve it by virtue of their intellectual thinking. Everything visible is matter, i.e. substance, which has become thicker to become form. It has so to speak only become visible substance through compression because it was invisible before, i.e. spiritual substance. Spiritual substance is power produced out of God, which, corresponding to his will, becomes what it is when God has intended a certain form for it. This form is again a joining together of countless substances, therefore an object that can dissolve to again release every single substance when it is Godís will. Therefore every form is destructible; matter is something what has no eternal existence because it is just the cover of spiritual substances, which are to develop up and therefore do not remain in these covers for ever. Matter itself is indeed also spiritual substance, i.e. through divine will compacted spiritual power, but which likewise, through permanent dissolving and scattering and forming again anew, also becomes this, so that it can hold itself in such a form after endless long time. Therefore everything visible is spiritual power, which still stands in the starting stadium of development, while the already more mature spiritual is invisible for the human eye, but uses a visible form to stay in it. Consequently something spiritual lives in each form, a being, which is unconscious of itself, but which longs for union with similar beings to increase fullness of power through this union. Because each of these beings strives for perfection. As soon as matter dissolves, therefore a form disintegrates, the being, which has been released, strives for similar beings, and it unites to enliven a new form. This process is underlying the everlasting coming into being and passing away in nature, it is therefore the cause to permanent life and dying in nature. The spiritual substances go through the entire creation, partly isolated, partly joined together in immense number. And the forms surrounding them also correspond in their seize and kind. Everything what holds spiritual in itself is matter. But matter itself consists of such spiritual substances, which stand at the beginning of development and can therefore also be visible to the human eye because only the already more mature spiritual is invisible. Therefore everything what is visible must be considered to be imperfect, i.e. spiritual far away from God, which starts its course of development. The spiritual, which holds itself in it, has already covered this way and already strives towards God, that is why a destruction, i.e. a passing away or dissolving of the form, therefore the transience of matter, corresponds with the will of God, because through this the further development is made possible for this spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 2494.


Book 33 2495

Matter and spirit. Visible and invisible creations.

4. October 1942. B.D. NR. 2495.

Spirit and matter are opposing insofar as the spiritual joins together while matter dissolves. Spiritual escapes from form, but matter itself disappears, i.e., its substances scatter and are distributed in the spiritual kingdom; so matter has gone the way of everything earthly because it is without continued existence; it passes by as soon as the spiritual in it no longer needs it. Divine will of creation however again and again lets new creations come into being out of these spiritual substances, therefore the material world, i.e., creation visible to man will never cease to exist because in it the spiritual must cover its course of development. But there are also invisible creations, therefore those in which the spiritual does not need solid cover, therefore is no longer bound in matter. These creations are spiritual forms, which also can only be seen spiritually and which therefore also only are inhabited by such being, which stand in such a degree of maturity that they are able to see spiritually. These creations differ from those of the material world. They would be explained to men on Earth as not-existing, because they are not tangible or visible to them; they stand, however, in closest contact with the visible world. Because from these worlds Earth, i.e. its inhabitants, are spiritually influenced, to overcome matter as such and to put themselves into a state, which is reachable notwithstanding matter. What comes out of this spiritual kingdom will always point out to separate from matter, therefore to seek union with mature spiritual and to despise matter as worthless, because transient. Because striving for matter makes man unable to see into that kingdom, and therefore also unable to stay in an invisible world. The material world is a world of fighting, the spiritual world a world of peace. Matter is material formed out of spiritual substances, which have scored no course of development at all, however now start it, therefore get a task allocated by God, to be cover to the spiritual striving up, as long as it is needed. But very basically matter is power once gone out from God, which the will of God let become form to redeem through it fallen spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 2495.


Book 33 2513

Men of prehistory. Responsibility.

16. October 1942. B.D. NR. 2513.

Earth has developed in endless long periods so that it can be the stay of countless living beings and so it therefore suits by this the actual task of being the education station of the spiritual. In this time of development the living beings were still of different nature; they were, so to speak, adapted to Earth being in development, as far as a living being had a life possibility at all. The stages of development were very numerous, and only in a certain condition Earth could hold living beings on its surface. But the further it advanced in its development the more numerous became those, and so development ascended in both the outer form of Earth as also with the living beings, which were allotted to Earth for the purpose of ascent development. An immemorial long time had been necessary, but this course of development had to be because the spiritual in, on and above Earth first had to prove itself in restriction, which was the meaning of every work of creation for the spiritual. In this time of development the spiritual has passed the test; slowly it could develop into a living being. The living conditions were considerably more severe, but it asserted itself and slowly developed to a kind of man, but which was quite different to the man of the time now. It still was a judged being, i.e., it acted according to its instinct; it was, so to speak, still guided, without free will and intellect being typical of it. It was a being, which was certainly similar to man according to the outer form, but otherwise was on the level of the animal world, which moved in accordance of the divine laws of nature and therefore did everything instinctively, without being conscious of its acting. This being still did not need to take responsibility; it still lived its life according to the mandatory law, driven by the intelligences controlling it, which again express themselves in those beings in accordance with divine will. These living beings were now still in accordance with the primitive formation of the surface of the Earth, but contributed, so to speak, to the further development of the Earth, by increasing and accelerating the reshaping of the Earthís surface through their unconscious activity, so that it became more and more suitable to also hold progressively developed living beings, until then the first men, equipped with free will and intelligence, got allocated to this Earth as stay, they could make use of everything on Earth and, instructed by God himself, led a conscious life or should lead, what was actually the point of their embodiment. But now man also had to take responsibility before God for his acting and thinking. He had reached a certain degree of maturity where has was able to live a life according to the will of God, and in accordance with this ability was he now also responsible for the way he used his life, because it was completely up to him to make use of all his gifts, but he was also introduced to the consequences of his life in this embodiment on Earth and he now therefore can use his free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 2513.


Book 33 2575

Time and space law in eternity.

5. December 1942. B.D. NR. 2575.

The body passes and with it also earthly suffering. But the soul remains in existence and continues to lead its life in the hereafter according to earth life. Therefore the sufferings on earth are not to be assessed so highly, because they come to an end, whereas the suffering in the hereafter can last eternities before the soul reaches knowledge. But it can also move in the spheres of light completely timelessly, because the soul only has the idea of time in the stage of imperfection. In the state of perfection it is outside of time and space. The idea of time is therefore the yardstick of the maturity of the soul; as long as it still has the feeling to be dependent on time and space it still has not reached its goal; it has not yet entered the spheres of light in which every idea of time and space dwindles. This is incomprehensive for the world because it is still completely subject to time and space law; but in eternity the latter is eliminated, and this is an unimaginable happy state to be able to stay everywhere and to know about everything that was, that is and still will be. This freedom of the spirit constitutes its state of happiness because the soul can move where and when it wants, without ever being restricted time wise or spatially. The immature soul however is still bound to time and space, depending on the degree of its imperfection. It is certainly no longer bound and can stay where it wants, but through its earthy desires it is still tied up to particular surroundings, therefore it puts on the chains itself because it does not know the free state and that is why it also strives for it too little. Time and space always mean a certain restriction and that is why they cannot agree with perfection. But as soon as the soul has liberated itself from it, it recognizes the happiness of it and never demands to return to the previous state. Because to have overcome time and space also means to be able to have an effect unhindered where and how the soul demands it. It is no longer bound to time and space; it has liberated itself from the laws, which God gave to imperfect beingness; it has therefore come close to the lawmaker from eternity; it has united with him who is Lord over time and space, and therefore it likewise controls the whole universe, i.e., it can stay where it wants, and this any time, because for it the law of time and space has been repealed, as soon as it has come close to God. For this is the state of freedom and of perfection that the being is completely unbound, that it feels to be subject to no other law than the law of love, but which no longer oppresses it, but which it feels to be endlessly heartening. Amen. B.D. NR. 2575


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